German Federal Office for Radiation Protection calls for more research on influence of electromagnetic fields on plants and animals

Further to an international workshop on environmental effects of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields on flora and fauna, Germany’s Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) says that “there is still a considerable need for research”.

The workshop, which was organised by the BfS, took place in Munich at the beginning of November 2019.

The BfS’s press release says the findings of the workshop are particularly important in light of the ongoing expansion of electricity grids and the introduction of 5G.  Although the BfS reported “Overall, the studies presented in the workshop support the current state of knowledge that there is no evidence of harmful effects on plants or animals caused by high-frequency electromagnetic fields below the applicable limit values”, it added that “there are isolated indications that radiofrequency fields may influence insects.  In a field study, for example, changes in the frequency and biodiversity of pollinators near base stations were observed”.

The BfS went on to say “it is conceivable that the higher frequencies that may be used in a few years’ time could increase the energy absorption of insects”.  Plants could also be affected.  Although the BfS cautions that the results here were partly contradictory, it reported “under laboratory conditions, high-frequency fields can trigger a stress reaction and influence growth” (SSMA emphases).

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) had a representative at the international workshop.  Dr Ken Karipidis, ARPANSA’s Assistant Director of Assessment and Advice, attended.

Dr Karipidis, however, appears to have come back with a somewhat different take-home message.  ARPANSA’s write-up of the workshop says  “Studies that have been conducted in the natural environment generally report little or no evidence of impact on plants or animals”.  No coverage is given to the studies that do show effects.

As pointed out by Attorney-at-law Christian Jensen in this post, research that shows effects is “inherently of much greater significance than examinations which have been incapable of identifying a damage or risk thereof, since the latter group does not in itself exclude the possibility that there exist real damage or risks”.

SSMA wonders if Dr Karipidis attended the international workshop session titled “Radiofrequency radiation injures trees around mobile phone base stations“, presented by Dr Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam.  The paper of the same title found “a high level of damage to trees in the vicinity of phone masts”.  Two pictorial examples from the study are available here.  An overview of the data from the study is available here.

ARPANSA’s report on the workshop concludes that “ARPANSA will continue to evaluate relevant research as it becomes available, working with international counterparts to ensure ongoing review of scientific evidence related to radiation and both public and environmental health”.  This statement is hardly reassuring, given its past performance.

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6 Responses to German Federal Office for Radiation Protection calls for more research on influence of electromagnetic fields on plants and animals

  1. Citizen Truth says:

    ARPANSA issue such statements whilst stating zero accountability disclaimers for their statements and advice. Every single time. They are criminally complicit with the Telco’s who finance them in a gross conflict of interest. This ENTIRE battle for simply a healthy environment, MUST centre around the actions, conflicts and criminality of ARPANSA – and sharing the fact that this is the case with as many Australians as we can. ARPANSA is the key to clawing-back our civil liberties. They must be brought into the conversation within our communities.

  2. Let's get real about RF says:

    It looks like honey bees are going to be absorbing a lot more radiation because of 5G. Here’s a new scientific report: “Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure of Western Honey Bees”

  3. old kodger says:

    This post does not relate to Tom Laing’s post, but to the main body of the Cairns news post.
    Google “beings of frequency”. I don’t know how old it is now, but more that 6 years…before 5G.

  4. Tom Laing says:

    Hi I need to talk to somebody

    In the last two days I’ve had two phone calls from my current energy retailer Simply Energy claiming my current analogue meter is faulty and needs replacing. This, they claim, is due to a request from the Network provider. I have had no communication from SA Power Networks.

    I live in Willunga SA 5172

    I have the no trespass sign on my front fence and power box.

    I just need some advice on how to proceed if and when this escalates.

    Cheers Tom 0421912800


    • Let's get real about RF says:

      That’s odd if Simply Energy is suggesting the request came from SA Power Networks (or trying to confuse you into thinking this). Under the new national electricity rule, which covers SA, it’s the retailers who are responsible for new meters. So your retailer would be the one responsible for installing a new network.

      I thought the retailers had to do sample testing to justify installing new meters in their catchment areas.

      Maybe you could just change retailers and avoid that way??

    • Citizen Truth says:

      Tom, put a padlock on your meter box – the signs are great, but history shows that they will be disregarded. Photograph them in place and leave the original file creation date unchanged (time/date stamp). DO. NOT. FOLD.
      Copy, paste, then amend the below and send to the CEO of your retailer, as well as the CEO of SImple Energy:

      Dear Mr X,


      This notice is provided to the company listed above and any other persons, entities, employees, associates, corporations, sub-contractors and agents of the above mentioned company (herein referred to as YOUR COMPANY).
      YOUR COMPANY is explicitly prohibited and forbidden from entering the below property with the intention of installing a smart OR digital meter, or altering the existing electricity meter/s, identified with the NMI number/s listed below, in any way at the following (service) address:

      (your address)

      NMI number: (yours) as shown on my electricity account # (yours).

      This property is PRIVATE PROPERTY, with title held in fee simple.
      No penalty, fee or forfeiture of any kind shall be imposed for the non-installation of a smart/digital meter against this address or its service account(s).
      Such persons, entities or agents who ignore instructions contained in this notice or notices contained on the property will be held in FULL COMMERCIAL LIABILITY and face both civil and criminal charges.
      A copy of this notice has also been sent to the State Energy Minister and another held for the Energy & Water Ombudsman (EWON).

      Please address further correspondence to the account billing address.
      If a response to this notice is not received by February 15th 2020, it shall be taken that you accept and will honour this notice and notices contained on the property, therefore requiring no further action on your behalf.


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