In order to make it very clear that you do NOT consent to the installation of a smart meter of any kind, including retro-fitting a digital meter with a radiofrequency communications module,  here are the actions you can take.

Note that smart meters are also referred to as ‘advanced’ meters.  In some cases wireless-enabled smart meters are also being deceptively called ‘digital’ meters; however, the functionality of these particular ‘digital’ meters goes beyond being simply digital as the meters also feature remote communications.  Water utilities are also trying to fly under the radar.  The component enabling wireless microwave transmissions may be referred to as a ‘data logger’.

1.  Lock your meter box and put a window in for the meter to be read Click here for examplesIf your switchboard is in your meter box make sure that you cut a hole so that  the switches can be accessed in case of an emergency.

2. Put up a Do Not Fit a Smart Meter Sign (owners) or Do Not Fit a Smart Meter Sign (owners or residents).  It’s best to laminate it then fix it to your meter box (if you don’t have a laminator you can take it to your news agency and they can do it). Photograph your sign/s in place (with the time/date stamp on) so that you have evidence.  A No Trespassing for Smart Meter Installers sign for fences is also available.

3. Victorians (and people from WA and NT) write to your electricity distributor and make it clear that you will NOT accept a smart meter Letter templates.  People from NSW,  QLD, SA, Tas and the ACT, write to your electricity retailer and make it clear that you do NOT consent to having a smart meter installed Letter templates.

4. Victorians, read the letter Legal Advice Oct 2012 from a barrister, for advice specific to Victoria’s government-mandated smart meter rollout.  Note to people from other States, many of the legal principles outlined in this legal advice ALSO apply to you. Following the end of the rollout, the Victorian Government’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure Order in Council 2014 replaced the obligation for power distributors to use their ‘best endeavours’ to install a smart meter with the requirement that distributors must install a (remotely read) smart meter; however, as also reconfirmed in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (obligations to install meters) Order 2017, distributors are not required to comply if there is account holder refusal until refusal has been withdrawn or access to the meter is otherwise available.

5. Subscribe to email updates from this site by filling in the ‘Enter your email address’ box (located on the right-hand side of this webpage) so that you receive updates as they are posted.

6. Support the work that Stop Smart Meters Australia is doing by becoming a member of our Association.  The more members that we have, the more clout we will have!

7. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to get the word out in your community.

8. Put up posters on noticeboards and distribute flyers in your neighbourhood.  See examples here.

9. Write, phone and visit your local MP, your upper house MPs, your State Minister for Energy and your Minister for Health and make your concerns known.  If we’re not making our views known to government, then government will ONLY be hearing the lies and deception spun by industry.  See How to write ‘Stop Smart Meters’ letters (and emails).  Need ideas for issues to raise?  Go to SSMA policy submissions to view the arguments that SSMA has been voicing.  Victorians, go here to find out contact details.

10. Educate/inform your neighbours, friends, colleagues about smart meters’ potential to cause serious harm to human health.  Refer them to evidence from thousands of independent scientific studies (Health).  Smart meters also represent a gross intrusion into your home and your privacy (Privacy).  See what these Victorians have done here.

11. Send your horror story to your local TV station, radio station or newspaper to draw attention.

12. Electro-sensitive people, a help-pack for you, including a letter template for your doctor, can be downloaded from here.

13. Contact your state or territory energy ombudsman if you have a dispute with your electricity distributor or retailer.

14. Subscribe to updates from reputable websites, including from:

15. Read posts from websites such as:

16. Keep saying No!

Smart meter rebellion Video: A Current Affair

The photos below were sent into us to show how a hole was cut so the existing meter could still be read and how to lock your meter if you don’t have a meter box.

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375 Responses to ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE

  1. Terrie says:

    Hello, ive just jeard that they’re now installing smart water meters. Can we stop this? Also we also had a smart meter installed in Vic wothput our consent. How can we either get it rempved or where can i purchase an emf protector to put over the smart meter? Thanks in advance.

    • Deb says:

      I live in Victoria and my water corporation was happy to let me keep my old (safe!!) water meter. I know lots of other people who also have refused a smart water meter. It’s crazy that the water companies would try and force anybody to have one. One only has to cover them in alfoil or put a metal frost protection cover on them and they can’t transmit in the first place! I think you had better look at the FAQ page for answers to your other questions.

  2. Gillian says:

    Katrina’s message from 14 February 2021 sums up my situation except I live in country WA.
    My question is do the advertised mesh smart meter guards work? Secondly do you know of qualified people in WA who check homes for EMI RF ELF (particularly around smart meters, solar panels and inverters) and are able to advise on best course of action?
    Like Katrina I had no idea that solar panels and inverters can be harmful.
    Our smart meter was installed several weeks after our solar system which Solar Gain says was operating perfectly well on the existing meter.
    Our smart meter was installed while we were away without prior notice or consent and without any card or notification left after installation. I found the new meter in the box and a new meter number on the next bill. There is no date of installation recorded on the side of the meter box.
    My tinnitus has doubled in volume. I am unable to sleep and my anxiety and migraines have escalated. The meter box is about 1500mm from my pillow. I just don’t know where to start to address this situation.

    • Cathy says:

      Western Power says “you can request to have the communications device removed from your meter at any time” in its FAQ on “can I opt out of having an advanced meter”, so why don’t you just do that? (Assuming you’re with Western Power?) Then there’s no need to try dampening down the communications. (BTW, although this is feasible for mesh smart meters, nobody should attempt this with a 3G meter or they could make their situation even worse!!).
      The ASBB has building biologists listed for WA so one of them should be able to check your home. I think it’s also handy to have your own meter to check for RF, although because you have solar, there will also be dirty electricity issues. (And, most probably, your solar will have a wireless solar energy monitoring system, but you can get that turned off.)
      Can you move your bed a bit further away from your meter box? Even if you didn’t have a smart meter, that sounds pretty close, because of the magnetic fields generated when you’re using electricity.

    • huw says:

      western power will come out and remove the sms bit from it i was able to lock my box and put the note on it but they have tried 6 times to change my meter the tec guy was not happy when i said no thanks ill keep my old analog meter he told me this was not an option and i told him sorry its not happening as like you my head is a wall away from the meter he said western power will be sending me a letter i said iv sent them one already requesting no new meter and he said thats why he was there to install a digital meter without the sms wireless feature but im not convinced that it is safe to sleep so close to it .anyone in wa who has managed to keep there old meter can u let us know how u did it ?

  3. Katrina says:

    Please Help!! I live in QLD and my husband recently had solar panels installed and I only just discovered Origin has changed my analogue meter to a smart meter. I am well aware of the dangers of smart meters and researched this many years ago so was adamant I never wanted one. Unfortunately I had absolutely no idea that the legislation changed in 2017. If I had known they were going to put a smart meter on I would never have gone ahead with the install. I didn’t know the solar unit itself was a source of EMF either and now want the whole thing dismantled. Can I have the smart meter removed?? Can my provider refuse?? My anxiety is through the roof over this so any guidance would be appreciated.

    • Cathy says:

      It looks like you’re stuck with a digital meter now. So the best you can achieve is getting the communications switched off. (It’s lucky you live in Queensland and not Victoria, so at least you have this option!)
      But beware, solar systems are now being installed with wireless solar energy monitoring systems. To my mind, this function is a complete overkill! If you have one, you can get your solar supplier to disable, if you’re not able to do so yourself. I’d suggest also getting a radiofrequency meter, if you don’t already have one, so you can confirm that both the smart meter communications and the solar monitoring transmissions have been disabled.

  4. Kat says:

    Please Help!! My husband had solar panels installed recently and I only discovered today that they have replaced our old meter with a smart meter. I am well aware of the dangers of smart meters and had no idea getting solar meant I had to have a smart metre. If I had known before I never would never have had them installed!! I live in QLD. Is it possible for me to have the antenna switched off?? I am with Origin. Can they refuse?? Please help. I have young children and in quite a panic about this.

    • Colleen Schweinfurth says:

      you can have it removed to a digital one but will have to pay for it to be done – better than the loss of health. Get in touch immediately with origin and get the ball rolling. they will email you a form to fill out. when you fill it out and send it back follow it up to the relevant department with a phone call and ensure they received it and get confirmation of date of action. Im very lucky i found out ahead of time thats what they were going to do before the solar panels got installed but when i rung origin they told me about the digital alternative and told me to follow up with a phone call once the form was sent back. I pray you get it all sorted soon. So many people have unknowingly had this happen. The worst thing you can do for your health is worry. Instead say a prayer to God, thank him and KNOW he is going to take care of it. You will get this sorted out.

  5. gail buckley says:

    Hi I live in the Wollongong region nsw, in a complex of 4 separate units, the meter box is on my fence in the driveway running power to my unit and the one next door, i painted the meter box 2 weeks ago there was no Cone shaped smart meter on top, yet yesterday i noticed one has been put there, i didn’t know what it was, i’ve just googled it and it brought me to this site, who would’ve put it there and why ?? the other 2 units don’t have one, should i be concerned about it, it is on my property?? the family in the 4th unit have CBs and communicate all over the world, would that be why it’s there??…Thanks i’m very concerned

    • Cathy says:

      If you have a smart meter, you’re quite right to be concerned! Did your electricity retailer say that one was due to be installed? I don’t know what you mean by a cone shaped smart meter. I’m wondering if the cone on top is for the antenna? Have you contacted your electricity retailer?
      I can’t imagine why something on your meter box would have anything to do with the family who use CB. Presumably they have antennas on their roof for this.

  6. Jean Wilson says:

    Hello. Can anyone help me with advice? I had solar installed a few years ago and did not fully realise the impact of the smart meter also installed at that time. Now I want the smart meter removed and replaced with an analogue meter.
    I have requested this of my supplier, Origin. They refuse and offer only adjustments to my smart meter. They say it is not possible to remove it and replace it with an analogue meter.
    I want to fight this decision, on health grounds as well as ethical grounds.
    Can anyone advise me how to deal with Origin? Your help would be much appreciated.

    • Let's get real about RF says:

      It’s crazy that utilities overseas, such as Pacific Gas & Electric, let people have the choice of a smart meter or an analog meter, but Australians aren’t given this choice. Even if the RF is disabled on a smart meter, dirty electricity can still cause problems. Please do fight this injustice!

    • Disenchanted with solar says:

      I’ve heard of two people who had to have their solar dismantled because it made them ill. One of them was able to get the cost of the system refunded! Maybe anyone thinking of getting solar should make sure their contract covers them for this eventuality.

    • Anonymous says:

      They can remove the antennae within the meter which means there is no signal emitted, and a person will need to go to your house to check the meter.

  7. Christina Noth says:

    What can I do, we do not want a “Smart” meter on our bedroom wall. We rejected it, but now the meter reader put different numbers down when he comes to read than he reads on the meter.
    We have taken photos of our meters, one minute after he was gone but when I rang Energex, they told they think our meter is broken that is why they adjusting the amount we we should have used.
    What can we do, we are pensioners and cannot afford a lawyer.

    • Cathy says:

      Christina, I do hope that your bed isn’t next to the wall where the meter is. Any sort of meter can create problems …just “smart” meters are MUCH worse. If you think your meter isn’t broken, maybe you should ask your MP for help? But are you in Queensland?? If so, at least you can request a non-communicating meter, if you have to get a new one, unlike people in Victoria.

    • Chris Hafkenscheid says:

      Hi Christina,
      not sure what State you are in, but there should be an Energy Ombudsman in your state that you can file a complaint with.

  8. Sam Knight says:

    I’ve bought a new house in VIC and it came with a smart meter already there.
    I’ve already tried to contact the power company but they just brushed it aside
    and said you can’t remove it.

    How would you recommend I go about removing it?

  9. Craig says:

    I received an email from Energy Aus saying my analog meter is due for an upgrade, I rang them and asked them if there was a fault with my current meters?

    Their response ” no”

    3 days later I received a email saying my current meters are faulty.

    I’m refusing them access to change my meter, what does everyone think?

    • SMS says:

      This is probably just a ploy to get you to accept a smart meter. You should ask them to supply you with the data that shows that the meter is not working properly.
      This is on our website “”Request your retailer to provide you with the results of the sample testing that support the need for the replacement and the details that indicate that it is necessary or appropriate, in accordance with good electricity industry practice, for the meter to be replaced to ensure compliance with the metering rules.”
      I have heard that in some cases where the meter reader is having trouble getting a reading it is not the meter that is faulty but the new software that the power company is using.

    • Cathy says:

      If EnergyAustralia refuse to give you the sample testing data that they did in your area, go to your Energy and Water Ombudsman. You have a right to see this data …I reckon it would be good if you also shared it with SSMA. Protect your meter in the meantime!!

  10. Ruth Jurd says:

    Hi does anyone know which electricity supplier in QLD does not try to enforce smart meter as we just had solar panels installed and click energy says they only install the smart meter which we definitely don’t want. Ta ruth

    • anonymous says:

      See the Frequently Asked Questions. You can get a Type 4A digital meter. This doesn’t have communications. (But if you have a non-digital meter, and could keep that, it would be so much better!)

    • Anonymous says:

      As far as i know you must have a bidirectional meter installed so that you can get your feed in tariff and have the system approved to connect to the grid 🙂 . I recently had solar installed alongside a new EDMI mk7a and am pleased to report no ill effects .

    • Katrina says:

      Hi Ruth

      Did you have any luck finding anyone?? I’m in Qld too and Origin just put a smart meter on with mount my consent.

  11. Natasha Nikolic says:

    Are smart metres bad?

  12. Jo Donnelly says:

    Hello I thank SSMA for all that they do. I see many suggestions and advice on how to attempt to have a Smart Meter Removed. However, I cannot seem to find, or get advice on how to prevent one going into a brand new build. Avoiding all of this in the first place. Is there anyone out there who can tell me what the process is to stop this evil health stealing device from being put in at the source from the beginning. jo

    • Cathy says:

      Unfortunately, the government has people over a barrel for new builds. But if you’re lucky enough not to live in Victoria, at least you can request a non-communicating smart meter. You might get dirty electricity issues, but at least no microwaves.

      • Jo Donnelly says:

        Hi Cathy
        I emailed my electricity distributor and explained that I am building from new and for health reasons I cannot have a smart/transmitting meter on my property. They have replied via return email, as follows:

        “The meter which would suit your requirements is called an ERT(OMR) meter which is an optical read.
        The ERT(OMR) meter:

        – is a remotely read meter
        – read is sent optically
        – read is obtained by holding a hand held unit with an attached aerial when near premise”.

        Could you, or others there please tell me what they know about the ERT (OMR) meter that the electricity distributor has recommended in there response to me (copied and pasted above) and what these ERT (OMR) meters give off and if they are safe and healthy to have on a family home/meter box.

        Any advice, information, etc on this would be greatly appreciated.

        Many thanks

        • Cathy says:

          I’d be asking for the brochure and technical specifications on this meter. It sounds like a bit of a contradiction. My meter is read with an optical hand held probe but the meter reader has to insert the probe INTO the meter in order to get the reading. No RF is involved in this. But your electricity company is saying that the hand held unit has an aerial and obtains the reading by holding it NEAR the meter. Obviously, this means the reading is being sent wirelessly. But if somebody has to actually come close to the property to get the reading, then that doesn’t sound too bad, as I’m thinking they would only be coming every few months??

          Have you asked them how often they would be collecting the readings?
          When you find out more, can you report back? In which state is this being offered?

    • Jo Donnelly says:

      sorry Cathy I should maybe mention that I will be building on the Central Coast/Lake Macquarie NSW

    • Christina Noth says:

      I am looking too for help, since 2 years I am getting harassed by the power company. They put 1000 kph on our bill. They say the meter is broken, but we pay more than our friends.
      They than say, we are using too much energy. I can hardly believe, that in a country like Australia the government lets people get bullied by the power companies until we cannot sleep anymore.

  13. Laz says:

    If the meter box is made of metal the 4G RF will not carry through so there must be an external antenna. You could probably just remove it. Then there should be no RF issue.

    • anonymous says:

      Smart meters that are in mesh networks can have an internal antenna with a metal meter box. The metal meter box will attenuate the signal but not completely block it as there are still openings for the cables etc. which allow some of the signal to pass through. In a mesh network this would mean the meter is likely to transmit much less than nearby meters that offer a better communications path.

    • TL says:

      Laz, two of my neighbours have a metal meter box and I have no doubt that the signal is getting though. There are several holes that facilitate this. The louvres at the front, the wiring hole at the back, a hole at the bottom.

  14. Harry says:

    Can smart meters control your input from your solar panels?

    • Disenchanted with solar says:

      It’s the solar inverter that can be programmed to limit how much electricity your system is allowed to export into the grid. (The smart meter will keep track of how much your property is consuming and how much is being exported and provide this data to the inverter.)

      BTW, solar inverters can be just as much of a disaster as smart meters. They tend to produce heaps of dirty electricity. But at least this only occurs when the sun is shining …unlike 24/7 smart meter emissions.

  15. Lara says:

    I own my home, and for 2 years said no I do not want a smart meter installed, one day whilst i was very ill and sleeping I awoke to a drilling noise, to discover a man putting a smart meter in. He said to late, when I asked to keep the old meter he said no. I have autoimmune disease and since the meter has been in my health is much worse. I want it removed, how do I go about this? What can I do?

    Kind regards
    Lara Taylor

    • Cathy says:

      How dreadful. What you can do about it all depends on which state you live in. Have you looked at the Frequently Asked Questions page on this site? Also, maybe the reply I gave to Richard, below, would help you. At the very least, make sure that you are sleeping as far as you can from the meter.

      There are SO many comments from people on this site saying how much worse their health has got since a smart meter was installed. I hope somebody is compiling all the comments. It would provide quite a body of evidence.

    • sms says:

      Hi Lara, Please contact SSMA though the contact us email address and leave your details. Someone will get back to you.

  16. Ryan says:

    I live in Mackay qld and have ergon pushing that i have a smart meter installed. Just got off the phone with ergon who will not supply the relevant information regarding the sample tests and the need to replace existing meters. Also was told a fee per day will be charged for wanting a type 4A meter installed with meter read costs, i offered to read the meters and have them come and do a reading once a year which was denied.
    Please help where do i stand with these parasitic power companies. Do I have any rights or need to follow suit???

    • Let's get real about RF says:

      Shame on Ergon for not providing you with the sample test data to prove that meters need replacing. It makes you wonder if they even bothered testing or if this is just a grab to get new meters in!! The electricity rule for expanding competition requires them to have done the testing. Their refusal to limit their own reads to once a year also sounds like they’re trying to bleed you as much as possible.
      Why not take this to your energy and water ombudsman? Or alternatively find a retailer who will leave you in peace. (But make sure you’ve got your no trespass signs etc up in the meantime!)

    • Anonymous says:

      Also in Mackay and was forced to a smart meter, power bill has increased 300% since installing.

  17. Andrew says:

    The 2019 Federal election on Saturday 18 May is happening now. The candidates for our own electorate, are now posted on the following website.

    Please look up the candidates in your electorate and send a message to each candidate with your opinions, and ask for a response before the 18/5/19.

    In my electorate of Aston, the current Liberal party member will most likely win his seat again with the ALP coming second. The other 3 candidates are, The Greens, United Australia Party and the Labour DLP. In my own opinion, I cannot place my preference vote to any of the other 3 parties. To make a protest vote, I have only one choice in my electorate.

    In this election, my choice of candidates that may make a change, will be in my vote in the Senate.

  18. Richard Barca says:

    I have s smart meter installed for the last 6-8 months. I have recently heard about the dangers which correlated with health changes and my sons headaches whilst playing piano next to the adjacent wall. My bed sits 80cm from the S M..can I have it removed? Supplier/energy aust.

  19. Chris says:

    Hi I am lost with all the smart meter thing. I most definitely don’t want one. Red Energy are wanting to install one this month (April) and are telling me if I want to disconnect the communication and opt for manual reads it will cost me $220:00 each read and over $500:00 to disconnect the communication…….and telling me it’s the government not them.

    • Cathy says:

      Can’t you opt out and keep your existing (analogue?) meter? It would save you a lot of grief. And what rubbish Red Energy are telling you. They don’t have to charge you anything, if they don’t want to. Maybe you should look at changing over to another retailer (Origin??) if you aren’t able to keep your current meter.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with Cathy.

        Depending which state/location you live in, the retailers choose their own make & model of SMART meter to instal.
        Sounds like Red Energy cannot easily remove the RF circuit from their chosen meters, hence their high costs in not installing their chosen meter.

        Please, shop around and keep us informed.

    • NO NO NO says:

      Chris, can’t you just lock your meter box and cut out a window in the door to allow your existing meter to be read. And once you lock up the trick is to not believe the subtle lies that will come your way all in an attempt to get you to unlock the box.

      • Saxton says:

        It is illegal to cut a hole on the switchboard. Pretty much you can have your electricity disconnected for non compliance.

        Smart meters use 4G on Telstra or Vodafone and if you have a smartphone you should be worried then.

    • Bruce says:

      I had the same issue with Red Energy, they will let you have a non-communicating smart meter but the fee to read the meter every quarter is outrageous.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi There
      I am with Alinta Energy and I can have them
      remove the antennae for $165, and manual reads are $25 per quarter.
      Maybe change to them???


  20. Luca Roncari says:

    Thank you for sharing this article.

    I think it’s a scandal that we have to change to a smart meter.
    Since the installation of the solar our bill is down to $0… we do pay the connection fee of a dollar a day. Fair enough.
    The energy provider is now pressuring us to comply to the electrical requirements that follows the installation which means: change the old meter to the New Smart meter. (Smart for them because that means that I’ll have to pay the electricity $0.29 a kw and they will pay me $0.6 a kw for what my system produce!!!) what a scandal!!! They mark up the electricity that I generate 450% and they are selling back to me!!!
    The old meter instead when is connected to the solar spins backward and forwards depending on the time of the day and the weather conditions! that means it’s a fair trade with my energy bill: whatever I pay then I’ll get it pay in return (not by the energy company but by the “old” meter). With the data that I’ve collected in the last months I can forecast that the cost of my electricity is $500 per annum!
    I run 2 reverse cycle aircon, 2 fridges, hot water system, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.
    Last year was $2.000 and not to mention the increase cost of electricity… AND I’M PRODUCING GREE ENERGY FOR MY FAMILY without burning COAL.
    So Australia were are we standing?

    • Harris says:

      Who says you have to change Luca ?
      I don’t have solar and supposedly I had to change too but guess what ?
      I said no and exercised my property rights and my common law rights to
      back up my democratic choice. (Last I heard Australia is officially still a
      democracy). And hey guess what ?
      Turns out I didn’t have to change after all.
      The whole campaign to change was based on a lie. We were told that we
      had no choice when we did. So even in your circumstance with solar,
      is it really the case that you have to change ? I was subjected to years
      of piss and wind and when they decided to really clamp down on persons
      like me, it was merely a case of piss and wind turning into bullshit and bluster.
      Just a bit more smell that’s all.
      Would you consider then retaining the lock on your current meter which in
      your own words is still doing all the right things ie. spinning forwards and
      backwards. All they need to do is find a way of paying you a lower tariff for
      your green supply whilst charging you a mint for their dirty power. I’m sure
      there’s enough versatility in their billing systems to do that. Oh and you always
      have the option of buying battery storage and telling your energy company and
      the Victorian State Govt what they can do with their “smart” meter.

    • TL says:

      Luca, you have a good understanding of the real reason that they want you to get a smart meter. I agree with Harris’ comments and, if you can, try to stand your ground and see if push comes to shove and they disconnect you. Is refusing to have a different type of meter just cause for disconnection in the ombudsman’s eyes? I doubt it. As Harris said, they lied endlessly about the dire consequences of not playing the game their way but they never carried through with their threats.

    • Sarah says:

      I would hope by now you have at least a digital meter even if non comms enabled as its illegal to turn on solar system if not have the correct meter installed. FYI under electricity rules they can estimate your usage if you turn on earlier than correct meter installed and if they do this you get 0 credits for the solar you have generated.

      • Disenchanted with solar says:

        Hi Sarah
        Would you please provide the electricity rule that states that it is “illegal” to have solar with a non-digital meter? Is this just specific to where you live? Our solar installer originally installed our solar and switched it on when we had an electromechanical meter. He proudly showed us how the meter turned backwards when the sun was shining. The power company did not “estimate” our usage because of this situation. As you say, of course, we didn’t get any solar credits for the solar we were generating. So we got a digital meter. Big mistake. Mind you, the solar was also a big mistake. We ended up spending over $1000 on filters to try and dampen down all the dirty electricity the solar inverter created in our home and in the neighbourhood.

  21. Dan says:

    I have an analogue meter (with a disk) I am getting solar installed, LEGALLY do I have to change to a digital meter or can I stay with the analogue? I am aware I will loose the feed in tarrif.

    • Disenchanted with solar says:

      At the time we got our solar one company was actively promoting the idea that people could stay on their old spinning disk meters with solar. (And when the sun was shining – watch the meter go backwards.) But as you say, you wouldn’t get the feed-in tariff. Unfortunately, we discovered that solar inverters = dirty electricity, which affected me. This meant that solar was a less than brilliant investment for us.

  22. WA Western Power proposing to install and roll out smart meters in WA under their Access Arrangement 4 (AA4).

    Most retailers and stakeholders due to uncertainty of benefits, cost recovery and monopolised Western Power’s metering services.

    All issues papers, consultations and responses are in the following ERA link;

  23. Shayne says:

    Just for some information as a licensed electrician the idea of locking your meter box is a bad and ineffective option for a couple of reasons.
    1, All meter boxes must have a certain fire rating and ip rating so by modifying the lid you are no longer meeting these requirements and can be forced to replace your meter box.
    2, You do not own any of the hardware in your meter box that is before your main switch, so meters off-peak relays and hrc fuses etc, So for that reason alone they can legally remove any lock not supplied by them.
    This is purely just to give you guys the info im not suggesting that you just get the meters or anything but if you make your metering none compliant you give the supplier a reason to disconnect your service and they can make it difficult then for reconnection since you would then have to meet their current requirements. The other suggestions for stopping the installation seem fine.

  24. Jenelle says:

    Have been told by Energy Australia that my meter is a smart meter. Previously they told me it was a type 5 time of use interval meter. Is it possible that some smart meters are not able to be remotely read? So confused.

  25. Jenelle says:

    In NSW, I already have a smart meter, type 5. Can I get it changed to a 4A option? Thank you kindly, Jenelle.

    • Jess says:

      Is your meter being read wirelessly?? Usually type 5 meters are manually read interval meters (except in Victoria, where a type 5 meter refers to the kind of meters used in its smart meter rollouts).
      As you’re in NSW if you have a meter which is already being read remotely, then you only have until 1 December to get it changed over to a safer option, eg Ausgrid say on their website that until 1 December 2017 their default new or replacement meter is an accumulation meter. (That will be an electronic accumulation meter as the electro-mechanical ones aren’t made in Australia anymore),

  26. MATT says:

    I have recently had a smart meter fitted by AGL.
    They were half way through it when I had arrived home.
    It was installed with out my consent and I do not want it !
    Please help
    Regards Matt.

    • Jess says:

      Demand that it be removed! If you live in NSW, Queensland, SA, the ACT or Tasmania you MUST get this done before 1 December 2017. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with it.

      • Susan Das says:

        Hi Jess, great advise. Any evidence that those who have made these demands have had Smart Meters removed & if so by whom and replaced by the analogue meters?

        • Jess says:

          I’ve heard of a smart meter being removed in SA and replaced with an ordinary digital meter. But that won’t happen after 1 December! She couldn’t get an analogue meter because apparently they stopped being made in Australia about 2005.

      • lesley kinney says:

        I’ve just realised a smart meter has been fitted without my consent. I had no idea this was happening until I checked today -I suspect it was done while I was away last year. My daughter and I are both experiencing fatigue, palpitations and anxiety and cannot sleep most nights. I also have joint pain and have had bronchitis since the emf levels have risen here. It is now 2019 -what can I do to have it replaced? I am in NSW.

        • Cathy says:

          Lucky you, being in NSW. SSMA’s post on 5 April says you can have the remote communications turned off on 1 July. Ask your electricity retailer to arrange.

