“Wi-Fried?” documentary – Catalyst, 16 February, 8:00 pm


You can not see it or hear it but Wi-Fi blankets our homes, our schools and our cities. Many of the mobile devices we carry close to our bodies like smart phones, laptops, tablets, even watches are connected to Wi-Fi.

A growing number of scientists are concerned that the widespread use of wi-fi and wi-fi enabled devices could be slowly making us sick. In this Catalyst investigation, Dr Maryanne Demasi takes a closer look at the link between mobile phones and brain cancer and explores whether our wireless devices could be putting our health at risk.

This not-to-be-missed  documentary also features Dr Devra Davis and the former CEO of Microsoft Canada.

Catalyst (ABC Australia) – 16 February, 8:00 pm (Australian Daylight Saving Time)

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8 Responses to “Wi-Fried?” documentary – Catalyst, 16 February, 8:00 pm

  1. Paul R says:

    I read that this program got a lot of flack from some organisations and ‘scientists’ who disagree with Devra. Of course, everyone that complained is basically a shill that works for the industry.

    Definition: Shill – “an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others”

    • Raymond Duplessie says:

      So called Professor Rodney Croft is one of the biggest shills who always bobs up to support the microwave industry. These people, Croft and the pseudo scientists seem to willingly disregard all the indicators and all the studies that clearly point to a very serious both present and impending problem, and which people Croft and pseudo scientists hide behind this line of there being no substantiated health effects. Rodney Croft would still be supporting the microwave industry even after there have been many confirmed cases of deaths and illnesses attributable to this presently WHO classified class 2B carcinogen. What manner of charleton is this pseudo professor and what manner of people are these pseudo scientists (Karapidis, Larsson, Tjong etc.) who brush aside anyone who has experienced harmful exposure effects such as headaches, and paint them as persons who are imagining their own problems and then sprout out this diatribe line of no substantiated evidence. These are people with vested interest in the microwave industry and have no interest in preventing the devastation which occured with other similar “safe” products such as asbestos and tobacco. “There is no substantiated evidence” is BS response to the points that were so well raised, why don’t they provide proper response to the many points that were so well brought out in the Catalyst program. I say commendations to both Dr Devra Davis and Mary-Anne Demasi who had the courage to sound the alarm and to stand against the corporate mafiosi of the microwave industry. Rodney Croft says that class 2B carcinogens are “safe”. He uses the word “safe”. I quote Rodney Coft here…….
      “Given that radiofrequency emissions are one of the most heavily researched agents that science has ever assessed, and given that (contrary to Catalyst’s claims) no substantiated health effects have emerged, we can be very confident that the emissions are indeed safe,” Prof Croft said.
      Ask Rodney Croft, what is the definition of safe ? Ask him what he means by “safe”. See what sort of ridiculous answer he gives. The real authority of Rodney Croft is just that of an actor prancing about on the stage seeking the limelight. In other words, no authority at all. Just like the electricity utility companies with only their FICTITIOUS authority which we all now well and truly know about.

  2. Let's get real about RF says:

    Catalyst is to be congratulated for doing an outstanding job of throwing light on this controversial issue. For anybody who hasn’t already viewed the not-to-be-missed episode, here’s another link, which includes the transcript and reference material: http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/4407325.htm

  3. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Link to Catalyst “Wi-Fried” Episode.

    “Wi-Fi blankets our homes, schools & cities. Dr Maryanne Demasi takes a closer look at the link between mobile phones & brain cancer & explores whether our wireless devices could be putting our health at risk. “

  4. Tanya says:

    Brilliant piece of journalism. Thank you ABC. I’d have gone harder on ARPANSA, though. They deserve to be thoroughly shot down.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hammer Mann, do not waste your time with Lily and Dan, not yet anyway. Send an affidavit to the CEO of ARPANSA or whoever, make sure you write the truth and not opinions, have your evidence to back you up and give them 28 days to respond with an affidavit.They would also have to provide proof and have evidence they won’t.
    It does not matter what they say its what evidence we have that matters. This evidence can be put in an affidavit. This is just the start. I don’t see any point in going through lily or Dan, go through the people that are charged with the responsibility of protecting the people. These are the first that should be held accountable. They have a Duty of Care to the people of Victoria.
    Affidavits carry a lot of weight, because we have to tell the truth as well otherwise we risk being charged with perjury as well.
    This is just a suggestion as many people have done the same thing as you and only end up becoming upset or they will just ignore you.

