AGL releases plans for smart meter installation in NSW and South Australia

Victoria was the trial state [in Australia], Tasmania made it optional but didn’t confirm health was at risk with a smart meter installation. Now South Australia and New South Wales seem to be the next states to push smart meters.

Despite the fact that AGL decided to hide the term ‘smart meters’ in their FAQ page, it is clearly spelled out on their website: Smart meters are coming to SA and NSW! Billing accuracy and monitoring are being sold to their customers as benefits. There have been many stories about raised bills with smart meters and very few of them actually lowering bills, so be careful there.

It seems the term ‘Smart Meter’, which now has much negativity associated with it, is being avoided as much as possible to not alarm customers. The term ‘Digital Meter’ is used instead.

The AGL site shows that customers have an ability to opt out if they notify the company first. They may send a letter announcing the installation, but if one fails to go through the proper process for the ‘opt out’, it is likely a smart meter will be installed, no matter if you are home or not.


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32 Responses to AGL releases plans for smart meter installation in NSW and South Australia

  1. Justice says:

    Truth is what wins out in the end, You do not have to have a smart meter if you do not want one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anybody who says “You have no choice, you must allow us to transmit radiation through your body in your own house all day long regardless of what you feel about that” does not deserve to remain on the face of the planet. Stupid insensitive woman you know who you are.

  3. Steve says:

    Its really important, the people from SA need your help urgently… the members & organizers of this website please can you provide some media release to SA to raise the awareness of your website & the need for the community of SA to hear the facts about these smart meters, as nothing negative is being spoken about just the brain washing rubbish about all the benefits, its the government spin doctors again with the interests of the power companies before the communities & the people they are suppose to serve. HELP !!! This site is great, but it needs alot of awareness to the people of South Australia.

  4. Steve says:

    Can someone from , contact radio station 5AA in SA and the radio Announcer Leon Byner, because he has been talking about this last week and had someone from the ombudsman office on talking but no one with anything objective spoke, a few little bits but we need someone from this organisation to speak on the radio show and explain all the issues and problems and exposing this to the people of SA because they are being blinded with words and if nothing is done then AGL will get away with it… It needs someone professional to contact 5AA and other media to get this highlighted and get the people from SA viewing this website.

    • smart meter sufferer says:

      I have emailed 5AA as requested. It remains to be seen if the media in SA will take up this issue. Here in Victoria the silence from the media is deafening!

  5. Kate says:

    Do you want to know why Victorians have got sneaky, invasive, expensive smartmeters, when the majority of people didn’t want them? Its because the Victorian people believed the Government’s lies! They trusted the Government. Those who didn’t trust the Government put padlocks on their meterboxes and signs on their properties saying they didn’t want a smartmeter, because they realised the deceit of the Government. Too bad for those who simply put up signs saying they didn’t want a smartmeter installed. The signs were ripped down and smartmeters installed when the owners were not home…..time after time. This is not democracy. Communism is more like it.

    • Jeff Turner says:

      Kate, it is the locks that did the talking and it is the locks that will continue to do the talking together with the lawsuits that are surely coming and that will try these bloody b@$$$$tards for many criminal matters that WILL SURELY BE PROVEN. There are enough of us who are resolute, inwardly consumed and doggedly determined to make sure that this will happen.

  6. Pat says:

    Victorians had every lawful right to lock their meter boxes and not consent to the forceful rollout of smart meters. It astounds me that the Victorian Government can so blatantly lie in the faces of the Victorian people and not be pulled up for having done so. It absolutely flabbergasts me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pat, we need to keep on pushing for those involved to be held accountable, it does not matter how long it takes.
      We don’t have to consent to what is essentially a human experiment.We all had normal lives years ago and they took that from us. We have to guard our homes and always be careful and its time this stopped.They should all be held responsible,every single man,and woman that has played a part in this rollout. This includes everyone from top to bottom.

      • Gwen says:

        Totally agree. Every statement made on this website should be held as evidence against them.

      • Pro Choice says:

        Exactly! Anon, I hope they all get what they deserve – Nothing less for these control freaks who love to ruin others lives with their disgusting agenda…. pure scum 😦

  7. Anonymous says:


    Comment: WirelessFreeZone
    Internationally hated ‘smart’ meters are removed by hundreds of citizens in the Dominican Republic. These awful devices are installed on homes and businesses without informing the occupants that their:
    — electric bills will go up,
    — appliances will arc,
    — homes may catch fire (people have died in these fires)
    — personal living data will be collected,
    — health will be impacted as strong constant non-stop bursts of RF microwave radiation from the meter and related infrastructure are all wireless.

    Zero benefit to the paying consumer. All benefits to the utility who pays nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the happy story made my day. These people are an inspiration to us all.

