Oh but you do have a choice……………….

We received a story from a resident in Melbourne who contacted their energy supplier with concerns about their Smart Meter. Since it was installed they were suffering with a number of health issues. Headaches, blurred vision etc. And so they requested that it be removed or turned off because they no longer wanted to be exposed to it’s microwave radiation emissions. They explained that they did not have wireless internet, cordless phones or use a Microwave oven because these things had also caused them health problems. They had made a choice not to use these things. But they said “With a Smart Meter we have no choice as it is always on and we cannot turn it off”.

The response from their energy supplier was “Oh but you do have a choice…….you can move!”

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2 Responses to Oh but you do have a choice……………….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its a joke! My mum was called a paranoid schizophrenic when she told the company who installed them that she was experiencing heath issues since they have been installed…the nerve of these people!!!

  2. Di says:

    How ridiculous!!!! Did you ask them where you would move to if everyone is going to be forced to have one installed?

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