  6. dana says:

    Does anybody know if the ABC hosts an online discussion after Catalyst?

  7. Hammer Mann says:

    In spite of my writing to Mr Daniel Andrews the incumbent Premier of Victoria,
    And to Mss Lily D’ Ambrosio the now incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and resources a number of times very politely and with scientific back-up. These two people did not answer me properly. They took the stupid and totally unscientific approach of sending me what I’d call “Boiler Plate Letters” which did not answer any of my SCIENTIFIC and specific questions to them, or the Facts as to the real dangers already found some years before 2015 concerning the real and proven dangers of Wi-Fi and even earlier regarding the now proven to be real health dangers of the dopy and far from Smart Electric Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machines so loosely and stupidly named Smart Meters. The name Smart Meters is a wicked and totally unscientific use of bent and or deceptiveness and a wicked ploy to lull people into thinking that these so-called Electric and far from Smart Meter machines are safe for all of life.

    Well, the FACTS are that none of these Microwave machines is safe in any way at all. Already a number of homes have been burnt down in Victoria Australia and overseas, just after the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters were stolen from people and these now proving to be dangerous and stupid Microwave machines were forced on the people of Victoria and World-wide and quite UNLAWFULLY as well.

    The attitude of these two people above, so named and shamed has I allege proven them both to be a disgrace to the people of Victoria, in effectively poisoning more and more Electricity customers. Tied to this wicked poisoning of these Electricity customers are I allege the Corrupt C.E.Os of the five Electric Power Companies here in Victoria and the Electric Power Companies lawyers and their Wizards of Spin and Lies which is their Customer Relations officers and their stupid sales staff that know no SCIENCE at all and I allege are complete DUFFERS reading from a sheet of lies put before them by their I allege to be CORRUPT and WICKED bosses in the Electric Power Companies. I also allege that the so-called scientific staff at A.R.P.A.N.S.A are also not doing their job properly who sit on their hands just waiting for their fortnightly or monthly pay packets to be paid into their personal Bank Accounts.

    I allege that both of these people Daniel Andrews and Ms Lily D’Ambrosio have been and still are IN BED with the Microwave Industry and it’s manufacturers and sales people. I would not be surprised if Mr Daniel Andrews and Ms Lily D’ Ambrosio are getting their palms greased or their back pockets filled with many dollars by the five Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s here in Victoria and the Microwave Industry as well.
    This now proving to be dangerous to not only human life but to all LIFE, such as animal life and insect life and yes even to vegetable life from the Microwave Filthy Rays bombarding all of LIFE now 24 hours a day and for 365 and a quarter days a year.

    Already in Holland and other countries of the world, more and more trees leaves are dying and their bark/s getting split and suppurating sores are breaking out when within some eight hundred and less meters from the powerful Microwave broadcasting and receiving Radios atop of high towers and tall buildings. It has been proven that this tree bark damage is not fungal in nature or insect damage by top botanists, but definitely Microwave Damage and an Absolute Disgrace !

    It’s more than high time to rip out and to permanently close down all of this ACCURSED HEALTH WRECKING Microwave Technology, from the far from Smart Electric Microwave Meters to mobile phones to Baby Monitors and Wi-Fi now seriously damaging school children health and their teachers as well.
    When will the Victorian Government and the now I allege to be CORRUPT Victorian Health Department and many Victorian Schools and the Victoria Department of Education and Training Early Childhood and School Education Group, headed by Dr Jenny Proimos put the children’s and their teachers’ health ahead of their Mad and Insatiable Lust for more and more monetary profit, which is the Height of Wickedness, that’s the TRILLION DOLLAR BURNING QUESTION ? !

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