Glen Eira meter fears – Health – News – Caulfield Glen Eira Leader

A GROWING number of Glen Eira residents think smart meters are affecting their health, councillors say.

Councillors have revealed many residents have complained about health problems since the device was installed.

The council has now voted to seek a report into residents’ concerns.

The State Government plans to install smart meters at every Victorian home and small business by the end of next year.

It says the meters are safe and fall “well within” the requirements for electromagnetic and radio frequency emissions.

Cr Oscar Lobo said constituents were complaining of ill-health.

“People claim that they now have constantly high-pitched ringing ears,” Cr Lobo said.

“They are suffering palpitations, regular headaches, fatigue, lethargy, disturbed sleep, regular nosebleeds, pressure in the head and difficulty concentrating.”

Cr Margaret Esakoff said one resident had told her she had to confine herself to a room in her house to avoid symptoms.

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26 Responses to Glen Eira meter fears – Health – News – Caulfield Glen Eira Leader

  1. Concerned says:

    We have a 4 month old baby and have a smart meter installed. The smart meter was installed when we were not at home!!. We also suffer from headaches and worry that our baby will also feel the effects of the smart meter. Upon ringing the electricity company I was also told that it is
    now compulsory and that I would need to write a letter to the department stating why I want it removed.

    Is the government waiting for people’s lives to be compromised before anything can be done about the smart meters???….Unfortunately we live in a “reactive” rather than ” proactive” society.

  2. Tim says:

    Not to mention all micro wave technology is bugged by sound.

  3. Tim says:

    Yes I’m being effected by the smart meter there being placed around my town now some are allredy turned on in some homes. I get ringing in ears high pitch noices and headaches that I beleave come from the smart meters because never had ringing and high pitch sounds until the smart meter took place. It’s descusting what they are doing and hope peolpes houses don’t burn down because of them.

  4. Suffering from Head Pains and Nausea says:

    For those having problems this is a good read

    Click to access YourPatientIsNotCrazy.pdf

  5. Rosemary. says:

    We lost our home due to a smart meter. We have not been able to live there since installation in October last year. After months of fighting United Energy, we sold the house and are traveling in QLD at present. We are feeling so much better, but now get ringing In the ears when using our iPad as we have become sensitised. What a disgusting nightmare. Keep up the fight. If you have been made sick by a smart meter, don’t forget to put your name down with your solicitor for a future class action.

    • Pam says:

      Rosemary – so sorry to hear you have had to go to those lengths – losing your home to a SMART METER. Yes it is disvusting andf yes, WE WILL KEEP UP THE FIGHT. I have a Solicitor handling mine. Moving is NOT AN OPTION FOR ME at present. Hope your Health improves. Get rid of the iPad. See Jo’s story a few posts back – he was an installer. CHEERS PAM 🙂

    • TheBThing says:

      You may need to avoid all EMR till your body adjusts to nromal standards. You are obvioulsjy in a super sentivite state.

  6. Melbourne Mum says:

    So true what everyone here is experiencing since the installation of smart meters. We should not have to fight in order to maintain health. There is enough stress in our daily lives as it is. Terrific to see another council is prepared to support its residents and hope it wont be too long before we see a roll-back of these awful things. It has become painfully obvious that the forced installation of such a device is a very bad idea and swift action needs to be taken by government. They are in complete denial of the situation, and it is Criminal.

  7. John Wilson says:

    The question of ownership is questionable. The public is paying for them and have been for some time. There may be a legal issue there.
    I refuse to have one installed. The interesting point in law is that if that is so, then I should be entitled to claim my money back?

    • TheBThing says:

      You are correct. The State Electricity Commission both supplied and provided meters. Those who were supplied meters own them. Therefore one can put a possessory-lien on the meter if another claims ownership, even though you have a full ownership claim due to the circumstances of purchase with SEC. I advise people to look into bill history for entries that prove payment. Most will not have this but the possessory-lien puts the burden on the outside party to prove their position anyway. The lien is importantly put on the seller to the distributor. The current distributor is the insignificant.

