Beware: AGL is rolling out smart meters in NSW

AGL is rolling out smart meters in NSW – but is avoiding the word “smart”.

While the roll-out is not ‘compulsory’, it is by default.  People will need to ring AGL to cancel the installation of a smart meter prior to the installation between 21 March and 1 April.

However, residents are given only one week notice to cancel the installation.

Quotable quotes from AGL:

“The technology in your electricity meter is over 100 years old.  So it’s time for an upgrade.  That’s why we’re replacing your old meter with a new digital electricity meter.” (Which won’t last 100 years, but between 10 and 15 years – before it will have to be replaced again!)

“AGL is upgrading your electricity meter free of charge. Then, you will no longer need to worry about manual meter reads or estimated bills.” (Who “worries” about manual reads??)

“If you would prefer not to be upgraded, simply call us on 1300 669 245 any time before 21 March or visit” (This link conveniently doesn’t work!)

Copies of AGL propaganda sent to NSW residences (which some may mistake as junk mail):NSWSmartMeters2016BrochureInsideNSWSmartMeters2016BrochureOutside


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35 Responses to Beware: AGL is rolling out smart meters in NSW

  1. Tanya says:

    AGL put one in our new home, i received a letter but didn’t get time to call them and they just put it in. We didn’t even ask for this. I rang to complain about this and got half way through and they hung up on me.
    They say the old one was old. Um it wasn’t even 12 months old as it was a brand new home and then our bills sky rocketed for the next 6 months and claimed there was nothing wrong with it but all of a sudden the bills dropped back down to what they should of been.

    • Alicia says:

      Place Copper or metals on top of this shiz thing to avoid health probs. $$$ the least you need to worry about. When the meters came in our court (when I lived with dad) the next month 4 ppl scored cancer of some sort.

  2. slaggingham says:

    They’re afraid of smart meters because they’re afraid to have their smartness measured – because it’s nonexistent.

  3. Damien Murray says:

    keep a check on your emails from them…i just opted out from having a smart meter installed…it is not compulsory if you opt out in the 2 week window they give you…even that is a stealthy in my opinion….what if i was overseas for example…bang come home and the bastard is installed…luckily i check my emails daily and did some researcha nd immediately opted out…took a screen shot of me opting out too for safe keeping

    • London Town says:

      Excellent point Damien.

      Imagine coming back from overseas and trying to get that piece of poison transmitting device un-installed from your premises by trying to explain you were overseas and couldn’t exercise your opt out option.

      The opt out option is a fake.
      The opt out option is no different to what we exercised in Victoria.
      60,000 of us said no, we locked our boxes and their piece of poison transmitting device was not installed.
      Just like you, we said no to their “offer”. That’s what it was, an offer. The means by which they are trying to install these devices on EVERY home is called “implied consent”. If you don’t say “no”, then they’ll take that as you having said “yes”.

      It’s no different in NSW. They are just telling you that you have an option but it is still a forceful installation by implied consent. It is still an installation by stealth. If you don’t want their poisonous device but they did manage to install it because…you weren’t switched on at the time….because you weren’t quick on the draw…because you were away overseas…., where is the option in that ? They will say we gave you the option, you didn’t exercise it………..and then they’ll have the audacity to say…because you wanted the device. And then you have to try and fight against that which I’m sure you could do but they are betting that you won’t. Well….I certainly would.

      And why are they only giving you one/two weeks to say no ? Why do they put a limit on it at all ? A true option should be where people must explicitly state “yes” or explicitly state “no”. That’s how referendums work. That’s how the Brexit referendum worked. COAG knows, the Vic Govt knows, the NSW govt knows if they had a vote/referendum on whether people wanted smart meters or not, that the result would be an overwhelming “NO” ie. a landslide vote against

      The reason they are giving you such a short time to state your objection is twofold
      1. Because it’s too short a period for most people to catch on and exercise their right to say no. This is exactly what they are intending for to happen. They want to install these harmful devices and couldn’t care less about whether a person actually wants one or not and couldn’t care less about the potential harm that the devices will cause because it’s not as if they don’t know what has happened in victoria and what has been happening overseas.
      2. So that they cannot be accused of forcefully installing smart meters without owner/occupier consent. They can cover themselves by saying that they did give you the option. They are just looking at the Victorian situation and covering themselves against accusations being made against them for doing the same nasty unethical behaviour that was done in Victoria, which is what they are doing. The are just covering themselves from the backlash seen in Victoria against the five Distribution Companies there.

      It’s a fake opt-out. There was never an opt-in. AGL so-called opt-out option for the rollout of smart meters is disingenuous. Yes, use the bogus opt-out window if you can but I would advise everybody in NSW to lock their meter boxes immediately, first and foremost. Then you can put up a sign expressing your non consent to their bogus activity designed only to line their own pockets. Then once you have consolidated your right to a safe and passive analog meter through your own security, play their little game and “opt-out” as it were but your security is not their so-called “opt-out”, your security are your locks, your no-tresspass signs and your legal notices witnessed and certified if you can.

