Benefits??? of smart meters

In a return of the classic spin used to promote smart meters to Victorians six years ago, the Sydney Morning Herald is spruiking the supposed benefits of smart meters.

But as Victorians who have had their fingers burned will tell you, their electricity consumption mysteriously sky-rocketed after the forced installation of a smart meter on their property. Like Tina Lyons in the SMH article, many of these people have had little choice but to monitor their electricity consumption by the minute in order to be able to pay the higher bills. Those who fiercely hung onto their analogue meter have not been so heavy-handedly ‘incentivised’ to reduce their electricity consumption.

A search on the term ‘smart meters’ on the Sydney Morning Herald website produces a plethora of articles that are critical of smart meters. Working down the list of search results we have:

  • Smart meters: You paid billions for electricity companies to benefit – report
  • Smart meters coming despite cost concerns
  • Consumers out of the loop on role of smart meters
  • Smart meters are the future but it’s not clear who is going to pay
  • Macquarie eyes profit in smart meters
  • Smart meters, but at whose expense?
  • Half-hourly checks to monitor smart meters
  • Smart meters too toxic to touch
  • Japan to tap smart meters, fuel cells to tackle climate change
  • AP Exclusive: ‘Smart’ meters have security holes
  • Look closely and smart meters are really not so smart

Only by the time you get to the bottom of these negative sounding articles (sorted on relevance) do you find more positive sounding articles, written at the time of the commencement of the rollout of smart meters in Victoria, when consumers did not yet know that they were being told a pack of lies. History repeats itself, no doubt. The NSW media is now in positive spin mode, selling the supposed benefits of smart meters.

One has to wonder whether the NSW government has persuaded the SMH to find something positive to say about smart meters, now that they are being rolled out in NSW. It’s great if you can rely on people having short memories of negative reviews they read months ago. Perhaps the NSW government now needs to persuade the SMH to remove the old negative articles from its website.

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24 Responses to Benefits??? of smart meters

  1. Pro Choice says:

    If a rebel is a person who knows right from wrong and is prepared to stand up against a bully who wishes to threaten them or their quality of life then yes, I am a rebel…. a perfectly normal (not in the least bit misguided) individual and that is how I will stay. But, it is safe to say – I am an endangered species!

  2. Beatrix says:

    We were considering to get off the grid, could easily be done. However: If the blocks are like in our neighbourhood – 500-600m2 in size – we are STILL AFFECTED by the neighbours’ smart meters and by the whole wireless grid. 5 acres would do but the price for huge blocks is not affordable. The Faraday Cage over the bed is the only option “AFTER THE FACT”, that protects us and our sleep at least for the night.

  3. graeme says:

    Hi to all you rebels,
    I ‘ve been out of the Smart Meter conversation for a while now, but recent circumstances has prompted me to voice my opinion once again.
    Today 30/3/2016, I recieved a letter from Jemena via select solutions, stating that they intend to install a new meter.
    It reads.
    Jemena is the electricity distributor, We own the poles, wires and meters supplying electricity to homes and businesses across Melbourne’s north-western suburbs.
    This letter is to advise you that the meter currently at your premises will be exchanged in the next few weeks,The AMI (digital) METER will be installed by a fully qualified technician who will require safe and clear access to your meter box and switchboard, Before the exchange, the technician (our authorised contractor Select Solutions) will knock on your front door and announce their arrival.
    As you can gather, i have still my reliable non toxic analogue meter, behind a permanant locked door.
    This mob will never give up, using their clever wording to try and hide Smart Meters with a different name AMI (digital) METER.
    Has anyone out their received any such letter, and what steps have you used to counter these companies?
    This is to Eric, could you contact me thanks, Graeme Pascoe Vale.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tell them that they will be trespassing if they are on your premises to install a digital meter,

    • Anonymous says:

      If you sent a legal notice in, then they would be trespassing and can be charged, inform them that if they come onto your property to install anything but the same analogue meter then the installer will be trespassing and will be charged with trespassing.
      They can only come on your property with consent unless it was an emergency, when they send your bill out they notify you of the next time they will be attending your property.
      You have to put everything in writing or record the conversations as well. I knew they would not stop, unfortunately people seem to think they have.
      One of my neighbors got a letter from Jemena a few weeks ago they said the power would be turned off for some work anyhow turns out that they replaced the cable to the front of the house, of course the letter did not state that they were doing this or that they were coming onto the property. The technician then had to check the meter before the power was turned on, but apparently complained that the meter was old and they could not get it off, they checked everything and did turn the power on, but my neighbour was concerned as they did not state in the letter that this was going to happen. My neighbour then became concerned that they would try to cause a problem for him and say his meter is old, this has not happened as of yet, but after your letter Graeme i would not be surprised if this did happen.
      You need to basically send them a registered letter warning them to stop as they might be breaking the law.

