I honestly thought the concern about smart meters was over rated….

I honestly thought the concern about smart meters was over rated and so I naively took the DPI website’s so-called safe smart meter readings as fact and got mine installed.

Over a week or so after this I could hear a low humming noise in my left ear when going to sleep, similar to the sound of a computer starting up but higher pitched. This has progressively got louder and louder to the point that I wake up in the morning feeling like my ears been next to a mobile phone all night.

I have spent a lot of money to get 2 walls painted with Y-Shield  paint and had earthing plates installed on these walls where the extremely high RF Readings were coming from my meter box.

Yet I can still hear this noise. It almost feels like some constant electro magnetic force has come alive in my house since the smart meter was installed.

Does anyone have similar issues or know of other actions to take to avoid this problem? I don’t have tinnitus as I have had this confirmed by an audiologist.


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28 Responses to I honestly thought the concern about smart meters was over rated….

  1. Faith says:

    I hear the humming too. It started after my meter was changed 2 years ago. What can be done?

  2. Shane says:

    Yeah totally! I just bought a house and the bedroom has a smart meter on the adjoining wall. The humming starts at 12am every night and stops sometime on in the morning.

  3. sandaura says:

    Hello Andrew, This may be to little to late, but if you see this go to http://www.sandaura.wordpress.com
    and you will learn more about the noise you are hearing. You are not alone. Remember that the network itself is causing the noise so simple removal of a smart meter on your home will not remove the noise. It is in the air everywhere. There is no way to shield from it either. Please file a formal noise complaint letter. We can help you with this. We have a template letter people are using so that we are consistent with the language and source.


    email: globalrfrdefenseteam@verizon.net

  4. CA says:

    “Does anyone have similar issues or know of other actions to take to avoid this problem? I don’t have tinnitus as I have had this confirmed by an audiologist.


    Andrew–I had a similar noise, still do to a lesser extent, in my home in Michigan. We had the wireless transmissions from the meter stopped through Detroit Edison’s opt-out program (cost $69 initial fee + $9 US per month for a reader to come to the house). I think the microwave signals imparted a magnetic field in the wiring of my house. This is everywhere now, but seems to affect some houses more than others as people on this post have said. I have been documenting my troubles: magneigh at blogspot dot com. A couple of neighbors have told me they hear similar noise. And I am aware of some health issues among neighbors that have gotten much worse over the past year, so am very concerned.
    CA in Michigan

  5. David Rogerson says:

    I have heard magnets can disturb the flow of rf field frequencies, Try putting a couple of powerful magnets either side of the unit. If there is no immediate improvement move them around and Let us know if it changes anything. Good luck to you in any case, I hope things improve for you.

  6. Gwen says:

    I saw this report on ch. 9 News site. Very relevant.
    Top Stories
    Smartphone case may reduce risk of cancer

    Aug 24, 2012 4:16pm

    A NEW smartphone case made from the same material as NASA spacecraft claims to reduce cellphone radiation.
    It’s still unclear as to exactly how bad the problem of cellphone radiation really is – but recent studies show that just 50 minutes of cell phone use affects brain activity in the area of brain closest to the phone, and the World Health Organization have reclassified cell phone radiation as “potentially carcinogenic for humans.”

    A company called Pong, however, claim that they’ve developed a solution, in the form of a phone case.

    The problem Pong claims to be solving is that mobile devices emit microwave energy, and the majority of it is absorbed by the heads and bodies of phone users while making calls.

    The Pong case, which is available for a variety of different smartphones, claims to redirect radiation away from the user and reduce exposure by up to 95%.

    But given that it could take decades for the harmful effects of radiation to manifest, how do we know whether it’s actually working?

    Pong’s Chief Technology Officer, Ryan McCaughey, says that they’ve done rigorous testing.

    “The scale we base our research is the industry standard of SAR, or specific absorption rate. All cell phones are measured to this standard, and what we do is compare the effect of a cellphone on SAR with and without the Pong case.”

    “Our lab tests, including independent lab tests, which we feel are a very important validation, show that we reduce SAR by up to 95% below current safety limits.

    But even Mr McCaughey admits that the Pong isn’t a complete solution, because not enough known is yet known about how safe even small levels of radiation are.

    “There’s so far no known safe limit. We can’t say that someone using the Pong is going to be completely safe from radiation, but we’re of the feeling that less exposure to radiation is better, and that’s what Pong is providing.”