          BTW, before going ahead check out what they are going to charge you for doing meter reads, as you might want to move to a new one. Someone commented that Origin aren’t charging for meter reads (but another NSW retailer was planning to rip off customers).

          Although an analogue meter would’ve been even better, at least you and your daughter won’t be bombarded with microwaves if the communications are turned off.

    • Gordo says:

      Not sure Matt.
      I’m looking into it myself.
      Have a look at this article?
      Unbelievable mate.

  27. Victoria says:

    Can some one advise, I just discovered I have an EM1200 meter on my house I live in Sydney, I don’t check my meter box regularly. I think it may have been installed when my solar panels were put on but not sure. I know it sounds silly but I am busy the only reason I only checked it now was because I am in process of switching suppliers. I read that the em1200 (interval meter) are smart but they are not functioned to act like one. Can anyone explain what that means? Any help much appreciated.

    • Tom says:

      The problem is ‘smart’ means different things in different States! In Victoria, a smart meter is defined as one that hosts a chipset for wireless communications. So in Victoria, the EM1200 wouldn’t be considered ‘smart’. But elsewhere in Australia (at least before ‘smart’ meters started sounding kind of dumb) suppliers were keen to jump on the bandwagon and label any digital meter as being ‘smart’.

  28. Karen says:

    I purchased a home which has a smart meter installed. I have constant tinnitus when at home. How can I get it removed?

  29. Wi-fried brain says:

    Anybody know how effective faraday cages are? I know that would prompt a visit from the power company if it actually works. Also how to find out how far down the line you are on the grid as this contributes to both “dirty” electricity and a bigger powerbill.

    • Electro-smog Objector says:

      A friend encased her meter in foil, which worked. (Personally, I don’t think that’s a great idea, as you could be exposing yourself to a lot of radiation whilst putting it on.) Someone else, who had a meter with an external antenna, reckoned that he could just pop a metal pot over the antenna to stop transmissions. (He would periodically take it off, so the readings could catch up.) As you say, the power company will be coming along to see why their equipment isn’t transmitting, if the transmissions stop for any length of time. Maybe it’d work if the transmissions were just stopped at night time??

  30. george says:

    Does anyone have any idea’s or heard anything about removal? Do any electricians do this work?

    Using the old style mechanical meters like the one that spinner disk i’m sure calculated the consumption much differently and were a lot cheaper for bills.

    • Tanya says:

      only the power distributor can do work on the meter and mains wires between the meter and the street. Your local electrician is not allowed to touch the distributor’s assets. And now the distributors are trying to force people to accept a smart meter by stating that they will not replace the mains wire unless a smart meter is also installed. Bullying, pure and simple.
      And yes, it seems that the new smart meters record as usage, the electricity that is actually unused and gets returned to the grid or the ground, when energy efficient appliances and light bulbs don’t actually use all the power being fed to them along the wire. The analogue meters did not record this as electricity consumption, apparently.

    • Sparkie says:

      The meters are supplied by the electrical distribution companies so sorry no you will not be able to install an old one, even if you got your hands on one you could not register the meter number. Your best option is to get a loan for a battery backed off the grid solar system where the repayments match your current bill. Even if it takes 30 years to pay off, . Create your own power

  31. lynne mccarty says:

    I have become very ill over the past 6 years with incremental worsening of condition despite following a very healthy lifestyle, diet etc. and working with numerous health professionals and experts to improve my health. Finally, 4 months ago I called a Building Biologist into my home and he measured the electromagnetic fields. I was shocked when he said that these were so high and caused by most likely irremediable factors that I would need to leave my home if I wanted to regain my health. Since then I have looked at the trajectory of my health woes which indeed started around a year after moving to this house (which carries the load of electricity for two more houses just behind us in our body corporate) and which worsened subsequent to 3 Smart meters being fitted onto our kitchen wall (the room where I spend most time). My health deteriorated significantly further (to the point I can no longer attend work) when my office was moved from a non wireless building on a quiet street to a fully wirelessed 10 storey building on a major highway. This despite spending thousands of dollars every year since I became unwell to overcome numerous symptoms and live an optimally healthy life. Not only can I not work now but I cannot travel (appear to have developed multiple chemical sensitivities – which I now understand can be triggered by electrohyposensitivity) as I appear to be allergic to fumes from cars, planes etc, and must limit where I go, even then wearing carbon filter masks.
    It has taken me some months to work through this, to even accept the concept of electrohyposensitivity, and to see how it has all fitted together and I am understandably upset at the realisation of what has happened. I have today phoned my power company and asked to complain about the smart meters (they registered my complaint and said someone will get back to me within a week). I have also contacted electricians who are due to upgrade the power lines to the properties on our Body Corporate to ask if there are any alternatives to the placement of the new lines to keep them further away from our house. They have said they can only discuss that when they begin work most likely in a few months time.
    Meanwhile, I am packing up my house, preparing to leave – as I am not confident that either of the necessary solutions will be made, or that I could afford them if they were to be made (assuming I would be liable for any costs for adjustments).
    I am absolutely frustrated at the lack of seeming avenues to raise these issues. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am quite willing to take this issue further (compulsory smart meters and lack of relevant regulations to control EMFs) but feel overwhelmed as to where to begin.
    Also – given my health issues – I have started to limit my time on the internet to 1-2 hours per day, and it seems to be paying off healthwise – but this leaves little time to research these issues beyond what I need to do to help myself survive.
    with thanks
    Lynne McCarty

    • Well aware says:

      I think you already know the answer, Lynne. You are doing what’s necessary to fix your health and so should anyone who finds themselves in that predicament, so more power to you – YOU are what matters, not some foreign-owned corporation hungry for blood money. Pity others have been too slow to wake up to the lies and deceit pedalled by our useless politicians and so-called leaders of this country, not to mention mainstream media…they sold us out many years ago. The rot truly has set in for humanity, since money is all that seems to matter.

    • michael says:

      I have noticed that even a compass will not show true north when near to a smart meter. It will in fact show north being pulled towards your smart meter the closer you get to it.

    • Liam O'Regan says:

      Hi Lyn. I am an electrician and I specialise in emf awareness and helping people to reduce exposures. Once you have a smart meter installed you can use the YShield screening paints. They don’t stop it completely but do a pretty good job.
      You can contact me and I will tell you what to do. Email

  32. Jack Dan says:

    I have refused the mandated installation of a smart meter at my house. have my reasons, but the main is a health issue with the location of the meter being within 15cm of my child’s head when he sleeps in his bunk at night.
    We recently tried to change power companies, but were unable because the local supply company, Jemena, sent a report that they couldn’t access the meter.
    They later said that they could access the meter, but that there was a fault and they could not read the meter (It is a bidirectional meter that we paid to have installed in 2009 because we have Solar panels).
    So now a man turns up on the doorstep to replace the meter because they say it is faulty. The meter is working fine with readouts for incoming and outgoing electricity. Jemema claims that the meter read interface (a plug for a digital reader) is faulty.
    This seems like a tactic they are employing in order to get us to install a smart meter.
    Anyone had a similar experience?

    Just checking. It looks like they have us by the short and curls now…


    • Casey says:

      I am not sure how to get around this. I feel these smart meters are very dangerous for our health. Anyone who already has one installed should check out this website as they sell EMF blockers to put on the unit as well as as Phi Energy Dots for personal wear to protect from electromagnetic pollution. I also found a website in Australia selling similar things but have not had a chance to confirm their authenticity although the website makes it sound pretty legitimate. I am going to purchase some items from them. This is just as bad as being forced into immunisations.

    • Chris Hammond says:

      23/3/16 My Name is Chris Hammond. I live in Benalla Country Victoria. In 2012 I wrote to the Minister for energy & received advice on how to communicate with Ausnet regarding a smart meter. I wrote to Ausnet & clearly communicated to them that in no way are they to install smart meters at any of my properties. Since that letter I have not received any further communications from Ausnet. Today while attending one of my properties that is vacant that Ausnet without notifying me at all have entered my locked property & installed a smart meter under the pretence that the retailer stated it was not working. It was only 10 years old & working fine the last time I viewed it in early Feb 2016. I will be discussing this matter with the new Minister Hon Liliana (Lily) D’Ambrosio here in Victoria. I want it removed. How dare Ausnet enter my property without my consent & install something I clearly told them not to install in writing. As for Ausnet claiming they have legislated right to enter your property, I believe this was tested in the Black Saturday bush fire compensation case that they lost. Evidence & testing that may have helped them show no fault was thrown out because Ausnet did not request access in writing from the property owner where that testing took place. I believe that is correct. I’m very angry with Ausnet. In my opinion Ausnet have been nothing but deceitful regarding smart meters.

  33. Pamela Rush says:

    Where can one buy smart meter warning labels in Brisbane.

  34. Susie Stevens says:

    I dont want a smart meter. I just had solar installed and when i had it installed i said i would only go ahead if i did not have to have a smart meter they (citisolar) said okay. Now red energy say i have to pay 270.00 and have a smart meter. I sleep next to the meter and dont want one. Where do i stand? Regards Susie Stevens

    • Sherry says:

      I’m in a similar situation. I have a very old meter and solar and have just received a letter telling me I have to have a new “solar meter” (read smart meter). They told me on the phone yesterday that it was illegal to have my solar inverter turned on at that if I didn’t comply I was breaking the agreement with my provider and that I could be charged. Long story short, told them they could take me to court.
      Susie, have you still got your old meter or were you forced to get the new one? I’ve been trying to find help for this but had no luck.

    • Well aware says:

      They lied. What you need to realise is that there is a huge global agenda to install (at any cost, they don’t care!) this equipment. Does that mean they are right? Hell no, they are greedy and money grabbing willing to go to great lengths to fulfill their ‘end game’ but I can not tell you what that might be. We can only assume it is not to our benefit.

    • Michael says:

      You stand at the back door with a baseball bat. It works wonders. They leave in no time, and if they get too smart i’ll just put batteries in and I dont care what it costs. I’ll pay the battery company in preference to Asnet, who are just scum.

  35. George says:

    I just received a letter from Ausnet about one-off $125 rebate since AusNet Service is required to offer a rebate to eligible customers with a smart meter that was not able to be remotely read as at 31st March 15 .

    We bought the house 5 years ago . The smart meter was installed originally , however it doesn’t transmit remotely . The smart meter is installed on the external wall of the main bedroom , hence my reluctance to have it operational remotely . So in essence , the person comes in and reads the meter periodically.

    I’ve contacted AusNet and aksed about the procedure to opt out from the remote reading due to health concerns . I’ve been advised to send an email to to request to opt out from the remote reading .

    What is the course of action you’d suggest in this case ?


  36. Laurence says:

    Thanks for finally writing about >ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE | Stop Smarrt Meters Australia <Loved it!

  37. Mary says:

    July 19th 2014
    HI, thanks for the chance to comment.
    I cant remember how many years ago my meter was installed. I was never asked or even told it was installed. The only way I knew was, I saw “washers” around my door (close to meter box). I had been home all week with “flu”. My car was parked in carport. Obviously it wasn’t important to these people that I may need to turn off certain appliances eg computers etc., but no “knock” on my door by these people.
    I would also like to know why only certain homes on my street have “those” meters, about 1/4 have them.
    I have been ill for past 3-4 years eg headaches, stomach complaints and disturbed sleep, doctors unable to diagnose.
    Four months ago, I decided not to use my usual ‘computer’ room, for ANY reason. Since then I have noticed marked improvements in my sleeping, still have stomach problems but are easing, my headaches have reduced to a “muzziness”.
    Now tell me these meters don’t pose a health risk? My health at times, made me “housebound” and NOW I have to lock up a room, preventing access to anyone in MY OWN home. I WANT MY FULL HEALTH BACK (and my room). Now that I am convinced “the Meter” has affected my health in some way, I won’t rest or let go of this issue until someone explains why we “Need” them, and why certain people seem to think we should put THEIR needs before OUR health. “WHEN IN DOUBT LEAVE IT OUT”

  38. Barry Dickson says:

    I was told by SP AusNet that I may be charged for a meter reading next year if I refuse the installation of a smart meter.

  39. violet says:

    I have a 18 month old infant who has epilepsy, since we moved into our new place that has a smart meter my child is having frequent tonic seizures. I would like to change the smart meter to one of the originals, do I need to notify anyone or is it as simple as calling an electrician.
    Thank you

    • Access denied says:

      Hi Violet, Be sure to keep the baby as far away from the smart meter at all times and not sleeping anywhere near it – that goes for you also. The electric companies are bullies who will stop at nothing to keep using SM’s (evil agenda!) so it is up to us to protect ourselves from harm which also means possible ‘code’ breaches but seriously, what did they expect when forcing these sick meters onto peoples homes? They know that there are problems but would rather ignore their customers and prolong the suffering….I’m sure there would be many electricians capable and with the right knowledge to reinstall the originals. A DECENT government would welcome it, home owners/occupiers rights, that is…BUT NO, NOT HERE IN VICTORIA, WHERE WE ARE DICTATED TO BY SCUM.

  40. George says:

    SP AusNet are barraging me with automated phone calls.
    Does anyone know the number they are coming from so that I can block them?

    • Craig Mullins says:

      I too have been receiving automated calls from SP Ausnet for the last week, it seems to be a new campaign from them intending to harass and bully customers good news there is plenty you can do about this.
      The most important thing to do is document these calls over a period of time, say a week eg: times and dates of the calls.
      list of authority’s to complain to;
      1/ Your telephone company eg; TELSTRA they all have strong rules against harassment calls and if you get the phone number of the caller they will block it, i have done this in the past with another company and TELSTRA even followed up with me several time to make sure the calls had stopped
      2/ Write to SP Ausnet and demand they immediately stop making harassing phone calls and to only correspond in writing unless it is a emergency.
      3/ lodge a complaint with the Energy and Water Ombudsman if in Victoria, other states have similar body’s.
      4/ Report the phone calls to the police.
      The laws they may well be breaking are as follows;
      CRIMES ACT 1958 – SECT 21A

      S. 21A(1) amended by No. 48/1997
      s. 60(1)(Sch. 1 item 14).
      (1) A person must not stalk another person.
      Penalty: Level 5 imprisonment (10 years maximum).

      Cyber bullying act also known as Brodie’s Law,
      Eg; Using the internet or a phone in a threatening, harassing or offensive way

      I also believe it can also fall under the telemarketing act, the says they cannot force a contract for goods or services without your permission and it states that if you tell the caller “no” and not to call back they are legally obliged to not call you again for 30 days, but i am willing to be corrected on this point.
      Keep up the fight and hopefully we will prevail along with millions of other people around the doing the same hard work.
      Our voice is growing stronger everyday.

  41. Tania D says:

    So far I have stopped the company that’s have sent frightening letter to me to change my meter to a smart meter .
    Today I received a letter telling me that my electricity bill will go up if I don’t change .
    Can they do that ? Can they charge me more for the same usage ?

  42. Marcus Carrick says:

    We had a smart meter installed in our home with no notification. The smart meter is on our bedroom wall, I have had migraines when I sleep, I now sleep in my lounge room is there a way of getting this device removed

  43. andrew says:

    Hello All, could someone comment on the process to go through in order to change back to an analogue meter once a smart meter has been installed? What I do know is that you get a letter from your doctor and send it off to the DPI. Wouldn’t it also be useful to send a copy of the letter to the power company concerned and also the Minister Kotsiras. Also, does anyone know of having neighbour’s smart meters changed back to analogue as a result of suffering from your neighbour’s smart meter even if you don’t have one yourself? Wouldn’t it be marvelous if Victoria could just be normal like all other states and have smart meters as voluntary/optional? Why is this? It is a mystery. Perhaps after all Queen Victoria still rules over us? (Think about how we got our name.) Kind regards to all, bye for now, Mr.A

  44. ddigman says:

    I just arrived home at around 7:45 am (I couldn’t sleep in the heat so went to the local beach) and arrived to find a bloke from the power company installing a smart meter. My power was off and there he was installing the thing. He said he’d tried ringing my bell.

    I am considering my options but did not expect them to be here, and to be here at such a time of day!

  45. web site says:

    It’s hard to find well-informed people about this subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re
    talking about! Thanks

  46. says:

    An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this
    onto a colleague who was conducting a little research on this.
    And he actually bought me dinner due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him…
    lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanx for spending some time to discuss this issue here
    on your web site.

  47. David says:

    There are lots of posts here about preventing smart meter installation, but nothing about how to remove a meter already installed and replacing it with an original analogue meter. Has anyone successfully used a sparky to remove their smart meter?

    • David says:

      Yes, one fellow ‘Jason’ did, which worked for a while, but then Powercor apparently disconnected his power, as they wanted to re-install a Smart Meter, but Jason wouldn’t let them.
      He has Youtube vids up which detail the process, and of returning the Smart Meter to Powercor offices.

      I don’t know if he’s gotten the power turned back on yet, or what’s happening there.

    • Eric says:

      It has happened and the Power Companies don’t like it when those who do it go public as in Jason’s case which is probably the real reason they cut him off.

      Everybody en masse should be taking this action to remove unwanted smart meters forced upon them. This action should be performed by persons “qualified” to ensure it is done safely and is an action of SELF DEFENCE. The power companies should have it put to them in this way (ie. with those good reasons given to them) and be given all opportunity to service the reasonable request to remove the smart meter themselves and to replace it with an analogue meter. This is how they are going about the legalities of this task of removing smart meters in the U.S.

      The act of removing a smart meter is an act of self defence as the power companies have stated unequivocably in writing (I have copies) that they are unwilling to provide a guarantee re health and safety.

      Nobody should have a smart meter forced upon them. The power companies have STOLEN consent to install from customers by using lies and threats to intimidate them into acquiescence to the installation by duress. This is a consent obtained through false pretences thus the customer should really have legal recourse to have such installation REVERSED.

      These people that already have a smart meter which has been forced upon them through duress and which installation was against their will and better judgement, have as much right to have their smart meter REMOVED as those of us who are NOT IN ANY WAY INTIMIDATED by the Power Companies and who are NEVER GOING TO GIVE OUR CONSENT to the installation of these diabolical devices.

      Any Electricity Distribution Company that has acted in this heinous manner against private citizens and I name five of them with a presence here in Victoria…..Jemena, United Energy, SP Ausnet (from Singapore) and Powercor, Citipower (based in Hong Kong)…….all these are no longer deserving to hold a licence to operate in this COUNTRY as Electricity Distributors. Their licences MUST BE REVOKED.

      • Anonymous says:

        yes…I received correspondence from the power compony United telling me I was not allowed to prevent the installation.
        so now i have a smart meter…against my will…wish I’d seen this site before this happened…grrrrr

    • Jim says:


      This is not exactly getting a sparkey to remove a digital meter.
      But it came very very close to it
      Who owns the Meter Box, You or the Electrical Supplier?

      I live in Queensland, went through the floods, part of the renovations required my meter box to be lowered to a regulation height so the meter man could read the meter as I had to lift my house 2 meters above the high flood level mark.

      I was told by the electrician I would need a new meter box, with all new contents,that’s OK

      But he did not tell me he was going to install it with a new digital meter.
      The electrician began preparing the meter box, then I found out he was going to replace my analog meters with Digital meters without my permission.
      I told him if he did that I would refuse to pay his account, there was nothing in his quote about this intended “upgrade”.

      I asked the electrician, were my ANALOGUE Meters (one measures house power, the other measures hot water) working properly when he started on my meter box, he said YES.

      I then instructed my electrician to build MY meter box using the original ANALOG meters, as per his quotation as they were still operating correctly.

      Of course he hummed and harred, and wanted to know why I felt like this, as they always change over to the new digital meters during an upgrade and no one has complained before.
      (SNEAKY WAY TO SWAP IT OVER and very under handed)

      I told him if he did a Google search on Smart Meters effects to peoples health he would have all the information he could pick at his leisure.

      I said there is NO LAW in an ACT of parliament to over ride my wishes or to automaticly give him permission to install a digital meter or replace a working Analogue meter so he couldn’t over ride my wishes and install a digital meter without my permission. He agreed!

      He then said he would put my OLD meters back into the new meter box.

      He has done so, I stood there and watched him do it.
      I also had a change over switch, circuit put into my meter box to run a 10KVA generator to power my house in case of blackouts which has been of enormous help to me.

      Now I need to buy a LOCK and clasp, and a sheet of perspex to make a “window” so the signals from the hot water switch unit can be read by the meter man when he calls once every three months.
      I mentioned what I wanted to do with the cover, and he said he has seen several meter boxes done like this and he had no problems reading the meters.

      By the way, the Electrical Meter Box is NOT the property of the electrical company, though they want you to think as though it is so, so “they” have the “power” over you.

      It belongs to the person who bought the house, or the person who pays the electrician to install the meter box,
      I have a receipt from my electrician, I paid the account,
      So it BELONGS TO ME
      The only item in the meter box that dosn’t belong to the house owner is the meter itself.
      All other contents of the meter box, the Fuses, or Circuit breakers, switches or circuit holder, all wires running into the meter box, nuts bolts screws of fasteners, ALL of it belongs to the house owner, that is, to HE or HER who pays the maintenance bills, not the power companies.

      Hope this has been of some help for anyone who needs it.

      • Jason says:

        Might be worth a challenge:- “The only item in the meter box that dosn’t belong to the house owner is the meter itself.”
        I have a receipt for payment for the TOU meter installed with my solar-system.
        Don’t know how that would stand up legally, but may eventually put it to the test.
        …otherwise it’s like Ford telling me how I MUST drive my car after I’ve paid for it.
        Doesn’t sound kosher.

  48. Lee Pattinson says:

    Two gentleman came up to my house on Wednesday claiming they needed to check the meter number (despite signs on my gate and I am sure they would already have my number!). I was not home but fortunately a friend was here doing some gardening for me. They asked him if he had any ?’s to which he replied NO. They did leave (I have a locked meter) however, when I went to make a phone call this morning, there was a message telling me that installers had come to install the smart meter, and could I please phone back to talk about it!!! I don’t think so.


  49. Dear Danielle of 22 July 2013.
    You have done the correct and Lawful thing in locking up your Meter Box which you own. Powercor do not own your Meter Box so don’t let them lie to you any more.

    That these bullies now tell you that you must pay for a Licenced Electrician to install a Smart Meter is gross misinformation, as he, the electrician, needs both your permission and your authority to install a “Smart Meter, which of course you can legally refuse because that Licensed Electrician cannot work on behalf of Powercor, and you, unless he is legally contracted to Powercor, which he is Not, if you are the one who is legally his employer. Also note Danielle that a ” Deemed Contract is not worth the paper it is written on, which any decent lawyer can explain to you, as it is a Legal Fiction. Further, remember that Brodie’s Law is every Victorian’s best defense as any person, company or even a Government Minister is not beyond prosecution, and a term of up to ten years imprisonment, when found guilty of bullying any person. Remember that even the Dishonourable Minister Mr Nicholas Kotsiras is NOT above nor Beyond The Law, nor is the past minister for Energy Mr Michael O Brien, nor Mr Peter Bachelor past minister for Energy, under the Brumby Labour government.
    Please note that Brodie’s Law – (See Google) came into law in June 2013 as a result of Brodie Panlock’s death – after being repeatedly bullied at work, she took her own life.
    Two days ago I spoke to the Labour and Shadow Minister for Power’s secretary and told her I was sending her boss a letter asking the Shadow Minister to address the Victorian Parliament at “Question Time and make clear that the Forced Installation of Smart Meters on all Victorians homes and Small Business Owners was unlawful, as the bullying by Power Companies and their installers is Unlawful. Minister Mr Nicholas Kotsiras is abusing and mis-using his position of trust, concerning his obligation to act responsibly and ethically on behalf of his subjects – the people of Victoria. Remember a large group of us SSMA are now gaining evidence to mount a Class Action. You are not alone Danielle.

    Henry Leschen

  50. James Farrell says:

    W A N T E D :
    Human volunteers, to step forward, and take part in a long-term study.
    The purpose of which, is to monitor harmful effects, that might occur from the
    use of smart meters.

    You will join ranks with millions of other unsuspecting volunteers around the
    world, to further the gains of The Corporate Elite…oops! That should read: to
    further knowledge of EMF harm, not only from the human aspect, but on all
    forms of life.

    Survivors, may receive a copy of this study, in about ten years or so.

    Except our meter, and your in…

  51. guy says:

    Why is there not a smart business with the know how to start a company to get people totally self sufficient by generating their own power,be it solar or wind, and tell these greedy power companies to shove it where the sun don’t shine. I believe it is possible. Caravans have it, why can’t this be applied to private homes and businesses.

    • Theodore Rau says:

      Yes sure you can set up self power system, 4kva inverter, solar cells, 4xn200 deep cycle batteries, in theory that will give you 60 amps @ 240volts for 1hour, or 240 volts at 1 amp for 60 hours, although the inverter is only good for a total 16amps at any one time, more than enough to do your washing vac and fridge, bearing in mind that say a charge cycle at 60% some days more sunnier than others. estimated cost about $6000
      life of batteries about 3-4years, modification to home wiring minimal.

      • Jason says:

        Good advice, Theodore, but there are better variations. (Depending on individual usage habits of course.)
        eg. I’d never run heavy-users (Vac/w-machine/ power-tools/microwave, etc. off a battery-banks (which should NOT be discharged more than 30% of capacity unless absolutely necessary, occasionally.* 15% is better.) Fridges are a separate issue, and can be fairly tricky unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Not ‘difficult’, but tricky. (Like brain-surgery, it’s simple when you know how! 😉

        A small ( I prefer 2.4KW ) ‘remote-start’ or ‘demand-start generator is these days quite cheap, will run in economy mode, and will run any of the heavy-users ~ which are, after all, used only sporadically. (I take my laundry down to the laundromat from time to time ~ but mostly wash the everyday stuff in the laundry-trough.)

        But you’re certainly on the right track, and what might be useful is to start a forum here for the exchange of information, ideas and even a Co-operative for buying components in bulk ~ at fairly large discount prices.

        * if the batteries you mentioned are ~ N-200 ~ the type usually put in 4WD vehicles (starter/traction/deep-cycle), there are MUCH better options by way of ONLY deep-cycle applications.)

  52. feeling bullied says:

    so powercor australia informs me that i have to have a smart meter fitted to my home. When i told them i did not want a smart meter fitted thay said and i quote ” so you dont want power connected any more. there will be no meter readers to read your meter any more so you must have a smart meter installed”. So not only do they want me to have to do this but they are costing peolpe their jobs

    • Informed Choice says:

      Meter readers may be a threatened species but it doesn’t mean there is no other choice. Bills can be estimated of course – this already happens in some cases, where customers live in remote locations. It is not the ideal but beats being spied on and controlled in your own home.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Read the Bloody Meter yourself folks it’s not hard to do,
        That’s if it’s the Safe and Passive Analog Meter with the five little clock faces and black numbers, that’s what I do.

  53. Annette says:

    This afternoon (16th September 2013) a smart meter was about to be installed on my property. Luckily I was home & I said no! I also received a letter in the mail from United Energy informing me of the installation of smart meteres in my area between 16/9/2013 and 04/10/2013. As I was reading the letter I was disturbed by what I read! In the frequently asked questions;

    ‘Can I refuse to have the new meter installed or defer installation?’

    “No. The Victorian Government has confirmed that all distributors must replace all Victorian households and small businesses electricity meters with a new smart meter by the end of 2013. New meter installations cannot be deferred and “no AMI meter” stickers or signs on the meter box will be disregarded. Failure to replace meters may ultimately result in the disconnection of your electricity supply.”

    I am extremely upset & feel violated, stripped of all my human rights & on top of that they have threatened me with cutting of my electricity!! Even if it is an empty threat as others have stated on here, it’s still a threat & action must be taken against this horrible intrusion into mine & many other beautiful souls lives in a country we should all feel safe & heard!! Australia I’m disgusted!!

    I know this is just the beginning of all this as now they know I’ve refused they will probably use other tactics, like increasing my power bill! I’ve kept my older bills to compare & believe me I will fight this! We need to do this together however. I feel All Victorians should stand united & not use ‘there’ electricity for 24hours as a stand against what we will & wont tolerate!