      §6A(4)b of the State Electricity Commission Act 1958, Victoria

  8. John Wilson says:

    I have refused to allow installation of a smart meter for approximately 18 months or more.
    I regularly receive calls from PowerCor/city link expressing concern their installers cannot get access to the meter box and have asked why.
    Attempts have been made to sweet talk me into the alleged benefits. (not convinced)
    Threatened with the possibility of disconnection. I told them that was their choice but the publicity of a multinational corporation trying ti intimidate and coerce a pensioner into accepting something he didn’t want would hardly be beneficial to the company.
    Threatened that I could face a $500 fine. I asked who would impose the fine and the reply was that they would. I told them they did not have the authority and I was prepared to see them in the High Court and I also gave the following reason why I would not accept the meter, concluding that if, for some reason I am unaware, they managed to install the meter, I would be ringing to direct them to disconnect the power. The reply was that I needed it. I said I am an old farmer who built his farm without electricity for many years. I guess I would survive and there were many other alternatives. So they have put in their computer that HE refuses installation. One lady I spoke with said she did not know what they would do about all of the people refusing the meters. My suggestion was to do nothing.
    1 I do not want it
    2 It breaches the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 by taking my Common Law rights and trying to force mandatory conscription. (Illegal)
    3 As an engineer I am not convinced of the Accuracy or safety of the Equipment.
    4. It breaches the commonwealth Weights and Measures Act, therefore,
    5. It breaches the Commonwealth Crimes Act
    6 The Power companies claim that the Minister responsible for the calibration and safety has exempted Smart meters from having to undergo the accuracy, calibration and safety checks under Australian standards. If this is correct then the Minister has committed a Crime. He/she has not the authority to alter the Act.
    7. PowerCor maintains it is mandatory. Wrong the government has stated it must make every endeavor to convince people. the government has not stated that the people must accept the installation.
    8.. The Victorian Parliament is acting as a corporation using a document called the Victorian Constitution 1975 as its base of power.
    8 this is a breach of both the Commonwealth constitution 1901 and the Victorian Constitution 1855, which is the lawful and legal Victorian Constitution.
    9. The alleged Victorian 1975 Victorian Constitution has never had the Monarch’s Assent document signed or there has never been a referendum of the people to accept it.
    10 Personally I would not support it as it is a Corporation style document that will take away your rights.
    10 The Victorian Government has acted as a corporation which breaches both the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 and Victorian Constitution 1855. In fact I believe it could be prosecuted under the crime of SEDITION, which is a crime against the sovereign. The sovereign in this instance is the PEOPLE OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA
    11 It breaches the Trade Practices Act as the power companies have been privatized therefore are no longer a public utility. I understand 40 odd % of Powercor/city Power is owned by a Hong Kong Company. Under the Trade Practices Act it is using its power as a monopoly in the market place to force goods and services on the public that has neither ordered or wanted the smart meters.
    12. There is growing evidence (PowerCor claim it is media hype) that there is a growing number of members of the public, both here and overseas, who are effected and others who are extremely sensitive. (Power companies claim THEIR smart meter is different) I could use an impolite expression to describe my opinion of the claim, but I won’t. Suffice to say the smart meter box cannot insulate the public from the radiation.
    Their claims that it is only a very tiny amount is not acceptable. what has not been sufficiently researched is the combined radiation within residents and the neighboring properties.
    There has been some private measurements done on this and it suggests that the level is far higher than the companies and the bureaucratic are willing to admit.
    13. There is evidence coming forward that suggests that third parties are using the smart meters to gain access to the people’s data, which is a breach of the confidentiality and Privacy Laws.
    There are many more breaches against the people that no one has questioned because they were kept ignorant. You will understand from the next paragraph.
    Any Victorian Parliament since 1975, using the invalid 1975 Constitution to enact new Acts and legislation or to amend old Acts and legislation if challenged may find they are invalid unless they are consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 or the Victorian 1855 Constitution.
    The public ha deliberately been kept ignorant of their Rights under the Constitution when the government ceased making it a requirement to teach the constitution around 1974. This means that we have several generations growing up ignorant of their rights and some who do not realize we have a Constitution.
    What the people do not understand is that we. the people are the government and the Parliaments are our servants.
    Parliaments are elected to carry out the will and Mandate of the people, however, once elected, they are governing in the interest of political factions and the requirements of other countries.
    The good news is that the public is becoming aware and demanding a return to legal government.
    There is a Commonwealth of Australia corporation, registered in the USA under USA law; provides financial information to the USA Revenue departments and register shelf companies offshore to hold taxpayer monies. Why? Who are the beneficiaries of the corporations? Why is it necessary hide revenue of the people of the Commonwealth of Australia? There are many questions we need and too much to cover in this comment.
    Cheers and keep up the good fight against individual, corporate and bureaucratic bullies. They do not have the authority unless the people of the Commonwealth of Australia gives it to them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi John – Quite obviously their ‘BEST ENDEAVOURS” aren’t going to work with you. You are bamboozling them with your knowledge. Yes, we have gathered so much knowledge about the Dangers of SMART METERS from this Website and searching the Net. They think we will give in but as you know I WILL NEVER GIVE IN. ……………. It has been a long drawn out process over the last couple of years, but WE ARE A VERY STRONG GROUP as our servants (The Govt.) will find out in the next Election. The Govt. are getting away with too much at the present time, both Federally and State. Good on you John for putting them in their place. Cheers Pam 🙂

    • TheBThing says:

      Are you the same John Wilson who was fighting to maintain Jury based court hearings?