    • Sharron says:

      What about people nearby – do they get the radiation reflected onto them because that is not a good thing either. Lets face it… all of this technology is risky and has the potential to cause great harm… no way around it.

  7. Mariette says:

    Given that WHO officially categorised non thermal microwave radiation a possible carcinogen in May last year, it seems criminally negligent that Government should continue rolling out a wireless smart grid, even upon the willing, let alone the unwilling. Instead Govt should be adopting precautionary principle as recommended by European parliament aimed at protecting public from an increase in microwave radiation, whether in their home from the meter itself or from the increased tower infrastructure public exposure. It was the science concerns that formed the basis of the long overdue WHO 2B classification and the European Unions subsequent call for the precautionary principle, so it makes little sense to recognise a problem officially, then roll it out on the public.

    The greatest irony of all perhaps is that this ‘environmental initiative’ seemingly represents as great a threat to the environment as the public, given research suggesting that trees, plants and wildlife also suffer negative impacts from microwave radiation exposure and extra tower infrastructure will be required for a wireless grid.

    Why does the government only seem to get behind an initiative with full force when it’s a stupid one, like with the compact fluorescent. Is it the money or the ignorance or a combination of the two – and how do you justify such ignorance given WHO’s supposedly accepted role in assessing carcinogens. Anyone in the area of public health and environment should be obligated to familiarise themselves with the research concerns and to do so with a sense of responsibility, not a pre-formed attitude of dismissal.

  8. jayson says:

    yeah i have the same thing i ve had to put up with it for 18 months the best thing to do is go on constant holidays or turn the power off at the meter box and remove all fuses or just take the smart meter off all together , i havnt been able to but the power company in some areas will turn the wifi off . hope thats helpful .

  9. Freddie says:

    Hi Andrew, very sorry to hear about your experience. My suggestion would be to try and sleep in a bedroom at the back of the house and if you want to shield it, then it would be best to apply the paint to all 4 walls, ceiling and inside of door, and also cover the window with shielding fabric. You will probably need as much as 4 coats of paint, if there’s a smart meter on your house.
    Also, consider dirty electricity filters, as the smart meter causes dirty electricity. The symptom you have developed seems to be one of the most common ones. They have breached your ‘RIGHT TO HEALTH’, which is a human right in this country. Wishing you well and thanks for sharing your story.

  10. The sounds you are hearing are quite real and common. Pulsed RF fields (the type created by smart meters) create an audible sound for many people This is called the microwave hearing effect. The sound has been variously described as a buzzing, clicking, hissing or popping sound, depending on the RF pulsing characteristics.
    Prolonged or repeated exposure may be stressful and should be avoided where possible
    Fact sheet N°226 WHO

  11. Pam says:

    Take all the recent Posts to your Doctor. That’s what I am doing. I feel for the people affected. I have Mineariers in my left ear and am surrounded by Smart Meters. I want my Doctor’s opinion on these posts.. DON’T EVER GIVE IN – KEEP YOUR BOXES LOCKED AND SIGNS UP. spoke to my Solicitor this morning he is foillowing up with another letter to Power Cor. and haven’t heard from Council yet.. Will keep you posted …..Pam 🙂

  12. Rob Guy says:

    Andrew, Noise source could be acoustic possibly caused by repositioning of house wiring to fit new meter. Tthe provider is not responsible for any changes to the condition of my house wiring, an opinion backed up by the statement in SpAusnet FAQs that “All smart meters, (but not the connecting wires-my comment), must be thoroughly tested after they are installed to ensure they meet all relevant safety standards and requirements.”)
    Suggest you fit a battery-operated smoke detector to your fusebox, (check for legals with DSE) –Rob