    I have existing health problems & I won’t be bullied into anything that may impact my health further!

    • Sharron says:

      Good for you, Annette. If researching further you will find these companies have no regard for anyones health & wellbeing… and I doubt they ever will. You’re right about banding together on this issue as it (electricity) is meant to be an essential service and should not be rationed or disconnected in any case other than failure to pay for it. But there are a growing number of customers who are struggling to keep up with the ridiculous charges, especially the fixed ones! Maybe they should address the REAL PROBLEM – overcharging their customers and leave our analogue meters where they belong!

    • Power to the People. says:

      Annette, I also got a bullying letter from my power co today with all the bells and whistles as described by all the posters on this forum and again, all I can say is HOW GRATEFUL I am for this site, that there is another way to deal with this. Keep a copy of the barrister’s letter Eugene White to John Rutherford in the links above regarding the claims and lies these electric companies spew. Does anyone know if Tony Abbott can help with this bullying roll out? Cheers everyone. You are all fantastic. Thank you.

    • Confused and slightly concered citizen says:

      Has anyone got a link to some research or evidence of what the supposed health implications are? I’ve had a smart meter installed and now I’m concerned. I figured I carry a mobile, and nuke my tv dinners, so how is this any different? If you’re saying there’s some real evidence these things are bad for people, then I think I need to rethink this. Advice please.

      • Freedom Rules says:

        I would be concerned. Smart meters have been tested to be 100x radiation levels of your mobile. Furthermore, you don’t have your microwave on 24/7 now, do you? Smart meters never turn off – so that is constant emissions in everyones house/street forever. This dangerous and dirty electricity travels through walls, on wiring throughout the home and makes people sick, especially those who are sensitive to electrical pollution.

    • Jason says:

      Goodonyer, Annette.
      But keep in mind that basically (sophisticated legal arguments aside) a ‘supplier’ of anything* can withdraw their services ~ and YOU can refuse to use their services* for any reason, including increased charges, or no reason at all.
      Anything in between is simply haggling, and people should decide early about how much effort they want to put into haggling…and what they expect to get for the hazard.
      …..and then make as many adjustments/arrangements as possible BEFORE the inevitable happens. Fortunately our hi-tech world offers umpteen options….and they’re getting cheaper all the time.

      * except water, an ‘essential service’ ~ public health concerns ~ where different rules apply.
      Take care

    • Hammer Mann says:

      The Chief Executive Officers of United Energy an Australian owned Electrical Power Company here in Victoria has proven himself and his minions to be Liars, as have the other four (4) overseas owned Electric Power Companies also to be Liars.

      The Law states that the Mandate is not upon you the Electricity Customer/s. The Law states clearly that the Mandate is by the Victorian Government upon the five Electric Power Companies, “To Use Their Best Endeavours to get people to accept an Electric Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving Smart Meters.”

      The facts are that no bullying or coercion or intimidation is allowed to be used at any time. Sadly, many of these actually not so smart meter installer men will use intimidatory tactics to force one of these Deadly to All Life and now proving to be also in many cases Incendiary Machines on you. They tried it on me and ended up with egg on their faces, the IDIOTS.

      We live in what is supposed to be a Democracy not a bloody wicked Police State with S.S Hitler cops running the show.
      These B****N D**N A**E H***S of Chief Executive Officers and their minions of mainly foreign owned Electric Power Companies don’t give a “Continental Stuff” about your physical health or well being, and nor did the past Labor Victorian Brumby or the incumbent, I allege to be Lazy Victorian Premier Mr Daniel Andrews or his I also allege to be Lazy Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Ms Lily D’ Ambrose.

      All are I allege to be traitors to US their Employers who they are supposed to OBEY. We need to rid ourselves of both Labor and Liberal Parties in Victoria and put in an Incorruptible and God Fearing Political Party who will do the will and bidding of US their Employers and not suck up the ARSES of these I allege to be Bloody Corrupt Scum we have had in the past and still have acting like bloody leeches we sadly have today !

  54. Narelle says:

    I just recently received a second round of letters from Jemena telling us of the installation of a smart meter to be installed at the property at which i rent. I did have a sign on my meter box for one not to be installed..As i am a renter i am not allowed to touch the meter box and had no way of having it locked up..As i have to work to pay the bills i can not stay at home. and keep an eye on the meter box… I have returned home after being out on 11/09/13 to find that Jemena had taken off the sign and had installed a smart meter and as such there is no more that i can do… i lead a very busy life working 2 jobs as well as having to keep looking for full time work and answering to CENTRELINK every 2 weeks and just don’t have the time to keep up the fight… i wish everyone good luck with their fight against smart meters being installed at there property but my fight has come to an end….

    • Jason says:

      Most people live far more complicated than necessary, Narelle, (Lives of quiet desperation” as some wise man said) and I for one don’t know how they handle the stress.
      I dropped out long ago (the workforce, centrelink, everything) and ~ starting with LESS than nothing have done quite well. (Though it IS getting more complicated all the time.)
      It might be time for more people to consider cutting the artificial umbilical cord imposed by government/industry bodies (which are after all designed to keep us dependent no matter WHAT our station in life) and making whatever adjustments necessary to go it alone. Casting oneself adrift can be scary at the start, but it CAN be done, and gets easier and more confidence-inspiring all the time.

      Give it some thought. Feel free to pick my brains if you like.

  55. craig mullins says:

    SP AusNet have now refused to refused to read my meter claiming i have vicious dogs on my property, the same toothless dogs they have gone past for 10 years and of course they send me a higher bill.
    Just one more form of intimidation along with the demanding letters they continue to send.
    lies, lies, and more bloody lies.

    • Jason says:

      Something I learnt long ago, Craig (still in short pants!): If you ignore ANYthing long enough it eventually goes away!
      Put your efforts and stress to better use, directed to the future, not battling through the shitfight imposed by others today.
      Suss out an useful option, get the wheels in motion, and just stop paying their bills.
      You can engineer a bill-free break for 2 or 3 months, and use than time to rejig your life.
      eg. Down here (90 minutes from central Melbourne) you can still by houses for prices that require mortgage repayments of UNDER $150 a week.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Craig,
      The time cometh soon when the people of Victoria will turn upon these ravening wolves of C.E.O’s in the five Electric Power Companies. Victorians would do well not stuff about with the Courts and lawyers etc. It could come sooner than you think and people will simply turn up at the offices of these Lying Scum and truly Torturers of their Electricity Customers whom they treat as filth.

      These TORTURERS of C.E.O’s of the five Electric Power Companies need to be grabbed by the now Long Suffering people of Victoria and arrested with Warrants by the People of Victoria and to be forcefully dragged out of their plush Executive offices, to give them a damn good thrashing with the Cato-o nine-tails, and then cart them off to a Peoples Prison, for these Wicked C.E.O’s and Torturers of their Electricity Customers.

      It’d be Fair Justice as well. Why stuff about with bewigged Ponces of Lawyers dressed in black nighties and what seems to be mainly Corrupt Judges tied to these seemingly Corrupt C.E.O’s of the five Electric Power Companies mainly owned by China and or Singapore, and don’t forget that also seeming to be Australian Owned Electric Power Company of United Energy Distribution.

      Perhaps a solid Madame La Guillotine or two outside the gates of Powercor and Citypower and Jemena and AusNet Services and United Energy Distribution and our own well ARMED Guards would do the trick and bring these Broken Down A*** Holes of C.E.O’s and their seeming to be also corrupt minions into line quick-smart.

  56. dragan tesla says:


  57. 'Fay' says:

    I have telephoned my electricity supplier and told them that I do not want a smart meter. My meter box is on the outside (accessible) of my bedroom wall. I am a migraine sufferer. So far I have received 2 letters of impending instillation despite having a laminated sign attached in the meter box stating I do not want one.
    I am concerned re the many reports of headaches. I have enough of those to contend with.
    The operator at Energy Australia (Aus.Net) firmly advised me that I have no choice. And that there is absolutely no risk to health. I had hoped that when the Liberal Party (Victorian Government) replaced the Labor Government, the roll out of smart meters would cease. Perhaps too much money had been committed by then to stop this program. A smart meter is coming and I feel intimidated – and cannot afford to ‘window’ my meter box. It is installed on the outside of my gates to my home.
    Due to anxiety and other stressful issues at present I cannot even begin to get my head into the space of ‘fighting’ this takeover. At 65 years of age and still working full time I simply feel I have to accept this forced instillation.
    I do not sleep with a microwave oven running for 8 hours 1 metre from my pillow.
    I’m sure there are many others in this position.

    • smart denier says:

      Hi Fay,
      Is your meter box made of metal, with a door?
      If so, then locking it up is pretty easy for a handy person.
      If you are in my area, I’m happy to help out.
      Contact SSMA for my email address.
      Once your box is locked, they can’t break and enter your property.
      Don’t feel threatened, you hold ALL the power, just say No!

      • Jason says:

        Hi Fay.
        Me too. I live in the LaTrobe Valley, and am happy to help out anytime. Just don’t let it go too long.
        And never forget:- There are ALWAYS choices. The ONLY thing we have no choice about in this life is dying. Everything else is optional…but usually with a price-tag ~ and that’s a matter for your own priorities.
        Take Care.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      This Operator at Energy Australia (Aus.Net) would not know his or her ARSE from their ELBOW or what amps, or volts, or ohms or watts were. I know this to be fact, most of them are picked for their stupidity to become simply well trained Polly or Percy Parrots and Bull-S**T Artists that don’t fool me.

  58. Rachael says:

    Help! I’ve just found out the house we’ve bought has a smart meter on it. What do I do? Hard to get rid of them after they’re there? Thanks

  59. Michael Hogan says:

    I am being bullied and threatened by Powercor and overcharged electricity to force me to accept a Smart Meter.

  60. jez says:

    Ive just locked my meter box cut holes so they can see meters and wrote on there don’t install smart meter without owners permission and to date they haven’t installed one. Sp asnet keeps sending date letters for the installation and I just screw them up and start my fire with them. They have called several time to say if we don’t comply our power will be cut off so I just say yer right do that and Im going wind and solar and hang up in there ear. This has been going on for 12mths+ and we still have power Ive never sent a email or a letter to them. So yes I believe they are all bluff, keep it simple/ cool and polite but FFF them I prepared to see how far I can go without dealing with them E.G letters,emails and calls.Im in Walkerville Victoria and most of our small town is doing like I am

    • Anonymous says:

      I had a installer stop me at my gate recently morning wanting acess. Our meter is inside the home, a home with children. I said I did not want it installed and she said I know you are only rentling and it is the law now you have to let us in. I got your phone number and I will be back. I informed her that yes we are renting, not that I see how that is any of her business. And the owner gave us clear instructions he did not wish a meter to be installed. She said he can not refuse as it is now law and you have no right to refuse. She said she just needed access to take photos first. I thought so you can then state the meter is unsafe and needs replacing. On her threats to keep comming back and that she will get access, that is just harrasment. She complained about our dog that was legally in the boundry (a mere pup). They can try cut off our electriciy, good luck with that we are a recognised household under the medical provisions of a occupant with a life threating medical condition who can not have their service disconnected.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        This woman sounds as if she is the Wicked Witch from the West.
        I say tie this Witch up and take her to the Ducking Pond down the road from you. Give her a good ducking on the ducking stool and in the deep end for a good two minutes under the very cold water. I assure you this will change this Wicked Witches mind quick-smart. That’s what my ancestors did at Salem in America.

    • Lessons Learned says:

      Good for you, whatever it takes!

    • Jason says:

      I feel positively deprived!! How come I can’t get harassed by SP Ausnet??
      They had three goes at sneaking in here, and when I suggested the next one should be wearing a flack-jacket. Haven’t heard from them for a year.
      Bugger!…the dog hates having his teeth sharpened with nothing to use them on!
      Just keep laughing….they don’t know HOW to deal with that! 😆

  61. Innocent Child says:


    1. “according to the Electricity Distribution Code we have the legal right to access our metering equipment”
    a) Electricity Distribution Code is a guideline, it doesn’t give legal rights
    b) No access to existing equipment is in itself a bogus claim as we all know this is not the real issue
    c) Unless the conclusive paperwork is produced that proves ownership, “our metering” is bogus

    2. “all Victorian homes………are required to have existing meters exchanged……”
    Who says that “my” home is required…… ? And on what authority ? On the authority of a roleplaying stock exchange trader pretending to be a law enforcer ? To clarify “My home” will not be having it’s meter exchanged. And certainly not for a carcinogenic surveillance device or any other cancer box. By the way, “my” home belongs exclusively to me (Joe Citizen) and not to Electricity Distributor Inc. or Vic State Government Corporation (Napthine CEO)

    3. “Customers cannot defer the installation”
    Totally bogus statement. Does not apply if we’re not having the installation in the first place. It’s a statement that assumes up front consent. I state that I do not give my consent therefore implied consent cannot be assumed and deferral or non deferral DOES NOT APPLY.

    4. “a very thorough health and safety investigation of the new smart meters which revealed them to be completely safe”
    There should be no problem then providing a guarantee of safety to all life sources and a pledge to provide full financial compensation stating the compensation amounts for any losses of life or well being resulting at any time if there were any ounce of truth to this statement.
    How thorough was the investigation ? Well firstly missing figures were published as “NA”. And with only 16 devices (individually) tested (rather than a statewide network of devices communicating all day long over a long period) you call this thorough ???? And how many people were tested to see if there were any people effects ? Yep zero. You say this bogus gesture of testing proves safety let alone have the audacity to use the words “completely safe”. The only thing that has actually been “revealed” is the very real and serious health issues that ordinary people are continuing to experience during and post rollout.

    5. “customers are legally obliged to allow distribution companies access to their homes to replace old electricity meters with new smart meters”
    No, we actually have absolute rights to determine who we allow onto our premises or not allow. Access issues aside, customers are individuals who have individual citizen rights to say “NO” to anything they feel is threatening or detrimental to their well being. Those rights are ours to keep (UNALIENABLE) unless we allow Electricity Distibutors Inc. to stealthily take them from us, amalgamating us into their organisation. We will retain our individual rights and we will exercise them to their full capacity. Our response to this statement is “NO” !!!! Common law is trumps.

    6. “he/she would be breaking the law (which is referred to by Minister O’Brien)”

    All I can say is if I’m breaking the law, please feel free to prosecute. If the law is being broken isn’t that what you do ? Breaking the law is handled by prosecution but NOT by cutting off essential services. Now that is what I would call breaking the law. Trespassing, breaking and entering….that is what I would call breaking the law.

    Putting emphasis on baby face ex minister comments in Ballarat Courier does not shed any light on exactly what law they think is being broken and of course what penalties are in place for such. If they can’t qualify it, it is intimidation. If they have to resort to intimidation, it only exposes their own fictitious bogus authority ie. they have NO authority

    7. “we would be well within our rights to disconnect a customer”
    Electricity remains an “essential service” that must be provided.
    This is regardless of whether or not Electricity Distributor Pty Ltd has managed to place a cancer box on your wall or not. Only failure to pay for service warrants cessation of service and that only after due process is followed. I could also stand there and make a statement saying it is well within my rights to committ a certain act upon the CEO of Electricity Distributor Pty Ltd. It doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be repercussions for me if I was to go ahead and committ that act.

    8. “our compulsory infrastructure upgrade”
    It might be “your” compulsory infrastructure upgrade but it is NOT “MINE”.

  62. Danielle says:

    I’m with Powercor and they have certainly stepped up their bullying. I have sent a NOTICE OF PROHIBITION FOR SMART METER INSTALLATION and NOTICE OF PROHIBITION OF UNDUE HARASSMENT OR COERCION FOR SMART METER INSTALLATION. I have locked my meter box and installed a clear pane so they can still read the meters. I have also posted a sign refusing their access to the meter on the grounds of installing a smart meter.

    Lately they have been sending repetitive letters telling me they are coming to install the smart meter and they inability to do so because of my actions.
    They have been complaining of defects…like a locked meter box lol, and also an ‘unlinked field’.

    In response to my NOTICE OF PROHIBITION OF UNDUE HARASSMENT OR COERCION FOR SMART METER INSTALLATION letter they have sent another bully letter telling me that it is a ‘government initiative’ not a Powercor initiative followed by a “Deemed Electricity Distribution Contract” and a “Electricity Customer Metering Code”. It feels like they are trying to bury me in paperwork. They have also repeated their same old “we are coming to install” paragraph.

    I will stand firm in my stance against their smart meter installation but am concerned that with all their “power” they will just shut off my electricity. They have already sent me a letter saying that I will now need to pay for an electrician to install their smart meter because I refused their installation.

    I just feel very bullied at the moment and frightened that the “big guy” will win no matter what we say or do. Thought I’d share as there is probably others out there that feel the same.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Does anyone else think this is just scare tactics, designed to wear down the customers resolve? I would be tempted to ‘call their bluff’ though, and keep a generator handy, lol.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Keep your chin up, if we stick together in refusing these damn devices we have a very good chance of winning. Given that the problems are recognized in other countries which are NOT forcing these meters on their people it is surely just a matter of time before our pollies see that they are on a very “sticky wicket” and take measures to save their skins. (They want to keep their lucrative jobs after all!) I wonder if “United Nations” deals with this sort of issue?

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I sent these broken down A**E H***S a Lawful Canberra A.C.C.C $10,000,000 Million Dollar Notice of Anti-Harassment fine to the C.E.O of Powercor that was Mr Shane Breheny and Mrs Janet Hogarty the boss of the Inhumane Customer Relations Office and their Chief Lawyer one of these above each plus polite and Stinging Letters of Rebuke.

      Have not heard from these three D***-Heads for years. Goes to SHOW ! Just sock it back to them dear Lady.

  63. michael says:

    Its affecting not only your health. Bee’s are also staying away and getting sick. As we all know, no Bees no Pollination,no Fruits.The high concentration off RF inside and outside the House Incl. WiFi,wireless phone,smartmeter……. will make us all sick. Its no good to complain about smartmeters if you have other Wireless digital pulsing devises in the House. You can reduce the radiation off the Smartmeter quit easy by wraping Nickel-Foil around the antenna.
    The best option is not accepting the installation of the Smartmeter.

  64. Sue says:

    I had a sign on my meter that I didn’t want a smart meter installed. I have now received a refusal letter from SP Aus Net stating that they are not currently accepting refusals or deferrals and that if I don’t comply they are entitled to disconnect my power. Can they do this? If somebody could let me know my rights regarding this matter as I really don’t want one installed. Thankyou.

    • Eric says:

      “Not currently accepting refusals and deferrals”

      So what are they saying…that they were accepting them before were they ????

      So now that they are not accepting refusals they are now allowed to disconnect power….is that how it works.

      Sue, nothing has changed. It’s the same BS repackaged in a different way but still intended to have the same effect ie. to intimidate you into caving in and opening up your box for them.

      Just lock up, put up your signs and exercise your common law rights. If they trespass,break or enter……you can PROSECUTE………..AND THEY KNOW IT !!!!!

      • Jason says:

        Be advised that you need to put up a ‘No Trespassing’ sign (and specify the relevant power company); the law allows ‘trespass’ if the ‘trespassr’ has ‘lawful excuse’ (eg meter-readers, police, etc.) or ‘legitimate purpose’.
        Signage will negate either of those ‘excuses’.

    • keith says:

      Sue, there is no law that gives them the right to turn off your electricity. Just continue to pay your bill on time, allow the meter reader access to read your meter, with cut- outs in the box door and finally keep your meter box locked at all times. They are simply bluffing with bullying tactics.

      • Alice Black says:

        So we’ve been continuing to refuse the installation of the cancer box and I’ve sent letters to jemena (CCing lots of policitians) to say we continue to refuse on health and security etc grounds as well as sending them the helpful legalese notice found on this site. I have since received the following email in response, so what do we do now? I think its very interesting that they keep saying its safe but as we know it will take 20-30 years before they work out that all this RF is causing cancer.
        Email from Jemena:
        Smart Meters being installed by UE across Victoria are supplied by Secure Australasia. The supplier is accredited to ISO9001 and their meters are being installed by four of the five distribution businesses in Victoria. All meter components are designed and tested to be compliant to 13 different Australian (including National Measurement Institute) standards. Secure Australasia operates a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory, and the meters are also tested further by Jemena.

        Jemena is required to adhere to strict industry standards set by ARPANSA, The Australian Government agency responsible for protecting the health and safety of people from the potential effects of radiofrequency. In relation to smart meters, ARPANSA state that the combination of the low power of the transmitter, the meters location on the outside of buildings, and the very short time spent transmitting mean that the overall exposure is well below safe exposure limits – even when a number of devices are communicating simultaneously.

        To test actual levels of electromagnetic exposures from Smart Meters, and make sure these pose no health risk to the community, the Victorian Government commissioned independent testing by contractor EMC Technologies. The EMC Technologies study found that radiofrequency exposures from smart meters are lower than other common household devices such as mobile phones, cordless phones and WiFi/modems.

        The EMC Technologies study also found that It can be safely stated that the Smart meters themselves do not cause any increase in the power line related EMF levels and that replacement of the older meters with the AMI meters is a good way to reduce 50Hz EMF exposure.

        The meter from inside dwellings, range from 0.000001% to 0.0113%, well below the ARPANSA Radiation Protection Standard, in comparison to many suburban environments that have a 24 hour ambient RF EMF levels that are in the range of 0.01% and 0.05% of the ARPANSA general public limit.

        It should be noted that smart meters have a total duty cycle of less than 2.5%. They record data every 30 minutes and communicate with the network every 4 hours.

        To test actual levels of electromagnetic exposures from smart meters, and make sure these pose no health risk to the community, the Victorian Government commissioned independent testing by contractors EMC Technologies. The EMC Technologies study found that radiofrequency exposures from smart meters are lower than other household devices such as mobile phones and baby monitors (as shown in Figure 1).

        Health authorities around the world, including ARPANSA and the World Health Organisation, have examined the scientific evidence regarding possible health effects and, using prescribed exposure limits, concluded that the weight of evidence does not demonstrate the existence of health effects.
        The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) a WHO specialised agency, has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as a possible Group 2B carcinogenic. The study was associated with use of wireless phones and covers all devices that use wireless communication such as cordless home phones, remote controls and Wi-Fi.

        As is your agreement with your retailer this also extends to the Electricity Distribution Code in that a customer wishing to have power supplied through network infrastructure must in turn comply with this Code to the extent that an obligation to do so is included as a term or condition in your contract for the supply of electricity.

        Section 3.3.2 of the Electricity Distribution Code References a Distributors right to convenient and unhindered access to the meter at all times with Section 5.3 detailing a distributors’ right to interrupt supply; it is noted in this section that a Distributor may interrupt supply at any time for augmentation of the distribution system.

        Augmentation is defined in section 19 of the Electricity Distribution Code as the process of upgrading the Distribution System by replacing or enhancing existing plant and equipment or by adding new plant or equipment and includes modifying any of the Distributor’s fixed assets.

        We are committed to working closely with you to ensure you have the right information about the roll-out, including how to access the benefits.

        If you wish to discuss the above further or have any questions, please contact our Customer Relations department on 1800 136 643, or via return email.

        Kindest Regards,

        AMI Customer Relations Coordinator
        Stakeholder Relations

        • Eric says:

          Alice, what you do now is you continue to refuse, simple. It is still your right. Nothing has changed. Don’t you change. That’s their game.

        • Anonymous says:

          ARPANSA has failed the people. What they refer to as safe limits of exposure are not proven to be safe. It’s only safe as far as burning and electric shock is concerned. The chronic, low-level non-thermal wireless pulsed microwave radiation has never been proven – in independent, science-based studies – to be safe to humans and other life forms in any country in the world. No scientist on Earth yet knows what – if any – level of chronic, low-level, non-thermal, pulsed microwave radiation is safe for humans and other life forms.

          As far as EMC technologies are concerned, the testing was bogus. They tested 16 STAND ALONE meters and some of their figures were published as NA (not available). When they say “to test actual levels of electromagnetic exposures”, it is not the “actual levels” that you, I or anyone else will “actually” be exposed to. FACT is…….. wireless smart meters IN MESHED GRID NETWORKS have NEVER been tested and proven to be safe in an actual, real-life, densely populated residential community IN ANY COUNTRY of the world. That testing is in effect being done RIGHT NOW and you and I Alice will become the guinea pigs if we allow persons such as Hayley Richards (GRRRR !!!!) to shift us away from exercising OUR RIGHT to refuse to be part of this toxic situation that is being FORCED upon us against out will, against our better judgement, against our conscience and against our very soul.

          Hayley Richard’s (from her standard script) also tells us that smart meters communicate with the Network every 4 hours giving us the impression that we’ll only be exposed to the equivalent of 6 SMS’s per day. What Hayley fails to tell us that smart meters communicate with each other constantly all day long to maintain a WIRELESS mesh network and pass on other People’s electricity data. The reality will be that smart meter transmitters cannot be turned off and will remain active, emitting toxic pulsed microwave radiation all day long 24/7/365 in perpetuity.

          Oh and she doesn’t even think to tell us of the extra exposures that will be introduced into our homes once the smart appliance phase is rolled out. And neither does she tell you that if your meter happens to be a “collector” meter it will have an additional Wireless Wide Area Network transmitter. Collector meters seem to be culprits in causing a lot of the immediate health issues that people are experiencing here in Victoria.

          By the way Alice, the Electricity Distribution Code is a guideline only, not a law and we have good legal advice about our right to refuse.

          Hayley from Jemena Stakeholder relations says “We are committed to working closely with you”. Well Hayley, what are the possible outcomes of “working together” as far as you are concerned? Hayley wants only one outcome, you must have a smart meter. Well that doesn’t sound like a process that can benefit me. I think we can make our own choice without regard for any contributions coming from Hayley and her masters.

          Alice, lock up, signs up and continue to stand your ground strong. Nothing has changed. My conscience, your conscience, our consciences remain the same. Let it not be violated.

        • Ryan Shields says:

          Here we are nearly 12 months after you post Alice and Jemena are still cutting and pasting the same repetoire of stuff in their current barrage of harassing letters to customers.

          Someone just received a letter from these vermin at Jemena that was word for word as in Alice’s letter one year ago. What’s changed ? NOTHING.

          (( These little boys band girls are just cutters and pasters. Perverse little boys and girls who take pleasure in harassing innocent household members, the old, the young, men and women. Beware little boys and girls because I know each and every one of you and none of you are hid from my eyes. ))

          As is your agreement with your retailer this also extends to the Electricity Distribution Code in that a customer wishing to have power supplied through network infrastructure must in turn comply with this Code to the extent that an obligation to do so is included as a term or condition in your contract for the supply of electricity.

          Section 3.3.2 of the Electricity Distribution Code References a Distributors right to convenient and unhindered access to the meter at all times with Section 5.3 detailing a distributors’ right to interrupt supply; it is noted in this section that a Distributor may interrupt supply at any time for augmentation of the distribution system.

          Augmentation is defined in section 19 of the Electricity Distribution Code as the process of upgrading the Distribution System by replacing or enhancing existing plant and equipment or by adding new plant or equipment and includes modifying any of the Distributor’s fixed assets.

          We are committed to working closely with you to ensure you have the right information about the roll-out, including how to access the benefits.

    • ingrid says:

      “The Electricity Distribution Code is a guideline only, not a law and we have good legal advice about our right to refuse.” That’s the short answer you need ( I need) Copied from letter below.

      • Alice Black says:

        Thanks for the replies everyone. We had another installer arrive today (I simply didn’t answer the door but I could hear him trying various keys in our padlock on our locked meter box!). I have sent another email to the various politicians, DPI and one back to the lovely Hayley. Will see what happens next. Does anyone think there is a way to convince the ALP to reverse the roll out as part of the next State election?

        • Alice Black says:

          Hi everyone, I’ve received another response from Jemena (she is responding to my reply which is below hers)…. does this constitute undue harrassment or coercion and if yes what’s the next step?

          Dear Alice and Joel,

          Jemena have been mandated by the government to install smart meters at all residential and small business sites on our network.

