Utility access to household appliances!

If anyone is in any doubt as to whether there are plans to control our individual appliances via Smart Meters……..read on (Comment Stop Smart meters Australia)

Article from: Western Power | Business Excellence Magazine

Western Power brings electricity to Australia’s fastest growing region. Fuelling that growth is costly; but the Perth Solar City programme is helping to solve the grid’s problems—and those of its customers too.

As the hub for Western Australia’s mining activity, lying close to the port of Fremantle, the city of Perth has been the recipient of a great deal of state and federal investment to ensure its infrastructure keeps pace with its strategic economic importance.

And Perth has a pleasant climate. It averages 2,900 hours of sunshine a year—that’s around eight hours every day, making it the ideal place to site solar panels. Around 1.7 million people live in the city; most of them have air conditioning in their homes and workplaces, many have pools—and with average summer temperatures in the high 80s Fahrenheit, these get plenty of use. When the temperature soars, AC equipment and pool pumps kick in, creating peak demand that is very challenging for the energy utilities to meet.

Of course Perth is not the only place in Australia (let alone the rest of the world) with similar patterns of use. Nevertheless the way this city is tackling its present and future energy use is making it something of a benchmark for best practice.

Australia has designated seven Solar Cities—regions that bring together industry, business, governments and communities to rethink the way they produce, use and save energy. Perth is the newest of these, launched in 2009, and had the advantage over the others of being able to harness ‘smart grid’ technology—which bins the old model where consumers simply waited with fingers crossed for their two-monthly bill. This model may have been modified by growing awareness that we ought to conserve power and buy low energy light bulbs; but the smart grid concept allows a real partnership all the way through, from electricity generation to the consumer.

Perth Solar City covers a large area to the east of Perth and includes over 120,000 households. It is delivered by a consortium led by Western Power, the regional network provider, and eight other members: Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council; the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority; Living Smart; Mojarra Energy Management Systems; Prospero Productions; Solahart; SunPower; and Synergy (the electricity retailer). Between them these partners have already got around 14,000 households involved in the project.

The entire programme is highly customer-focused, says program implementation manager Andrew Blaver. “Traditionally energy management has been all about the supply side—about building generating capacity and networks to meet ever-growing peak demands. Smart grid gives us the opportunity to give customers what they want—to save money while continuing to be able to use their appliances—and at the same time, to reduce consumption at the peak times on our network.”

The key elements of a smart grid are smart meters—meters that can do much more than just record the amount of electricity a household has used—and the back office systems to manage them. In March 2010 Western Power signed a $5.33 million deal with Landis+Gyr (L+G) and Silver Spring Networks (SSN) to set up an initial smart grid trial. The new meters supplied by L+G can give the consumer the information they need to better manage their energy use. They measure electricity use in the home or business at half hourly intervals and transmit the information to Western Power. But better still they can allow the utility access to household appliances to make better use of them.

via Western Power | Business Excellence Magazine.

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6 Responses to Utility access to household appliances!

  1. ryan says:

    Maybe the only way we can win this battle is by bombarding the Media, Newspapers ect, the Scientific Evidence proving the fact that these devices and towers are extremely dangerous is out there, the problem is getting it to the majority of the public, forcing them to get their heads out of the sand and see what is happening to their world, I already believe that our ecosystem is being affected, I have never had so many people telling me they are experiencing sleep problems and wondering why they are tired all the time, since smart meters came to my area I have had restless sleep ever since. I have included a link which just reinforces what we all ready know but it is still handy to have for future reference, thanks to you all, you are legends http://sagereports.com/smart-meter-rf/docs/RF_Health_Studies.pdf

  2. Investigator says:

    Well this article was written by a pro salesperson!!! All those who haven’t investigated the potential effects and issues will not even see the highlighted words that the rest of us read.
    It’s just like the Smart Grid they have been calling for volunteers to participate in, in Sydney. They make it sound so good about the saving energy that people won’t even notice the control and monitoring implications and if they don’t do any research they won’t know about the potential effects of the EMR and EMF. Heaven help us all.

  3. Don Maisch says:

    The Federal House of Reps are now running a separate inquiry into Smart Technologies

    They are not calling for submissions and seem to have a very vague timeline so not sure how effective it will be (ie if they take long enough – the smart meter network will be rolled out and their inquiry will be somewhat redundant….it would seem unlikley they would be unaware of the current roll out in Vic!).




  4. Don Maisch says:

    What “utility assess to household appliances” indicates is that soon all your new electrical household appliances from airconditioners to fridges and stoves, etc., will have inbuilt WiFi that will be in communication with the household smart meter. Perhaps this is also a scam to sell a whole new generation of supposedly sustainable “green” appliances. Watch for the slick ads to soon appear.
    Don from Tassy

  5. Terry says:

    The endgame for Smart Grids is control through measuring and monitoring your every move.
    You may be interested in listening to what this American researcher has to say on the subject:

    • vickie says:

      Well surprise surprise the article in the herald sun today is yet another example of technology gone mad and reinforces what we have been talking about here, home appliances with wireless technology in built, it claims one will be able to control their household appliances simply by using their smart phones and pads, this will make everyones lives so much easier, really at what cost ??? the article fails to mention what the effects of having a home full of wireless radiation will be, I am amazed at why a person cant simply get out of the chair and turn on the appliances. I am lost.

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