Confirmed! The existence of a “conscientious objectors” list.

Stop Smart Meters Australia has been aware for some time, anecdotally, that some people who are refusing to accept the installation of a smart meter have been placed on a smart meter ‘refusal’ list.

This has now been confirmed in writing to a person who was intimidated and bullied by a smart meter installer.  This person made a complaint about the bullying incident to the relevant power distributor and continued to refuse a smart meter.  Consequently, this person has been placed on the “conscientious objectors list”.

The question arises, does one need to be bullied and intimidated before one can request to be on the “conscientious objectors list”?  If so, there will no shortage of people on this list….

Power distributors can no longer deny that such a list exists for people who refuse to accept the installation of a smart meter.

No matter which power distributor you are with, if you do not wish to accept a smart meter, insist that you be placed on the “conscientious objectors list”.

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35 Responses to Confirmed! The existence of a “conscientious objectors” list.

  1. Lesley Tuohey says:

    Can someone please give me advice as to what details are required in a medical letter to get exempted from installation of Smart my doctor has requested same before doing a letter and as I am not sure about this I am hoping someone maybe be able to help of refer me to someone who may know before it is too late. Many thanks lesley

  2. Cam says:

    Called Powercor today – lovely lady on the line advised that there is no such list and the time to “opt out” has past… from when the G’ment passed their testing thing. So, I’ll get a call from the Powercor Smart Meter people to try and “reassure” me. Left the conversation citing ‘1984’…she didn’t get it.

  3. Anon says:

    Has anyone been taken to court to have a smart meter installed? I have read articles in the past that people have taken the power companies to court and lost. The one case i remember is a persons refusal on heritage grounds. Anyway. If you end up in court, dont we have the right to request a trial by jury? If so, do you honestly think any jury will decide in favour of the power company? The simple fact that everyones bills have increased (after smart meter installation) is enough to convince a jury otherwise. Perhaps in a courtroom scenario the power companies can bring in the families whos bills have significantly reduced as proof of smart meter advantages. Then we can bring in the rest of the state as proof of the opposite. So many issues to deal with. Fact is, No means NO. Lets all keep saying NO. Unfortunately, its all about control.
    By saying No to a smart meter, I am saying YES to privacy.
    By saying No to a smart meter, I am saying YES to my communities good health.
    By saying No to a smart meter, I am saying YES to my rights.
    By saying No to a smart meter, I am saying YES to many many matters of considerable importance.

  4. 45 Hall St; Moonee Ponds says:

    Can someone who is auxfait with stock exchange procedure,get us a list of the top shareholders (by $$$$$$,s) of say Powercorp,Momentum,True energy?

  5. alex says:

    Would there be any lawyers amongst us, or amongst people who refused smart meters? Would this or those lawyers please, be so humane and help the rest? Would there be doctors who can sign position statements supporting those who refuse on health grounds? The two key professions that can help this are lawyers and doctors. If anyone has a son a daughter, a cousin practicing law, can they please help?

    • Gwen says:

      Hi Alex, Nick Xenophon, Independent Senator for South Australia, was talking about health concerns regarding wind farms. He said that legal action is imminent against them.
      This would be a relevant story to follow. I agree with you,something needs to be done soon. It is good for us if we are not made to have one but we still have to live next door to them. Even if people don’t feel the effects now, eventually they will. This is similar to other horrifying instances of big companies keeping us in the dark eg. smoking, (not compulsory), asbestos illnesses (not compulsory), thalidomide,(not compulsory). People were unaware of the dangers then, but they weren’t forced by the Government to participate.. I have to believe we are getting closer to stopping this current horror.
      What they don’t realise is that we know we are fighting for our life and we won’t give up.
      Thankyou to everyone in the fight and especially to staff at stopsmartmeters.