    • Anonymous says:

      Graeme they are probably fulfilling the orders they were given. You will have to send them a written registered letter stating what you would like to say, i am sure Eric can help you. I would also complain to Lily D’ambrosio they gave the orders and obviously they are continuing just using different words. Lily and Daniel are both responsible and should be notified of this in writing send them an email.
      Dan was only to happy to try and curb domestic violence, well what about the bullies we had to put up with. I wonder what Rosie Batty would think of the bullying we have had to put up with its not any different to being abused by your husband or wife, its still crime.

    • . says:

      Done via email

    • Anonymous says:

      It is the Government’s policy that smart meters are, and will continue to be, the standard meters in Victoria. This is from the State Government website. So I would say Jemena would be trying to install a smart meter but are calling it a digital meter.
      If they are lying or giving you misleading information on what they are trying to install they are breaking the law.

    • Anonymous says:

      Graeme, If they are claiming that they are only installing a digital meter and not a wireless smart meter, then are you and everyone else entitled to have your money refunded for the cost of a wireless smart meter? Why would you have to pay for a digital meter? What about manual meter reads? Weren’t we informed that we would incur extra costs because we kept our lawful analogue meters?
      This would also mean that people that don’t want wireless smart/digital meters can change to digital and have manual meter reads. If Jemena has given out false information, such as the digital meter is really a wireless possible cancer causing surveillance device then they more than likely have broken a law. Will they pay all your money back that you were forced to pay for a surveillance device that might cause cancer? Making a false statement is a crime.

      CRIMES ACT 1958 – SECT 247
      False statements

      Any person who makes a statement or conveys information, being a statement or information that he knows to be false, to the effect or from which it could reasonably be inferred that there has been or is to be a plan, proposal, attempt, conspiracy or threat to—

      (a) take or exercise control by force or violence of any building (including any structure in the nature of a building or any bridge or mine) aircraft, vessel, motor vehicle or engine or carriage used upon a railway;

      (b) destroy, damage or endanger the safety thereof; or

      (c) kill or injure all or any of the persons therein or thereon—

      shall be guilty of an indictable offence and shall be liable to level 6 imprisonment (5 years maximum).

      So now you have to find out if they have given you false and misleading information.
      5 years jail for starters and don’t forget Brodie’s Law and Harassment and any other law you think they have broken, look them up and keep them handy for when you need to find this information.

  4. Carlie Dawson says:

    The Roll out period has ended and “Best Endeavors” are done and dusted. Any further attempt to install one of these insidious devices on the premises of anyone who has clearly said “NO” be it even timid in nature can only be considered as nothing other than Blatant Bullying.
    The maximum Penalty under the Crimes Act (Brodies Law) is 10 years imprisonment.

  5. Thomas says:

    They have mandated their own electoral demise.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Victorian Department of Health deals with Mental Health issues, what have they done to protect the people of Victoria from the constant bullying? Why have they not done anything to stop this bullying long ago, when they are supposed to be in charge of protecting our health, this includes mental health as well. They refer to the World Health Organization quite a lot, but do they actually practice what they preach?
    The WHO’s definition of Health
    Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
    I am not sure which definition of health the Victorian Department of Health uses.Remember this Department is supposed to be a Health Department, they get paid to protect the Health of us all and this did not happen.
    I would never ever trust this Department or anything they say, even if they say a flu is coming i would do the opposite of what they say. ARPANSA and ACMA are not Health Departments, they have different responsibilities and i would not trust them either,

    • sdjm says:

      ‘even if they say a flu is coming i would do the opposite of what they say’ Me too! You know why? Because they are not serious about ‘protecting’ anyone really. They are in the business of corruption, lying and protecting corporate interests/investments at any cost.

