Danish legal opinion concludes 5G contravenes human and environmental laws

Attorney-at-law Christian Jensen, of Bonnor Lawyers in Denmark, examined potential health damages and risks of 5G in relation to human rights and environmental conventions.

The legal opinion is centred around results that have positively documented actual damages or risks to humans, animals and plants.  Jensen points out that this research is “inherently of much greater significance than examinations which have been incapable of identifying a damage or risk thereof, since the latter group does not in itself exclude the possibility that there exist real damage or risks”.

He explains that “If it has on one occasion defensibly been scientifically proven that there is a damaging effect or risk of damage, then the fact that ten other defensible trials did not show such an effect or risk is irrelevant.  It is then merely up to the scientific community to clarify why the ten defensible trials did not show what is scientifically proven, in order to better understand why and how the damages occur or could occur”.

In his final remarks, on page 64 of the 75-page document, Jensen states that:

It is the conclusion of this legal opinion that establishing and activating a 5G-network, as it is currently described,  would  be  in  contravention  of  current  human  and  environmental  laws enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, EU regulations, and the Bern- and Bonn-conventions.  

The reason is the very significant body of scientific documentation available, showing that radiofrequent electromagnetic radiation is harmful and dangerous to the health of humans (particularly children), animals and plants.  

This also applies when the radiation remains within the limits recommended by ICNIRP and currently used in Denmark as well as broadly within the EU.

The legal opinion was provided at the request of the Danish Institute for Public Health, the Council for Health-Safe Telecommunications, the EHS-association and the Danish Health Association May Day.

This opinion is also relevant to Australia.  Australia is a signatory to both the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Bonn convention (also known as the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals).  European Union directives don’t apply in Australia; however, decisions made by the European Court of Human Rights, which has responsibility for monitoring compliance with the rights and freedoms set out by the European Convention on Human Rights, influence the development of human rights law in Australia.

Access the Danish legal opinion document here.  

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1 Response to Danish legal opinion concludes 5G contravenes human and environmental laws

  1. Dama says:

    I just wanted to make a comment on why some studies have failed to identify effects: there are problems measuring exposure in some studies and identifying exposed versus unexposed groups.
    An example of this is the Danish cohort study. This study has been touted as “Biggest ever study shows no link between mobile phone use and tumors” (google), however it was basically a highly flawed study used to mislead the public. Here are some comments on it:
    -“This study only looks at 7% of the Danish population who had a personal cellphone subscription for at least one year during the period 1987 to 1995. It ignores corporate subscribers (the heaviest users then) and the researchers have no data at all on cellphone use since 1995 so the extra 86% of the population who started to use a cellphone since 1996 were left in the “non subscriber part of the population. This study uses seriously flawed data to make a flawed analysis and should be condemned as misleading spin.”Alasdair Philips, B.Sc.(Eng), DAgE, Powerwatch UK
    -“From the way it was set up originally, this deeply flawed study was designed to fail to find an increased risk of brain tumors tied with cellphone use. “Devra L. Davis, PhD, MPH
    Cancer Epidemiologist and President of Environmental Health Trust
    Do the cell phone companies even release exposure data to researchers? Also, there is the problem that cell phones can actually become 10,000 times stronger away from cell towers so this needs to be taken into account – it’s not just people near cell towers who are at risk of cancer but users further away are at risk because phones become so much stronger further away. This is why the US National Toxicology study was a vastly superior study – because it was an experimental study which was able to control and accurately measure exposure while controlling for other lifestyle factors such as food. Not all studies are of the same merit. Typically in all studies exposure times and follow-up times are shorter than many users will be exposed to.
    I will also tack on a current video of mysterious bird deaths from Mark Steels channel on YouTube ( Mark Steele exposed the sub-gig transmitters hidden in street lights in Gateshead, UK. I encourage people to check out his videos. He also has a video on the Grenfell towers metallic cladding and microwaves.

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