      • Pam says:

        Hi Gwen – well said – it is a bloody Nightmare. If you get a chance can you please ask someone who our ananlgue Meters belong to????? As I mentioned in an earlier Comment I purchased my Home some 6 years ago and it is about 30 years old. I did have another Cut-out swicth fitted when I had my Air Conitioning installed. Funnily enough someone is coming shortly cause I have problems with my air conditioner, so I will ask him when he gets here (more money which I don’t have – something else to pay off – never ends)..Cheers Pam 🙂

        • Pam says:

          Gwen – Air Con guy said he sees a lot of our Signs around W/Bool. So we are getting the message across. Spoke to a young Mum this evening and she still has her analogue meter (she thinks). I told her to go home and check this site and get some signs up and lock her box asap……….. Catch you later Pam 🙂

          • Gwen says:

            Hi Pam, It is good to know that there is a significant amount of people refusing the smart meter. I sent an email to Nick Xenophon who is also a Barrister requesting any assistance
            that he can offer. I also made him aware of this website. I will let you know when I get a reply. I do remember that we had an extra amount added to our Power bills to pay for the installation of the smart meters or the actual cost of them. I don’t know anything about the ownership of the analogue meters. Over time I reckon we’ve paid enough to own them and have shares in the company. 🙂

        • 1vimana1 says:

          These Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies talk a load of Garbage when one thinks about it. I was told by PowerCor that they at PowerCor owned the Analog Electric Meters, I did not agree. Just how stupid do they think we the citizens of Victoria Are?

          When Geoff Kennett sold our Victorian State Electricity Company to these Chinese and Singaporeans, he effectively STOLE our State Electricity Company of Victoria from us. Therefore up to that time we Victorians owned the Generators and the copper electricity lines, the poles and the insulators and the power company buildings and infrastructure etc. We pay the electricity retailers for the power we use, they in turn have to pay a percentage of that money to PowerCor and the other four now overseas owned Electricity Companies.

          My Case in point is this………PowerCor told me many months ago that I and the rest of Victorian home owners and small businesses in Victoria were paying for the Smart Meters whether we accepted them or not, meaning if we refused to allow Smart Meters on our properties we still paid for them.

          To show the sheer illogicality or muddled way of thinking of these so-called Human Relations people of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies, If we their customers are paying for these Smart Meters on a monthly basis to pay off the $615.00 which every Smart Meter is supposed to cost, then those people who have a Smart Meter now on their property, must own said Smart Meter after they have fully paid off those charges or………………$615.00 dollars divided by say 4 years, then each person pays…$615.00 over 48 payments or $12.80 per month every customer is forced to pay.

          In my case as my Electric Meter Box is staying padlocked against the now proving to be Dangerous Microwave Poisoning Smart Meter. Therefore my Electricity Bill should be lower than it is by $12.80 cents per month over four years. As I and many Victorian Electricity Customers are refusing to accept a Type 2 Carcinogen Causing Microwave Smart Meters, we should have our Power Bills reduced accordingly. This proves yet another chink in the armour of these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies. These points of mine should be used when we finally get these C.E.Os BEFORE THE JUDGE.

  6. 1vimana1 says:

    To all harassed Victorians,
    There is nothing wrong with the Refusal To Accept A Microwave Smart Meter Letter you have already sent to the C.E.O of your Foreign Owned Victorian Electrical Power Company. One should not need to ask them to change it from Refusal to Conscientious Objector’s List. If one refused to take a now Proving to be Dangerous Microwave Smart Meter by Registered Letter, then one had already made a Conscientious Decision not to accept a Microwave Smart Meter.

    I recommend you send another letter of Refusal To Accept a now proving to be Dangerous Microwave so-called Smart Meter to the Minister For Power, Mr Michael O’Brien as well, that’s what I have done, as I still have no personal reply from him answering any of my questions regarding Smart Meters.


    Richard Leschen.

