Democratic Labor Party (DLP) – First Australian Political Party to oppose smart meters

Prompted by the resignation from parliament of former deputy premier Rob Hulls, a by-election is being held on Saturday 24 March in the state seat of Niddrie.

Stop Smart Meters Australia members in the Niddrie electorate have informed that the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) campaign material includes a policy against the forced installation of smart meters, with this policy being the most prominent on DLP candidate Michael Deverala’s How to Vote Cards.

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We congratulate the DLP for taking this stand. We have also been advised that DLP Victorian Senator John Madigan fiercely opposes the forced installation of smart meters in Victoria on the grounds of health and civil liberties.

Other encouraging news is that the Australian Labor Party candidate Ben Carroll and the Australian Christian Party candidate Frank Papafotiou both support an independent
investigation into the health effects of smart meters. While Stop Smart Meters Australia fully supports an independent investigation into health issues, this doesn’t go far enough. There is already overwhelming evidence of the harmful effects and dangers of the microwave frequencies emitted from smart meters, and we maintain that their forced installation needs to cease now and not wait another year or so until a potential review is concluded.

There is no Liberal Party candidate contesting the Niddrie by-election.

Liberal/National party backbenchers in marginal seats – be aware, smart meters WILL be an issue in the next State election if the forced smart meter rollout does not cease.

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7 Responses to Democratic Labor Party (DLP) – First Australian Political Party to oppose smart meters

  1. Archie says:

    The laws are in existence to protect the citizens,so before you can enter their property & change something IN THEIR ABSENCE! you must get their permission! How is it that Private Power Co,s are ignoring this BASIC PRINCIPAL OF LAW? This is highly suspicious behaviour indeed,remember how the Jewish people were co-erced into “labour camps?” against their will? This behaviour can not be allowed to continue as a “she,ll be right,don,t worry,WE will look after you” proposition,NO IT IS NOT ALLRIGHT!

  2. Archie Burke says:

    As well as all these reasons regarding health issues,NOT TO INSTALL smart meters,think of our Defence forces being left without computers! Smart meters can be switched off remotely,from Singapore,so an enemy of Australia would only have to take over that H.Q. in Singapore & SWITCH OFF! Where are the comments from our Armed forces Chiefs?

  3. Congratulations DLP says:

    Congratulations to the DLP, at last a party listening to the People. Maybe they really understand that under our Constitution the Parliament is accountable to the People.
    And to “Terry” I agree with you. I would really like to believe that in Australia we can have those we elected listen to us and change things without the “ugly” happening like in many places overseas. BUT, like you, in all honesty I also believe that this is going to get ugly because when people are ill and unable to live in their own homes or become hypersensitive and are unable to participate in life as they know it in Australia, or they have to watch their children become ill and they are unable to do anything to help them – then that brings out ugly in most normal human beings. I truly hope and pray that we can get the message through without this.

  4. Peter S says:

    This is great news! There is now some political support in stopping the roll-out of smart meters. Lets hope the political tide starts to turn and the major parties will wake up and follow. I live in the seat of Niddrie – I now know who I will be voting for – the DLP!

  5. Lindy-loo says:

    We received a belated reply from the Minister for Energy and Resources office via Sarah Leslie.
    It informed us that smart meters will continue to be rolled out to all Victorian households and small to medium businesses by the end of 2013. They assure us that there are no health threats and that smart meters are quite safe!!!
    There will be no replacement of these meters and in other words we have to just live with them and too bad if we suffer from any health problems!
    This is really unacceptable in a democratic country where we were not even informed about these meters before they were forced on us.
    The Labour government will have a lot to answer for one day!
    In the meantime we live with headaches, possible cancer and tumours growing who knows where in our bodies.
    Wait for the onslaught of EMR when these meters are “switched” on………

    • Terry says:

      The government are liars, Lindy-loo, and they will continue to lie and roll out these death traps. That’s the world we live in, I’m afraid, and the sooner people wake up to that fact the better. Actually, my response from O’Brien’s office was different from yours. Mine said they were currently reviewing the smart meter roll out in consultation with the DPI and would get back to me when that had been done. Seems like they can’t even get their story straight in their responses, doesn’t it? I would like to say this isn’t going to get really ugly but honesty doesn’t allow me. We are on a collision course with these lying, corrupt puppets of the global powerbrokers and we are going to have to stand our ground or get crushed under their feet like the “useless eaters” they think we are. You up for a fight? Afraid you’re going to have to be.

  6. To wait a year for a potential review is a start but is too little too late. I advise all concerned about their health, to take this situation very seriously, as time is definitely not on our side. The health issues from the deployment of wireless smart meters will only increase in severity. We must take prudent steps now to ensure we have the visual evidence which, without doubt will support the fact that wireless smart meters transmit constantly, high levels of (RF) to the occupants of the home, and surrounding areas (contrary to what we have been told over and over again). Once something is visually witnessed it is impossible to refute as hyperbole, hypothetical nor hysteria.

    (1) Purchase a (RF) meter of reasonable quality (they are not that expensive), to measure the ambient (RF) levels in the environment is a step in the right direction. After all it is impossible to monitor what the eyes cannot see, such is the case with (RF) radiation. A (RF) meter under $200 will do the job (It also helps to have a maximum value function) to display the highest (RF) levels.

    If any person wants more information they can contact me via this website, I am happy to help.

    (2) A reasonable camera/video camera, to capture the (RF) ambient emissions, before and after a wireless smart meter has been installed is important to monitor increase in (RF), which is a known 2B carcinogen.

    (3) If possible upload the videos onto you-tube, and you will find that other people will do the same thing in their respective areas. We are not alone, there are many suffering, many just have not as yet made the connection that indeed it is since the wireless smart meter deployment, that their health has started to suffer.

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