      AGL should be ashamed of themselves but bear in mind that they were once a part of that bullying thuggish filthbag organisation known as Jemena before they were spun out as a separate organisation as part of the deregulation of retail services and became a “first-tier retailer” in Victoria.

    • London Town says:

      What happens if you don’t notify them in the two week period but they have yet to install. Have you lost your option ?
      The answer is no. Anybody who answers yes is only admitting that it is an installation by force. That’s the sort of BS we are talking about when talking about “opt-out”.

  4. The problem is that they work off your existing broadband cable, and thus far anyone who has one has issues with their internet.

    So if you don’t get a it wont effect you? Think again, the extra load on my street has not only buggered the internet for the people with digital meters, but has bugger those that do not have the meters either,

    There are many complaints about this “service”, and they are yet to be resolved. There are people talking about a class action if nothing is done. Effectively removing AGL from the Australian market place.

    I am angry for the people with digital meters, and I am angry for the effect it has on my internet service.

    This service was rushed into place and the consequences for AGL will be dire if they do nothing.

  5. Aussie Battler says:

    South Australia – AGL is rolling out smart meters from 8am to 4pm between 31 October to 11 November 2016 … Lock your meter box… Tell all your neighbours… Tell everyone you see in your day to day life… Deliver Stop Smart Meter pamphlets…

  6. Sean Smith says:

    AGL installed one at my home (Brisbane) without notice or consent this week. does anyone know what the following display codes mean on an ATLAS mk7A in QLD. 003, 007, 013, 043, 053 & 063. I have rung AGL and they can’t tell me. Maybe they have never installed one before, or are they are trying to hide something?

  7. DAVID MARTIN says:

    what concerns me is ownership , If AGL own the metre then can they lock you into only using them without some costly replacement made by another company which will also likely be a digital meter, The only way to stop them is to change companies and that will be what i will be investigating tomorrow

  8. Liz says:

    Yes AGL has been sneaky in the way they go about installing smart meters. Had I known the meter they were installing was a smart meter no way would I have agreed. There was no reference to the word smart meter in their letter hence the confusion for me. Has anyone successfully had their smart meter removed the AGL in Qld and replace with an analog.

  9. Liz says:

    I did not realise a digital meter was a smart meter. If I had known this no way would I have allowed this. Has anyone in Qld been successful in getting their smart meter removed and replaced with an analog by AGL in Qld?

  10. Michelle says:

    I have unfortunately had a “smart” meter installed. Quite probably the worst mistake I have made in a long time. It knocks out my wifi repeatedly. I can’t download, print or submit assessments online reliably. I can’t make calls on my landline as the call will drop out when the internet does. It is costing us a fortune in mobile data costs and I can’t do all my uni work on an ipad.

    Initially they denied there was an issue. It was just a coincidence that all my troubles started the minute they put the horrid meter in. Then I had to provide them with articles about how it is a known issue. They finally admitted they have had to set up a new department to handle all of the problems occurring with these smart meters. I was told they would remove it and replace it with an older style.

    I called today to see how things were progressing. I have had the meter for 2 months and have been complaining, pretty much for 2 months. What a surprise? They can’t possibly do that. Maybe I need to get my wifi channel changed with my service provider (who won’t do it because the issue is with the meter and not their provision of service) or get a different modem that will work on a different channel. So over it. It is ruining my studies. I want to get the word out so that other people don’t have the troubles I am having.

    • Vince says:

      Michelle I would be most interested in seeing anything you have showing that
      “They finally admitted they have had to set up a new department to handle all of the problems occurring with these smart meters.”

  11. Anonymous says:

    AGL Go to Hell !!!

  12. Charlie b says:

    I probably should add that maybe the transmitter is disabled and they could enable it later with pulses on the mains wire (as they have always done for telling the older meters if it was high or low tariff).

  13. Anonymous says:

    I think a digital meter is different to a “smart” meter, the smart meter is for the smart grid where everything communicates. its kind of like use of digital multimeters over gauge-type meters.
    If you are concerned, hand the installer a cable you cut from your stereo and tell him/her to power up the meter with wall power and see if it transmits with your RF meter (Most stuff can be heard using amplifiers if you want to give it a shot with an amplifier that is sensitive to a mobile phone). Dont wait till after they install it to protest against it (i have seen that done before!).
    if they say you cannot have two meters connected at once, then its a fib. nothing wrong with it (caravan parks have that arrangement for example – there is a meter for every park, you pay for power during your stay).


  14. Anonymous says:

    I am an AGL customer i have already had problems with them, they were warned that if they continued the matter would be taken further. If they start anything else they will be getting a legal notice sent in for starters.
    AGL can’t break the law and they can be told this in writing and the penalties that they can receive if they do break the law.