  9. Freddie says:

    It’s really great to see some councillors really listening to their contituents and having the courage to speak out!
    Please, remember them this Saturday when council elections will occur in this state.
    GLEN EIRA residents, please consider voting for OSCAR LOBO if you’re in TUCKER WARD and for MARGARET ESAKOFF if you’re in ROSSTOWN WARD.
    KINGSTON residents, please consider voting for WANDZIA FRENCH if you’re in CENTRAL WARD.
    It will show those politicians, who refuse to listen to their people’s concern, that they CAN’T take our votes for granted!

  10. Suffering from Head Pains and Nausea says:

    Does Michael O’Brien, Ted Baillieu, Paul Adams, Hugh Gleeson, Nino Ficca, Shane Breheny HAVE THE AUDACITY TO SAY that the people of Glen Eira are just making up their symptoms, that they are just imagining them or that they are psychosomatic ?

    In 1998 the US Army was trying to think of non-lethal ways to incapacitate enemy soldiers. One of these ideas was TO INDUCE SEIZURES IN THEM. Spencer Ackerman at i09 gets down to the details:
    The [Army’s analysis] cautioned that the effectiveness of incapacitating a human nervous system with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) “has not been tested.” But the analysis speculated that “50 to 100 kV/m free field of very sharp pulses” would likely be “sufficient to trigger neurons or make them more susceptible to firing.” And a weapon that harnessed an EMP-induced seizure could conceivably work from “hundreds of miles” away. The idea might as well have been stamped “As Seen on TV.”
    “The photic-induced seizure phenomenon was borne out demonstrably on December 16, 1997 on Japanese television when hundreds of viewers of a popular cartoon were treated, inadvertently, to photic seizure induction,” the analysis noted. That cartoon was Pokemon, and the incident received worldwide attention. About 700 viewers showed symptoms of epilepsy — mostly vomiting — an occasional, if strange, occurrence with TV shows and videogames due to rapid, flashing lights.

  11. Suffering from Head Pains and Nausea says:

    Real PROOF of Radio Frequencies being a WEAPON of WAR. What you are about to see is just one very large smart meter (without the metering)

  12. Pam says:

    Thank you Glen Eira Council……………..Perhaps you should go straight to the top (O,Brien and Bailleau ) and get them to MEET WITH THE RESIDENTS WHO ARE ILL. I personally feel these two Ministers should get their heads out of the Sand and admit SMART METERS are DANGEROUS to our HEALTH, SAFETY, PRIVACY AND FINANCIALLY and the roll-out should be stopped immediately. …… Cheers Pam 🙂

  13. Melbourne Resident says:

    these smart meters are a nightmare! i hate them! take them away!

  14. FightingBack says:

    Just got my notice today that a meter will be installed at our residence at Greensborough.
    NO WAY !
    Meter locked and new letter will be sent.
    Thought I might share this will all here –
    NEW EFFECTIVE DOCUMENTS to prevent smart meter install in Canada with the right modifications it can be also used here –

    Click to access claim-of-right-electrical-code-compliance.pdf

    All relative info can be found here –


  15. Rob Guy says:

    Trawling throught the archives on this site I found a statement in the Age newspaper at which has the Relevant Victorian government minister, Mr O’Brien, saying that “there would be no penalties or fines for people who refuse to have meters installed. Instead, he said, “they would have to “work with” electricity companies, who own the meters.”
    Has this announcement been withdrawn? Exactly what does “work with” mean?
    How is it that people are still consenting to installation of a smart meter? Can anyone enlighten me?

    • Pam says:

      Rob I think “Work With” is another word for “Best Endeavours – Minister O’Brien should be sacked. He has made no ATTEMPT to speak with those of us who are affected by these darn SMART METERS – (JO for Example). All this is a nightmare for us, but I bet it is a bigger one for him.

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