Unqualified people installing Smart Meters

I have my final notice of an installation of a smart meter. I have contacted the installers with my many concerns. I was told I cannot defer it and I have no choice. I contacted united energy and asked about my contents insurance and how I will stand if a fire results and I have allowed an unqualified person to do electrical work, as my policy states I should only alow an A grade electricians to do any work related to power. United energy have not got back to me as they said they would. I have also contacted primary industries with my concerns yet to hear back from them. I am very distraught about this whole thing the meter will be within 5 metres of my bed, and I live in a 100 yr old house with old wiring.

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4 Responses to Unqualified people installing Smart Meters

  1. Joe M says:


    My mother received a notice from Citipower about a smart meter install at her place this week.
    I called the number on the letter advising them not to bother as I had locked the meter box and placed a “No Smart Meter” sign on the box.
    Two days later I was contacted by Citipower asking why I had declined and that it was “mandatory” to have one installed.
    I outlined a number of reasons including microwave radiation, privacy, security and that it would not benefit my mum in the slightest. The Citipower employee would not give up trying to convince me that I was wrong and that the DPI website would allay all my fears.
    The conversation went on for 25 minutes and I countered everything this person could throw at me. In the end I told her in no uncertain terms that I would not allow a smart meter to be installed and I asked what are you going to do about it? Will you disconnect my power?
    She would not answer the question.
    I asked it more than once and she kept going around the question.
    This only means one thing.
    Stand your ground, lock up your meter box, write to Michael O’Brien and your power supplier and tell them in no uncertain terms TO GET STUFFED!
    Australia is a democracy, NOONE should have the power to install a device like a smart meter on YOUR PROPERTY!

  2. haltsmartmeters@gmail.com says:

    Others are now also demanding (from the power distributor and the DPI) a copy of the legislation mandating the forced installation, and also what the procedure is going to be applied as they are totally refusing to have a smartmeter installed regardless of what they are being told. My meter box is locked, but have a window in it for the meter to be read. I also have the trespass signs that I downloaded from the instructions under “Join the rebellion” – I signed them, laminated them, attached to my meter box and took a photo. Someone told me the other day they knew someone who took their photo to the police station to be stamped and verified. People are really serious about fighting forced installations of smartmeters. Once upon a time you could enjoy life in Australia, now you have to watch to protect your home from those providing a basic essential service that we have always been able to take for granted. What has happened to our rights to live in a safe environment and choose what happens in our homes. I will be fighting to the end.

  3. Martin says:

    lock your meter box

  4. Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

    We suggest you look at some of the steps others are taking https://stopsmartmeters.com.au/2012/01/17/join-the-rebellion-page-updated-form-letter/

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