TED talk: Wireless wake-up call

In the first ever TED Talk on wireless/EMF/smart meter health effects, Jeromy Johnson, a Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate, discusses our attachment to technology and the health hazards such an addiction may hold.

Jeromy has a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and you can also find valuable information at his website.


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5 Responses to TED talk: Wireless wake-up call

  1. Snowy says:

    Filter out toxic smart meter’s effects w/ a device designed to do just that.
    Not an ordinary lightning suppressor, it’s an industrial grade sine wave tracker w/ frequency attenuation features & variable clamping. Industry has used this sine tamer thing for ages, saves $ & prevents over billing by clamping down on pulses & surges which otherwise damage sensitive equipment.
    A smart meter is a cheap computer.
    Tell neighbours that when a sine tamer’s installed in a circuit box/service panel smart grid pulses are stopped from coupling to house wiring. This prevents rip off. Power, water, gas “smart” bills lower dramatically, health returns, privacy’s regained, surveillance is foiled, frequency graphing of home activities ceases/
    Fight back, subvert this agenda, install a sine tamer
    We did, sine tamer changed everything.
    Our radiation monitor proves it works.
    Perfect tool to suppress your solar inverter pulses when you go off grid, next natural step, don’t wait too long.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If Jemena is sending out letters stating that they want to put a digital meter in, does this mean that they have to pay you for the smart meter charges that are still ongoing? If it’s not a smart meter then why would you have to pay for it? They would also have to manual meter read. Were we not told that we would be charged for retaining our lawful analogue meter and having it manually read as we always do. If these digital meters are not smart meters then they would have to refund all your money that they took for the wireless smart meter.
    This also means that people that have smart meters can ask to change to manually read digital meters, have their money for the smart meter refunded and have manual meter reads. The NSW smart meter rubbish is different, we were forced to pay for these dangerous devices and if Jemena is now stating that they are putting in digital meters, then everyone would have the right to ask for their money back for the wireless smart meter, and also have manual meter reads.

  3. sdjm says:

    Some very valuable information from Jeromy here. This makes perfect sense to me and should for many people. I absolutely agree with him about Wi-Fi in schools…nothing good will come from it, probably a lot of pain and regret. I hope (and pray) the message from Jeromy reaches far and wide.

  4. diane110 says:

    There are a few major problems with the talk that stop me from aligning Stop Smart Meters! with these “solutions.”

    1) Let’s “move industry forward” Again, is that really a solution? Do we want to move Silver Spring Networks and PG&E forward? Verizon? Or should they be prosecuted and imprisoned?

    2) He says if smart meters pinged only 1-2x/ day he would not have gotten sick. Well this is a huge assumption to make publicly and ignores the role of dirty electricity. As Isis says, what if you were surrounded by 100 meters doing this? Also, fires, overcharging, privacy violations, all of that. You could walk away from this presentation thinking that smart meters that don’t broadcast very often are a real solution. He encourages people to “opt out” when this reinforces the utility company’s perceived “right” to force smart meters on you (if there isn’t an “opt out” program)

    3) “make sure to use OUR cell phones wisely.” This phrase completely eliminates the possibility of people who are cell phone free, or are going that way- of course the best option for RF reduction.

    4) he says to put the phone on airplane mode “when it is on the body.” Because of LF Magnetic and EF impacts, you should never have a phone or device next to your body. Many people have been burned or damaged by ipods with no wireless component, held next to their skin. He seems to suggest the bra as a place to keep a phone “as long as it’s on airplane.” As far as I know, there are other wireless functions like bluetooth, etc that need to be independently switched off. I think this is either really misguided, or there was some misunderstanding there.

    5) “Most people do not need wi-fi.” I’m sorry is there a really compelling reason for anyone to have wi-fi, rather than a bunch of ethernet ports around the place? No.

    6) “if your kids use an ipad, turn the wi-fi off” This not only ignores the many other developmental problems from tablet addiction, it also ignores the LF, EF, and cell and bluetooth functions on the ipad, leaving the child exposed to wireless radiation.

    7) The wireless headset is a problem. What this says to the audience is that using wireless technology for a presentation about how it harms you to use wireless technology is perfectly ok. It’s like standing there smoking talking about the health damage caused by the cigarette industry. Jeromy says it was worth it to gain access to TED, but did he even ask for a wired alternative? That would have made a statement.

    8) he says “most churches and schools have cell towers” I do not believe this is accurate. Certainly some, but not most.



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