          You are required to adhere to the Electricity Distribution Code (section 1.3.2) as part of your agreement to receive electricity supply at your property. Section 5.3 outlines Jemena’s right to interrupt supply; it is noted in this section that a Distributor may interrupt supply at any time for augmentation of the distribution system. Augmentation is defined in section 19 of the Electricity Distribution Code as the process of upgrading the Distribution System by replacing or enhancing existing plant and equipment, in this instance upgrading to a smart meter.

          We are currently in the process upgrading our infrastructure which you utilise for the transportation and measurement of electricity in your home. We are well within our rights to perform such upgrades and have been given direction by the Government to complete the rollout by December 2013.

          Kindest Regards,

          AMI Customer Relations Coordinator
          Stakeholder Relations
          351 Burwood Hwy, Forest Hill, VIC 3131
          T: (03) 8873 7420 F: 1800 042 966
          E:| W:

          Jemena’s Electricity Outlook
          Helping you take control of your power usage and costs
          To learn more visit

          Dear Jemena
          The Electricity Distribution Code is a guideline only and not a law and I have good legal advice about our right to refuse. Please stop sending your installation men as we will not allow them access to the meter (unless jemena wants to arrange a new analogue meter?).
          You have already received our Notice of Prohibition of Undue Harassment or Coercion for Smart Meter Installation which followed on from our Notice of Prohibition For Smart Meter Installation (both notices your company seems to have ignored as the latest installation man appeared today).
          Please desist from your efforts to bully and coerce us into this scheme; there is no law which says we have to accept these meters as stated already in previous correspondence. The only mandate is to power distributors to say you must use your best endeavours to install a remotely read interval meter. You have done this and it has not been successful at this abode so please move on.
          Alice Black & Joel Ellis

          • My life says:

            More bullying tactics from another lunatic at Jemena. They are trying their best endeavours with the usual rubbish harrassment of their customers… and it stinks!

          • Anonymous says:

            Alice, your right to say “NO” remains divine. Another word to use is unalienable. So even if
            it was law to accept a smart meter (though it is not), your right to say “NO” still remains

            By employing spin queens to try and take away from customers what is their divine and unalienable right to say “NO”, Jemena are skating on very thin ice.

            I’ll point out the that beside the $1.1 million dollar anti harassment penalty amount for an incorporated body, there is also a penalty amount of $220,000 that applies for an individual person. I wonder how Hayley, Carle and Sharman will feel being INDIVIDUALLY hit with a $220,000 fine MANY TIMES OVER for all the many letters they have written to Jemena’s customers that have been threatening or harassing in nature.

            If Hayley is not trying to take away from you your divine and unalienable right to say “NO, then what you have in your hand is virtually a letter of extortion. It would be interesting to run a copy of this letter by the ombudsman. See what they think of Hayley in effect saying to you (in writing) “Stop refusing or we’ll cut your power”. In attempting to bully you to stop refusing she is actually acknowledging that it is your right to do just that….otherwise why would she need to bully you to do otherwise ?

            Electricity traders pretending they are law enforcers…..RIDICULOUS

            So much for the statement in the previous letter “We are committed to working closely with you”.

            The state government have got a lot to answer for in creating this sticky situation and the only effective way we have of dealing with these nasty persons at the moment is with a big stick……and if needs be it will be A VERY BIG STICK

            • Clive Thomas says:

              Could you tell me where in the harassment law the part referring to “a penalty amount of $220,000 that applies for an individual person”

              • Anonymous says:

                See Penalty (b)

                The Australian Consumer Law
                Division 5 — Other unfair practices
                168 Harassment and coercion
                (1) A person commits an offence if:
                (a) the person uses physical force, or undue harassment or coercion; and
                (b) the physical force, or undue harassment or coercion is used in
                connection with:
                (i) the supply or possible supply of goods or services; or
                (ii) the payment for goods or services; or
                (iii) the sale or grant, or the possible sale or grant, of an interest in
                land; or
                (iv) the payment for an interest in land.
                (a) if the person is a body corporate–$1,100,000; or
                (b) if the person is not a body corporate–$220,000.
                (2) Subsection (1) is an offence of strict liability.
                (3) Subsections (1)(b)(iii) and (iv) do not affect the application of any other provision of this Part in relation to the supply or acquisition, or the possible supply or acquisition, of interests in land.

          • Ryan says:

            The wily legal persons who craft the propaganda letters that the power companies send have used this expression…..when they can’t actually quote any direct laws

            This means customers are legally obliged to allow…………………

            When I was re reading some of their propaganda letters and saw this it just hit me;

            There is a big difference between being legally “obliged” as opposed to
            being legally “bound”.

            One thing is for sure, we are not legally bound to do anything.

        • Jay says:

          Alice… to my mind an installer attempting to unlock one of your private locks with his set of keys constitutes an attempt at breaking and entering. I am not a lawyer but if you had a padlock on your garage for instance, and Joe Blow wanted to get into your garage and tried various keys of his own to open your lock, surely he could be charged with attempted unlawful entry? The fact that the installer works for a power company seems irrelevant to me. Can any legal people on here clarify this issue for us please? BTW keep up the good work; there is power to be had in repeating the words “I do not give you my consent” over and over again to every stupid angle the power companies try to come up with to coerce you into having a SM. Good luck.

        • malcolm says:

          Alice remember it was the ALP that introduced these (smart meters & brought in the LAW to make us bend to their will

    • Hammer Mann says:

      No they cannot do this Sue,
      If they do you take it up with the A.C.C.C in Canberra, they of the A.C.C.C will effectively kick their stinking lying Arses down the stairs. I used the A.C.C.C ‘s Lawful Help and my dopy Electricity provider ran like the stinking cur he is.

  65. Melinda says:

    I received a letter, but in my own naivety, did not consider the potential implications that these meters may have. We have had one in our house for approx 3 weeks now. Headaches have only really started in the last week, but are getting progressively worse. Cant sleep in the bedroom (smart meter behind bed head) and as soon as I go near that point in the room head is worse. I too want it removed. Happy to pay for its removal if need be – happy to pay for the digital one we had (was not a smart meter type- but digital) and happy to pay to have someone come and read my meter every three months….I cant live like this and I hate to think what it is doing to my health, my husbands health and that of my children.
    There must be some legal action that we can take, some avenue here……be happy to hear from anyone with any ideas.

  66. Julie says:

    Well in Flowerdale they are trying to install them, yep padlocked meters and front gate. Put signs up. After speaking to our lovely meter reader he said that will be hard for them to work in Flowerdale as signal back to main office won’t work, see we don’t even hardly get mobile reception as in a valley hills all around 360 degrees. So how will they do this for taking readings?
    Our other house is with Powercor in mallee, stopped the guy who came here also have a letter from powercor which hence i’m ignoring they even tried to sms my mobile and yes I didn’t respond. They should get the message I don’t want one and have the right to refuse.

  67. AndyC says:

    Hi, we have recently bought a house. As of yet we haven’t rec’d a letter or any notification of a smart meter will be installed.
    I have however put a letter in the Meter box that states ‘Should a meter be installed without written consent from us, the owners of the property, they are tresspassing and that we require a copy of thier Electrictions license and copy of Insurance documentation. Also ‘that the Antenae of any device that is installed by located 45M away on the Garage. Failing to do so will involve installation of Faraday sheilding around the inside of the Meter box of which will be deducted from our bill.’

    So far, no meter as been installed. Farady sheilding is quite expensive, and will block all RF signals.

  68. Sharyn Terlich says:

    Stop these things and tell us the truth about heath affects.

  69. CeeBee says:

    My house has been put as Primary Significance in Heritage Overlay Zone [HO146] in Bass Coast Shire (in approx 2007) which has been listed at the State level by the State Government body Heritage Victoria, giving it statutory protection. As a significant property I am unable to change the external appearance of my house, especially if it can be seen from the road. I live on the corner of cross roads & therefore all sides of house are visible from the roads & footpaths especially where electricity meters are situated. Can I stop a smart meter from being installed? I received the my first notification letter “SP AusNet is installing a smart electricity meter for you” yesterday 11/04/2013

    • Mark says:

      CeeBee, don’t allow somebody else to tell you if you can or can’t because of something that could just be a red herring. YOU DECIDE whether you want it or not. If not, you must lock your meter box and display your signs. Don’t let someone else tell you you have to have it. Lock your box then see what they’ve got up they’re sleeve, if anything at all.

      • Informed Choice says:

        Great comment, Mark!

        • Lionel Twain says:

          No. A local heritage overlay listing does NOT means that a SmartMeter cannot be installed. It is also incorrect that such a listing means that the exterior of the house cannot be changed in any way.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Cee Bee,
      Yes you can Legally stop a Microwave Smart Meter from being installed against your Will and Better Judgement. Simply padlock your Electric Meter Box first of all and put up your Legal Anti-Trespass Signs. These signs are to be found here under the right hand column. Also write a polite letter to the manager of the Electric Power Company trying to force you against your will to accept a dopey and now proving to be Deadly To Your Health and welfare.

      We live in what is supposed to be a Democracy here in Victoria Australia as do people in America and the United Kingdom and many other Democratic Countries.These Power Company C.E.O’s and the past Minister for Power in Victoria was breaking the Law in trying to force anybody here in Victoria to take a so-called Smart Meter. It is Not The Law that you must accept a Microwave Smart Meter against your Will and Better Judgement.
      These people trying to force anybody in Victoria are acting in an Undemocratic Fashion and are also acting in A CRIMINAL FASHION. Stand up to these bullies politeley as I do and now so many others here in Victoria are now doing.

  70. graeme says:

    I have locked meter box, sign on box [no trespassing, no smart meter,contacted supplier,JEMENA].
    They replied that by the conditions of their distribution code that i cannot deny fitting of SMART METER.
    With information that i have read from previous people they legally cannot fit so called SMART METER.
    What further information has come about if any denying the installation of the SMART METERS

    • Eric says:

      I personally think that by the conditions of “the” distribution code you can deny fitting of a smart meter. The Distribution Model referred to in the code by description “supply, metering or billing of electricity” is a model where supply is supply and only supply, metering is metering and only metering and billing is where you pay for your electricity. Supply involves a fixed line and metering is done with a plain old unit counting meter. No place in this Distribution Model for wireless transmission devices.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        You are quite correct. We also live in a Democracy where we the People decide if we want a Microwave Smart Meter to be put on our property or not. That is the meaning of the word Democracy which comes from the Greek word,”Democrata” a town in Ancient Greece where the word Democracy or the rule of the People, by the People and for the People was first brought about and which all Democratic Countries of the World including Australia and all its states including Victoria and the United Kingdom and America etc and all its states are supposed to be Democratic States ruled by the people for the people is supposed to be LAW.

        Now we have these cheeky and now proving to be Criminally acting Foreign Owned Electricity Corporatations based in Victoria such as PowerCor and Citypower and Jemena and United Energy and SP Aus.Net who are acting likes Bully Boys who wickedly stand over us, and like Al Capone and his henchmen of Chicago in the 1920’s try to bully and intimidate us to accept these now proving to be Dangerous to our health and wellfare and detrimental to our private electrical goods Idiotic and in many cases, Incendiary Causing Microwave Smart Meters, which are still being ILLEGALLY foisted on Victorian People.

        We have proof of this from the terrible fire damage done to a two-storey property in Northcote where two grand-parents were only just saved from being burnt to death after the installation of a dopey deadly microwave Smart Meter by the quick and timely action of the Grandson who got his grandparents out of their home before both grandparents became suffocated and burnt to death. In other parts of Victoria these so-called Smart Meters are still causing havoc as explained above. It is only the EVIL LOVE of Money or Mamon which drives this now proving to be CORRUPT Liberal Party Government like the past also CORRUPT Labour government to ILLEGALLY try through WICKED INTIMIDATORY tactics continually force these deadly and dangerous Smart Meters onto people who never wanted these Idiotic Machines in the first place. These Idiotic Smart Meters cannot save us the people any money at all. These so-called Smart Meters are simply a Huge CON JOB. I and many sensible people DEMAND the RETURN of all the Safe Analogue Electric Meters to all Victorians immediately and that the entire expense be bourn by these Foreign Owned Greedy Electric Power Companies named and shamed above.
        Will this new Minister for Power here in Victoria be tied to the apron strings of the greedy power companies so named above. If he proves so to be he should be dismissed immediately. As a Greek man himself he should be aware of the true meaning of DEMOCRACY as am I and other Educated People.

  71. Ingeer says:

    The ‘smart’ meters do not comply with the NMi act or regulations, in regard to metering of consumables (eg, water, gas,electricity, petrol). This has been discussed with the NMI, PowerCor and various people in the Victorian government.
    In my case, I have a peak and off-peak tariff, but with the new meter I am not able to read the meter, to ensure that I am making the best use of my off-peak rate (using high power appliances during the off-peak period).
    The only way I can obtain the peak/off-peak usage is from my quarterly electricity bill, and I have no proof that the electricity supplier is not boosting my peak readings and diminishing my off=peak readings.
    Given the past experience with customers of some electricity supply companies, Iam not prepared to let go my current ability to daily monitor my peak and off-peak electricity usage.

  72. Trace says:

    I hear many of you ask whether you have a right to refuse a smart meter? YES YOU DO! and do not allow anyone (no matter their title) tell you other wise. No person or corporate entity or govt official has the right to enter your property WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION!!! This is in your Australian Constitution which was framed to protect the common law rights of all Australians. Penalty is $176,000 dollars – no small amount by any means.

    WE ARE THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA. OUR AUSTRALIAN CONSTITUTION IS FRAMED TO PROTECT OUR COMMON LAW RIGHTS. (Something the Govt and the corporate world would rather that you do not know) This is the reason that the Australian Constitution is no longer taught in schools since 1975.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Spot on there Trace !
      It seems that these greedy five foreign owned Electric Power Companies have no conscience at all as they are all out to Serve Mammon and do not give a Tinker’s Cuss about human heallth or welfare. Mr O’Brien the past minister for power showed No Duty Of Care for Victorians Health or Welfare regarding these now proving to be extremely Dangerous Microwave so-called “Smart Meters.” These meters are now proving to be extremely dangerous to all life and not just Human Health.

      Apart from the Health Aspect these dopey Smart Meters have damaged and still do damage to peoples private electrical goods. Do you really believe that these Rapinely Greedy C.E.O’s of these foreign owned Power Companies care a hoot about your health and Wellfare or damage to your homes or your electrical goods get damaged by these Idiotic meters ? No they don’t, so be strong and padlock your electricity boxes and get your No Tresspass signs errected on your Electric Meter Boxes and on your front fences. Remember, first lock your Electric Meter Box and then get up your Legal No Trespass Signs with the $167,000:00 fine for anyone including the Smart Meter Installer Man to read.

    • Duane says:

      Umm. The Australian Constitution is most definitely taught in schools (at least it is in NSW – in History (Year 9&10 compulsory), Commerce (Year 9&10 elective) and Legal Studies (a year 11&12). And there are many reasons that a person may legally enter your property, without your permission, and not be committing trespass. Police, emergency services, even town planners (if you have lodged a development application and they need to inspect the site).

  73. TheBThing says:

    It’s important to fathom that the Victorian Government has told Power Distributors to not pursue those that hinder meter change overs. This may change once the budget period is complete.

    When period-tariffs are turned on, in coming months, those with analogue meters will be paying full rate 24/7 for power use. This could cause some people to ask for Smart Meters to be installed who has rejected them in the past as there could be a 60% increase in billing. A comeback is if you have power generation that can feed back power, you will gain full price return power which is not given to Smart-Meter users. Alternatively you could go off the grid with your own power generation ($8000-15000).

    Currently there are two main tactics to stopping Smart Meters;

    1. “Force Method” of blocking exchange. Both vigilante and or revolt.

    2. “Legal Argument” that asks who owns the existing analogue meter. This is rarely used as a tactic and is the only means that uses the system to combat the demands. This method can also include method 1.

    The situation is Power Distributors are arguing that they own ALL meters. If they do then they have a right to change them whilst you’re engaged in a contract to supply power. The fact of the matter is they could never have purchased all meters to begin with as the State Government didn’t own all of the meters to sell. This is the Achilles Heal of the Victorian Smart Meter project. The Victorian Government has tried to sell property of Citizens without carrying out a mass acquisition and ‘just compensation’ as the Constitution gives. If Citizens demand Power Distributors to prove ownership, and there is no evidence, then Power Distributors have no right to remove a working calibrated meter.

    • Belinda says:

      Curious to know has anybody here written to the Power companies asking for analogue meter proof of ownership ????

      TheBThing, you state “If they do then they have a right to change them whilst you’re engaged in a contract to supply power. ” I would argue that any right they have to put in a replacement meter stops with a meter that is just that ie. a meter or that which has metering functionality only

      The term “supply, metering or billing of electricity” in the Distribution Code paints a picture of an electricity distribution model which is NOT a smart metering model but one where the metering component only has the functionality of metering and nothing else

      As far as I’m concerned any legitimate exchange of meter can only be with another meter only, NOT A RADIO TRANSMITTER nor any other attached hardware or software functionality. And I think any legitimacy to introducing a totally new Distribution Model can only exist by the introduction of a totally new customer contract requiring new “contract engagement” or CONSENT from the customer that does not and can not exist in any existing contract engagement currently.

      • Sharron says:

        You’re spot-on there, Belinda. We have not entered into a ‘contract’ with any of those distributors, therefore does that not make smart meters ILLEGAL? Never mind the fact we have had fees extorted from us for almost three years now… customers being made to pay for a product they do not want!

        • Anonymous says:

          Sharron, I don’t know, where your calling from. But did you check your billing lately? Take some of your older bills, and compare them with your new billing. If there are any O’s in front of your account no., or behind, and were not there before, then you have accepted according to the “Electrical Co.” a new contract. I’m sure, that they did not even notify you. So if you have any O’s on your billing, compare with your older bills. Get to the Co. and let them correct it immediately. I almost fell in to the trap. I send a registered letter of no accepting the new billing. Followed up wit two e-mails, demanding that they correct immediately. If your bills are much higher , than previously, let them explain. Do not give up ! Good luck!

      • Francois says:

        I think one should always ask whether acts of state parliament over ride our Australian Constitution which I think is based on magna carta like most other western nations constitutions and Great Britain. The Australian Constitution clearly upholds over any act of state parliament that acts contrary or undermines the Constitution, otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth the piece of paper it were written on. I think people should have the mind set that the meters bolted onto their properties actually belong to them and not the power distribution companies, that is why they are bolted. Everything from the point of attachment (consumers terminals) right through to the last light globe, actually belongs to the consumer/homeowner. This includes the consumers mains (the cable running through the meter) and the wall/block & screws the meter is attached to, and since the state government had Unconstitutionally rid the peoples utilities, then clearly in my view, the meter belongs to the consumer/homeowner. What supposedly the distribution companies have taken ownership of is everything from their cable at your consumers terminals back to the generators at the power stations. And even then one has to question this as every Victorian is being forced to financially pay for the destruction of bush-fires caused by lack of maintenance from power companies, shame, shame, shame. If distribution companies want to install these solid state meters, then they should do so on there own poles, that is supposedly theirs, it’s not impossible to do, it would be done in a similar fashion to a normal meter, Just slap up an enclosure and fit their meter into that,. jobs done,

  74. Rik says:

    The problem I have is I’m in a rental property and cant put a padlock on the meterbox.
    How else can I lock the meter without it being seen from outside the meterbox? If I could padlock the meter inside then I’ll do that as the landlord cant see that but I cant cut a hole in the box or put a padlock on it as the landlord will see that.

    • Rik says:

      I have put a sticker over the box that says “NO SMART METER” and you need to rip that to open the meterbox and it can clearly be seen from the street so when I drive past I can see if its been opened or not. It was opened a few months ago and I’m guessing it was the meter reader. So far no smart meter installed.
      I’m having enough problems with the neighbours smart meters so there is no way I can have one on my place. The meter is right next to my lounge so if I get a smart meter I will no longer be able to sit in the lounge.

      • Louise says:

        I got on to this very late in the game. My partner and I rent and we received a letter telling us when SP Ausnet would be installing the meter. I called to say that I needed to present this to the owner first and that they should not install the meter.

        They ignored this and installed anyway. I did not have a sticker or padlock or anything. Is there anything I can do now?

        I’m really angry that they are taking away my right to choose not to have a smart meter, and then making me pay for the ‘pleasure’ of having something I didn’t want to begin with.

        Never mind all the other issues that I am finding out about on your site, which are smart meter related.

        • Sharron says:

          Hi Louise, I agree with all that you say – this is an ongoing problem here in Victoria to which the Energy minister (Michael O’Brien) is turning a blind eye, as well as his mate Ted Baillieu, the DPI and other government bodies. No-one wants to know about the many unwanted ‘side-effects’ of smart (dumb) meters once they are installed. There are absolutely no benefits to having one and of course they will lie and say that it is “mandated” when the truth is, Julia Gillard has said on The Project they will not be forced onto anyone!! We all must stand together on this issue – it will not go away, but neither will we and we are the majority… majority rules I say! The distributors are pig-headed liars out to squeeze even more profit from us consumers with their fascist greed-driven roll-out of this device that has NOT been tested on human health, transmits constant pulsing radation from house to house, is a fire risk, invasion of privacy, threat to the environment and all living things (including your pets).

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t know if your situation is too difficult Rik but is there any chance you could talk to your landlord ??? Perhaps there is a way of getting thru……….. ?

  75. Doctarock says:

    We recently purchased a house in Ballarat, it had a mechanical meter installed. We received no notification however this weekend we found our meter gone and a smart meter in place.

    We have no power going to the premises, no power contract at all (the house has had all its wiring stripped for renovations).

    We intend to have this meter removed, go off the grid if necessary. My wife is sensitive to EMF and this has been installed right outside what will be our bedroom.

    We have contacted lawyers, surely they cannot do this when I have no power contract and are bound by no agreements what so ever?

    Failing this I guess it will be a double layer of tin foil insulation in the walls.

    • Jason says:

      I’ll bet an arc-welder used on the meter would look just a short-circuit meltdown 😉
      Going off-grid is easily the best option. $6-$8 thousand would set up a house-hold sized system if usage was modified. Get in touch for ideas: 0351166127

      • Daniel says:

        Dear Jason
        Could you give me details on how to go off the grid/?I live in Gordon, NSW & the energy provider has tried once, sneakily by letter to ‘trial” a Smart meter(that could not be removed). Would gratley appreciate information in detail.

        • Informed Choice says:

          Hi Jason, I’m interested in off-grid and have written your contact details down for future reference. Your advice would be valuable to people like myself who are just fed up with being bullied by foreign-owned corporations whilst our government does nothing to help! Kind regards, IC

  76. Terry Grant says:

    We have refused to have a Smart Meter installed. We have lodged a letter refusing the installation with our power supplier in Melbourne and asked for a copy of the Government Legislation Act making in law to have a Smart Meter installed. The power company have responded in writing a number of times but to date have not provided the Government Act and penalty for non compliance because there is no law. We have also spoken to our local government and they are yet to supply this information because there is none.

    We have written to the Minster for Energy advising that we refuse a Smart Meter on medical grounds and breaches of privacy. We also sent a copy of this letter to the power company.

    Our meter box is locked and we have fitted a window for reading access. You should also place a notice in your window advising the installers that they are trespassing and will be prosecuted if they enter your property without permission. This is every home owners right.

  77. Ian Hill says:

    Get the Unions to place a ban on the handling of Smart Meters.

    • charmaine holmes says:

      this is an excellent idea. meter readers are one last realtively unskilled form of employment and this will be lost once metre readers are no longer required.

  78. Ian Drinkwater says:

    … I understand that the Smart Meters are being installed by “A qualified meter installer” which does not need to be a registered electrician or linesman. Can someone please tell is this correct ?

    • Peter says:

      Any electricians out there correct me if I am wrong, but an installer need only recieve training on the installation proceedure, but the actual installation has to be CERTIFIED by a licenced electrician, in other words the INSTALLER does not need to be a licenced electrician. Therefore the CERTIFYING (licenced) electrician, accepts responsibility for the installation.

  79. susan says:

    i have read all the comments on this site and feel very inspired with what must be done. i have recently been advised by united energy that i will have a smart meter installed soon. i have put up the signs on the meter box and paddlocked the box. it has been like that for some time and the meter man has always done an estimate. However i am afraid, just like everyone else that they may cut off the power. there must be more we can do to get the message across that the smart meter is an invasion of our privacy, bad for our health and hard on the pocket. i have also been investigaged the Bluegen technology, however it is very costly and will not be supplied to residential homes. I’m also wondering whether solar panels needs smart meters, maybe that is the way to go.

    • Sarah says:

      I”m not sure Susan, if this applies to where you are, but here in B.,C. they cannot cut off
      your power without a court order, neither can they throw you in jail as some were worried about. This is pure craziness, Lawyers please wake up, you are as much a victim as any one else!

      • Pete says:

        Sussan / Sarah / ALL,

        Just a quick note that I feel has to be said… neither of the power companies CANNOT FINE YOU. Firstly, you’ve got Giulia Gillard on video stating that its not compulsory for starters, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. So all you have to do is write this:
        “Subject to the Imperial Acts Application Act, Section 8 Subsection 12, states ‘That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction, are illegal and void’.” This basically means that no one has any legal leg to stand on if they issue you a fine because first you’ll need to be convicted of something (here you cannot be convicted of anything because there are no victims) and secondly, it is illegal and void because you haven’t been in front of a court and convicted of anything).” Know this well as it is VERY important ALL of us know this act. It can be found here:

        Click to access 1986-93.pdf

        It is your right (in the bill of rights) to tell them that you do not wish to have a smart meter installed. Tell them that you will initiate litigation proceedings and sue their big fat proverbial if they trespass on your property.

        Those people who have received a fine… (A) I’d love to see one in real life and (B) IF you do get one… IMMEDIATELY make a request for revocation and file it with the Magistrates’ court in your area, preferably in the major city to have it heard. You’ll see that if you do this, most probably the fine will be revoked but if it goes further to court, you can make an application for costs. If everyone who has received a fine did the above (I do not know of anyone who has), you’ll soon see that they will stop because it will cost them millions. All these power companies are, are big bullies. Stand and fight !

  80. Greta says:

    Peter, this is for you – as you wanted to hear from anyone who has had a response to your question, as given below…

    I have been in rapid email communication with SP AusNet over the last five days and turned away a smart “meter” installer earlier this week who threatened they would eventually “pull the plug” on our supply. SP AusNet subsequently confirmed “we are not disconnecting electricity supplies”.

    Today I posed your question: “Do I have the democratic right to refuse the installation of a ‘smart meter’ without penalty, YES or NO ?”

    SP Ausnet’s email response is: “At this stage there will be no penalty. However, we are unable to advise as to whether this will remain or penalties will be introduced in the future.”

    Best wishes to one and all,

    • Peter says:

      Very interesting Greta, but I belieave distributors CANNOT impose a penalty, they can ONLY recover costs. The information you have here should go on the ‘share your story’ and ‘forum’ pages, as this is vital evidence they CANNOT DISCONNECT or impose a penalty for refusing one of these devices.

      If those are the words they used, then it indicates that ‘YES, WE DO HAVE THE DEMOCRATIC RIGHT TO REFUSE’, and without penalty!

      Many thanks for taking the time to post this information on theis site.

      • Junkrig says:

        Hi Peter & Greta,
        We may have the legal right to refuse installation but what about a possible 60% increase in price for people on the old meters?

        Is there any truth to the post by, TheBThing
        January 30, 2013 at 1:20 am
        It’s important to fathom that the Victorian Government has told Power Distributors to not pursue those that hinder meter change overs. This may change once the budget period is complete.

        When period-tariffs are turned on, in coming months, those with analogue meters will be paying full rate 24/7 for power use. This could cause some people to ask for Smart Meters to be installed who has rejected them in the past as there could be a 60% increase in billing. A comeback is if you have power generation that can feed back power, you will gain full price return power which is not given to Smart-Meter users. Alternatively you could go off the grid with your own power generation ($8000-15000).