  7. Beatrix says:

    $516.63 power bill in December (spring period – warm spring we had!) and SUMMER is $ 454.63 with everything running on gas (hot water, cooking, heating, no air conditioning here) except TV, (only on in the evening) computer (turned off when not in use) and the washing machine (no dryer, we use the sun and the wind for clothes). It is the two of us, my husband and I (kids gone)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1 X burnt-out computer due to power surge (Powercore paid but how can you pay for all data, pictures, etc lost. Computer was smoking, lucky I was at home! The meter was originally installed about 300mm from our bed – consequently from our head – on the outside of the bedroom wall, no shield installed, Powercore ripped out the old meter and just chucked the smartmeter onto its place. I did not even know until I opened the box because I lost my ability to sleep. Dog tired from shift work but as soon as I hit the pillow the “light is on” as if I was on some stimulant. I am thinking about installing the netting over our bed. Since the installation: Constant headache, tingling on the skin, could not sleep for months until the “smartmeter”-s antenna was put on out onto the roof – 680$ charged for a 30 minute job. No privacy, I do not turn light on at night for the “toilet” run etc. Oh, we were forced out of our old bedroom of course and moved to the far end of the house, which is the furthest away from the smartmeter.
    BUT: this did not solve the health problem. I am still effected due to everyone having smartmeters around everywhere in the neighbourhood, there in no escape! I only sleep well in Europe when I visit my Mom, that is how I know it IS the smartmeter that brought about the sleepless nights three years ago. The meters are wired there (no wireless gadgets either) and my Mom and the neighborhood does not have smartmeters anyway. We leave as soon as retirement comes closer, chased out by huge power bills and health and privacy issues…..
    DO NOT LET SMARTMETERS IN NSW!!! I only wrote the truth, nothing but the truth!

  8. Margaret says:

    I think that the Victorian State Government, the five Electricity Distribution Companies and the Energy Retailers need to start getting it through their heads that when we locked our meter boxes made declaration that we would not be taking their harmful device, we meant it.

  9. R43526 says:

    It is now high time for the Daniel Andrews government to remove once and for all this Mandate of Thuggery which has only been left in place till now clearly for purposes of political expediency and none other.

    • Anonymous says:

      We have all heard of the Nuremberg Trials, now we need the Victorian Trials or maybe the trials should be held in another State.All the participants of the smart device roll out, and that includes all of them,should be held accountable for any harm inflicted on innocent people.

    • Anonymous says:

      If this so called “Mandate” is not legally enforceable upon a customer, it is very inappropriate and really quite ridiculous for a utility company to continue standing over their customers and still be trying to force the issue of these very unwanted devices. This piece of stupidity really needs to end and that which has now become an “Egg on Face Mandate” for the government must be terminated.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its not just the Distributors that have caused harm, its others as well. They have collaborators and they have caused just as much harm if not more to people.
        If we have broken any law by trying to protect ourselves and our families from harm, then they should arrest me and give me a fair trial, which i am entitled to.
        Its more than stupidity if anyone dies it could be a case of murder. They are well aware of the possible carcinogen classification, they are aware that people are sick, they are aware of the mental stress placed upon innocent people.
        The Distributors would not have got so many possible cancer devices in without help. This help came from places one would not expect. Those that i thought were there to protect us, ended causing more harm.
        What happened in Victoria to innocent people needs to be investigated and charges laid if crimes have been committed. I am not sure if they have a penalty for stupidity as i have dealt with a few stupid people.

  10. Tony baron says:

    Yes, recently here in the Northern Rivers of NSW in his regular newspaper column our local NP MP was extolling the virtues of the ‘smart meters’ – but not by that name.

  11. smart meter sufferer says:

    There are NO benefits to smart meters. Watch out NSW. Many people in Victoria have become so ill from the smart meter transmissions that they have had to leave their homes; some have moved interstate or overseas , while others are trying to shield their homes with expensive shielding paint, which can be problematic if not done correctly.
    Many are enduring constant head pressure, heart palpitations, tinnitus, dizziness and other unwanted adverse health symptoms, some now too ill to work.
    An unbearable cost when you can no longer earn an income, have lost your health and your home!

  12. Anonymous says:

    What is the lady in the picture going to do if her kids get cancer or other health problems? Hope she enjoys her savings, because it might just cost her a lot more in the future. Your kids health is more important than saving money. Most of us are aware of what uses the most power in our homes, its usually air conditioning or maybe electric heating.

  13. Robert Scott says:

    Same old Big Brother talk. It’s a money world and the more electricity companies can dip into your pocket the happier they all are. Tell them all to bugger off, generate your own off grid. If lets say even a 1/10 th of electricity customers went off grid how happy would supply authorities be ?

  14. Terry EALING says:

    who needs smart meters or Energy Operators. Go off grid its a lot more fun and healthier for all of us including the earth! I have Wind , Solar and a standby genie. Take a step forward into the new technology you will really enjoy it! Cheers Terry

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