  7. Tanya says:

    After several heated discussions with Powercor about the negative health impacts on me from neighbour’s smart meters being installed they ‘offered’ to place me on the conscientious objectors list. This was after they threatened to remove my analogue meter and I stood my ground in refusing to have a smart meter installed. Maybe they gave in easily with me because they knew that I would be impacted more than others because I live very close to the relay station.
    I still have received letters from the installers wanting me to let them know when they can come around and do the dirty deed. So clearly Powercor has not told them I am on the conscientious objectors list. I just ignore the letters as my meter is inaccessible to them.
    I’ve experienced no bullying from installers, only Powercor.

  8. jackV says:

    “Lets take the Power back” is right, a padlocked box and sign are a must to stop installation. I don’t believe that the power companies tell their contractors who is refusing, they simply send them out to an area.
    Even within the power company the left hand has no idea what the right is doing.
    Last week, after a number of letters of non consent of the smart meter to my power company (for my small business) I got a phone call from a young lady telling me that the installers would soon be around and she’d like to arrange a time.
    I told her I had refused the smart meter and when she asked me why I told her due to the microwaves they emitted.
    She asked me if I realised that they only transmitted 4 times a day.
    I then told her that I owned a radio frequency meter and that I’ve “clocked” smart meters transmitting many times in a few minutes which extrapolates to hundreds and maybe thousands of times a day.
    She said “oh ok, I’ll refer you to our customer service department”.
    That’s when I became a little annoyed and asked her if she understood what I had just told her, that someone is lying to her about the number of transmissions and she’s giving false information to her customers.
    It was about then that she ended the call.

    • Pam says:

      Jack V – Don’t even bother ringing them – they haven’t got a clue what’s going on. They have to use their Best Endeavours to get us to Install these darn things. Just Register any Health problems with SSMA HEALTH REGISTER. Keep your Signs displayed and your BOX LOCKED. get on the “conscientious objectors or Refusal Lists”………….Surely the Employees of these Companies must check this site. Why don’t they question their Customer Service department?????????? There is a big conspiracy going on in this Country. It’s all to do with the ‘ALMIGHTY DOLLAR’. We will just have to sit back and wait, knowing we have our Safe analogue Meter………………….Cheers Pam 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    I called up SP AusNet a few days ago after receiving a letter stating they were going to install a smart meter. I told them not bother sending their Electrix contractor over to install a meter as they will be wasting their time (I have secured my meter a long time ago and it cannot be removed).
    The bloke on the other end of the phone said to me that he would advise the contractor not to install a meter! There was no arguments and the conversation was quite pleasant.
    I was very surprised that it was that easy, but I’ll wait and see what comes next.

    This morning I just went around to the meter box to have a look and it is very weird that the door was left open and all my sign ripped off and thrown on the ground …

    • Pam says:

      Make up some new signs and replace the ones thrown on the ground. How come your box was open?…………I don ‘t bother talking to them anymore – waste of your time.Cheers Pam:-)

      • Anonymous says:

        I have my signs laminated, so it was just a matter of just putting them back up again.
        I also have a sign stating that the meter has not been tampered with, the crimp seals are intact, that I am NOT covering up anything illegal (eg. stealing power) and that they are welcome to INSPECT at any time, but they must contact me first so I can open the cover.

    • Eric says:

      When you say you secured the meter, do you mean the meter itself and that you didn’t put any lock on the door of the meter box ?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, thick steel plate covering the entire meter area side to side, except the meter face which pokes through (so it can be read by my friendly neighbourhood meter reader). It is secured in place with two deadlocks on the sides with the deadbolt latches going right into the brick work.
        I didn’t want to cut a hole in my door, so this was the next best thing, Unfortunately it is a LOT of extra work to do.
        I also did it this way as I have heard stories that some installers carry bolt cutters! Padlocks go missing are nowhere to be found!
        Absolutely disgraceful and despicable!