        • Peter says:

          Hi Junkrig
          I fail to see how the distributors are going to justify 60% increases if you choose to REMAIN on your flat rate. The ONLY justification will be VICTIMISATION! I have said many times before, if people beleive they can benefit from one of these devices, they should pay for them. The analogue system is up running and paid for, so there is no added cost for remaing with the analogue system, the added cost is for the smart meter rollout.

    • Jason says:

      Well done Greta! The opposition builds.

  81. Robyn says:

    Recently after having the smart meter installed for only 3 weeks, we had our main fuse box catch on fire (electrician has no answer as to why, just that we are lucky we still have our house), are very health rabbit who lives only 2 metres away from the smart meter died. My husband has been experiencing headaches.

    • Well Aware says:

      So sorry to hear this. It is NOT FAIR and there are many more victims of loss from the dumb meters. I pray for CLASS ACTION against the bastard energy companies, can’t happen soon enough and they deserve all they get…and MORE!

      • Cloe says:

        I have just signed a lease on a cottage in a rural area between Kyneton and Castlemaine. I’ve just discovered there are THREE smart meters on the one house – installed without knowledge or permission by the owners. Apparently the previous resident/pensioner had three different concessions so the so-called Smart Meter needs two other companions to read these. From what I’ve read on a huge number of different blogs, so far, unless a Class Action is successful, already-installed meters will not be removed. So I’m stuck with three. I’ve decided the best way to protect myself will be to cover a large area of the wall backing these meters, inside the house, with lead sheeting. Hopefully this will deflect some of the radiation emitted by the three meters. I hope.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hi Cloe
          Lead will not reflect radiation but should absorb most of it very effectively. Good thinking!

        • Peter says:

          If using absorption methods, the usual thing to do is to use a conductive covering (any form of metal such as steel/copper/aluminium foil/metallic fly wire etc.) which is at least 3-4 wavelengths wide/high to attenuate the RF signal. The more the better! If your smart meter is operating at 800mhz (mobile phone freq for example), then 0.375m is one wavelength. If it is 2.4ghz (WiFi), then 0.125m is one wavelength.
          By placing the attenuator as close as possible (say on the wall behind it) you will attenuate a large proportion of the signal in that direction. The waves will bend around the attenuator, but you will be in the ‘shadow’. Handy if you want to cover the bedroom wall with a smart meter on the outside. Don’t leave any openings such as doors, as these will allow the RF signal to go through. You can cover your door and have it electrically contact the wall using a wire connector. The door must be closed for this to work. Hope this helps.

      • Jason says:

        And let’s not leave our politicians and bureaucrats out;

    • Peter says:

      Hi Robyn

      I’m very sorry to hear of your experience with your new ‘surveillance and control devise’, I hope you took photographs of the fire damage and sent them to Energy Safe Victoria, the DPI, and minister O’Brien, who ONLY RECENTLY assured us that these things ‘DO NOT CAUSE FIRES’!

    • Peter says:

      Hi Robyn

      Do you have any photographs that could be posted on this site?

  82. Tania says:

    Back in November (I’m in regional NSW) I hadn’t even heard of smart meters. The guy who came to read the meter (or so I thought ) told me there was a problem with the existing meter and was it okay to put a new one in. I said that was strange as it was not even two years old. He mentioned something about storms in the area. Alarm bells should have rung when I asked him if he had trouble reading the meter, and he said he was able to get the reading. I didn’t think much about it until I realized my bills were going up and up with a two hundred dollar increase and no real reason for it. Found an identical smart meter online just yesterday and ended up here. I’m angry and upset and I’m not sure what I can do. Is there a way of insisting on a replacement analogue one? What rights do I have? I know in the US you can buy your own kit to replace it and have it installed by an electrician. Is this a possibility?

    • Pete says:

      Hello Tania

      I’m sorry to welcome you to this fiasco.

      Whenever I see people in your position, I suggest you WRITE to your electricity provider and DEMAND the removal of their surveillance and control device. (they call them ‘smart meters’) I would suggest that you make VERY CLEAR that when you agreed to a replacement meter that: (a) you were told what appears to be a lie, ie, your old meter was damaged. and (b) you assumed your meter would be replaced with a LIKE meter.

      They will almost certainly refuse stating ‘they are obliged by law to install them’. Ask for a copy of this law, which in all probability will state ‘they are to use their best endeavors to install a remotely read interval meter’. If it is the same legislation as here in Victoria. It does not say they HAVE to install these devices.

      If they are using the same legislation in NSW as Victoria, they will say there is a ‘no opt out’ legislation, and refer to legislation requiring ‘clear and unhindered access to their equipment’, this legislation at no point says that a customer CAN NOT refuse the installation of one of these devices. For such laws to exist then we MUST be governed by dictators.

      Here in Victoria, customers are locking their meter boxes, these belong to the customer, and cutting a window so that the meter can still be read. This seems to be the only way to prevent the installation of these devices.

      This whole mess boils down to one major question which neither the government nor the distributors will answer. “DO WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY OR A CORPORATE DICTATORSHIP”.

      i suggest you have a good read through this web site, there is a lot of helpfull information. Good luck and please keep this site informed of your progress.

    • Tamara Hicks says:

      Dear Tania,
      Please read the Herald sun article available and printable from their site “Smart meters too toxic to touch” [Sydney Morning Herald and Melton Weekly Times – Moderator] then get in contact with your energy minister and local MP

    • Collinb says:

      It appears there is little a customer can do to stop smart meter installations because under section 93 of the Electricity Industry Act 2000 (Vic) we are copelled by LAW?
      1.3 To whom and how this Code applies
      1.3.4 Each customer must comply with this Code to the extent that an obligation to do so
      is included as a term or condition in a contract for the supply of electricity by a
      distributor or the sale of electricity by a retailer, to the customer or in a deemed
      distribution contract. (maybe we don’t have a written agreement?)
      3.3 Distributor’s equipment on customer premises
      3.3.1 A customer must:
      (a) not interfere, and must use best endeavours not to allow interference with the
      distributor’s distribution system including any of the distributor’s equipment
      installed in or on the customer’s premises; and
      3.3.2 Provided official identification is produced by the distributor’s representatives on
      request, a customer must provide to the distributor’s representatives at all times
      convenient and unhindered access:
      (a) to the distributor’s equipment for any purposes associated with the supply,
      metering or billing of electricity; and
      (b) to the customer’s electrical installation for the purposes of:
      • the inspection or testing of the customer’s electrical installation for the
      purpose of assessing whether the customer is complying with this Code;
      • connecting, disconnecting or reconnecting supply,
      and safe access to and within the customer’s premises for the purposes described in
      this clause 3.3.2.
      3.3.3 If necessary, the customer must provide safety equipment and appropriate safety
      instructions to representatives of the distributor to ensure safe access to the
      customer’s premises.
      11.3 Customer’s obligation to remedy
      A customer must use best endeavours to remedy any non-compliance with this
      Code within the time period specified in any notice of non-compliance sent by a
      distributor in accordance with clause 11.2.2.
      12.1 Non-compliance
      A distributor may disconnect supply to a customer’s supply address if:
      (a) the customer has not fulfilled an obligation to comply with this Code as
      notified under clause 11.2.2; and
      (b) the distributor has given the customer 5 business days’ written notice of
      disconnection (such notice to be in addition to the notice referred to in clause
      11.2.2); and
      (c) the customer fails to comply with the notice or enters into an arrangement to
      comply but fails to comply with that arrangement.
      A distributor and a customer must comply with the Electricity Customer Metering

      Will anyone with a Legal Background please comment?

      • Peter says:

        Hi Collinb
        Asking for free legal advice is like asking a dentist to cure your tooth ach free of charge or any professional for free advice.
        All the stuff you have quoted; is the usual ‘smoke and mirrors’ legislation churned out time and again by the distributors/government. The legislation is there and what it tells you is what rights the DISTRIBUTORS have. What the distributors/government will NOT tell you is what rights YOU as a customer have.
        They will NOT quote the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Article 7 (no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experiment)
        Article 17 of the same document, (no one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honor and reputation)
        Australia is a signatory to this covenant, which is one of the reasons why the federal government will not commit to a human rights bill for Australia.

        The distributors/government will NOT tell you your rights under the Victorian Consolidated Legislation Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 sect 10c (a person must not be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent)

        That this is an experiment is born out by an AREMA document referring to an AS4755 which states ‘there is nothing like this in the world’.

        I have asked the DPI what trials/research has been carried out in this field, no reply.

        Energy Safe Victoria claims these devises are safe after reviewing ALL AVAILEABLE evidence, several submissions to the draft document by qualified Australians suggesting errors in some of the available evidence but were dismissed, probably because it did not suit the governments’ agenda.

        As for privacy, an Essential Services Commission document AND a Powercor/Citipower document both refer to ‘profiling a customers electricity use’ via these surveillance devices, by 2020, they also intend to have gas and water surveillance devices installed!

        Collin, if you want answers to your submission, I suggest you write to your distributor and the government and ask, “Do I have the democratic right to refuse the installation of a ‘smart meter’ without penalty, YES or NO’, over the last 12 months or so, I have asked this question several times, and have had no reply. I ask you, what does this tell you? If you get a reply, I would like to see it posted here on this site.

        • Collin says:

          Thanks Peter,
          I was not really asking for free legal advise, more to do with finding out what “qualified experience” others have and the legal consequences (if any) that persons have experienced. I too have written many letters to the distributors, governments, ministers and have had little “concrete advise” other than their usual reference to the Acts and government mandates I have mentioned.

          I have been apparently served final notice from UE that they are going to install a smart meter. Its padlocked up and signed all-over and declarations have been sent to all concerned. It will be interesting to see what happens now, but personally cannot afford a costly legal battle or life without power?
          It seems that no one on this forum has actually mentioned any real conclusive success on stopping the SM installation with a definite response from government or distributors on their actions so far?

      • Absolutely Incensed says:

        Colinb, you may be interested in Absolutely Incensed’s replies (currently awaiting moderation) to Sue in the following thread

        Also have more to say in response to the points you raise. Please keep a lookout here over the coming days.

      • Absolutely Incensed says:

        Colinb, by now it’s clear to everyone that refusing smart meter installation is not breaking the law. The only other thing is where does our relationship with our distributor stand ?
        Very very sour to put it in very polite terms.
        However, the Distribution Code is what you could say to be the agreement document between ourselves and what is just a private organisation.
        When we lock our meter boxes, we are accused of denying them access to their equipment. This claim is BOGUS because they know that we are not actually denying them access to their equipment. What we are stopping them from doing is bringing an unwanted unsafe toxic piece of equipment onto our premises. They know that. If they want to access their equipment for any genuine purpose that doesn’t have any ulterior motive, why on earth would we stop them. If they want to take their equipment and go, why would we stop them ? It is their equipment after all.
        Distribution code says
        3.3.2 Provided official identification is produced by the distributor’s representatives on
        request, a customer must provide to the distributor’s representatives at all times
        convenient and unhindered access:
        (a) to the distributor’s equipment for any purposes associated with the supply,
        metering or billing of electricity;
        This in NO WAY gives them any automatic right to install a smart meter onto our properties. If we look at the term “the supply, metering or billing of electricity”, the word “OR” implies mutual exclusivity. In other words this document applies to a distribution model having three distinct and separate components ie. supply is supply, metering is metering and billing is billing. This is a the current pre smartmetering/pre AMI (Advance Metering Infrastructure) model. It’s a simple model. It involves a fixed line of supply. Customer uses electricity as they choose . Usage is measured (with meter that functions only as a meter). Customer is billed and pays. That’s the only distribution model for which we have any legitimate agreement with the Distributor for the purchase of electricity. The name “smart meter” is a deception. It contains the word “meter”, but functionality wise, this “apparatus” is no mere meter. It is a fully integrated device whose purpose and function is way outside the bounds implied by the word “metering” or the term “the supply, metering or billing of electricity”. The installation of such a device is no mere meter upgrade which is what they are trying to flog it off to us as.

        The fact that some tatty little modifications were made in January and April of 2011 in version 6 of the Distribution Code document are evidence that the document was never set up to support a AMI distribution model. See comments……

        6January 2011 To implement the Commission’s Smart Meter Regulatory
        Review Final Decision, clause 6.3.4 has been amended
        6 April 2011 To implement the Commission’s Smart Meter Regulatory
        Review Final Decision:
         the following clauses have been amended: 6.3.4, 12.3, 12.4, 13.1.2 and 19
         clause has been inserted

      • Absolutely Incensed says:

        The fact of the matter is that the only reason any distributor has ANY equipment on our premises is because WE HAVE ALLOWED IT. No distributor came onto any property and said we are going to initiate supply to your premises. It was we who requested for electricity supply to be provided. And when we requested for electricity to be connected, it is we who were actually saying “we have no problem with the equipment you are using therefore come and supply us with electricity”. There has NEVER BEEN any legitimate agreement with the distributor for the purchase of electricity under an AMI distribution model.

        For a Distribution Company to try and use the existing distribution code as means of persuasion for us to allow the installation of a smart meter is itself a MISUSE and in actual fact A BREACH BY THE DISTRIBUTION COMPANY of that very code that they would falsely accuse us of being non compliant with. Our obligation stops within the boundaries of the existing distribution model. If within these boundaries they wish to change their equipment, thats fine eg. replacement of meter with similar device.

        Clearly, the Distribution Code as it stands is an inadequate document to support any agreement between between customer and distributor for purchase of electricity under an AMI model and to try and pass it of as anything else is only AN ATTEMPT BY THE BACK DOOR to get the “smart meters” installed.

        If you want to LEGITIMATELY change the Distribution Model (which is not just a mere upgrade of equipment), then the existing Distribution Code must go out the door and a new Distribution Code must come into effect. There is huge disincentive for the Distribution Companies to introduce a new Distribution Code document because to do so would OPENLY HIGHLIGHT THE NECESSARY REQUIREMENT OF MUTUAL AGREEMENT TO FACILITATE VALIDITY OF CONTRACT between purchaser and supplier ie. customer and distributor. Thus they have chosen to attempt to sneak in AMI by STEALTH by using the existing inadequate and inappropriate agreement so that they would not have to OPENLY seek consent for which they already know that the overwhelming response would have been “stick your dirty stinking smart meter”.

  83. Anon says:

    If I say no to a smart meter, will they cut my power off? How does that work??

    • Ms Rebel says:

      They will not cut your power off, it is an essential service. As long as you can still pay your bills then they should be happy, besides they have a lot of revenue to lose with ALL the thousands of others NOT allowing their smart (dumb) meter to be installed!

  84. Pete says:

    Re the Governments statement that ‘the customer cannot refuse the distributors CHOICE of meter’. How can it be the distributors CHOICE, if the government has legislated that ‘they are to use their best endeavours to fit them’?

  85. Peter says:

    I’m glad to see other states listed on the petition, Qld, NSW, NT. I urge all the regular readers to send this site link to all their interstate friends, the AMI rollout is a COAG agreement, (All Australian state governments have agreed to proceed with this total abuse of power) It seems that for some reason Victoria and NSW were allowed to ‘lead the way’, in my oppinion to an undemocratic Australia

  86. Sharron says:

    There is no LAW that states you have to have an ‘Unsmart’ meter installed. It is time the arrogant Liberal government led by Ted (Fail You) started paying for their mistakes BIG TIME! We should not sit idle but stand united against this pathetic example of ‘leadership’ and hold THEM accountable. Write letters, sign every petition, spread the word, let these people know that WE MATTER, not their loss of tax-payer funded money. They waste money every single day on totally USELESS projects that we the public don’t want or need and that will NEVER change!!!

  87. Peter says:

    Re; DEMANDING the removal of a device that was installed against your will and without your consent.
    Is there a LAW stating that power companies HAVE to install these devices? …… NOPE!
    Is there a LAW which says the power companies CANNOT install an analogue Meter?…NOPE!
    Is there a LAW which specifically says a customer cannot refuse one of these devices?…NOPE!
    Is there a Law which says the power companies can disconnect a customer specifically for refusing to have one of these devices installed?…….NOPE!
    For the government to pass such laws, Baillieu will have to declare himself a dictator, and Victoria a dictatorship.
    Are you refusing to have your electricity metered?……..Nope!
    Are you refusing to pay for your electricty?……….Nope!
    I have always ended all my correspondence with ‘I refuse to have one of these devices installed in my home under any circumstances’. and locked my meter box. I still have my analogue meter.
    Unfortunately, the sad fact is, that the power companies know that if they can get these things installed by fair means or foul, they have won, hence the foul means, by the way it appears that the installers are paid for each meter they install, I’m not sure if this is on top of their costs, yet another reason for their underhand ways?

    • Vickie says:

      People say, just demand they remove the Smart Meter that was installed against your will, yes thats easy, the demanding part, will they remove it? NO, I think by telling this to members it gives people false hope that they simply demand the removal of the meter and it will be removed, just a note to people around the Aspendale to Chelsea area, this area was done some months ago, now they are revisiting people who had previously refused, I have heard they are using bolt cutters on locks, and coming much more heavy on people claiming they can no longer refuse installation, does anyone have any news regarding this? the people who have told me this are close to me and I trust their information. Keep Fighting ! regards Vickie

      • Pete says:

        Hi Vickie

        How do we KNOW for sure the power companies will not remove their device? I was simply pointing out that there is no LAW by which the power companies can force a Victorian customer to have one of these devices FORCED on them against their will and without their consent. Before a class action is concidered, I feel that ALL avenues must be explored, other wise we may be jumping the gun. As for installers using bolt cutters. Were the police called to investigate damage to the customers property? (possibly even ‘breaking and entering?) NOBODY has the right to damage your proprty. That is a different issue altogether, how much more blatant abuse are Victorians going to cop?

  88. denece blylevens says:

    I live in Toronto nsw, was left a letter from Ausgrid saying they will be here tomorrow to install my new smart meter, I checked my meter box and they have already installed a new meter but not a smart meter yet.I rang and told them not to install one, I was told this is a advanced meter with a airial? No health problems like the one’s in Victoria .if I don’t accept this offer I will be made!! To have a old model smart meter .what do I do now?

    • Stand up for our rights says:

      Sounds like the lie even more in NSW than in Victoria. They are trying everything to force them on people. We Aussies have been too gullible for too long – question – who’s going to make you have it? Is you power being metered? are you paying your bill? We own the meter box – that’s why mine is locked with windows for them to read the meter – I will NOT BE HAVING ONE – I now know a lot more about contract law and our constitution than I used too. Come on Aussies, don’t be “told” what you will do, stand up for your rights to protect your rights. Spread the word far and wide – this is such a big “stealth move” all over Australia – they are trying different things in different States to fool us. They are calling them different names, and feeding us more and more propaganda.
      Do your own research, make your own decision and make your stand based on what you believe your rights to be. Come on Aussies, stand for something or you will fall for anything.

    • vickie says:

      Does this mean NSW has a safer new meter than the Victorian smart meter, I am confused. no wonder you are too

      • Peter says:

        Hi Vickie

        There is a COAG agreement that there MUST be commonallity covering ALL states, as at a later date this AMI is to be implimented nationaly, but this is where Victoria and NSW are pushing ahead on their own. The big danger is, that if the other states do not accept what these two states are doing and go in a different direction, we are going to be left with an even bigger blow out, to fall in line with the other states, or be isolated from them as far as the AMI is concerned. Therefore I guess that Victoria and NSW are using the same devices.

        • Vickie says:

          Thanks Peter, It was quoted on radio by memory from the Spokesman for the ETU that apparently these cheap Indian Imported meters that they are installing in our homes they are buying for as little as $4 a meter, I am not sure whether different Power Companies use different meters, but I guess it doesnt really matter which so called smart meter it is, the fact is that they produce radiation and affect Human, Animal, Plant and Insect life along with having a devastating affect on Migratory birds and our whole Ecosystem. The saddest part in this whole saga is the Government and Greedy Power Companies are not listening to us or the Scientific Evidence that proves that all living beings may already be experiencing the effects of Radiation Poisoning from the millions of Smart Meters already installed and the many towers that exist and are being built. take my word for it when i say this in my opinion, …..ONE DAY SOMEONE WILL PAY FOR THIS BIGTIME !!!!!

          • Vickie says:

            Just thought I would post this for all to see, It is Scientific proof of the affects of radiation from these so called smart meters,

          • Pete says:

            I’m not sure where these devices come from, but I totally agree, the sad part is, WE are paying for it right now, both financially and with our health. No doubt about it Vickie, the Victorian government has sold the control of our own homes, our democracy, privacy and security to these foreign companies. We have been betrayed for money.

  89. Matthew Young says:

    I have recently moved into a block Flats, and after I’d moved in I had to look for the power meters. To my surprise I found the meter boards attached to the outside wall of my bedroom with at least 6 smart meters already installed. I have been suffering from headaches and migraines regularly since I moved in. I never usually get them. I would like something done, but I’m unsure on what I should do. Any advice you can give me would be great. Thanks for your time.
    Kind Regards
    Matthew Young

    • Chihaya says:

      Hi Matthew,

      Sorry to hear about your health problems due to this DUMB smart meter. I’ve seen some Americans(who already had that) demanding them to remove it but I don’t know the outcome. Barrie Trower, a retired UK Military/Intel expert who’s been warning us about Wi-Fi which is a WEAPON(it uses same power and frequency of weapons) said in an interview that you’d need a sheet of alminium that they’d use for building. I even wore some layers of alminium foil(LOL) under a hat when I went to a library where I’d get a headache due to their Wi-Fi within 5min of using their computer and I think it worked a bit but you’d need some legitimate sheet to protect you. Another one is that I heard from a guy, explaining the same thing you can see here,
      Oops, he changed the layout… That page had a link to “Solar panels” where showing how to avoid EMR from solar panels you installed in your house…. Here it is!
      The guy(above mentioned) said that you need the antenna of the smart meter should be out of this mesh box thingy. Don’t know if it’d work. I’d go for aluminum sheet.. perhaps start with a mid size… if it makes difference, then try and cover the wall(or major part next to your bed) with a bigger sheet. Good luck!

  90. Maud Crossing says:

    …a fairly long video but a worthwhile watch. Exposes not only the privacy aspects of smart meters
    but the very real health concerns being experienced in other countries and in Australia. It all makes one wonder why governments are only just beginning to wake up to the greedy energy companies which are putting profits before the health and welfare their clients in this way.
    The ever increasing use of electro magnetic radiation devices could well end up being the scourge of the 21st century.

  91. Alex says:

    I really don’t like the idea of installing a smart meter .is nothing smart about them , except they are smart enough to make us stupid and sick. Let’s get together and fight this sceme .

  92. Anonymous says:

    Hi all have recieved mail about smart meter installation then recieved another letter informing me installation will take place from Monday 16/4/12 – 30/4/12.Stumbled across this site and have used the letter to send off thanks very much to Peter Ellis and everyone else on here i have put sign on meter box and front fence,locked meter box ,this is now happening in Newborough but what i find strange is no one is really discussing this issue!!

    • Kathleen says:

      Well, we live in a very bullied and “cowered” and affluent society now. It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to stand up to “authorities” ,whether they be big corporations or government. (One and the same?). Most people are too busy clamouring for scraps from the bread and circuses routine. Good on you. My fight’s begun too. They may win in the end, but I’m not going down without a squeak!!

    • trevor says:

      hi imTrevor from Churchill ,we are meeting at the Churchill Shopping centre tomorrow the 19th of may,2012 at around 10am to hand out leaflets informing the Locals here of the Dangers of Smart Meters and that they should resist the current Roll out and Takle Action By Locking there meter Boards and providing visible access for the meter readers….COME ON DOWN!……..

  93. Liv says:

    Hi All, I have just rec’d the first letter to install the “Smart Meter” Aside from NOT wanting this anywhere near my Family Im worried this Smart meter is going to set my house on fire, we have an older home and my Hubby has done a lot of the renovations to our home including the wiring, his is a do it yourself kind of person he knows what he is doing but is not an electrician.. Iv had our house checked out by a mate of ours who is an electrician and he has told me a lot of the wiring in our house will need replacing “one day” and also our Meterbox, We have just had another baby so Im not working at the moment, We cant afford to replace the wiring and Meterbox not even on mates rates at the drop of a hat.. What do they expect people to do when faced with this.. Im also worried they will inspect my Meterbox and tell me its all fine and a Smart Meter can be installed…….when i know this is not the case… I no i cant be the only house out there like this…….

    • Take the Power Back says:

      Many are using the forms and information that others have put forward under the
      “I understand that Contract law requires CONSENT” link on this site under “What Actions you can take”
      A word of warning – there is a high probability from feedback to this site, that you will be bullied if you phone – so don’t waste your time phoning and they may trick you into “implied consent” just do everything in writing and if they phone, tell them you will not discuss it, you want it in writing. People are reporting back that if they have the “no trespass” sign at the entry to the property they are being left alone at the moment. Many are being told “verbally” !!! you will have to pay a $1000 if you don’t, others are being told by Power Dist and installers you will have your power cut off (we note no-one has received anything in writing) the only thing that has been put in writing is there is a “set procedure that will be followed prior to disconnection” but good luck with finding out the set procedure because the Power Dist will say contact the DPI and the DPI will say they don’t have it at this stage. So no doubt “it” is being worked out behind closed doors, more stealth!!! and attacks on our rights. The Consumer Action Law Centre does state in their submission to the AMI Review last year that the code saying we must provide access to the meter to the the Power Company, has never been tested. Well Guess what, it will be by all of us who TOTALLY REFUSE TO HAVE A “METER” REPLACED WITH A “DEVICE” which is what a smart meter is.

  94. Carmela Leone says:

    I’ve already had a meter installed at my house. It was done while I wasn’t home, last year. I intend to ask Powercor to remove it. I am going to say that it was installed against my consent, and that as it is my understanding that it is not mandatory to have a Smart Meter, I should like it removed. I have no idea how this will go, but I don’t think I have any other avenue.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is mandatory after the last review the govt did in Dec 2011. To go ahead and proceed with installations to the remaining people.
      So far, only a doctor’s certifcate siting ill health can suspend installation. I am guessing until the get a court injunction to force it upon those that have said no on the grounds of health. If they do not do that…then they can increase the power fees so that those on the old system get forced off of it! The sneaky tactics of bullying companies are many! I would use the contract law reasoning for getting rid of it…. 1.. Takes both parties to agree to have a contract – which you did not give permission….they were tresspassing!

  95. Pete says:

    Me again.

    I have been trying for weeks to get an answer from the power companies and the DPI, as to what will happen to customers who continue to refuse the installation of a surveillance and control device.

    As usual, they refer me from one to the other, so it appears that neither want to answer the question and prefer to just keep bullying more customers into accepting these things.

    It seems to me that we all need to be demanding an answer to this question. Below is a copy of my latest email to Powercor.

    ‘I read through The references you have sent me.

    Section 3.3.2: The reason I have locked my meter box; is to prevent the installation of surveillance and control devise to my home. I refuse to accept your description of these devices as a ‘smart METER’, a meter simply measures. It does not; collect data of a private nature, it does not transmit that data, it does not have the ability turn power ‘off’, ‘on’ or reduce power and does not have a radio. Your devices have all of these functions and more.


    As you have said on many occasions, you are simply ‘obliged’ (not forced) to use your ‘best endeavour’ to install these devices, does that include bullying your customers by threatening to cut off supply?

    If protecting myself from this gross denial of my human rights is against the law, then so be it!’

    Feel free to send your own copy.


  96. pete says:

    Hi Guys

    If you had any doubts about what surveillance and control devices are about, have a look and see just what sort of information they can collect!

    regards Pete

  97. Pete says:

    Yes, well done Kylie, the more Victorian electricity ‘CUSTOMERS’ who follow your stance, the more the government and power companies are going to have to take notice.

    With reference to the exploding surveillance and control devices, this raises so many questions. If six of these things have exploded since Christmas, how come we are only hearing about them now, and how many since the roll out began?

