Stop Smart Meters Goes National … and International!

This is a post from our sister site in the US. We feature along with about 5 other groups. It is great to know that we have international support. People we are not alone in this fight. We are in very good company. Below is the introduction to the post. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to read the rest.

From There are websites and groups using “stop smart meters” as their rallying cry all over the US, in Canada and Australia, and now in Britain (see below for a round-up). There is a documentary film brewing with the same name. Is this a great big organized conspiracy, like the one that many feel brought us the meters in the first place?

In Australia: Stop Smart Meters Australia They say: “Join the Rebellion!” Can’t say better than that. Recent post: Crucial Data Missing from Smart-meter Customers’ Bills. Another: “I Wake Up with Headaches Every Morning.”

Read the rest of the post by clicking here Stop Smart Meters Goes National … and International! | Stop Smart Meters!.

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1 Response to Stop Smart Meters Goes National … and International!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is only about increasing profits to electricity suppliers, it is part of a WORLDWIDE CONSPIRACY which extends to many other services and essential supplies, gas and water are to follow, all levels of government starting with local council are and have been increasing rates and taxes, BUT THERE HAS BEEN NO INCREASE IN SERVICES, for instance Council Rates have increased 100% over the last seven years, the additional monies they raise goes to increased wages and salaries EG local councils pay councilors $35.000 per year plus mobile phones allowances, car allowances, home office allowances and more for a position that has traditionally been voluntarily. The system is out of control and we are paying for it.

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