Encouraging breakthroughs – Keep the pressure on!

I have received a letter today from SPAusnet telling me that they will suspend our installation.  That is good news for us and that is why I am encouraging you to keep opposing your installation by writing letters, notification, declarations, emails, signage on your gate, etc…

The effort has worked for us……for now, and I am heartened that, by persisting, it will also work for you; although I know it is time consuming.  There are easy letter templates on stopsmartmeters.com.au website, click on “actions you can take” and fill in forms, send them. The more the better.

I am continuing to write letters to government departments, with all that spare time I now have, to ask for support for opt-out option. There are templates for those as well on the website. I am also still thinking of a local radio interview.

Please pass the information on to as many of your friends, colleagues, family, as possible.  It helps, even if they have a smart meter already.  Thank You.

(Our correspondent has requested to remain anonymous)

The letter from SpAusnet (which a number of people have now received) reads:

“Your continued opposition to the installation of the new meter, even when provided with the factual information in relation to the scheme, has now been referred to the DPI (Department of Primary Industries) and the Victorian Government for further instructions as to how they wish us to proceed in relation to the Smart Meter program.
Whilst awaiting further instructions your property will not have a meter installed and the installation company have been advised not to attend.  If, prior to receiving a further response from us, you receive any further letters detailing installation please advise me immediately.”

Correspondence from PowerCor to a customer reads:

“Your request to be placed on the conscientious objectors list was actioned……..The next correspondence you will receive from us will be after the Government has instructed us on how to proceed with customers such as yourself.”

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9 Responses to Encouraging breakthroughs – Keep the pressure on!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just to clear it up……

    Skilltech also do smart meter installations as well as analog readings, so the main office number won’t be able to assist you directly but does have appropriate numbers for the offices handling the analog readings.

    If you have residence in Melbourne North Western suburbs, you can call Skilltech Truganina office on 03 8348 9600.
    If you have residence on Mornington Peninsula, you can call Skilltech Mitchum office on
    03 9550 5055.

    If I had have known this information it would have spared me having to spend the better part of a week waiting at home and not being able to go anywhere. Also don’t ring too far ahead as the reading rounds may not be allocated until just before the period of reading commences.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had a need to know when the meter reader would come because I needed to know whether he needed to probe the meter at a property of a relative (having an electronic digital meter). I rung AGL and asked them if they could ring Jemena to find out the exact day the meter reader would be coming as I didn’t feel that I wanted to have that conversation with Jemena myself. AGL were good enough to call Jemena but Jemena was not forthcoming with any information other than the one week period already stipulated on the previous bill as next read time. So they made me wait at the house the better part of a week and when the meter reader came I found out that the window I had cut out in the meter box did not require any amendment because he read the meter visually.

    I noticed he worked for Skilltech (not Jemena) . So if anyone needs to find out the exact day of the next meter read and doesn’t wish to engage in conversation with their distributor, perhaps, I say perhaps calling Skilltech may be an option

  3. Anonymous says:

    I urge everyone that now is not the time to become complacent. Don’t underestimate what devious device this government (those pushing the agenda whilst rubbing their hands clean at the same time) is liable to come up with as a next move.
    It’s now time to fight harder than we ever have before.

  4. Claire says:

    I have followed the guidelines from this website to refuse the installation of a smartmeter. Registered letters to Powercor & Minister for Energy. Signs on the gate, locked meter box.
    I have received a generic response from Powercor (the details which read similar to a negative contributor on this website). The letter pretty much says so sad, too bad, government says we can so we will.
    a Quote from the letter advises “We encourage you to raise any further concerns you have relating to the Victorian Government policy for the implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure with the Department of Primary Industries”
    Telephone 136186
    Web: http://www.dpi.vic.gov.au/smartmeters
    I have copied my response and would appreciate any feedback that will help me.
    Good Afternoon,

    I am refusing to have a Smartmeter installed at my property xxxxxxxxx
    NMI xxxxxxxx
    My refusal is on health concerns from RF radiation and Electro magnetic field radiation.

    I do not believe the functionality specifications as defined by Powercor. They address one meter’s emissions. How much is in the air for a whole group of Smartmeters and other wireless devices?
    Remember Asbestos, Tobacco etc. I do. How long did it take for the true effects on our health of these products to be noticed? Oh yes…that’s right…when people were DYING.

    We have wireless everything now. Has any testing been done in heavily populated areas to measure the radiation levels??

    I do not see why I HAVE to have a smartmeter which is harmful to my wellbeing when the power companies can meter and bill me for my energy use with the system I have. I am not refusing to pay for power. I am happy to read my own meter, photograph and send the readings to my supplier…anything it takes. I am annoyed with the tariff change to “Time of use” which I must agree to if I accept a Smartmeter. I do not agree with “time of use” Another way to rip off the customer.

    Surely someone has to pay attention to these real concerns.

    I have locked my meter box. I have displayed a “No Trespass” sign on my gate and I will not lock up my 3 dogs. Enter at your own risk.

    • Gwen says:

      You have expressed my sentiments exactly Claire. The only thing is ,they didn’t take notice when people started dying, they tried to cover it up. It was only when the people held them accountable that anything was done.
      I’ve also been told that I’m on the suspension list and my fate will be decided by the Government.
      The response from SP Ausnet saying that the consumer had been given factual information shows that they are not listening to us.
      With the amount of letters written by professionals in this field to Stop Smart Meters revealing how wrong the information is from the power companies, HOW can they keep up the pretence that they are safe? I know how. It is GREED driven as has been pointed out many times before on this site. In the light of the concerns of the people, the Government chose to throw good money (OURS) after bad.
      This is not stopping me in the fight for the health and safety of me and my family. Thanks to everyone in the same fight. All the best.

    • Pam says:

      Claire – You have done everything possible to avoid having one of these Dangerous devices installed in your home. Just keep your box locked. Don’t bother ringing them anymore – they only make your blood pressure go up. SSMA keeps us up-to-date on a daily basis. Take notice of their posts and the Comments made by our Group NEVER EVER LET THEM INSTALL A SMART METER in your home, yes, YOUR HOME NOT THEIRS……………….good luck PAM 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Those who already have smart meters, those who were DECEIVED into thinking that they were unable to voice the opposition that they had deep within their hearts, see that YOU NOW HAVE VOICE TO SPEAK and your that YOUR VOICE IS ALSO NEEDED.
    Please band together and let us send this evil agenda to the place it belongs.

  6. Greta says:

    Yes, I too have received this letter from SP Ausnet today!

  7. mohsen says:

    I have received the same letter. I encourage everyone who is really serious about not having the meter installed at your property to do the same. Tell your distributer that you will never have the meter installed under any circumstances. And you wish to be referred to DPI and Vic gov.

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