    What, if any trials were carried out in Victoria before the implementation of this AMI? If none were carried out, then not only is the Brumby government culpable, but the Baillieu government is more so, as they were very critical of the system before the last election, but decided to carry on with the rollout; without change; after the election, based purely on cost grounds with no other apparent consideration. Are Victorians all involved in an unannounced trial? This would be contravening Charter of Human Rights Act 2006-sect 10 10(c)

    The electricity act 2000 sect 46D (d) says that the Governor in Council may: ‘require trials of technologies to be conducted by or on behalf of the power companies, to determine the most COST EFFECTIVE methods for delivery of advanced metering infrastructure and associated services and systems and specify the nature and timing of those trials’. It appears that these trials were never carried out in Victoria; as evidenced by the recent reported explosions. Items (j)- (j) state that the power companies must give the customers information with regard to this system, but then item (k) seems to give the companies/government the right to gloss over or omit information as it sees fit.

    The essential services act 2001 sect 8A 2(d) states that the commission must have ‘regard’ to ‘the relevant health, safety, environmental and social legislation applying TO THE INDUSTRY’, does not even refer to the customer!

    2(ii) (f)of the same act also states that there must be consistency in regulation between states and on a national basis. The other states appear to have different regulations, as some say the AMI is not ‘mandated’ in their states.

    At least the Labour government had the guts to admit they got the roofing insulation wrong and abandoned the scheme. What does it take for the Baillieu government to do like-wise? Do we have to have some one killed or crippled, or houses catching fire as in the roof insulation fiasco? (this may well be already happening!)

    In my oppinion, there are far too many unknowns and risks involved with this relatively new and untried technology, it is totally irresponsible to carry on putting life, limb and home at risk and should be called to a halt before it is too late.


    • Raelene Porter says:

      Hi Pete
      I live in Drouin and have followd all the steps and sent my letters off and got a reply this morning from SP Ausnet the smart meter installer who is installing the meters and it said that the government review has been done and my property has now been mandated by the government to go ahead and install them. It says that they are legally obliged to install the meter at my property. Do you know if there is anything more I can do. My meter box is locked and has signs all over it. Thanks Raelene

      • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

        Have you followed these steps
        If the Power Distributor replies to my first letter or still sends another installation notice – ignoring my first letter, I will be sending this letter Letter 2 Prohibition of undue harassment

      • Annon says:

        I live not too far from you and have locked my box, have a medical certificate and have sent SP AUSnet, the Electro company and Minister lots of docs from USA, UK and Germany siting incidences occuring, and issues many countries are now waking up to this catastrophe. The World Health Org that SP AUSnet said was agreeing that these meters were ok….was a 2005 doc and it certainly did not say it was ok….the jury was out on what the long term effects could be. 7 years later, the ”W.H.O.” has far more literature to read online and it is funny (not haha funny) to see that the jury is now swinging to our way of thinking. DO NOT let them install the monitoring device. Stick with your gut and fight like many people I have told to do. NO ONE knows what the devasting long term effects will be and I for one will not use myself or my family as guinea pigs to test this out! Better still…let the money hunger electric companies install them in all their CEO homes and get back to us all in 10-15 years time and tell me everyone is 100% healthy and no issues evolved from these meters. Other than the health issue….I want to get their information sent to me (so I can do as I please with it)….like they ask of us. I want to know when they are home and use their appliance and more! ”Casue they are asking this of us…..MONITORING us like back in the War days! We supposedly live in a democratic country with rights…..well I have not agreed to anything and I do not want to be pressured into having no control over what I do and do not do….so heaven help the govt in the next election! Good luck and ensure you uphold your wishes!

      • Pete says:

        Hi Raelene

        I’m sorry I did not get back straight away, I hope I am not too late. Keep your meter box locked! The power companies are ‘playing on words’, note, ‘they are OBLIGED not forced to ‘use their best endeavours to install these devices’. It is up to the power companies what they do. You are not denying access for maintenance etc, you are denying access to defend yourself from the installation of a device against your will and consent. If they have installed this device, you can demand its removal if it was installed against your will and consent. Make the power companies PROVE that what they are saying is true!

        • Vickie says:

          Hey Pete, re if you have one of these dangerous devices installed you can demand its removal, hmm if only it was so easy.

          • Pete says:

            Hi Vickie, as you say, demanding is as simple as a letter, persistance is a little harder, as I said, make the power companies PROVE their statements.

  98. Clare Haywood says:

    Ryan, you are so right, the article was from last year. Think I need new glasses!


  99. Lets take the power back says:

    Well done Kylie, we all need to stand strong – Smart meters are a total erosion of our rights as we know them.

  100. Kylie says:

    Hi all. An update on my experience to avoid having a dumb meter installed at my home…a rental property. (please see post above for preview to this).
    So I received a phone call from Powercor on the morning of the intended meter installation, to inform me of the installers name and contact details. At that point I cancelled the appointment and stated clearly that I did not want a smart meter installed at my home. The Powercor rep. assured me that the installer was licensed and that all would be fine, they are totally safe, blah blah blah and when I reiterated that I wouldn’t be having one installed, he said that I didn’t have a choice. I then explained that I did, and he asked if I’d spoken to the DPI. My answer, “Yes”. He then said that if I was interested I could read the Order in Council which states that I must have a smart meter installed and that I do not have a choice. I replied “It seems you have been misinformed or perhaps interpreted the Order in Council incorrectly as it states nothing of the sort. I’ve thoroughly read the Order in Council, the update to the legislation and I’ve spoken to my lawyer and I will not be having a smart meter installed at my home!” He then said that he would make a note of this on my file (my file???) and that he would have to look into sending out some further correspondence. I received this correspondence 3 days later….a large envelope containing a letter addressing my points (basically denying it has misled the public and a whole lot of other information about how they comply with current standards and current privacy laws and directing me to the websites I have already looked at) and stating that by 2013 every home in Victoria will have a smart meter including mine. The pack also included the Essential Services Commision “Electricity Distribution Code” Jan 2006 and Jan 2011 version 6 as well as the Victorian Government Gazette No G 2 Thursday 11 January 2007. Also a copy (printed from the internet) of the AMI Meter Electromagnetic Field Survey as prepared by EMC Technologies Pty Ltd on 20 Oct 2011. AND, last but not least, a DVD showing how fantastic smart meters are as seen from a customer’s perspective! Hogswallup!!!!!
    I don’t have a dumb meter…Hoorah! But there are those in the street that do, including one set of neighbours (so far the neighbours on our right have listened, researched and put up a sign on their meter box, as has our neighbour across the road).

    Hope this inspires others to take a stand for your rights and health and privacy and keep telling anyone who will listen that you will not have a smart meter installed at your property.

    Eyes Wide Open people!

    • Richard Leschen says:

      Hi Kylie,
      You are correct, Nobody has to have a now proving to be Dangerous Electric Microwave Smart Meter. All of these Electric Power Companies are continually lying. I like you have locked my Elecric Meter Box with a stout padlock and put my Legal No Trespass Notice on my front brick fence and another on the Meter Box. I also wrote to Mr. Shane Breheny the C.E.O of PowerCor stating ” That under no circumstances was I having a Dangerous to my Physical Health and dangerous to my Electrical Goods now proving to be from every country on Earth Very Dangerous Electric Smart Meter.” I also warned Mr. Shane Breheney and Ms.Tara Cowie and Mrs Janet Hogarty all of PowerCor that……..
      ” If in the future I find a smart meter has been installed at my property against my will and better judgement, I will then join the pending class action to sue.”
      Signed by me. Richard Leschen, Dated 13 th July 2011. I also sent the same Refusal Of Smart Meter Letter to the Victorian Minister for Power a Mr. Michael O ‘ Brien and the incumbent Liberal Premier Mr. Ted Baillieu also signed and dated and the same letter to the DPI as well also signed and dated. As well as this all these letters were registered for Legal Reasons and the Registered Mail Number printed on each letter if I need any of these letters in COURT. Here is the truth written Plain and Simple………………

      The Victorian Electrical Act 2000 Section 46 D and the Vitorian Gazette No. S200 dated 28th August 2007

      Click to access AMIOIC.pdf

      which states the following …………..

      Page 16. Clause 14 Remotely read interval meter rollout.
      14.1 Rollout period
      (a) Subject to clause 14.3, each distributor must use its best endeavours to install a

      remotely read interval meter (which is operational as a remotely read interval meter

      in accordance with the functionality, distributor performance levels and distributor

      Please go to this Victorian Government Act on the Internet and you will find that all of the Foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies are telling Blantant Lies when they say that all Victorian homeowners and small businesses are Mandated to take a Smart Meter even against their will and better judgement.
      Don’t believe their LIES. Just stick to your guns and keep your Electric Meter Box firmly padlocked as I do and keep those Legal Anti Trespass signs on your front fence and on your Meter Box. Lastly Photograph these Legal Anti-Tresspass Signs on your front fence and also on your Meter Box for Legal Reasons.
      I have a firm arrangement with my Electric Reader Meter Man to ring my front door bell as someone is always at home 24 hours a day so I can unpadlock my Electric Meter Box for him to take his readings. Then I repadlock the box until he calls again in three months time.

  101. Ryan says:

    Well Clare sorry to disappoint you but my incident was 3 weeks ago, so as for the qualifications being looked into, personally I dont think enough has been done. When I received my notification regarding installation I callled Service Stream who were responsible for the installation and asked them will an A Grade or qualified electrician would be doing the installing and i was told no. and correct me if I am wrong but the article in the Age newspaper was last year.

  102. Clare Haywood says:

    After leaving my comment I came across this article from The Age newspaper

    It seems the qualifications of installers is finally being looked into.

    • Peter Ellis says:

      What’s disgusting about this report? “…Milena Adams said after her smart meter was installed, light globes exploded and household appliances dimmed her lights. She says that in December, her son received a shock when touching a shower tap. The electricity company CitiPower checked her house immediately….but the company says the fault was due to a tree in Ms Adams’s yard.”
      Bull S… No wonder why they only claim one SM related incident! These guys are just professional liars.
      ….oh no! My house burnt down a day after a SM was installed…
      ….Don’t worry, it wasn’t caused by the SM, but because a bird landed on your roof and sneezed…
      Have any of these “incidents” been INDEPENDENTLY investigated? If not, why not?

  103. Ryan says:

    Clare, not sure about people being informed of installation, in my case 2 letters were sent and a 2 week time period for when the meter would be installed, I have notices on my powerbox but i did not fit a lock, fortunately I was home when the installer, an Indian gentleman and not a qualified electrician, told me he was fitting the Smart Meter, I told him I was not having one and pointed to the notices and told him I have an ongoing submission with the DPI and United Energy, he seemed to accept it and said to me ok but you do have to have one and he left. that was around 3 weeks ago. The Insurance query is one I have not received an answer from, as far as I know if a fire happens as a result of a Smart Meter being installed no one will claim liability, I really dont know how insurance claims will go as these are not A Grade Electricians doing the installing.

  104. Clare Haywood says:

    I’ve been following the comments on this terrific site for a while now and read them again this evening, so please forgive me if I repeat a previous post as there was a lot to take in!

    My reason for posting is regarding the installation of dumb meters. A friend pointed out that, electrical work done on a property must be done by a qualified electrican otherwise (I think) your home insurance policy will be void if something happens. The following link is a pdf document regarding hiring an electrician and the questions that need to be asked.

    If the smart meter installation is anything like the home insulation fiasco (unqualified installers) then this is another aspect against the smart meter rollout.

    Also, do the power companies have to inform you of the installation? I live in Powelltown in the Yarra Valley and it seems some meters have been installed without the home owner’s knowledge i.e. they come home from work and they have a different meter!

    Look forward to everyone’s views and, thank you for this wonderful site,

  105. Jenny says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Ryan re the lack of media interest in the Smart Meter issue, it totally blows me away that such corruption is sneaking into our everyday lives without people being able to be made aware of it. Pete, is there any chance that you can give a sumary of what is “in the pipeline”, I don’t have time to read it all, and possibly would not make head or tail of it if it’s too technical. Installation of Smart Meters is still happening in our area, and still hoping the signs on the gates keep them away, has anyone had success with this?

    • Pete says:

      Hi Jenny,

      I haven’t had the time to go through all the documents either, but basically, the ‘Business Requirements Working Group’ consists of approx 40 members, working under the auspices of the National Smart Metering Program, and all are either representing distributors, retailers or government, no customers to my knowledge! That wouldn’t do!
      This group are working on the fine detail of how they are going to control the way you live by remote control. I don’t know how many of you are aware that by about 2020, your gas and water meters will be part of this system too, if it is allowed to continue.
      What the Victorian government and the power companies are up; to makes George Orwell look like an amateur!

      regards Pete

  106. Mad Matt says:

    I just came acroos this site and have heard about smart meters for a while but was unaware of the large plans at play,

    I’m going to lock my meter box and cut a hole in it so it can be read, will put up one of those sings , im in NSW not in a metro area so i have no idea what the plan is for my area, buit it seems as tho it will be only a matter of time before the push reaches out in my direction..

    Thnaks to all above who have already done much, for those of you who have them installed, and are worreid about the EMF, wrap your meter box in lead. or at least the angles you want to deflect the signal.
    It is possible to sever all communications with these boxes in this way.
    If you have a Smart phone you may be able to get an app for it which will measure frequencies coming off the box. this will help to ensure you dont have readings in the rooms you dont wish too.
    You can remove the lead for a couple of hours weekly/monthly when ever you want to and it will sync the data back to their servers, Or leave it on and be a constant pain in there ass!

    • Pete says:

      Good on you Matt, please pass this site on to all your freinds over there in NSW.
      Victoria and NSW are the only two states pushing ahead with this blatant rip off, but the other states (and the rest of the world!) are watching.
      If these two states manage to bully their residents into allowing the roll out to continue, rest assured, the other states will follow! Help with the fight!

      regards Pete

  107. Pete says:

    Hi All

    If you want to know what is ‘in the pipeline’ after the roll out is complete, look through these documents, these are the documents I refered to in my reply to Terry.

    Lots of info!

    regards Pete

  108. Pete says:

    Hi Ryan

    I was not aware of the Fairfax involvement in this blatant bid for control over the state of Victoria. (and eventually Australia, as this is a National mandate) .
    In Europe back in the 1930’s Hitler and Mussolini quickly silenced the media and installed their own propaganda machines. I was a bit baffled by the lack of interest by the media, they usually jump at stories like this.
    If you are interested in what is going on behind the scenes and not being widely published, this site will give you a good insight.

    This is the site I mentioned in my reply to Terry. Lots of reading!

    regards Peter

  109. Ryan says:

    Kens article regarding the Fairfax family and the large shares they have in Smart Meters is very relevant to our cause, I have contacted the Media constantly and have been ignored and as we know Fairfax controls most media, radio, tv, and newspapers, it may be that the media is reluctant to get involved as a result of this, I think more people need to be made aware of the connection here involving Fairfax and what appears to be media ignoring our plight. it doesnt take an Einstein to realise the press have gone rather quiet regarding negative topics about Smart Meters.

  110. Terry says:

    Thanks for your reply, Peter. I’m not sure how you understood my question as meaning I don’t see significance in the power company profiling me, or that I would not be disturbed by that. Nothing could be further from the truth. I merely wanted to hear someone else elaborate on their own feelings about this invasion of privacy. I abhor it. That CHED link is an entirely different company from the one my search brought up. Yep, very sinister.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Terry

      Sorry if I sounded a bit ‘toey’, no offence intentended, just my way of giving my view.

      If you think Ched sounds sinister, have you heard the terms, IHD, HAN, DLC, DRED or BRWG?

      IHD, (in home display) This is a devise that you have to buy, if you want to ‘use your energy more efficiently’, (the surveilance and control device on its own will tell you little more than the old analogue meter) the IHD will tell you how much power you are using and how much it is costing you. They are assuming an IHD will last about 5-71/2yrs, after which it is up to you to replace it. It uses your electricity to opperate.

      HAN, Home area network, this is a system whereby your home appliances ‘communicate’ wth your surveillance and control device, (smart meter) at the moment it appears that it will opperate via another built in radio device. This also uses your electricity.

      DLC, Direct load control, this gives the power company the ability to do what it says, control your power load.

      DRED, Demand response enabeling device, can be a separate unit or built into; an appliance, it appears that this is a device capable of altering a pre progamed appliance to opperate according to the power companies requirements. Must use your electricity?

      BRWG, Business requirement working group, these are the people that propose introducing all of the above, these documents are available on the web.If you would like to view them, I will try and dig the website out and post it here on this site

      regards Peter

  111. Bob says:

    As a fellow Victorian I’m also against these meters and have to say thanks for the info supplied on this site. My knowledge is limited on these smart meters.
    I called SP Ausnet last week asking not to install the meter at my home. They said I have no choice as it’s now mandatory. My main concern is the EMF as my meter box is located on an external bedroom wall. I called SP Ausnet again, after reading this site and gathering info, and said I didn’t want the meter installed due to the location on a bedroom wall. They were pleasant and happy to delay the install. (I was even ready to argue other points) They advise I need to move the meter box at my expense and then they will install the meter. My installation has been delayed for now.
    Also, I have to ask, how safe is the magnetic signal? They say it’s safe but isn’t it sending a constant signal? What if someone is affected by the EMF? Surely after time this could be a concern. I suppose they don’t take the blame even though they supply and fit the product without our authority. And I guess they won’t provide anything in writing to say the meters are totally safe to humans.
    I understand the installer will be qualified, but is the company insured if a faulty meter causes damage or a fire? Or an installer not doing the job correctly? It has happened !!! I understand they have been tested but they provide the product and I suppose we have to claim if something happens.
    It will probably come to a point we will all have these but they need to ensure our concerns are covered. If we decided to purchase goods or services we do our due diligence before we buy to ensure it meets our requirements. This product does not meet our requirements and were forced to have one in our homes. So unfair……….

  112. Sandra says:

    The smart meter man came to my door today with a smart meter, wanting to install it. I told him I didn’t want one (pretty obvious really, considering that there is a sign on the meter box saying so, along with a padlock). He said “you know it’s compulsory/”. I said ‘Yes, but I don’t want one and I’m in discussion with SP Ausnet over it”.
    Last week I received a letter from SP Ausnet with lots of information telling me how safe the meters were. The thing is, I can’t really understand all the information, to write back and argue the point. From my perspective, I’m concerned about my health and that of my son’s and if there is any risk of adverse effects, then why should I have one? And if they are so safe, then why are there thousands of people complaining about how their health has been affected since having one? And why are the places that intially made them compulsory, now backing down and saying people now have a choice? What does there ‘proof of safety mean to me’. Where’s the long term trials of how these smart meters really effect people? So now I’ll write a few more letters back to the relevant people voicing my human concerns and asking these questions.
    Don’t expect that they’ll be taken seriously, because they are human not scientific concerns.
    If there are any concerns about there safety, then they should be withdrawn.
    As I sit typing this, I can hear the man installing one at my next door neighbours house. Unfortunately not far enough away for my liking.
    Well, guess I’ll sit and wait and see what happens next. Does anyone know what is happening to the people who refuse the meters now?
    Thanks to everyone contributing to this site and stay strong and positive. Don’t give in to them

    • Sue says:

      You don’t need to argue the point with them. The bottom line is you don’t want one and the mandate isnt on consumers to accept the installation of a smart meter but on the company to use best efforts to install them. It doesnt matter what they use to argue the point, you dont want one so they are not going to be allowed by you to install one. Regardless of what they say the answer is still NO! so it doesnt matter what they say, its still ‘no’.
      They cant disconnect you for not allowing the installation of the smart meter but if they check your wiring first (as they are supposed to do) and its not up to the standard required (I would think this is a lot of old houses) then your power will be disconnected until the wiring is to the standard required. And you have to pay for that.
      The easy fix to this is simple – no one gets to go near your power meter other than the power meter reader.
      As for ‘proof of safety’, there are many things that are now in the public domain that arent ‘safe’ yet their presence is allowed to persist -> amalgam fillings, fluoride, thimersal in vaccines, GMOs. The huge range of pharmaceuticals that are withdrawn from sale AFTER they have caused death. Smart meters have been banned in some overseas countries so if they are safe, why is this? (rhetorical)

  113. Peter says:

    Hello Ken, I have had a quick look at some of your links, WOW!

    In the ‘ESC Victoria Reasignment Requirements’ document dated MAY 2008 we see the term ‘ABILITY OF DISTRBUTERS TO PROFILE INDiVIDUALS’ CONSUMPTION’! This was stated 4YEARS AGO!

    The Powercor document refers to their Agreement with a company called CHED services, just look them up and see what they do!

    This blatant abuse of government power (and tax payers money!) has got to stop, it seems that once the Victorian government made the decission to mandate this rollout, they went into ‘overdrive’ to remove our democratic rights.

    As for the Baillieu government continuing to blame ‘the previous government’, that is a pathetic copout! They have had over a year to sort this mess out, but have maintained a dead hand approach, it is obvious even to ‘blind Freddy’, that he never had any intentions of changing a thing!

    Keep up the good work Ken, and yes, thank you very much Di for this very informative site.

    • Terry says:

      Hi Peter, could I impose on you to elaborate for me on the significance of the term “Ability of Distributors to Profile Individuals” and also briefly what CHED do. I did a search on them but I’m still not clear. Wouldn’t mind hearing your take on the implications of these things. Thanks, Terry.

      • Peter says:

        Hi Terry

        If you see no significance in the power company ‘profiling’ you and every Victorian home and small business, ask yourself, why do they need this information, and what are they going to do with it. The powers that be; openly state, the idea is to ‘change the way you use electricity’, isn’t that the same as ‘manipulate’ the way you use electricity? They are not in business to waste money are they? If it still does not disturb you, fine; as long as you are happy.

        Ched, this is the site I looked at
        see what you make of it.
        Your take is far more important than mine.
        regards Peter

      • Eva says:

        The link that Peter has given for CHED is simply a standard privacy policy for their own website’s useage. This type of thing is normal and typical wording for ALL websites that operate a business. So if you are only referring to that one link – there is nothing sinister about it at all.

        Was there something else that I have missed about CHED? because all I could find is that it is a company who does website designs and works with Powercor in that regard.
        Please let me know if you have found something else that is of interest about them, that I have not been able to find.

      • Eva says:

        This is one of the items I found online about CHED services.

        “CHED Services provide design and construction services and back office services respectively on a commercial basis to a range of customers.” taken from this link:

        and this:

        Company Overview

        CHED Services Pty Limited provides information technology services. The company is based in Melbourne, Australia. CHED Services Pty Limited operates as a subsidiary of Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd.

        L 8 40 Market Street

        Melbourne, VIC 3000



        61 3 9683 4271

        and this:” Ownership
        Powercor and CitiPower’s electricity distribution networks are managed through a single corporate structure, CHEDHA Holdings, which also includes two non-regulated businesses – CHED Services and Powercor Network Services.

        Cheung Kong Infrastructure (CKI) and Power Assets Holdings Ltd (PAHL) together own 51% of CitiPower and Powercor. CKI and PAHL are members of the Cheung Kong Group, which includes nine listed companies with a combined market capitalisation of HK$934 billion as at July 31 2011. CKI and PAHL are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and are also majority owners of South Australian electricity distributor, ETSA Utilities.

        The remaining 49% of CitiPower and Powercor (as well as ETSA Utilities) is owned by Spark Infrastructure, a specialist infrastructure group listed on the Australian Securities Exchange as SKI. Its objective is to invest in regulated utility infrastructure in Australia and overseas, including electricity
        and gas distribution and transmission and regulated water and sewerage assets.”

        from this link:

    • Richard Leschen says:

      Hi Ken,
      I cannot trust the old John Brumby Labour Government that refused take the Smart Meter Business to be discussed to Parliament because he believed that Teddy Boy or Ted Baillieu of the LIberal Opposition would most likely knock it back with his mates in the Victorian Parliament. John Brumby squeezed the deal through by having a Very Sneaky Meeting with then Governor of Victorian and some of John Brumbie’s Henchmen in 2005 together with the then C.E.O ‘s of the 5 Foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies. That is when The Rot set in for the Victorian People. Some years later when the Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu thought he had a good chance of overthrowing the then Labour Government of Victoria, He Ted Baillieu promised the Victorian people that if they voted him Ted Baillue into power he would Kill The Smart Meters and get rid of them. Of course we now see that Teddy Boy was lying, as do almost all of our Australian Politicians. WHY did Ted Baillieu Lie to us the Victorians People? For one reason alone. Ted Baillue thought quite correctly that there would be big monetary gains in it for effectively taxing the Victorian People by further SCREWING EVERY ONE OF US in bringing in The Electric Smart Meters. These now proving to be Dangerous to our Health and our Hip-Pocket so-called Smart Meters are a complete FIASCO.
      I say to all Victorians ……………..” Padlock your Electric Meter Boxes and securely Post Your Legal No-Trespasss Signs on your front gates or fences and on your Electric Meter Boxes and Photograph these Signs for Legal Reasons.

  114. Kylie says:

    Last night I sent my local radio station (The Pulse 94.7 fm) a copy of my letter and email to Brendan Bloore – General Manager Customer Services Powercor. The station manager Mr Gary Dalton has email me this morning requesting that I go on the station during their Drive program at 5.10pm today to talk about the Smart Meters. Unfortunately I am unwell…have little to no voice and am not able to fulfill this request. It is such a fabulous opportunity and I have contacted the other Geelong poster on this forum to see if he is able and willing to speak for me. As yet I’ve not heard from him and am wondering if there is anyone else willing to talk (for approximately 5 minutes). Gary will call you at home and you will be linked into the live to air at the station and then you will probably be asked what it’s all about. I’m not 100% certain of the format. The Pulse station phone number is 5222 5947 and I am happy for someone to step up and speak to Gary to explain that we are all on this forum and concerned citizens and that I am unable to speak, but have posted this call out.

  115. Ken Fraser says:

    Hello All,

    Thanks for the info Peter and the Vic. Govt. Gazette S200 is interesting, as is S314. For anyone who is interested the documents detailed below are readily available from the links provided and some are lengthy. Although the info below may seem a little overwhelming these documents will provide a better insight into what the plans are and how ‘they’ intend to go about it, as well as being a good source for reference. Should you download any of these, happy reading.

    Victorian Government Gazette
    No. S 314 Tuesday 25 November 2008 Electricity Industry Act 2000 ADVANCED METERING INFRASTRUCTURE ORDER IN COUNCIL 2008 amends the AMI Cost Recovery Order and the AMI Specifications Order.

    No. S 200 Tuesday 28 August 2007 Electricity Industry Act 2000 ORDER UNDER SECTION 15A AND SECTION 46D Order in Council


    Click to access IntervalMeterReassignmentRequirementsConsultationPaper220080415.pdf

    Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) Rule Determination 29 January 2009 (101 pages)

    Click to access Rule%20Determination-42505f68-9e95-4dc1-bc17-47ce4236c00b-0.PDF

    Metropolis Metering Assets Pty Ltd document – letter to AEMC

    Click to access Metropolis-16250d7f-3e59-417e-86ee-6b919b8e1c70-0.PDF

    REVISED REGULATORY PROPOSAL 2011-15 (very lengthy document, 585 pages)

    Click to access item.phtml

    BUDGET & CHARGES APPLICATION 2012-15 Public Version 28 February 2011

    Click to access item.phtml

    SPI Electricity Pty Ltd (SP AusNet)
    Advanced Metering Infrastructure AMI Subsequent Budget & Charges Application, Public Version Submitted: 3 March 2011

    Click to access item.phtml

    Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2012-15 Budget and Charges Application – PUBLIC VERSION 26 August 2011

    Click to access item.phtml

    Jemena – AMI Budget Application 2012-15 Substantiation of Base Cost to Provide Regulated Services 25 February 2011

    Click to access item.phtml

    Note the “Public Version” on some of these documents. I know that this is the ‘norm’ however, makes one wonder what the real version contains.

    With regards to the alternative power source, unfortunately I am not at liberty to divulge any information at this stage and when I am able details will be provided later in the year so, for the moment, sorry folks but you will just have to wait.

    Should anyone want Trespass signs or No Smart Meter sign I will provide these to anyone who asks. They are all A4 and can be enlarged to A3 for those who have acreage and need a larger size. If I am able I will post the signs that I have on this site over the next few days for anyone who wants them.
    By for now.

