Hope for our New Zealand friends across the Tasman!



New analogue meters are an option in NZ

Just had a call from a chap at Contact Energy offering me a new analogue power meter.

The company wrote to me about two weeks ago to say a Smart Meter would be installed. Subsequent phone calls, while politely and professionally handled, didn’t show much chance of an alternative.

I pressed on.

Today I got a call saying Contact Energy will install an Actaris SMO ACE1000 power meter that has no wireless capabilities at all.

As you can see from the photo below, it has a display much like an older car’s odometer.

The news came with a polite heads up that I may not be able to take part in any special offers the firm may have as I won’t have a smart meter. I assume a special offer could be “turn on an extra light now – it’s the half price power hour”.

I was also advised that should I change my mind and want a smart meter installed later on, then I will have to pay for it.

If you want an analogue meter installed, this page is your evidence that it is an option – at least if you are a Contact Energy customer in New Zealand.

My advice is to not get emotional with power companies when refusing a smart meter as you will be talking with a call centre person who – with all due respect – often don’t have the option of making decisions. They take messages.

Put your request in writing – email worked for me. Be polite, remain firm and clear. Don’t get into a debate (because you can’t have a debate with a corporation), don’t argue. Just keep it simple and insist on an analogue power meter (I am told Contact Energy has plenty of them in stock).

Send any supporting documents to help your case. This PDF appears to have helped me.

Remember, there is no law that requires you to have a smart meter – listen here.

Good luck.


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8 Responses to Hope for our New Zealand friends across the Tasman!

  1. Ken Crispin says:

    The Actaris SMO ACE1000 meter offered as a standard meter in N.Z. is an electronic meter which is made in Indonesia, and has a mechanical register but is full of electronic stuff including a “switched mode power supply” similar to the Smart meter which also causes electromagnetic fields, and some suggest they can be made smart meter transmitting) capable in some models.

    Hold out to get your own truly analogue electromechanical meter recertitified by your power company when it is due for recertification.

    I am a registered electrician in N.Z. and have ordered brand new Chinese certified analogue (spinning wheel ) safe ,meters to offer our power company to switch to instead, and with some sound reasoning they can do it if the will is there to look after their customers needs.

    The new meters have six global certifications, not just one as the current models all power companies are installing..

    These safe new meters you can find under “electromechanical energy meters” on . Yueqing Logos Electrical Co., LTD
    Xia’an Industrial Zone, Beibaixiang Town, Yueqing City,

    Zhejiang Province,China. 325604

    Web: http://www.logosmeter.com

    Tel: 0086-577-61723717

    Cell: 0086-18676716607

    Mail: lyla@logosmeter.com

    Skype: yi_yiliai

    MSN: yi_yiliai@outlook.com

  2. George says:

    The so-called ELECTRONIC metre in the State of Queensland is promoted that way, the same as when all the people of Queensland were mislead into be “SMARTY PANTS” for $50. The E1000 is Wi Fi and Cable. In our retirment village there are 120 units and Energex has installed them in our power boxes. Since they have been installed my health has plummeted. Our home is being radiated by the transmissions being made down the power lines, and I can hear the telegraphic signals emanate from my ceiling fan when it’s turned on. I contacted Energex and they said that I could put a filter on the fan that will stop the noise, but they didn’t say anything about the radiation that emanating out of my house wiring. All my power points read 1,000 volts/metre.

    • Informed Choice says:

      totally bizarre how they expect the customer to fix the problems that THEY cause all the bloody time and it’s just nonsense!!

  3. Paul of Gosford NSW says:

    BUTBUTBUT – why are they replacing the existing meter if they have agreed NOT to install a SM? The whole purpose of this is to install smart meters….we want the existing one’s left as they are. I’m still suspicious – I’d want to be there and look it over before I unlocked the box. I’d want a letter from the supplier that states clearly that it is not a smart meter and the reason why they are changing the existing one in any case. Otherwise it’s a con.

    • Pam says:

      Yes – I feel the same – These new NZ analogue meters are made in the UK not in India or where ever else SMART METERS are manufactured. I would want my Electrician or someone “in the know” to check it out thoroughly. I am getting to the point where I don’t trust anyone anymore. Our existing safe analogue meters will eventually have to be replaced or fixed if something goes wrong with them. My Question??? What do I replace it with? because it won ‘t be a bloody smart meter in any shape or form !!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Paul.
      Here in NZ, the power companies say the certificates on older power meters expires in April 2015. That is the reason they are giving for installing smart meters.
      But as I have proved, I rejected a smart meter and got a bog standard new model analogue meter installed.


  4. FightingBack says:

    Heavy Metal Toxicity Raises Your Risk of Electromagnetic Sensitivity
    The heavy metals in your body – including those in your mouth in the form of dental fillings and implants – could be turning you into a walking antenna.
    Check this out –

  5. Pam says:

    Things are looking up can we get these in Aussie yet????? because as I have said a thousand times I WILL NOT HAVE A SMART METER. ………. Pam

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