ARPANSA replies to SSMA community response

The CEO of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is to be commended for his prompt reply to SSMA, following our correspondence taking issue with ARPANSA’s response to the ABC Catalyst programme Wi-Fried?.

ARPANSA has come up with a new justification for its web statement on “Wi-Fried?”.  We have been informed that the statement is based on ARPANSA’s assessment of the scientific evidence on mobile phones, Wi-Fi devices and health and “is in line with international best practice; including the advice provided by the peak international health authority, the World Health Organization, and the peak international authority on the protection of RF EME, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection”.

Thankfully, this new phrasing avoids the inflated claim made in ARPANSA’s web statement.  Surely, however, the jurisdictions which have seen fit to instigate more protective RF limits are the ones that are leading the way in international best practice?  As one writer to SSMA’s website correctly pointed out, Australia has “slacker RF/microwave standards by a factor of 100 times … Why doesn’t Australia have the best?”

SSMA also finds it difficult to give credence to ARPANSA’s claim that ARPANSA is in agreement with many of the statements from various organisations which SSMA mentioned.  The example given by ARPANSA is its acknowledgement of the findings of the INTERPHONE study.  ARPANSA’s May 2010 media release on this study states that the “results of the INTERPHONE study do not establish an increased risk of brain cancer related to mobile phone use”.  This conclusion is poles apart from that reached in Israel as a result of its participation in INTERPHONE.  As stated by their Ministry of Health, in a report titled Environmental Health in Israel 2014, “Findings in Israel clearly indicated a link between cellphone use for more than 10 years and the development of tumors in the salivary glands, particularly among people who held the telephone on the same side where the tumor developed and individuals in the highest category of exposure (heavy use in rural areas)”.

SSMA members look forward to the day when ARPANSA is no longer merely paying lip service to following international best practice, but is up there with the best.

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12 Responses to ARPANSA replies to SSMA community response

  1. Concerned Melbournian says:

    Killing me softly with WiFi…..heart palpitations which are not from love.

    ARPANSA needs to step up to its responsibilities to protect Australians, their job should not be to protect Telstra and Optus! Until the day which they can 100% guarantee that Wi Fi and Smart Meters and Mobile Phones and Mobile Phone towers are completely safe – this technology should be deemed as unsafe and Australia should be taking a precautionary stance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Smart meters and WI Fi can and never will be proven safe, this is impossible, its hard to prove that anything is completely safe.This is fact, however a risk exists, a possible carcinogen is a risk. A risk is a risk. Its a crime to trespass on someone’s property but trespassing does not only just apply to property its also applies to your body.
      Trespassing is the invasion of your rights to your body, personal property, or real estate
      Exposing or forcibly exposing someone to RF Radiation from a smart device without consent would be trespassing not only on your property but your body.
      Don’t just blame ARPANSA, ACMA is also responsible, but i think the most responsible and liable, should be The Victorian Department of Health.

  2. concerned aussie says:

    ARPANSA changed it’s story because I contacted our Prime Minister. They can pay for my loss of income for the past few years. A bunch of tragedies. Perhaps I should educate the public about the following too….

  3. dana says:

    ”Best international practice”‘ means best international practice. Australia does not have best international practice for RF/microwave standards so ARPANSA cannot claim that Australia does, or that our standards are ”in line” with best international practice because they are not even close. Is ARPANSA really just going to tell us bold-face lies? Black is white? 2+2=5? Is this the level of stupidity we are dealing with where ARPANSA cannot even comprehend the most basic difference between something being true and something being untrue?

  4. Hammer Mann says:

    Dear Readers,
    This business of getting the Microwave radiation strength of mobile phones and cell towers etc., down by one hundred (100) times lower than it is now, is a start, but it is still a very poor human and all Life Safety Measure indeed. As Switzerland has one thousand times (1,000) times lower levels of Microwave radiation than Australia now has, and Lichtenstein has actually ten thousand (10,000) times lower radiation from mobile phones and other Microwave equipment, than Australia.
    We in Australia also need to bring down the Microwave Radiation levels of all Microwave Radios and these far from Smart broadcasting and receiving Electric Meters and Cell Towers and Baby Monitors by ten thousand times as well, to fit in with the World’s, or in fact Lichtenstein’s best practice, and that is a FACT.

  5. Anonymous says:

    On Sunday, March 20th, my teenage daughter and I both felt the effects of exposure to EMR. The symptoms were, tremors through your body, headache, and nausea with the beginnings of heart palpitations. We don’t have a smart meter or wifi. I feel that something happened that increased the levels of EMR in the Geelong area. Not sure if it was Telstra trying to fix their problem they had recently, because there were a number of Telstra vans at their exchange the day before. It’s horrible to feel ill knowing that it is because of greed whether it be the companies or the government creating it. They are all complicit in the cover-up of the dangers to health from exposure to EMR which remains cumulative in our bodies.

    • Tim says:

      On the basis of your testimony, Magnus Larsson and team of pseudo scientists must be held accountable and jailed.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Hi Tim,
        You are correct Magnus Larsson and Stephen Solomon and Ken Karapides and Keith Descent at ARPANSA are I allege all a bunch of PRETEND Scientists. Real Scientists accept that all of this Microwave Smog is deadly for All Life as it is constantly wrecking Health. The far from Smart Electric A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machines are the first of these IDIOT machines followed by Baby monitors and Cell Tower Microwave Radios atop of high towers or buildings and DOPY Wi-Fi. All of these SATANIC Inventions are now proving to be Deadly to Human Health and to all life in general, which includes human beings and animals and birds and bees and lady birds etc.

    • Paul R says:

      Either this could be due to smart meter installation OR the rollout of the new NBN (national broadband network) towers which work at the 5G level. Do a search and see if one of those NBN towers have been erect in your area or nearby.

    • smart meter sufferer says:

      My son, age 25, cannot go to Geelong without becoming very unwell. He becomes extremely dizzy and experiences headaches and heart palpitations . This has happened on a number of occasions, so now he avoids the area.

    • concerned citizen says:

      I bought a smog meter some time ago and have tested various devices. The information with the meter says that any measurement higher than 1.0 milliwatts per sq m. is dangerous to health. I measured an installation near my home that has 4 mobile phone masts, from 30 metres away and it registered 13.0. Then I measured my new Optus NBN modem. With the meter held next to the modem it registered a maximum of 418.0 milliwatts per sq m. Nobody really has any idea what an onslaught we are being bombarded with. Get a smogmeter and you’ll at least know what you’re living with.

      • Eric says:

        Absolutely correct concerned citizen. An electrosmog meter is a real eye opener even to the novice who knows nothing about emr to begin with. Once you start using an electrosmog meter, you soon come to understand the relative magnitude of the exposure numbers not just in mw/m2 but in other units as well.

        I went to the Melbourne Home Show at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre a couple of years ago. In the roof corner of the pavillion I noticed a Bazooka modem that was flooding the entire pavillion with massive emr levels which went right off the scale as soon as I got anywhere near that modem. And I’m sure that was not the only modem in that pavillion.

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