An Open Letter To ARPANSA In Response To Their Media Statement

Recently the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) – the Australian Government body responsible for the standards and guidelines regulating the rollout for 5G in Australia – published Misinformation about Australia’s 5G network.

(To publish such a statement, ARPANSA must be feeling the heat from community backlash and the growing volume of evidence delineating the negative biological and health effects of electromagnetic radiation.)

In response to the ARPANSA statement, an Open Letter to ARPANSA concludes with Professor Martin Pall’s summarisation that:

“With 100% consistency, ARPANSA avoids all of the strongest available science in this area.

With 100% consistency, ARPANSA has produced a stunningly biased document, whose positions are repeatedly and consistently contradicted by the strongest science and by large numbers of independent scientists.

With 100% consistency, ARPANSA has failed to protect the health and safety of the people of Australia.

With 100% consistency, ARPANSA has protected the economic interests of the telecommunications industry.”

A copy of the Open Letter refuting ARPANSA’s dubious claims can be found at: An Open Letter To ARPANSA In Response To Their Press Statement


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9 Responses to An Open Letter To ARPANSA In Response To Their Media Statement

  1. CPJ says:

    ARPANSA is a COMPANY with NO authority to determine any Guidelines etc.

  2. ARPANSA's weakness says:

    ARPANSA receive over $1 million annually from the very corporations that they claim to regulate.
    This is legally definable as a conflict of interest any way you look at it and no disclaimer can refute this fact which stands separate to their legally dubious disclaimer.
    Make no mistake – it is simply conversations within our own communities that these people are both most threatened by and vulnerable to. Make a point to bring it up at least once this week in your circle. WWG1WGA.

  3. ARPANSA’s reputation and credibility has lay in tatters since a 2005 government audit, though the government regulator ‘ANAO’ handed down an audit of ARPANSA for the 2013/14 year, which clearly states it’s unacceptable STILL ONGOING conflicts of interest, summarised by them here:

    – ARPANSA’s scientific and advisory area provides a range of services, on a fee for service basis, to various public and private sector organisations, including the entities it regulates.
    – ARPANSA, may provide paid subject matter expert advice (for example on radiation safety and protection) to the entities that it regulates.
    – ARPANSA regulates it’s own licenses that it requires, because of an absence of another designated Commonwealth regulator.
    – Many of ARPANSA’s regulators have established long-term relationships with those who they regulate.
    The full audit report is available here:

  4. Sandy says:

    Well it seems to me we have foxes guarding the hen houses?
    Any way, all in cahoots!

  5. Helen Murphy says:

    ………..and the shame called ARPANSA continues…

  6. Richard Giles says:

    Good work, Richard

  7. Tanja Price says:

    Any thoughts on maybe taking ARPANSA to court? I wonder if that would be something worthwhile discussing with Raymond? Yes, they are hiding behind their disclaimer, however, by openly misinforming and misleading the public – and our politicians – with what Professor Pall calls fraudulent statements, I think it’s time to take them to task?

    Cheers, Tanja


  8. pcwwp says:

    Yes they are a paid up part of the corporates – we must stop this crime..

  9. maggie augello-luke says:

    Thank you for this! It helps a lot to have the information. Can you please tell me why the open letter goes to a business website? Jessie Reimers – get a fresh start? doesn’t make sense, so thought I’d let you know. Thanks Maggie


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