  13. Paul of Gosford NSW says:

    For a start some of us are more sensitive than others. We are not all clones. They don’t take that into account.I think you should tell them to take it away asap. If that doesn’t work, then get them to sign a document that guarantees your problem is not caused by the smart meter. A lawyer might help.
    They won’t sign any such instrument – yet, by NOT signing it they are admitting there are problems so it would constitute an admission of liability which they can’t afford to do thus they would have to remove the meter. That’s my take anyway. Request that they respond in writing so you have the evidence.
    I have been thinking lately that the electricity companies can’t actually afford to lose even one case because the implications would be enormous for them as that would set a presidence. It usually costs next to nothing to get a lawyer to write you a letter of demand to remove the meter within say 14 days or show proof that your problem is not incurred by their actions. Make them liable at the outset and give full details that link your problem to the smart meter installation.
    Snooker them !
    Most lawyers give you free advise these days up to a time limit. Mine gave me 20 minutes. It was to do with a different matter but he didn’t even charge me for the letter of demand.
    I have locked my box and put a perspex window in it – next i write to the company and to the minister telling them what I have done (with photos) plus now about to put up a sign announcing my intentions not to participate. Liability is the key. Make them sign a liability (which they won’t do) and it puts them in a situation where they have to explain why they won’t. See the point? They can’t afford even one incidense as that sets a presidence which would cause a landslide against them. it’s better to let the odd fish go.
    Also I’m glad you have told us this as it adds to the growing list of many affected and you can understand why the UK have made them “voluntary” and California to roll them back.
    I have a feeling that we might follow the UK and make them voluntary in order to avoid litigation.
    Maybe get a class action going by all those who are actually affected and let them meet via this website.
    In the long run the people will win out but not before much collateral damage, threats and some “blood in the streets’ so to speak.

    • Pam says:

      Paul – I copied some “POSTS” today and took them to my Doctor to have a look at over the weekend (if he gets time). I am seeing him Monday. Spoke to my Solicitor this morning and he is going to do another letter to Power Cor and send it next week, because they DIDN’T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS he asked in his first letter. Be interesting to see their response to his second letter. No response from Council yet. Glad you have your boxed locked and the cut-out done. Have you got your signs up???? Have a good weekend.Cheers Pam 🙂

      • Vickie says:

        Hello Pam, I had to give you some more ammunition to arm yourself with in this fight , goodluck to all. http://www.usaprepares.com/health/676

        • Pam says:

          Vicki -I saw my Doctor today and he made “no comment”. He is a very busy Doctor and I had other stuff to discuss with him. I left all my “Posts” with him. I have another appt October so I will take your article along next visit. Nothing from Council yet and still waiting on my Solicitor to write to Power Cor. again “IT’S HURRY UP AND WAIT”
          I guess.but we are used to that now aren’t we?????????? Think we should hold a big party once this is over so we can all meet each other lol..Cheers Pam:-)

  14. Domenic says:

    Look im a very tech savvy person i love technology BUT i know BAD & poorly set up Technology when i see it i know exactly why peoples bills are going up & i dont need a press release from power core to tell me its poor data transfer throughout the network theres data corruption & data packet losses & No Calibrated meters the technology is BAD BAD BAD the data is being corrupted or mixed up with other readings over air WIRELESS IS NO WHERE NEAR PERFECT
    How many people need to fall ill or complain for the Stupid Gov to realise the technology in Smart meters & the Smart network is POOR its making Australia SICK Stop the Rollout STOP IT NOW!!
    you know that the supermarket has to have their fruit,veg & delli scales Calibrated & checked at least every quarter to once a year WHY IS THIS NOT DONE TO ELECTRIC METERES which are prone to Dirty electricity surges & brown outs where is weights & measures on this one Oh wait their all paid up to the hilt by the government coz its a gov department oh sorry my bad they will penalise a supermarket for having faulty dodgy scales but no not an electric company SAD SAD SAD its quite disgusting the amount of government corruption http://www.measurement.gov.au/

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      It’s all about money, everything’s about money, it’s almost impossible for any government to be honest because everything runs on capitalism and greed and the people who have the most money win because they can pay corrupt (and other) lawyers to represent the case they want to put. It’s time for people power to take to the streets. We need a mass demonstration about this and other injustices to start getting the message across. We need most of all a system of government which has the welfare of the population at heart, not the interests of the profiteers.

