Who’s my power distributor?


3 Responses to Who’s my power distributor?

  1. Miriam. says:

    They are not permitted to cut off your power unless you refuse to pay the bill.

  2. Frances says:

    I just phoned up a guy as SPI who informed me that if I didn’t allow them access to my property to install their smart meter they will just disconnect my power!! Interesting name that SPI isn’t it? The previous Labor Government made this order. So I am going to contact my Liberal members to complain about this bullying. They have said that they will be here to install this so called smart meter between 12th Nov. 12 and 23 Nov. 12. This is INTIMIDATION! If I deny them access to my property they will disconnect my power altogether!!!

    • Bren says:

      I am facing this situation in Ballarat. I am taking steps to make sure they cannot install this meter. Are you aware of these steps.

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