  15. Trojan Horse says:

    No, don’t be taken in by their lies and deception, people of NSW! Call it what you want AGL… it is still a smart meter, and still deadly 😦

  16. Jules Richardson says:

    Hello, After just ringing ActewAGL, to ascertain if digital meters are being installed in the A.C.T. (being situated in the midst of NSW), I have been told definitely “No, not at this time, though possibly in the future”. FYI. Regards, Jules Richardson Canberra

    On 16 March 2016 at 10:18, Stop Smart Meters Australia wrote:

    > Stop Smart Meters Australia posted: “AGL is rolling out smart meters in > NSW – but is avoiding the word “smart”. While the roll-out is not > ‘compulsory’, it is by default. People will need to ring AGL to cancel the > installation of a smart meter prior to the installation between 21 March > an” >

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have worked with Natural Therapies since 1981 &/ have always had very good health check up reports TILL A 24/7 PULSING METER (SMART METER -confirmed by an Engineer, was found to be installed into our meter box – unbeknown to us) My aged mother & our dog developed health issues. I was diagnosed & had an abdominal tumour removed – thankfully benign. The meter was removed with our threat of court action.

  18. Darren Placek says:

    Beware AGL customers in Victoria. There are reports of AGL now bullying their customers in Victoria trying to force an exchange of meter.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      Darren I was just wondering whether the #$!*@!!s were still trying to install in Vic. Lucky I have padlocked my meter box, displayed my trespass sign on my locked gate and keep my dogs on patrol. They are pomeranians, but that’s ok…they think they are Dobermans. 🙂

  19. Rik says:

    Its good to know the rest of Australia is deaf to the cries of Victorians about smart meters. They are the new asbestos.
    Whats going to happen in 10 years when they are proven the world over to be cancerous and dangerous to humans? Will they all get removed or will we all have to leave this country to get away from them?

  20. Rob Reiken says:

    The technology in our 100 year old meters must be good to have lasted that long on comparison to the Death Meters that may last 10 to 15 years (probably not even close to that). There’s a saying, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Next they say they are free of charge, well what a croc of BS that is cause they’re costing us $$$$ Billions. Those lying sacks of &@^$. Isn’t it time they got their big fat tyrant asses sued for false advertisement or false information….or how about crimes against humanity? Eventually people will be dropping dead on mass due to the cancer they will get from these radiation devices, all because they were brainwashed by Mainstream that these Meters are not bad for us.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I allege these people who keep trying to force these Filthy and Now proving to be Cancer Causing machines are I allege definitely “The Sons and Daughters of Satan”, yes even the flibbity jibits of stupid boys and girls in their Castles of Lies and Deceit telling people these so-called Smart Meters are safe, are not picked for their knowledge of Electrical and or Microwave and or Scientific Knowledge. They are picked for being STUPID and not knowing anything at all regarding Electrical and Microwave Physics, for if they did, they would not be given the stupid and CRIMINAL JOB of telling lies and spin to their Electricity Customers. I allege that they are just a load of Stupid MUPPETS talking parrot fashion total LIES spun to them by their Evil Plonker’s of I also allege to be Muppets of Customer Relations Bosses, who are I also allege the weak NINNY’s or Gutless ones who are so weak they have lost any Christian Conscious that they possibly had long ago.

  21. Kate C says:

    Thank you for this detail. I am an AGL customer and do not want a Smart Meter so will call the number provided.

    • Sharron says:

      Please spread the word Kate and advise others not to give their consent to exchange their meters, but be very aware of the sneaky tactics used by these electricity companies in order to ‘upgrade’ their equipment. Don’t know if a phone call will stop installation, they are not to be trusted – better to padlock your meter box as well. We are still dealing with neighbours smart meter radiation even if we do not have one and it has been an absolute nightmare that still continues for me and many others here in Victoria

    • Rik says:

      DONT stop at just the phone call. Lock your meterbox as they will come around and put one in without your consent. I had 3 try after I padlocked my meterbox and 2 try before. I was home and they just started without knocking on my door or anything. I told them no and they closed and left so i padlocked it the next day. I did have someone there when I got home from buying the padlock so they are sneaky bastards and will try every sneaky trick to get one installed.
      I guess they wait in their trucks for you to leave and as soon as your back is turned in it goes.

      • Reni says:

        Rik I have photographs of some silly bi+ch sitting in a vehicle doing surveillance on someone’s home that was being targeted for an wireless transmitter installation. And she was prepared to give a big smile when approached with the camera. She was not afraid to give herself away as one of Jemena’s thugs stalking their customers.

        • Hammer Mann says:

          Such people of she this surveillance officer above in Rik’s message has just walked into a trap of her own making. Thank God for Reni’s Camera getting a picture of this silly woman. This could come in really handy when she and her I allege to be Evil Ilk and her C.E.O of Jemena are finally dragged into Court kicking and screaming before an upright Judge and twelve Jurors to be tried for their Gross Wickedness of trying to force their Electricity Customers to accept a far from Smart Meter/s against their Electricity Customer/s Democratic Will and Better judgement.

          I’ll laugh out loud when I see these I allege to be Servants of Satan get their come-uppance of up to fifty (50) years to be served in gaol for wrecking the health and lives of their Electricity Customers.

  22. just rung the phone number only to be assured that this just applies to AGL customers. I did tell the operator that AGL will not be receiving any business from me and to ‘pass it on.’
    Of course, she has no-one to ‘pass it on’ to …. but voices of dissent matter.

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