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NSW, QLD, SA, Tas and ACT electricity customers allowed to have communications on ALREADY-INSTALLED smart meters TURNED OFF

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has made a final rule to allow metering coordinators to deactivate the communications on already-installed smart meters. The AEMC’s Competition in Metering Rule, which started in December 2017, stipulates that all new and replacement … Continue reading

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Petition | Allow Victorians to have communications disabled on smart meters!

The Victorian Labor government has yet again dudded electricity customers.  Victorians have not only had to live with the consequences of a mandated rollout of smart meters that was ill-conceived from its very start, now they are being denied the … Continue reading

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Frequently asked questions

Contents How to keep electromechanical meter How to remove smart meter Unfair charges for disabling wireless communications Are wireless disabled smart meters as safe as electromechanical meters? Electricity company is trying to force me to accept a smart meter. Solar … Continue reading

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Public needs to know smart meter health risk – Glenn Gilbert

Do you trust government studies, such as those cited by the federal Food and Drug Administration and Federal Communications Commission, which say electromagetic and radiofrequency field exposures are too low to worry about? Not to paint with too broad a … Continue reading

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Wireless Networking in Schools – A call to limit unnecessary radiation exposure in light of potential health risks

Marshall Roberts is an IT specialist who has performed research on the potential health effects of wireless networking in schools because he has children and is concerned about the astronomical uptake of wireless technologies in schools. Marshall wrote a comprehensive … Continue reading

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Radiation fear prompts action on Oak Park smart meter – Moreland Leader

AN elderly resident’s health fears prompted his electricity provider to reduce radiation from his smart meter by 90 per cent. Jemena agreed to reduce the meter’s radiofrequency from 1000mw to 100mw after Oak Park asbestosis sufferer Antonio Bonifazio, 67, expressed … Continue reading

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Help spread the word

Please download and share these posters and flyers. Stop 5G Posters An excellent selection of Stop 5G posters is available at: ——————————————————————— Stop Smart Meter Posters These would be ideal to display on your local community news boards or in … Continue reading

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Smart meter installed

ELECTRICITY SMART METERS If you already have had a smart meter installed, we urge you to join us and take action via  the options listed below.  They are winning the fight in America to revert not only to non-communicating digital … Continue reading