    • alex says:

      so, how does one secure a lock? many people can’t be home 24/7 to stand in front of their locks when installers arrive – this is so disturbing

      • Pam says:

        Alex – I know we can’t be home 24/7 = we can only do what this website suggests. I have a perspex cut-out and a paddlock, all the signs about the place and on my meter box as well. Installers have been here twice (Power Cor) and I told them to leave my Property. I have a Solicitor handling stuff for me, cause I got sick and tired of phoning them and getting the same heap of bulldust blah blah!!!!!. I have a Doctor’s Certificate and am registered on the SSMA Health Register. I also have a sign saying should any installers arrive when I am not home they are to phone my Mobile before attempting to cut my lock and installing a smart meter. also a sign for the friendly annalogue meter man whoreads my meter. So far my accounts have come in as normal. I also read my meter 2 days before it is due and 2 days after, just in case the meter reader gets the sack………………Pam 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    To Everyone – YES THEY WILL ALL SEE HOW STRONG WE ARE. SOMEONE SHOULD APPROACH DERRYN HINCH – HE LOVES A GOOD STORY AND MAY HELP US. EVERY MORNING WHEN I GET UP THERE HAS BEEN A HOUSE FIRE SOMEWHERE “WONDER WHAT’S CAUSING THEM”. We never hear how they started – makes one “WONDER WHY” !!!!!!!! HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND. I spoke to my Solicitor this Morning and he is changing from Refusal List to Conscientious Objector’s List. He hadn’t sent the letter yet. If anyone is having Financial Hardship because High Electricity – High Gas or High Water Charges ring your Supplier and use the ‘UTILITY RELIEF SCHEME’. You have to complete the form they send you. Then your Accounts will be suspended until APPROVAL IS GRANTED. Available every two years. DON’T FORGET THE ‘VICTORIAN SMART METER FORUM’ SUNDAY 25/11/2012 . between 1-4pm. It is being held at OAKLEIGH GRAMMAR COMMUNITY CONFERENCE CENTRE. 77-81 Willesden Road, OAKLEIGH – Free entry (Donations Welcome)……….CHEERS PAM 🙂

  11. John Wilson says:

    Hi All,
    As I advised from earlier correspondence I too have been contacted several times over the past months or so to try to persuade me, suggest that I may be disconnected or fined, none of these threats implied or otherwise have changed my mind. I do not and will not accept the smart meter.
    However, speaking to others Some have found that the installers have entered their property when the residents have been absent and despite advising powercor or city power they do not want the smart meters and installed the meter. when questioned they have been told that once installed they cannot be removed. No wonder based on anecdotal evidence the meters are being damaged. No one is listening to the public or their concerns. The last time when I made it quite clear I would not have it installed I told them that this directive applied to my foster daughter and was told that They could not take that advice from me. My daughter has told them numerous times as well but is concerned that they will try and install it when she is away. She has three disabled children and must ensure their safety when going to school by taking them herself. She also volunteers meal services at the three different schools.
    In my opinion The government and the power companies have breached so many laws, it is time for the public to take class action. I told them I would be prepared to see them in the High court.
    This Victorian government is acting as a corporation, denying the public of its rights, using an invalid document called the 1975 Victorian Constitution to enact Acts; legislation and to amend old Acts and legislation, not for the benefit of the public but for the benefit of vested interests including other countries.
    I listed at least potential 5 breaches and was prepared to add another called harassment and possibly we could add sedition, a crime against the crown. Promoting the 1975 Victorian Constitution as the legal Constitution breaches both the legal Victorian 1855 Constitution and our Commonwealth Constitution. If you would like to know more I can email copies of where the government is acting as the “Government of Victoria” instead of the Parliament of victoria. The government is the people and the parliament is elected to carry out the Will or Mandate of the people.

    • alex says:

      why is it that all lawyers are hiding their heads in the sand? not a single one that has guts and skills to come out as a human first and foremost and say the ethics of my profession obliges me to help these people?