  116. peter says:

    It’s Official

    After months of persistence with my power company, I have finally been sent a copy of the ‘mandate’ which says I have to have a smart meter.

    Victorians, once again you have been misinformed by both the major Victorian political parties and the power companies.

    The so called ‘mandate that every Victorian home and small business will have a smart meter installed’ which they are referring to actually states:
    ‘Each distributor must use its best endeavors to install a remotely read interval meter’….etc (Victorian Government Gazette S200 dated 28th of August 2007, para 14.1)

    It does NOT say that customers HAVE to accept them! When I pointed this fact out, the power company said it is ‘not in a position to debate the interpretation of this’, and to take it up with the DPI or a lawyer!

    It seems that if you refuse to have one of these devices, then the power company can assert that you are denying access to their equipment for maintenance etc, and proceed with the ‘disconnection procedure’. The way I see it, and I’m no ‘legal beagle’, but you are not denying access to your present meter for maintenance, reading etc, you are denying access to protect your self from the installation of a devise which:
    Many customers and researchers (other that ARPANSA) regard as a health hazard.
    Is an invasion of privacy.
    Will record your electrical power use in detail.
    Will result in the power companies having control of your house hold appliances.
    Removes your democratic right to protect yourself from all of the above.

    A lot of the submissions on this site are asking what can be done.

    As I have said several times, write to the DPI and your power company, and tell them in no uncertain terms, that you refuse to have a smart meter under any circumstances. They may try to persist, but you must be more persistent, and DEMAND answers!

  117. Ken Fraser says:

    Hello All,

    Just thought I would share a little info with everyone. Found this info by mistake yesterday which I find interesting. Did anyone out there know that Marinya Media Pty Ltd, a private investment company owned by John B Fairfax and has Nick Fairfax as the MD, is a substantial shareholder in Landis+Gyr, the largest manufacturer of electricity meters in the world, with operations in 30 countries and a preeminent position in advanced or ‘smart metering systems’. Marinya is the largest shareholder in Fairfax Media Ltd which is Australia’s largest listed media company with extensive newspaper, magazine, internet sites and radio stations in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Nick is a non-executive director of Fairfax Media and a member of the UTS (University of Technology Sydney) Audit and Risk and Nominations Committees and also a member of the UTS Faculty of Business Executive Council.

    This information has been extracted from the following site should anyone be interested:

    Interesting that GR is buying up stocks of Fairfax given the above. Putting that issue aside, there are far wider implications at hand with GR buying Fairfax shares which involve our freedom of speech, particularly in the media, and although this may not be directly related to the smart meter roll out issue, which is what this site is all about, it is related to how our freedom of speech could be affected if certain interests get their way. The following sites provides details on this important matter and I leave it up to you to decide what is happening here:

    If those behind the scenes are allowed to continue with this, sites like this one could very well have severe restrictions placed on them or, at worst, become illegal in the long term. Mainstream media will only be the beginning.

    Hope this info has been helpful in some way.

    • Terry says:

      As I responded to your previous post, Ken, I run the risk of sounding like a minion by responding to this one as well. But I must concur that this smart meter matter seems to be clearly just one small part of a much bigger, quite alarming, agenda. I am aware of the Menzies House site because of another imposition, the carbon tax. I firmly believe these two things and several other impositions on our freedom are connected. I don’t want to sound like an alarmist but I have to say that in this laidback, carefree, (apathetic?) land of ours I really think the time has come for us Aussies to wake up and prepare to stand up to some very sinister, carefully laid plans which are coming to fruition at this very time.

      • Kylie says:

        I agree Terry….sadly!
        Thanks Di for the site and the conversation and the support.
        Thanks to EVERYONE who comments on this site and spreads the word about this site to anyone and everyone who will listen.
        There is so much information it can be quite overwhelming.
        I feel like we need to get organised in getting this information out to the public. SO MANY people I’ve spoken to have no idea about the damaging health effects let alone the fact that we have been paying for these dumb meters since 2010…2 years of payment for a device that we don’t have and now that we have them (some do anyway), we are paying for something we don’t want!
        Unfortunately the only information which is clearly ‘marketed’ to the public is propaganda and misinformation from the government and the power companies AND unfortunately most people don’t have the time/motivation/education/ability to access any alternative information nor think beyond what they are ‘fed’.
        Thank goodness for this site!!!!
        Is it possible to have a register of people’s location so that we can meet up and, those who are willing and able, create working groups to get the information out to the our immediate community?
        I am from Geelong. I know another poster on this forum is also from Geelong. We have spoken about organising a meeting to form a (loose, but organised) plan of who to approach (our local media) and what to put out to the public. I’m planning on organising an information talk at my children’s school, but being a late comer to all of this I don’t have alot of information (luckily it is available and I’m gathering a lot, but would appreciate the shared knowledge of those who have already sat for hours in front of their computer screens sorting through the volumes of information etc..THANK YOU!).
        I’d also like to get a flyer with clear, concise points about what the dumb meters are costing each household (because, unfortunately it seems that money is held in the highest priority and if you point out how much money they are having to pay or save, then that’s when people start listening), also the health effects and then what to do…clearly and concisely. Then I will walk my local streets and talk to whomever will listen and leave the flyer’s in letterboxes, post them at the library, on the notice boards of cafe’s, at the university….anywhere and everywhere I can!
        MONDAY, 13th Feb 2012.
        I rang Powercor and made this appointment because I received a letter stating that my electrity supply would be interrupted due to having a smart meter installed at a time between 7.30am and 5pm on a day between 10 February and 23 February . Considering I am unable to lock my meter box (I don’t have a box and the position of the meter means that I cannot install one) and I don’t have a front fence, so I can’t lock my
        gate to keep installer’s out, I would have to stand guard at these times for these days to keep the installers away. Powercor are kindly going to ring me with the installer’s details next Monday morning and I am planning on meeting the installer at the entrance to my property to inform them that they are not welcome and that if they enter they will be trespassing. I will then hand them the Stop No Trespassing sign and give them the information that they will put themselves at risk of being fined $167,000 should they try to install a Smart Meter on my property.
        I have written letters to Powercor CEO Shane Breheny, Powercor General Manager Customer Services Brendan Bloore, DPI, Michael O’Brien MP and the Australian Energy Regulator Chairman Andrew Reeves, all which I have copies of and will be posted by registered post tomorrow morning. I have also emailed a copy of the letter Powercor.
        I spoke to Declan Leamy at Essential Services Commission today who informed me that the power company owns the meter, not the meter box, and they are within their legal rights to remove ‘their’ meter according to their policies, the result being the disconnection of the property’s electricity. Whether or not Powercor is willing to go that far we will see….For now….I’m on guard and I’m not moving and I’m not having a smart meter installed in my home! One other thing….I’m a renter! I’ve spoken to my landlord and they have stated.. [copied as is from their email to me].”As for the smart meters- PLEASE let us know if there is anything we can do from our end to stop having a meter put on our house! You have our FULL approval and if it is installed we will deal with it when we get back- thanks so much for letting us know.”
        Will be keeping you all updated via this forum.
        Thanks again.

        • Bridie says:

          Hi Kylie, I am very late coming to this site. But am also from Geelong and have managed to hold off smart metres being installed both at my house and my parents house. I am willing to help out in any way I can. My email is

  118. Ken Fraser says:

    Hello all,

    Thank Di for the site.

    I’m new to this site and have only recently become active in opposing smart meters and the roll out that is being forced upon us by yet another arrogant government that is refusing to listen to the people. I am refusing to have this technology installed to my property and have advised the premier, the minister for energy and my local member, together with the necessary bodies such as DPI and my service provider, SP AusNet. I also advised all parties that I plan to have the electricity supply permanently removed from my property and have an alternative source for power installed and that at least then I will not be a source of government revenue on this at least or providing profits to a foreign company.

    Unfortunately the smart meter roll out is only a very small part of a much bigger global situation run by greed and this is confirmed when referencing the links provided below. However, that does not mean to say that we can’t stand up and defend our democratic and human rights, which I will continue to do. I am digging to find out why the COAG committed to a national roll out in 2007, when the Howard govt. was still in play, and what role that govt. had in the COAG decision. This info will posted here should I be successful, but don’t hold your breath!

    Sites worth visiting and downloading further info on this are:

    International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) –

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) pdf document – Technology Roadmap Smart Grids –

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) pdf document Accelerating Smart Grid Investments, available for download at either: or
    The first site states “Accelerating Smart Grids Investment, a new World Economic Forum report developed with Accenture industry experts, determines how smart grids can be the backbone infrastructure for future energy solutions and green economy.”

    Another WEF site on the smart meter grid is

    • Terry says:

      That’s a great post, Ken, thanks. Would you please expound a little on your “alternative source for power”? What are you referring to, exactly?

      • Anonymous says:

        Details of the alternate power source will be provided when I have all the necessary information, but this will not be until later in the year. Will keep all posted on this.

      • Kylie says:

        Thanks Ken for your post.
        Terry you asked the question I was thinking! Are you referring to off the grid Solar or wind turbine Ken? I’ve just been researching how one can go about getting their home a complete solar system that will enable them to be off the grid and disconnected! It seems to be possible! Any further information much appreciated.

  119. Jenny says:

    Thank you all for your input and information. Our smart meter is due to be installed sometime in the next two weeks, the padlock is going on the meter box tonight, as well as the Do Not Install Notice, and the trespass notice on the front gate. Letters to Powercor and the Energy Minister will be in the mail tomorrow. Wish us luck and thanks again for all the info. Jenny.

  120. Anonymous says:

    I today have undergone the madness of the power company (Jemena – who send you straight to the installer) when I rang to prostest about the installation on safety grounds (primarily fire) – I was told a variety of strange things including the “auditor general” of the fire brigade had done an investigation and found the installation of the smart meters was unconnected to any fire, the government legislated that we must all have one and when i asked if he (or anyone) would guarantee in writing that the smart meter was safe to install he said that was not an option but he would be happy to make a note that I had requested it! Brilliant!!

    • pete says:

      Hello anonymous

      As I said to Eva, I strongly suggest that whether or not you have a smart meter installed, you should still demand a copy of the actual part of the documents that the DPI and the power companies are quoting, As it is the DPI that is over seeing this program, It is their responsibility to provide this information.

  121. Eva says:

    Phew! thank you Pete for your last two posts having obviously spent a lot of time researching to find all that information.

    Here is some more ‘light reading’ hahaha – I found this whilst looking up the exact meaning of the word ‘mandate’, which the pollies love to use at every opportunity!

    I have to admit I, tonight at least, did not read every word of that lengthy article, but what I did read I found pretty interesting with the how and why politicians use this word….and of course that word is relevant in the context of smart meters, since we have been told it has been MANDATED.

    I actually feel sorry for the people who take the calls and have to deal with the emails from we,
    protestors, because clearly they have not been well enough informed to properly answer our questions… I think the way things are going – or not going, we simply have to wait it out, and
    hope that many more people will join us in saying NO.

    A thought has gone through my mind recently about contacting say, 4Corners, to ask if they would do a report on this subject, since the smart meter decision and installations actually have world wide ramifications. I do not have any contacts in the ABC unfortunately, and now I see that
    a reporter from the ABC has had a small meter fire, and yes it got some coverage, but not enough in my opinion.

    I mention ABC because in my opinion when various issues come up on one of the commercial stations Current Affairs, etc….mostly those stories are NOT taken much notice of by I think the
    majority of people, because people like myself, do not watch those shows feeling they over sensationalise so much.

    Then there is the Facebook phenomina (which I am not a part of) but that social networking site most certainly DOES get a lot of younger people’s attention with good results in protests etc.

    I also wonder IF perhaps the majority of renters are not protesting about this because they may have a feeling of being helpless in having a say in what is installed in a property they do not own.
    Of course this is all supposition on my part because I do not have any information of the household breakdown of just who makes up the 90,000 quoted so often…..does anyone know?

    And I keep on standing/sitting firm in NO WAY is a smart meter going to be installed on my property and hope that the rest of you will also stay firm. It does however, feel a little isolating with just the occasional comment by people on this site.

    For the rest of you, just know that I read every comment that is posted here, even if I don’t always have a contribution to make. 🙂

    • pete says:

      Hello Eva

      Good on you, standing by your decision. As I said in one of my posts, I think it would be very effective; if as many customers as possible demanded to see a copy of the parts of the relevant documents that are being quoted.

    • Kylie says:

      Hi Eva.
      thanks for your post. I too have thought about Four Corners, Q&A, even Today Tonight, A Current Affair, the Good Morning programs on the commercial channels…anyone who is willing to spread the information, because that is what is needed.
      I am a renter. My friend is a renter also. She has been on the phone to DPI and Powercor. She has a sign on her boxed and padlocked meter. The day the installer’s came to her street she was afraid to take her children to the park because she didn’t want to come back to a newly installed smart meter. When she did finally have to leave the house (and no installer’s had yet knocked at her door), she returned to her padlocked meter box complete with sign in tact, but neighbours on both sides had newly installed smart meters. She was relieved but also frustrated by her neighbours lack of concern….both own their homes.
      If it’s any consolation, I, a renter, will be standing firm against smart meters.

  122. Pete says:

    I have recently asked the DPI and Powercor, my supplier, for a copy of the documents they have been quoting, ie, the ‘mandate’ which says we have to have a surveillance and control devise (they call them smart meters) installed in our homes, the ‘no opt out’ legislation, and the ‘detailed proceedure to disconnect a customer from their electricity supply, an essential service. I have been told by the people making these statements that they do not have the information to hand and this request now has to go to other departments! The question now is, how can they make statements about documents they don’t have? I strongly suggest, that whether you have a smart meter or not, you do likewise and ask to see the actual part of these documents they are refering to. Initially I was given a reference (regarding the ‘mandate’) to look up myself, but could not find any statement that specifically said I have to have one of these devices installed.
    To me it appears that the government and power companies are simply stalling for time, by giving us the run a round, in the hope that they can bully more people anto allowing them to install more meters, to make it harder to call a halt to this potential disaster.

  123. Pete says:

    As far back as 2004/5 discussions were taking place by Australian government departments to change the Australian electrical power supply system. In 2005, the various networks were not convinced that air conditioners could be cycled on and off without the customers complaining. A trial was run with a little over 3,000 customers Australia wide, in only 4 of the 7 states! But it appears that this was enough to convince the net works that it was ok to proceed! If these trials were on a voluntary basis, and depending on what the participants were told, there was hardly any likelihood of any resistance. As a consequence of this trial, a committee was set up to develop a demand response standard for AC’s and other products. AS4755 was published in April 2007. This document laid out the frame work for demand response capabilities and the supporting technologies for electrical products. It also established a basic design for a Demand Response Enabling Devise, (DRED) that could be part of; or integrated into; an ‘electrical product’ such as an AC.

    In 2008 AS4755.3.1.was published. This document referred to interaction between electrical products and demand response enabling devices.

    AS 3823.2.2009 refers to the labeling of air conditioners and heat pumps. This AS was revised to incorporate such issues as; when one of these devices is registered, the label must state its demand response capability on the energy label. This document also states, “It is anticipated by regulatory authorities that a further amendment will be undertaken to this standard following the stake holder consultation and RIS process, the anticipated changes associated with this change is: inclusion of mandatory demand response capability or potential demand response capability.”

    In February 2010, the National Smart Meter Stakeholder Committee Requirements working Group agreed that all smart meters are to have the basic DRED functions in AS4755, and able to link to AS4755.3.1. In other words, the meters are able to ‘communicate’ with any other DRED capable appliance in the home.

    By this stage, these devices are no longer electricity meters, (a ‘meter’ is simply a measuring device), but have now become surveillance and control devices. (As defined in the surveillance devices act 1999-section 3 Definitions) By 2012, the governments of Australia are hoping to have not only mandated that all Air conditioners sold in Australia must be AS4755.3.1 compliant, but that this regulation will also apply to imported overseas manufactured appliances.

    The power companies and governments are contemplating applying the AS4755.3.1 to ‘other appliances’.

    The above information was taken from the ‘Arema demand response AS4755 next steps’ document.

    The Futura AMI Program Benefits Realization Roadmap, dated December 2009 raises the subject of Home Area Networks. (HAN) This becomes very scary considering its capability. This enables not only the customer to control their power use, but the power company as well! Each house hold appliance that is HAN compliant can be controlled via the surveillance and control device. Although the HAN is not mandated yet it would make sense for the power companies and government to look seriously at doing so.

    The government and power companies claim the ‘smart meter’ will help you use your electricity more efficiently. The fact is that on its own, it will tell you little more than the old meter! How many of you go out to your meter box to check how much power you have used? If you want to ‘use your electricity more efficiently’, you will have to buy an In Home Display, (IHD) then sit in front of it and work out for your self where you can reduce your power use, and how much it is costing.

    The power companies also want the RIGHT to pass on your details to third parties without your permission! A third party could be any one, if this third party happens to be outside Australia, privacy laws are irrelevant! Bear in mind that the suppliers in Victoria are either owned by foreign countries, or do their business through these companies.

    As for your power use being sent via a broadband internet, this opens a whole new can of worms covered in many areas of this site.

    In August 2006, Victorian Parliament passed law enabling a state wide roll out of the AMI and this was incorporated into the Electricity Industry act 2000 (Vic)

    These regulations have effectively removed your democratic right to refuse to have a surveillance and control devise installed in your home.

    The present state of play in other Australian states as at January 2012

    Emails have been sent to all the Australian state governments asking if a resident of their state has the democratic right to refuse to have a smart meter installed in their home.

    N.T. and N.S.W. did not respond.

    Reply from ACT:

    Electricity meters in the ACT are not owned by the building occupant but by the electricity distributor (ActewAGL Distribution). The installation and maintenance of meters and related matters are governed by National Electricity Law and National Electricity Rules, which are administered by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). In this instance, I am advised that the AER has confirmed that the choice of meter type is a matter solely for the Distributor. This situation applies to all States and Territories that participate in the National Energy Market.


    As we all know, the Victorian Government has mandated the installation of one of these devices in every Victorian home and small business, and that smart meters are the only type of meter the power companies can install. It seems that the government has enacted legislation permitting the disconnection of a customer who refuses to comply with their mandate. (They will be deprived of an essential service)!


    W.A. is in the process of running trials, these trials are being carried out by the power company responsible for the power supply to the area being trialed! I wonder what the result will be!


    It appears that Queensland have been using smart meters since the 1990s’ but are not mandated, although the selection of the type of meter is determined by the relevant supplier and a condition of electricity connection.


    In S.A., neither the smart meter nor any AMI is mandated, but again, you cannot refuse the meter selected by the supplier.

    As can be seen, the state governments of Australia, one way or another, have passed legislation forbidding the refusal of the installation of these surveillance and control devices into every Australian home.

    It would seem that in states other than Victoria, (and NSW?) it is up to the power companies whether they fit surveillance and control devices or not. If this is the case, there is a very real possibility that these two states will be left high and dry, with a very big electricity bill!!!!!

    I am sure that the lack of reaction by customers in other states is due to the lack of information, and the early stage of their roll out. These governments and power companies are sitting back and watching what happens in Victoria and NSW. If there is too much resistance in these two states, the others would be wise to turn their backs on this system; which in turn may well cripple the economy in Victoria and NSW!

    Part of the recent so called ‘cost analysis’ report to the DP;I clearly states that there is growing resistance here in Victoria to the AMI program and has the potential to significantly reduce the benefits, (what benefits [to the customer]?) and increase the costs!

    Not only is tax payers’ money being thrown at this project via the government, but the customers are also being hit with higher electricity charges.

    In opposition, the present government was highly critical of this project, but have done nothing to put things right.

  124. Sandra says:

    I think a protest would be a good idea also. It’s difficult to know how many people are actually willing to refuse installation. It would seem to me that the best way to get the governments attention, is to present a united front. I’m not sure where all the people are or how to connect with them, though.
    It’s a bit of a concern about your ‘missing’ letter Martin. I can understand you being suspicious. I’ll have to wait and see what will happen with mine.
    Meanwhile, I’m going to stick to my plan of locking the meter box (when I’ve worked our how), and will stick my laminated sign on it.
    And then just sit and wait, I guess.
    I will put any updates on my situation on here and I hope that other people will do the same. It will be good to compare stories. It will also make me feel less alone!
    To ‘Lets take the power back’ – it is about choice. We’re not hurting any one else by choosing to refuse and we have valid concerns. Typical situation of ‘bullying’ I think. This whole thing goes against what we are brought up to believe – that we have freedom of choice to make decisions about our lives and so long as we don’t hurt others, those choices should be respected.

  125. Martin says:

    WE need to be more serious about our opposition to the installation of the ‘unsmart meters’. We must show how determine we are. We need to organize a street protest.

  126. So true Sandra, it is about choice. I also believe it is about what I thought were my Human rights, and living in a democracy, to CHOOSE!!!!.
    Each time the Minister states “they produce less than a mobile phone” I become more frustrated and angrier. Like you, my answer is that I can choose to have them and how I operate them if I do – ie if I use a Microwave I can walk out of the house while it is going – or choose not to have one, PLUS I know it will only operate if I turn it on. Nothing like what happens with a Smartmeter when it is transmitting.

  127. Sandra says:

    I’m due to have a Smart Meter installed at my address in a about at week.
    I’ve just written a letter to SP Ausnet telling them that I am refusing to have it, and am about to go and post it by registered mail. I will also be writing to the DPI.
    Next step is to get a laminatied sign to put on the meter box, telling the installer that I don’t give my permission for them to install it. I wonder what their instructions are if they see a sign like this.
    Just to make sure that they won’t install it anyway, I’m going to get a padlock and find a way to fit it.
    I guess I’m breaking the law doing this, but so many people are against having these things, that I hope that ‘refusal’ will be to be taken seriously.
    It’s a ridiculous situation. This is a democratic country. There is so much controversy over these meters, that they should allow us the choice. No long term studies have been done to prove their safety.
    I am EMF sensitive and my health is quite poor. I do everything in my power to keep down the EMF load in my house. What is the use of comparing these meters to baby monitors and mobile phones? I have a choice of whether to have those things, but with these meters the Victorian government is taking that choice away from me. It’s disgraceful and I hope that we can all stick together and hold our ground.

    • Martin says:

      Hello Sandra, I have sent a registered person-person letter to sp ausnet. from my experience, I have not received a confirmation of delivery notice from Australian post as I should have as i have paid over $5.00. When I chased the issue with Aust post they told me that the post man did not post me back the signed confirmation notice as he or she should have done, then was told that they would chase it up. After about 3 weeks and a number of calls, they send me a photo copy of a paper with someone’s signature on it. I think its a deliberate act from both sp ausnet and aust post so they would deny any liability of receiving the letter. I will never trust Australian post again sending important letters.

  128. Peter Ellis says:

    The battle to get rid of Smart Meters continues in California: A lawsuit is filed against utility company PG&E for health concerns related to its Smart Meters. The suit seeks to force the company to allow customers to return to analog meters.

  129. Miranda says:

    Hi A smart meter is due to be installed at our place next week. I’ve found it really hard to find out what I can do to refuse. Your site has been incredibly helpful but I also just spoke to an adviser of Consumer Action Law Group. I was advised that I could delay but that it was probably inevitable that I’d have to have one (and then possibly at extra cost because I refused the first time). That’s because legislation is currently being drafted/ put to Parliament that will trump the common law of trespass which can currently keep installers away. That sound’s seriously Big Brother! Can anyone shed further light?

    • Terry says:

      I must say, Miranda, that response from Consumer Action Law Group totally underwhelms me! Sheesh, I hope those of us in the battle have more courage of our convictions than them! I posted elsewhere that the State Minister Michael O’Brien just about turned inside out to avoid answering the question on 3AW “What will happen to people who ultimately refuse?” If there was a straight forward, easy answer he would have given it, as he was asked over and over. The tyrants who want to impose these monstrosities on us are yet to come to terms with how it is going to look for them in the press and on TV should they be restricting the power of the elderly, families with young children, decent Victorian citizens etc. No one said this was going to be easy. My advise to us all is, hold your nerve. I honestly believe we can win this battle. The grounds for our objections are so strong, if this battle cannot be won then I fear for the future of our society. But I am reminded of the words of William Wallace from Braveheart : “I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny. You’ve come to fight as free men… and free men you are. What will you do with that freedom? Will you fight?”

    • Does anyone have information on the legislation being drafted? This is a democracy so “naturally” we will be able to find out!!! Or is this more dictating following legislative changes by stealth. Unbelievable!!!

      • Martin says:

        it is not a democracy, it is Croportocracy, meaning the corporations have the final say on decisions as everything is privatized.

  130. Eva says:

    Over the last weekend I had padlocked my meter box, then today sent an email to Dodo (my electricity retailer) to ask to be rung by either them or Powercor (the wholesaler) a day or two before my next meter reading, so I can unlock the meter box for them. This is the response I received this afternoon from Dodo.

    “Further to your request below, we would like to advise you the following in regards to locking the meter:

    · We would advise you to use an Industry Power lock, as Powercor has the master key to these lock and will be able to read the meter without any access issue – Please advise Dodo Power & Gas if you’re using the Industry Power Lock so that we could advise Powercor of the same.

    · If you wish to use any other pad lock then you will have to provide us with a duplicate key which we would forward to Powercor so that they can access the meter.

    · Powercor have a 5 day window period to read your meter, they can read the meter 2 days prior or 2 days after the Next scheduled meter read date. You can leave the meter box open for this period.

    Powercor do not call customers before reading their meter & Dodo Power & Gas will not know when exactly the meter man would be reading your meter. You can find the next schedule meter read date on you electricity bill.

    · In regards to Smart meter installation, you inform Powercor that you would like

    Please be advised that if Dodo Power & Gas receives estimated meter read from Powercor due to access issue you will receive an estimated bill for that billing period.”

    So from that response, I will either have to be on the alert (I am home during the day) to watch
    out for the meter reader a few days before and after my next scheduled reading is to take place, and if I happen to miss the person, then I will be receiving an estimated bill, and since I already am on a monthly billing cycle, and my electricity usage does not vary much from month to month, then I will just continue to pay my monthly bill….and continue to play the
    waiting game, as to what the government and/or power companies are going to do about
    continued refusal.

    The person who wrote me that reply has left out some words in the sentence….
    “In regards to Smart meter installation, you inform Powercor that you would like”

    I will assume she meant to say that I need to inform Powercor of my refusal to have a smart meter installed – but I have already done this last year, and was told I would be put at the end of the queue for installation.

    I urge you all to hang on in there with this protest, do not buckle, because the stronger we the protestors remain, the harder it will be for government to force compliance, just by the sheer numbers refusing these meters.


    • Lets take the Power back says:

      If reading the meter is an issue, put a little perspex window or just cut a little square hole in the door of the meter box so they can read it. That fixes that issue

  131. Pete says:

    I can well understand the frustration expressed on this page with regard to the lack of information about what to do. The fact is, none of the customers can pass on information because neither the DPI nor the power companies will tell any one what action will be taken if access is denyed. I have asked the DPI for this information but they say they don’t have it!!!!! and refered me to powercor, as yet I have had no reply. I suspect neither will answer untill they have bullied many more thousands of customer into submitting to their demands, and then claim, ‘only a small number of customers are still refusing these surveillance and control devices’. The last time they claimed a ‘small number’, turned out to nearly 90.000, approximately 10% of the number they have installed. If they continue to lose cutomers at this rate, one submission to the ‘analysis farce’ states that this will greatly blow the cost out further and reduce the already none existant benefits to the customer. The only advice I can give, is to ‘suck it and see’, ie, stand your ground and keep your meter box locked, it belongs to you, and do what others on this page have done, notify the power company and the DPI that you do not concent to having a surveillance and control devise on your property.

  132. Terry says:

    I gave the letter a bit of a touch up to make it more to my liking. Here is what I will be sending to the relevant parties:-


    NOTE – I am not objecting to paying for power supplied to me nor to having such power metered, but I will not have a meter which I believe poses risks to my family and my home.