      • Pam says:

        Cedar I whole heartedly agree WE NEED A MASS DEMONSTRATION but where do we hold it???? I am in Warrnambool and nearly everyone I speak with either don’t want a bloody SMART METER or one was installed while they were not at home and they don ‘t know what to do. Not everyone has access to a Computer, especially our older generation, and quite frankly these folk are being RIPPED OFF with SCARE TATICS – scared their Power will be turned off etc. They aren’t getting accounts despite ringing their power suppliers and I heard today from my Physio he never got an account for over 12 months and when he did he believed he had not been charged for 9 months electricity. Why aren’t their SMART METERS BEING READ on a regular basis ?????????? My Box is Locked and mine was read and I received my account from my Energy Supplier as normal without opening my box (has an insert). The weather here has been terrible and I have my heaters on all day (I don’t work) and my account was OK. and I am on a Pension. I have payment arrangemen ts in place for all my Utilities – it’s the only way I can manage. We csn go on and on, but HOW DO WE STOP THIS ROLL-OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL???? They want us to GIVE IN but I WILL NEVER GIVE IN. Have a good weekend…….Pam 🙂

  15. Domenic says:

    I dont know why people take the word of the government if the Gov mandated every australian jump off a cliff and said it was so safe and that an independant review of jumping off a cliff was Proven SAFE would you ?? OF COURSE NOT YOU WOULD tell them all to GO & GET BLEEPED REALLY REALLY BLEEPED so why is this smart meter thing any different PEOPLE PLEASE I BEG OF YOU DO NOT BACK DOWN DO NOT LET THEM INSTALL ONE OF THESE HORROR DEVICES PROTECT YOUR EXISTING METER AT ALL COSTS DO NOT GIVE IN JUST DONT DO IT

  16. hi andrew, i’m leenah. i’m sorry to hear of yr current health problems and distress due to the smart meter. i do know of the yshield paint u have used, but recently i have found some other very good products that neutralise radiation in yr house + there is a pendant that u wear to give further protection at home and when u r out and about. they r neutralizing and harmonising rather than shielding. they r sold on line from QLD. the website is http://www.ihealth.net.au . i have personally used several of these products and found them to be very effective against radiation. they are small in size and free standing. no need to wire them or plug in . u can easily take them with u anywhere u go. they are fairly new in australia and come from germany. they were invented by professor bauer from bauer biotech. he is world leading in this field. i don’t have a smart meter, but have spoken to a man that does and he has no ill effects whatsoever because he uses these products in his house. they are highly effective. have no side effects and are completely safe to use. in my mind and many others who are now using them they r a God send. u can also find them under http://www.green8aus.com.au. it is the same company. i hope this helps andrew and gives u relief and peace of mind. all the very best to u with this. cheers, Leenah

  17. I see these complaints here all the time. My main concern is that electricity prices will go up during peek times when smart meters are installed. I am now concerned about health issues as well. I believe the transmitting power of these may be higher than is being revealed.
    I am not going to allow any to be installed on my property. I am preparing to go solar with backup batteries before the end of the year, so I will disconnect from the grid totally.

    • Fiona says:

      I can tell you that my surge has been measured at 1872mw/m2 when research says it is 49mw/m2. (This is as high as the measuring device goes). I think the meters will respond to each house differently and thus the readings will be very different. I also live in a valley and get very limited mobile phone coverage. I think I would need a zupped up meter to send energy or many carriers near me. Either way the transmission is excessive. I have been literally getting fried along with constant electric shock treatment. I am glad you are taking notice now and hope you never have to deal with a smart meter on your property. I am also looking at disconnecting from the grid. Maybe some good will come of these ‘smart’ meters after all! We will be forced to find other more sustainable means to living.

  18. John says:

    How about get that dam Cancer Meter uninstalled to have another anologue Elect Meter fitted replaced. I heard of a lawyer who went on interstate business trip only to return & find the new one fitted , it cost her though around $1,800 for the new, old analogue type meter.
    Also i had some guy 3 days ago at my door wanting to install some energy saving device with some digital display on it for free. I will not allow such a thing, there something very sus about it , i could guess maybe it’s has something in it to spy on us maybe microphone. Maybe it feeds info to the Smart Meter as well, could also be a ploy for a snoop agent to look out for what we have in the house. Were now in the age of deceit, in other words don’t trust anyone with anything to what seems too good to be true.

    • Pam says:

      John – Could be those things they hook up to our TV’s to try and save electricity. I had them installed and I uninstalled them myself and put them out in the shed and rang and told them to pick them up. I couldn’t stand the flashing green light every time I turned the telly off or on. They played up with my tv’s as well. Probably cause I am surrounded by SMART METERS. Again these were another Govt. incentive and God only knows what they cost. No more Electrical rubbish will come into my house that I haven’t bought myself. I feel I can not trust anyone anymore. Wonder what tomorrow will bring???? One day to go and it’s the weekend and again I can relax for a couple of days Pam 🙂

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