Kansas City smart meter fires

While electricity companies continue their campaign of hastily covering up smart meter fires, the truth is getting out there via the media and concerned citizens.  Kansas City TV station, KSHB-TV, recently reported that several smart meters in the district have caught fire.

Full story from Take Back Your Power

This is on top of smart meter fires in California, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Illinois and across Canada.  The smart meter fires in Canada became so epidemic that over 100,000 smart meters were recalled in Saskatchewan two years ago.  Yet smart meters continue to be installed around the world.

Smart meter fires are not confined to particular brands of smart meters.  The cause of the fires is overheating of either the components of the smart meter or of the household wiring.  This is often due to the pulsed frequencies of the wireless meters.  Analogue electricity meters do not share this vulnerability.  See Brian Thiesen’s explanation of the cause of smart meter fires.

Australia has not been without its share of smart meter fires.  But with electricity distributors racing to the scene to remove the smart meter within a couple of days, evidence has to be gathered quickly.

Previous SSMA Australian smart meter fires posts:





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9 Responses to Kansas City smart meter fires

  1. Madison says:

    What happened to the safety checks that the Distributors said they would do ? Maybe that was just another bogus aspect of this smart meter roll out. They say they will do a safety check and it sounds good but maybe all they were interested in doing was installing the device without any genuine regard to electrical safety at all. How can they not be pulled up on something like this is beyond me.

    • TL says:

      Madison, initially the distributors were stating that someone needed to be home when the smart meter was installed so that these safety checks could be done, presumably inside the house. But numerous people came home from work or holidays to an empty house and a newly installed smart meter. So how were the safety checks run?
      One person came home from holidays to find a smart meter installed and the power disconnected and stinking, rotting food in the freezer and dead tropical fish.

  2. Anonymous says:

    One of my friends told me two years ago that her elderly mother received a notice in her mail box, stating that they could not install a smart meter because of a electrical fault and that this elderly lady would have to have it fixed first. The problem was the fuse box needed to be replaced. Anyhow my friend told me that they installed the smart meter anyway within the two week period they gave her to replace the fuse box and then they sent her a letter stating that she had two weeks to replace the fuse box or she would have her power turned off. She did put in a new fuse box, but the point to this story is, they still went ahead with the installation despite leaving a notice stating that she had to replace the fuse box first.
    Another one of my friends told me that his Aunt was coerced into having a smart meter installed because, she was told if her house burns down because of the analogue meter she would not be insured.

  3. Barbara Wilson says:

    Jemena are an absolute disgrace. The poor guy was actually prepared to accept a smart meter, only thing is that he knew he needed to first rewire his house to prevent his house burning down. Jemena wouldn’t let him do this despite this man indicating that he would accept a smart meter. Jemena forcefully installed the device (despite being fully aware of this man’s concerns) and this man’s house actually burnt down. This is the very thing that he feared would happen and which he communicated to Jemena up front. Can anyone argue that Jemena here are not guilty of willfull negligence at the very least ? Personally, I would say that knowing what they know and being told what they were told that their crime extends to attempted murder. The poor guy (I don’t know why) was going to accept their stupid device. He did not deserve having Jemena burn his house down and then being made to endure Jemena’s audacity in saying that it was his fault that the house burnt down. This poor guy wanted to replace his wiring and rewire his home to avoid the very thing that Jemena forced to happen. Grr…..

    • Genevieve says:

      Barbara, what angers me is that even though this man’s house burnt down after the smart meter was installed, nobody is accepting liability. What are the implications for the rest of us if our houses were to burn down because of what the smart meter may be doing to our wiring ? And what would the implications be if someone was to perish in such incendiary incident ? Who is liable ? It seems to be nobody. The only option seems to be suing the power company.

      • Nance says:

        Genevieve, these mongrels are making YOU liable. Not only have they forcefully installed the smart meter against people’s wishes but they have also forced people to accept liability should their house burn down in an incendiary incident that can in any be attributable to their unwanted smart meter. In other words we install it and if your house burns down it’s your fault, it’s your problem, you are liable. We will install it and if your loved one is one day diagnosed with cancer and passes away, then that’s your problem. We completely wash our hands of that. That’s the stark reality of these evil Electricity Distribution Companies Jemena, United Energy, Ausnet Services, Powercor and Citipower and the evil corrupt entity known as the Victorian State Government and their evil unenforceable “mandated” smart meter rollout.

  4. Dean says:

    When I look at the first post in the first of the four links, I can’t get over this….

    We were not against SM’, but wanted Jemena to wait until we renovated (new wiring also). They said something like “if it is old and dangerous wiring that is your problem”…or similar. We said “the wiring is perfectly safer and serviceable unless your installer disturbs it. And we are telling you not too do that. Wait till we renovate and rewire” or similar…….
    They installed, house destroyed two months later.

    Filthy dirty murdering organisation run by that APE Paul Adams initiating the installation of an openly admitted incendiary situation. Old wiring is YOUR problem. Fires are your problem. It’s OK for us to burn your house down if you have old wiring. Many houses have old wiring. What gives Paul Adams the right to come along and burn those houses down. That’s exactly what he is doing by heating that old wiring of an old house to the point of fire through ordering the installation of i-Credit 500 devices at those premises.

    Arsonists and fire bugs need to be jailed for a long long time.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is attempted murder and murder if they are aware that smart meters contribute to or cause fires and still continue to install them. Its premeditated, you knew or ought to have known. Its also an attempt on your life, installing a device that know one will guarantee for safety, that is a possible carcinogen, that may cause a host of other health problems and maybe even death.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where is Energy Safe Victoria in all this? The report they issued is from almost 4 years ago. It seems that we are all to busy focusing on the Distributors when we should be focusing on Energy Safe Victoria and others that have played a part in smart meters.

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