      • Pam says:

        Alex – Yeah I wish there was someone who could help us too and then we could end this Nightmare – I don’t care what the Outcome – I still will never have a smart meter. I have fought too darn hard over the last two years to keep my annalogue……….Pam

  12. Concientious Objector says:

    Take Back your Power – I totally agree! We should never have to fight for our rights in a democracy….but thats what happening. If we all go on a Concientious Objectors list it will take away the need for them to covertly monitor all that the group does. There is power in numbers, lets get the numbers on the list!!!

  13. Terry says:

    I rang 1300360795 (SpAusnet) and went through options 2, 1, 3, and spoke with a young girl and told her I wanted have my name placed on the Conscientious Objectors List. she immediately fired up and said there was no such list as it was done away with back in february. I then asked to be placed on a refusal list. This really got her back up and she starting telling me how they, SpAusnet could change my meter when ever it suited them as it was their property plus the changeover was mandated by the state government. I told her that was a load of bollocks and under no circumstances would they ever be putting a smart meter into my power box, then hung up.
    The fight continues folk. Do not believe anything you hear or read coming from the power distributors or the state government, DPI etc. Keep your NO TRESPASS signs up and your box locked.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      Good! They truly must be cracking under the pressure of deceit and lies they spin constantly to people about their so-called mandate.

    • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

      A copy of correspondence we received was not from SpAusnet, but another power distributor.

    • TheBThing says:

      They can change the meter anytime they want as the meter is theirs…well that’s if you you don’t have your own claim on the meter’s ownership.

      We have made a possessory-lien on our meter with the SEC and those who so called sold the meter to SP AusNet, besides a full claim of ownership since we purchased the meter years ago, before licenced distributors. In the codes and regulation (which are not law or legislation) you break the rules if you put a lien on a meter, but that is only if that meter is installed or left at a property by a ‘distributor’, and the lien is on the distributor, so if your meter dates to SEC era then this clause is not applicable.

    • alex says:

      I have read somewhere how they don’t care because according to their calculations there is only 2-3% of those refusing or too small a number to even bother taking us seriously so they just let people simmer in anxiety and despair

  14. Geoffrey Payne says:

    Interesting, I refused a “smart meter” on two occasions some months back in Castlemaine, Central Vic and the installer/technician said I would be placed on the “Red” list and the negotiators would be called in. That was August and no negotiators yet and at least NO “smart meter”. Keep refusing folks and keep the pressure on Federal, State, Local governments and the Regulators and of course the Energy suppliers/billers.

  15. Lets take the Power Back says:

    Thanks to Stop Smart Meters for sharing this information with us. I will be sending off a registered letter “demanding” to be put on the “conscientious objectors list” – I am past “insisting” because the way many people I know, and many other Victorians have been treated is not “Australian” and I believe is in total ignorance of our human and democratic rights.
    My rules for fighting the installation are: 1 Keep my meter box locked with the window for the meter reader. 2 keep my “no trespass for installation of any smartmeters, power, gas or water included” sign displayed at the entry to my property. 3 ABSOLUTELY NO TELEPHONE OR VERBAL CONVERSATIONS WITH POWER COMPANIES OR INSTALLERS ON THE MATTER, EVERYTHING IN WRITING (if I can’t avoid a conversation at my door it will be recorded and I will tell them it is being recorded) . 4 Stand up for what I believe are my rights to choose what happens in my home that may affect my health, safety or privacy or other.
    I probably should thank the Govt for starting this debacle as I have never stood up against anything so strongly in my life before, but fighting smartmeters for the last 18 months has taught me some valuable lessons in standing up for my human and democratic rights and I will never tolerate mistreatment or allow any authority to “walk all over me” or bully me again. My only hope is that there are thousands of others out there who feel the same and will stand up to be counted. (traditionally we “Aussies” haven’t done this, because we haven’t felt the need)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Great News – just sent Email to my Solicitor to change it from Refusal to Conscientious Objector’s list. Hope he hasn’t already done it. ……………….Pam 🙂

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