    Following are some of the main reasons for my objection to a smart meter:

    • I am not convinced there is no risk to the health of occupants
    • It is my right to have sole private control of the use of appliances in my home
    • It is my constitutional right under the law of Australia to protect the safety of my home and determine what risks it is subjected to
    • I am not convinced that there will be no risk of fire after the installation of such a device
    • In spite of claims to the contrary it has been shown that these systems can be hacked into. Bank accounts and credit cards have been hacked into, I am not convinced a smart meter would be immune to such illegal activity
    • I do not want a foreign owned company, or any company for that matter, to be able to disconnect my supply with the flick of a remote switch
    • I am not convinced that these meters will not lead to the billing of electricity in such a way which will cause serious financial hardship and loss of personal freedom of use

  133. Anonymous says:

    Just had our “Stop Smart Meter” sign ripped off the meter box by the meter reader, what now?

    • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

      It is kind of weird really that a meter reader would rip the sign off. Don’t they realise that they will loose their job because of the Smart meter? Anyway, we suggest you print a new one, laminate it and replace the old one.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Dear Anonymos,
      Get an Industrial Padlock and lock your Meter Box Pronto. I have had my Electricity Meter Box Locked for ages. I only unlock it for the Meter Reader Man to get his readings and then I relock it, to keep these Smart Meter Installer Men from stealing the Good Safe ANALOG Meter from being STOLEN.
      I say…….” Keep the faith don’t give into these truly BULLIES of Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies and their Nefarious Tactics of Bullying Little Old Ladies and Gentlemen.
      The other day a lady threw the tool box of a Smart Meter Installler over the fence much to the shock of the Smart Meter Man and his young apprentice. She said………
      ” Get off my property you FIEND, Haven’t your read my Legal Anti Trespass Sign? ”
      ” No,” he said.
      ” Then read it you Moron,” She was a huge woman, far bigger than the Smart Meter Installer.
      ” Now get off my Property she shouted at him or I will call the COPS ! ”
      The Smart Meter Installer man grabbed his tools she’d flung onto the nature strip.Then he threw them into his Service Van in a Hurry and took off like ‘ Greased Lighting.’
      We all need to do the same to these bullies.
      Arne’t we supposed to be the Customers to whom these Electric Power Companies are supposed to be POLITE ! It is not the LAW That we have to take these deadly devices.
      I dealt with the Smart Meter man who wanted to install one of these Truly Deadly Smart Meters on my property. I demanded that he read my Legal Anti Trespass Sign by the High Court Of Australia and the Australian Constitution which stated that I had made no contract with the Electric Power Company to enter into an agreement to have a now proving to be Very Dangerous Smart Meter installed on my Property. This Legal Anti Trespass sign also warned of a $167,000.00 fine for anyone trespassing on my property. I made sure he read this sign very thoroughly. After reading this Sign he said in a shocked voice……..” S##t Mate I’m not putting a Bloody Smart Meter on your F*****G Property.”
      You see, just stand up to them politely and firmly and they get the message. Then he tucked the B****Y Dangerous Cancer Causing Piece Of Filth under his arm and walked off down the road.

  134. Sharlene says:

    Call the installer for your area (SP ausnet can provide you with the installers they have contracted). They DO have a refusal list you can be put on no matter what they tell you. The refusal list is not openly volunteered as information for obvious reasons. Chances are it will only delay the inevitable, the refusal lists will be sent to sp ausnet or whoever your supplier is, as well as government, then they will decide what to do about those who refuse. I shall be cutting a hole in the meter box so it can still be read and then padlocking the door to the meter box so it cannot be opened. Eventually,(apparently) they will legislate smart meters and access however as yet, there are no fines etc etc (sp ausnet say they will just cut power off, but they have a process to go through before they can do this). I have had discussions with sp ausnet (they r so useless), the DPI, the installer, the energy safe vic. (who claim the smart meters are safe even tho they only tested random ones), and am waiting on a call from essential services vic re. whether they can actually cut power off if some needs it for medical reasons. You can also make a specific appointment time so noone can be on your property without you there. My plan is to delay til 2013.

    As i said to them ALL, sp ausent cannot be trusted to maintain equipment, they burnt half the state down due to their negligence on Black Saturday, so how on earth can they be trusted to get it right with a smart meter?

    • Lets take the Power back says:

      I have also heard of others this week who have stuck to their guns and contacted the DPI and been put onto a refusal list until end of 2013. Then they have notified their Distributor eg SP Austnet, Powercor etc that they are refusing. Be prepared to get the “cloned” pre prepared replies.
      They all keep saying “they have a process to go through before they can disconnect the power” but no-one seems to be able to tell us what the process is. Are they madly creating another process behind the scenes to move on us with more stealth?
      Do the Government and the Power Distributors really GET IT. They don’t own our homes.
      WE ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE SMARTMETERS INSTALLED. Last time I looked Australia was a “democratic???” country, not a dictatorship, or was that changed by stealth like the smartmeters are installed by stealth when people leave their homes or go away. Their are thousands of us who are fighting this all the way. Thousands are prepared to stand and be counted on this issue. Lets all register as members of the “Coalition to Stop Smartmeters in Australia” on this site and maybe we should pick Australia Day next week to all contact the Minister, the Premier, the DPI, the Power distributors, every form of media. Lets fill the inboxes, the postboxes with a resounding “NO WE WILL NOT HAVE A SMARTMETER INSTALLED”

  135. Peter Ellis says:

    Yesterday, I received a letter from Jemena regarding the imminent installation of Smart Meters in our area. I’ve written the following letter as a direct response, and I’m posting it here for all those wanting to do the same:

    TO: Paul Adams
    Managing Director
    Jemena Electricity Networks (Vic) Ltd
    ABN 82 064 651 083
    321 Ferntree Gully Road
    Mount Waverley VIC 3149



    Sent By Certified Mail

    Dear Mr Adams :

    Be advised, you and all other involved parties are hereby denied consent for installation and use of any and all “Smart Meters” or any other surveillance and activity monitoring device, or devices, at the above property. Installation and use of any surveillance and activity monitoring device that sends and receives communications technology is hereby refused and prohibited.
    Informed consent is legally required for installation of any surveillance device and any device that will collect and transmit private and personal data to undisclosed and unauthorized parties for undisclosed and unauthorized purposes. Authorization for sharing of personal and private information may only be given by the originator and subject of that information. That authorization is hereby denied and refused with regard to the above property and all its occupants.
    “Smart Meters” violate the law and cause endangerment to residents by the following factors:

    1. They individually identify electrical devices inside the home and record when they are operated, causing invasion of privacy.

    2. They monitor household activity and occupancy in violation of rights and domestic security.

    3. They transmit wireless signals which may be intercepted by unauthorized and unknown parties. Those signals can be used to monitor behaviour and occupancy and they can be used by criminals to aid criminal activity against the occupants.

    4. Data about occupants’ daily habits and activities are collected, recorded and stored in permanent databases which are accessed by parties not authorized or invited to know and share that private data by those whose activities were recorded.

    5. Those with access to the “Smart Meter” databases can review a permanent history of household activities complete with calendar and time-of-day metrics to gain a highly invasive and detailed view of the lives of the occupants.

    6. Those databases may be shared with, or fall into, the hands of criminals, blackmailers, corrupt law enforcement, private hackers of wireless transmissions, power company employees, and other unidentified parties who may act against the interests of the occupants under metered surveillance.

    7. “Smart Meters” are, by definition, surveillance devices which violate Federal Privacy Laws by recording and storing databases of private and personal activities and behaviours without the consent or knowledge of those people who are monitored.

    8. It is possible, for example, with analysis of certain “Smart Meter” data, for unauthorized and distant parties to determine medical conditions, equipment usage, and physical locations of persons within the home, vacancy patterns and personal information and habits of the occupants.

    9. You, your company and other involved parties have not adequately disclosed the particular recording and transmission capabilities of the “Smart Meter”, or the extent of the data that will be recorded, stored and shared, or the purposes to which the data will and will not be put.

    10. Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency energy contamination from “Smart Meters” exceeds allowable safe and healthy limits for domestic environments as determined by the EPA and other scientific programs.[ IARC. 2011, IARC Classifies Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields as Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans, Press Release No. 208, (Online), Available:; Fragopoulou, A., Grigoriev, Y., Johansson, O., Margaritis, L., Morgan, L., Richter, E. & Sage, C. 2010, ‘Scientific Panel on Electromagnetic Field Health Risks: Consensus Points, Recommendations, and Rationales’, Reviews on Environmental Health, Vol. 25, No. 4. Available:

    11. Smart meters can be hacked and will be hacked. The small CPU in these meters cannot protect itself as well as a home PC can, and home PCs are well known for being compromised. By deploying these in the millions with exactly the same software and hardware they become a huge target and will endanger the community if an attacker can switch the power on and off from remote in mass. This makes these Smart Meters dangerous and a liability to the ratepayers who would have to ultimately pay for any damage.

    12. Smart meters are not protected from EMP attacks, large EMPs or localized EMPs as simple as a kid with a battery and a coil (Electro Magnetic Pulse).

    13. Disabling the receiver will not prevent other forms of “hacks”. For example, a malicious attacker could confuse the internal CPU, reset it, change random memory locations, change the KWH reading, force a power disconnection, or completely disable a “Smart Meter” with a simple coil of wire and a small battery. This can’t happen with a mechanical meter. It is well known that a wide EMP can take out car computers; “Smart Meters” will now make that possible on the city-wide electric infrastructure.

    14. A thief or burglar could, with the same EMP or hacking methods, turn off the house power even if the electrical switch box is locked.

    15. Encryption of data is irrelevant due to well known “Tempest” attacks, where an attacker monitors internal electrical switching signals of a CPU or other internal components from a distance. Governments have developed standards covering this. Compromising emanations are defined as unintentional intelligence-bearing signals which, if intercepted and analysed, may disclose the information transmitted, received, handled, or otherwise processed by any information-processing equipment, like in Smart Meters. This would violate customers’ privacy and any privacy policy the power company has at this time. []

    16. Turning off the RF transmitter is irrelevant due to the well-known “Tempest” attacks; the RF wireless transmitter is not needed in these attacks and disabling the RF transmitter completely negates any advantages of these “Smart Meters” or their costs anyway.

    17. Data about an occupant’s daily habits and activities are collected, recorded and stored in permanent databases which can be accessed by parties not authorized or invited to know and share that private data by those whose activities were recorded. This can be done by cyber-attacks or disgruntled employees and has been done before where the attacked company may not know of the intrusion for months.

    18. The power company has not adequately disclosed the encryption or security methods to the public. The source code to any data encryption must be open source and peer reviewed by the security community at large in order to be as secure as is currently possible. Security by obscurity is no security at all.

    19. Mechanical meters are fully transparent to both the consumer and the power company as to the amount of power used, and to the fixed nature of the method in which this amount was measured – by a fixed and locked mechanism. With Smart Meters however, the measurement of usage of power is not guaranteed to be fixed as power companies can remotely change it anytime they wish, with little risk that the customer will know. Why should customers trust a company that only has profits and stock price in mind? With possible modification of computer code or measurement values / ratios from a remote location, who will oversee them? Who will ever know? This is an unfair practice and a liability to the consumers.

    20. The power company has misled the public and the Australian Energy Regulator (ACCC) by leaving out publicly available facts and information regarding “Smart Meters”. There are many downsides to this new technology that the power company has not presented to the general public or the Public Utility Commission. Information is slanted and doesn’t address the negative issues fully.

    21. A Certificate of Electrical Safety is not required for the installation of “Smart Meters” because “Smart Meters” belong to the power distributor. However, a number of people have raised concerns about the quality of work that is being completed, including a number of house fires which have been caused by faulty installations. Furthermore, any damage caused by this faulty installation work is not covered by many insurance companies, because any damaged caused by uncertified electrical installations is not covered in the policies. This is unacceptable.

    22. The power company has no delegated authority from the People to install a device that risks security, invades privacy, threatens health, is hackable, uses unfair billing practices, or threatens power-wide grid security on anyone’s property.

    23. The argument put forward by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) in regards to the cost savings involved when switching to a new Provider, feeding power back into the grid (e.g. via solar panels) and meter readings are specious. In all of these cases, having a “Smart Meter” instead of an older, analogue meter will make no difference to the cost whatsoever.

    24. It is well known to electronic and computer engineers that a high voltage spike, such as a nearby lightning strike, or EMP can change memory bits in normal memory or EEPROM memory (Electronically Erasable and Programmable Memory that is non-volatile) by adding extra electrons to the small memory cells. This can change internal “Smart Meter” settings like the KWH calibration data or other settings that may change the rate of power charged without the customer or Power Company ever knowing about it. This can’t happen with a mechanical meter.

    25. Installation of a “Smart Meter” will lower this property’s value due to all the stated issues and controversy. This could subject ALL the ratepayers to higher rates due to lawsuit claims for value lost. The power company has no delegated authority from the People to use its easement or install equipment in a way that will lower property values or make a property less desirable to a buyer.

    I demand an immediate stop to the installation of all “Smart Meters” until all issues are resolved, that Smart Meters be removed at customers’ request with no extra charge, that all “Smart Meter” installations are opt-in only for customers who are properly and fully informed and choose to have this technology for their own specific need. This is in the public’s best interest.

    I demand an immediate investigation into these issues by the Australian Energy Regulator (ACCC).

    I demand that the Australian Energy Regulator (ACCC) act immediately to order the power company to fully inform all customers of ALL the known facts, including complaints and downsides of this technology within 30 days.

    I reserve the right to amend this notice and complaint at any time; this is not a complete list of concerns since this technology is new and new information is being found every day. Concerns listed here are not in any particular order.
    I forbid, refuse and deny consent of any installation and use of any monitoring, eavesdropping, and surveillance devices on my property, my place of residence and my place of occupancy. That applies to and includes “Smart Meters” and surveillance and activity monitoring devices of any and all kinds. Any attempt to install any such device directed at me, other occupants, my property or residence will constitute trespass, stalking, wiretapping and unlawful surveillance and endangerment of health and safety, all prohibited and punishable by law through criminal and civil complaints. All persons, government agencies and private organizations responsible for installing or operating monitoring devices directed at or recording my activities, which I have not specifically authorized in writing, will be fully liable for any violations, intrusions, harm or negative consequences caused or made possible by those devices whether those negative consequences are justified by “law” or not.

    After the delivery of this legal notice, the liabilities listed above may not be denied or avoided by parties named and implied in this notice. Public Servant immunities and protections do not apply to the installation of “Smart Meters” due to the criminal violations they represent.

    Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal. All rights reserved.


    • Anonymous says:

      Have you had a response? I do not wish to have a meter installed which is due 30th January to 10th February and I was due to have a holiday that is booked! Elizabeth.

      • Terry says:

        If I were you, Elizabeth, I would send off the letter, put a laminated sign on your meter box, padlock it closed and have a good holiday!!

      • Peter Ellis says:

        Hi Elizabeth,
        I received an email response from Linda Holmes, AMI Communications Adviser, Stakeholder Relations at Jemena. The email just states that they received it and lots of info regarding how wonderful and beneficial Smart Meters are and how fantastic the Victorian government’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program is going to be, how it will “provide the platform for electricity retailers to offer a suite of new services and offers to customers resulting in better information, increased choice and the power to understand and manage your energy usage”.
        They also provided a number of PDFs containing propaganda around these miracle devices, how “safe” they are (and I use the word “safe” here in the context of “apart from the amount of radiation it gives off that could seriously and adversely affect your health as long as you live in the same house to which one is attached, or live next door to the house that has one attached or live in a different suburb, you should be just FINE!”) and how “secure” they are (read “secure” as “only secure when not attached to your house / power supply and completely switched off”).
        In other words, none of the concerns were really addressed; just the stock standard marketing responses.
        I’ve also forwarded a copy of the letter to both my electricity company (Simply Energy) and the ACCC. SE responded, saying “we have noted on your account that you do not wish to have a smart meter installed.” but that ” If you dispute the installation of the smart meter, your request does need to be directed to Jemena…you will need to follow up your dispute with them.”
        There has been no response from ACCC.
        I’ll be installing a lock box over my meter this weekend, which will bring me much peace of mind.

  136. Michael Edwards says:

    Hallo, Eva.

         Thanks for your detailed reply. I’ve done a lot of those things you suggested: I e-mailed Ted Baillieu and Michael O’Brien, telling them why I was fearful about this (focusing mainly on the health and financial concerns), and I have printed letters I’m about to post to them too, as soon as I can get to the post office. Similarly with my power company (S.P. AusNet). I’ve printed out the sign, but haven’t fixed it to my box yet, since I’m not at home just now. I kind of doubt it carries any legal status whatsoever, though.
         You doubt they would cut off people for refusing because of the bad publicity it would generate. But do you know if anyone has yet been cut off for refusing? Even if not, I think it will happen one day – the power companies may just decide to play for time for the time being.
         I, too, appreciate the efforts by those who organize web sites like this, and I was not meaning to sound critical of them. But I was wondering if some kind of forum did exist that people could post messages to and discuss things. If not, I wonder whether it would be worthwhile setting up something like a Yahoo group. That is something I might be able to do, if it was a suitable idea, since I do know how to create and run Yahoo groups, having done it in the past. But if there isn’t some way of making it known as the place to have discussions, it would just become yet another web site, adding to the confusion. Too many different sites, each attracting its own audience, are really just going to divide us all into little groups, and thus weaken us overall.
         I might also add that I, personally, am in a bit of an emergency mode at present, since I received a letter from the power company a few days ago informing me that installation at my house would take place between 9 and 20 January. I had received two previous letters informing me it would be at some indefinite future time (they made it sound like good news I should welcome!), but I am not a well-organized person, and unfortunately it’s only now that I’ve managed to do something about this. Do you think the suggestions you’ve already given me are sufficient to prevent this, or is there anything more I can do which hasn’t yet been suggested?
         I fear it may be too late for myself, if they are coming soon. If I catch them, I can tell them, “No, I don’t want you to do this” – but, since I don’t know the exact date and time they will come, I can’t guarantee to be there at the time – and I’m not even sure if my box is padlockable at all – I will be checking that as soon as I get home Tuesday evening – I am visiting my mother at present, some distance away. If it can’t be locked, I’m not sure I know how to install a lock – I’m not in the least a handyman, and have absolutely no idea how to do handyman jobs of that sort. In short, I am really ill-prepared for this, if the crunch is about to arrive on my doorstep within a week or so.
         Can I assume it’s all over for myself at least if the meter is installed and I can’t prevent that? Has anyone ever succeeded in having the meter removed *after* it was installed? I certainly haven’t heard of such a thing, and I imagine that would be like trying to unscramble eggs.

         Another couple of things, while I think of them:

      * I saw mention of registering with a legal firm on some other page. Is this likely to give people big legal bills, though? – I’m a disability pensioner, and can’t even consider incurring expenses of this sort.

      * Perhaps linked to the previous point: I have read here and there of a class action that is going to be created. May be a good idea, since it’s probably only through large numbers that we’re likely to have any influence. But again, is this likely to incur big legal bills for people who may not be able to afford it? Also, has anything concrete emerged about this yet, or is it just a plan or idea at this point?

      * A couple of months ago I read of public meetings being held somewhere on the last Tuesday of each month where legally-qualified people were giving advice about this issue. Are those meetings still taking place?  

    Regards, Michael.

    • Richard Leschen says:

      Hi Michael,
      I was threatened by a particular person at Powercore some months ago that if I refused a Smart Meter they would send me three letters asking me to reconsider, but if I still refused to allow a Smart Meter on my property then they would cut off my power. I was so angry at her reply that I told her in a loud voice……” .Please state that in writing and post it to me, thien I will sue you for everything you own, your house your money and anything else I can think of.” This woman sounded most upset and sounded as if she was crying.
      I have now had to put a stout padlock on my Electricity Meter Box and put a sign on it stating that I refuse to have a Smart Meter at any time and that the present Analog Meter is doing a perfectly good job of recording the Electricity used.
      I have also posted a Legal No Trespass Notice on my brick fence. I have laminated it and it is secured firmly. This Notice which forbids anyone from entering my property without Written Permission from me the owner of this property. Anyone who enters without my written permission will be served entail a $167,000:00 dollar fine by order of the High Court of Australia by my Lawyer. When the Smart Meter Installer Man came to put a Smart Meter on my property I stopped him from stepping onto my property by asking him politely to first read my LEGAL No Trespass Notice from the High Court of Australia..
      This he did. After reading it he said…..There’s no way I’m coming onto your property Mate ! ”

      I responded with…..” Good, now please leave my property immediately.” He did so tucking the Smart Meter under his arm and marching down the road.
      It is not the LAW that you must take a smart Meter against your will and better judgement. These are bullying tactics the Electric Power Companies use to try to intimidate you. Don’t give into them. All you have to do is tell the Meter Reader Man to knock on your front door or ring the bell and you will unlock the Meter Box for him to get the readings he requires, then you must relock your Electric Meter Box to stop the Sneaky Meter Installer Man from stealing the Analog Meter you still have and planting a Smart Meter on your property. Remember……You own the Meter Box but not the Analog Meter. Some of the people at the Electric Power Companies are telling customers that they the Power Companies own the Meter Box, which is a downright LIE. I caught one stateing this to me so I told her that was a downright Lie and she knew it !
      ” Don’t argue with me Girlie I said crossly, I know the LAW, but you seem ignorant of the LAW ! ” …….Her phone went click as she hung up on me. That put her in her place.
      Send your Power Company an Official Refusal Letter which states that you refuse to allow them to install a Smart Meter on your property…..Contact me at….>< for this letter,or phone 03 5352 3639. On the bottom of the letter it states….. If, in the future I find that a Smart Meter has been installed at my property many others against my will and better judgement , I will then join the pending class action to sue.

      Richard Leschen

      pending class action to sue. pending class action to sue.
      actiin to my property ."
      You can also contact Mrs. Di Bell at or from

  137. Eva says:

    Hello Michael,

    I have read all your comments and can feel your frustration about this whole thing, I too feel
    a little disappointed that there seems not to be anywhere central (say a particular website) that has attracted thousands of people to discuss this issue, rather than the few who have made comments here. At the same time, I thank the administrator/creator of this website for going to the trouble to set this up for the protestors.

    Some months ago I took it on by myself to email both my electricity provider (Powercor) and my
    electricity retailer (Dodo) to inform them that I will NOT be giving my permission to have a smart
    meter installed. I had to chase them up to make sure they actually received my email, and the
    response I got from Powercor, at that time, was that my address would be put at the back of the
    queue for installations….and this was BEFORE the Liberal government made the decision to
    still go ahead with this abomination of an idea.

    To date, I have not yet heard from Powercor about what they intend doing next, but I fully
    expect either a visit from an installer, soon, or at the very least a letter to inform me of the
    date of proposed installation. In this regard, I believe the installers who are contracted to do this work, would NOT either have the authority or the power to FORCE an installation.

    The Minister in charge Michael O’Brien, a few weeks ago was NOT able to answer a hypothetical question put to him about what WILL happen if people refuse installation… no doubt the government would be scrambling to put together something LEGAL that they could do, but in the meantime, I feel SO strongly about this, that if push comes to shove, then I WILL stand my ground
    and NOT allow a meter to be installed – they can try to cut off my power (though I doubt very much that they would do this – would be HUGE amount of publicity and rage from people who are
    cut off for refusal.) I believe that they could then simply not send someone to read your meter
    and therefore calculate usage by estimates – which lots of people have already.
    Michael O’Brien at that interview was only able to parrot repeatedly that the government will work with the electricity providers to EDUCATE!!!!?? customers so that all our fears will be
    allayed!!! um…..right!!???? To me this sounds like they will now have to spend even MORE wasted money for advertising campaigns etc to ‘educate us’.

    Michael, I suggest if you want to be counted, and if you haven’t already, then:

    add your name to the protest (found on this website)
    write (email) your electricity provider of your intention to NOT have a meter installed,
    write to your local member of parliament, plus write to Michael O’Brien, the Energy Minister in charge of this fiasco,
    have a laminated sign printed up and put it on your meter box….then
    wait like the rest of us for the government to announce what they intend to do with a MASS
    refusal from customers.

    I doubt very much whether you will at this time, find someone in ‘authority’ to tell you what the
    consequences will be. I do believe it will be a wait and see deal, especially now with holidays and parliament not sitting.

  138. Michael Edwards says:

         Yet another thing: is a mere “Stop” sign going to stop them? I would imagine they would just regard this as a sign of protest, and just ignore it and go right ahead.
         I got here via a page promising to tell me how to defer the meter – but it doesn’t make any suggestions at all about what concrete steps to take to do this.
         Watch a video? Put up a sign? Tell others about the web site? Sign an on-line petition? I was expecting something along the lines of particular bodies or officials to go to to lodge an objection or application for deferral, or something of the sort.
         The only suggestion I found that seemed at least slightly likely to defer the installation is the one to guard your meter and don’t let them do it. But I expressed my concern in another post that this may merely result in your electricity supply being cut off altogether until you agree to allow it.

  139. Michael Edwards says:

         Another thing: why are there so few posts on various pages on this site? I expected to find thousands.
         Isn’t the opposition quite so great, after all? It’s just going to make it easier for them to ride rough-shod over us all if the opposition looks so small and scattered.

    • Pete says:

      Unfortunately you are right Michael… But this is the result of “I’m Alright Jack” or “Its all too hard”. Its the Aussie way of life from the 50s and 60s that has spilled over to the 2000s. People need to change and start uniting together to fight this. If we do it one or two alone… its going to be very difficult and we will all lose. Its a typical Roman miliarty tactic converted to this current situation. Divide the enemy and you will control them. If the enemy (us) is united, we cannot be beaten.

      Unfortunately fighting this at the moment seems like pipe dreams because we Aussies are too laid back and these companies and our stupid government know this… thats why they have been systematically violating our rights and are getting away with MURDER because if it is proven that a smart meter has a detrimental affect of a person’s health (which it has already been proven), then I guess in a court of law, via a class action, those responsible would most likely be charged. BEWARE politicians… the day of reckoning is near and this won’t be a tap on the wrist like the roof insulation scandal… this will be a beauty and heads will roll !!!

  140. Michael Edwards says:

         This issue has suddenly caught up with me, and I am going to have this thing installed in 10 days if I can’t fight it somehow – so I’m looking around for ideas on what to do.

         But I have a concern about the advice given on this page: “Protect your existing Meter. Stand your ground and do not allow it to be replaced.” Will this be a very effective defence? I don’t know – but I’m imagining that they will simply cut you off electricity altogether, and say you can only have it back when you agree to allow the installation to proceed.

         Does anyone know about this?


  141. Peter Janetzki says:

    sheer Piracy that is all it is; Fat cats trying to fill their pockets with poor people’s money. Well I hope they choke on it and just by way of interest I have a smart meter installed on either side of our house and since then I have nothing but sheer pains across the shoulders and down the arms, never had them bfore, tell them to stick them where it hurts

    • Jennifer says:

      I did not recieve a letter to say the Electricity company were going to install a smart meter at our home. I did not know a meter was installed one evening and i went to bed and i found I could not sleep with an excruciating headache i had the same headache for 5 nights, so i decided to go and live at another place and went to turn off the meter as i always do and it was only then i noticed a new smart meter had been installed. The headache and pains left me when i was at the other property which does not have a smart meter. After a few days i went back to my home and the headache and pains started all over again. so i am not going back to my house until the meter is gone.i contacted the Electricity company and they stated they would not remove the meter and told me to go and see a doctor. [ it was nothing to do with the smart meter]
      Can you help me, this meter is installed less than 1mt from my head, outside my bedroom , what will they do to me if i have the meter removed.” i must, i have to”. I did not believe the smart meter would be detrimental to our health , but i know now for sure it definately would be, do not sleep near a smart meter.
      Please tell me what i can do to get rid of this meter, can you suggest what i can do.

      • joelosheablog says:

        Martin Erdmann from Verax Institut explains on YouTube the Smart Grid and how we can expect cost penalties when retaining analogue meters. Smart grid is central to forced use of energy currency, not cash.

        • Killingme says:

          I need some advice please…
          I live above 9 smart meters and since living here my health has deteriorated in many different ways. Is there anyone in Sydney that would help me with getting an EMF reading free of charge???
          Thank you in advance

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