The WHO cover-up on the truth about wireless radiation

Author, former World Health Organization (WHO) staffer and brain-tumour survivor, Olga Sheean, has launched a video on WHO’s cover-up of the truth about wireless radiation.

In early 2017, SSMA covered Sheean’s earlier call to WHO for action and accountability.  WHO did not reply.

Sheean once again points out in The WHO cover-up that is costing us the Earth the gross failings of WHO’s International EMF Project, a unit which instead of promoting the development of safe standards, is “deliberately hiding the truth, misinforming the public and devising utterly meaningless safety standards based on unfounded science”.  Little wonder, when one considers that it is “also receiving funds from – and is staffed by personnel who have worked for – the very industry from which it is meant to protect us”.

With the advent of 5G, the stakes have dramatically escalated.  Defying all logic, “WHO is actively facilitating the global deployment of 5G”.  Instead of tightening exposure limits, “WHO is collaborating with ICNIRP – the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection – to relax its already dangerously inadequate standards”.  ICNIRP is the body that the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) has chosen to blindly follow; the Australian standard for radiofrequencies is based on ICNIRP’s 1998 Guidelines.

Sheean implores all of us to stop supporting the industry that is harming us.  The planned launch of over 20,000 5G satellites in the coming two years “will be more than our bodies can handle”.  She points out that industry or governments have no motivation to change direction unless we reduce the demand for harmful wireless technologies.  Sheean states that “We must hold ourselves accountable for our choices and we must hold decision-makers responsible for their cover-up of the truth”.

You can view “The WHO cover-up that is costing us the Earth”, and access a full transcript of the video and references, at

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5 Responses to The WHO cover-up on the truth about wireless radiation

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  2. obviousbob says:

    Hello people I just got the bulletin about the bees, and think you need to examine what I have suggested to the UK crew who are opposing 5G. It is all about liability, as detailed in the video I made: The Question of Liability

    | | | | | |


    | | | | The Question of Liability

    This video is about the question of liability facing all governments, the “authorities” contracted by them, and … |



    The idea is to Lawfully Notice all liable parties-the Unions whose people install the dastardly things,the CEOs of the companies that stand to profit, and the government, and all the Parliamentarians who voted for the roll-out, as their signatures, I have just learned, will be on the legislation. This makes them all professionally and personally liable for all harm, loss and injury inflicted via the 5G. I hope you pursue this avenue of action. Best regards Gary Oraniuk

  3. dana says:

    Great video, Olga. I really like the way this video helps people to understand where the system has failed them because so many people have too much faith in the system so they think they don’t have to worry or think. I guess they are so naïve that they just can’t imagine that their politicians, doctors, government safety bodies like ARPANSA, WHO and television could all fail to inform them of a major threat. When you tell them there are problems they just say ” I’m sure they would have tested it”. Well they haven’t, at least not in the public domain – I’m sure there are classified studies which the elite have access to but they won’t release them to us.
    As for the doctors, I know they have no training in the effects of microwaves but why can’t they at least take an interest in the subject, stick some of the main facts on a flyer and give it out to their patients. There are so many flyers in a doctor’s office but none on wireless radiation. We need to aim to get expert doctors to make a flyer that other doctors can print off and hand to their patients and get this flyer into doctors offices.

  4. Citizens Against Un-Safe Emissions says:

    Thanks for sharing. I had this in an update a few days ago. We have to keep at WHO and ICNIRP behind whom the health agencies hide and which the telecoms use.

    Best – Sharon

  5. obviousbob says:

    The WHO is United Nations.See this for who/what the United Nations is:  


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