    • Anonymous says:

      People Power, we live in a richer country, yet many of us have stood back and let these greedy thugs get away with this. Why is it in these poorer countries people take more of a stand?
      Do these people value life more? I have spoken to numerous people that admitted that, they are aware of the dangers of smart devices and yet they won’t do anything about it.
      Yet i am aware of elderly people that stood up to the installers. The risk would be huge in the Dominican Republic to remove the possible cancer causing device and they did it.
      I think we need to seriously think about all getting together eventually and starting a class action lawsuit.This is for the people that have these devices and those of us that have been tormented, harassed, threatened and basically had our lives taken from us.
      Any Public Servants found to be involved should be investigated and then have penalties.If any Public Servant is pretending to be a Public Servant but is really working for a corporation then they might have committed fraud and should hopefully be penalized with jail time.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We could also fill out affidavits and serve them. Everyone writes the truth, gets it witnessed and sends it to whoever. The roll out caused a lot of mental stress and i for one reported this to the previous mental health minister and health minister. If every single one of us filled out a legal notice and sent them in to the health minister they could not ignore this.They have to act, if its a legal notice.
    Unfortunately now is not the time to be complacent as a post on the Stop Smart Meter website states that a lock was broken off the meter box and a smart meter installed,.If this has happened then don’t ever think this is over. The only thing that these people fear is being eventually held accountable. But maybe they don’t think they will be ever held accountable and perhaps they think they are untouchable, maybe some are, but not all.
    You can’t break the law, they might think they can but they can’t. Legal notices are a good start. Affidavits are statements of truth, you can’t lie or you can be charged with perjury. You can go to jail for perjury. .
    This problem needs to end and the only way would be for individuals to start typing up affidavits or legal notices. Look up laws as well. They can’t break the law. Look up the Crime Act. If you have this knowledge you can use. Lets start holding these people accountable.

  9. George Gilbert says:

    If only we could work out a way to organise an appointed day for a mass Victorian protest involving the participation of every individual having had a smart meter installed on their premises involuntarily or who is for any reason displeased about the presence of such device on their premises. If every person in this category participated, I would assume the numbers would be great enough to make this protest effectual. This number would and should be in the hundreds of thousands. The protest would work like this. On the appointed day at a set time, each and every individual would simultaeously commence the process of ringing their retailer and initiate procedure for their power to be disconnected. In the course of this process, the reason for this action enmasse would become well established as being an in your face expression of the will of Victorians fervent opposition to these accursed devices being on their properties. Then let’s see how the b@stard government, the b@stard distribution companies and the b@stard retailers will react when hundreds of thousands of persons are prepared to simultaneously request to be disconnected from the grid on account of these sh*t boxes that were forced onto their properties and for no other reason. And I think they would need to facilitate everyone of these disconnections within 48 hours and if they fail to do so,each person could raise a case against their retailer/distributor for failing to fulfill their obligation and this would eventuate in a series of financial penalties that would put a serious dint in their war chests in addition to the significant damage to their bottom lines through the loss of hundreds of thousands of customers revenues. Will Dan Andrews come to the party then, together with that pathetic insensitive numb headed Energy Minister ridiculous woman.

    Perhaps another way is for same number of hundreds of thousand participants to simultaneously request disconnection. Should Danny boy fail to come to the party, then same hundreds of thousands would request reconnection only to once again simultaneously request disconnection once reconnection has occured. There may be some fees for disconnection and reconnection but this would be part of the small price to be paid to implement the strategy. That price would be a very small price indeed if it meant that we could all be rid of these accursed smart meters/digital meters/satanic devices once and for all.

    I don’t think it is a strategy that is that far fetched. There must be a way where a united and well thought out effort carried out in numbers simultaneously can succeed to remove the poison of these unwanted machines of our homes.

  10. Robert Scott says:

    I refused to have a smart meter, generated my own power with solar & SLA batteries for low solar activity eg: night. I disconnected from the grid 3 years ago it is the only way, it helped that I am an electrician and electronics tech with over 40 years experience. If you own your own home this can be done but if you are renting or in units then sadly it’s not possible.

  11. Hammer Mann says:

    Yes Andrew,
    I was one like many who padlocked my Electric Meter Box to keep these lying Servants of Satan from getting their sneaky claws into my home.

  12. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Since AGL announced a week or so ago that they’re pulling out of Coal Seam Gas exploration and production (and thank God for that), I guess they’re now looking for other dodgy ways to make money.
    Their Answer…..Roll out the “SMART” meters.
    The lengths these businesses will go to, and the lies they will tell, to try and convince you “Smart” meters are a good thing.
    Please NSW and South Australia customers, send AGL a letter (Registered) ASAP, letting them know in no uncertain terms, that you DO NOT CONSENT TO THE INSTALLATION OF A SMART METER ON YOUR HOME!
    Don’t make the mistake so many Victorian customers did, believing the Distributor’s LIES.
    Most paid the price and now have a “Smart” meter, that serves no benefits whatsoever to the customer, and has created so much heartache, for so many.

  13. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Insurance Underwriting Offices across the US are contemplating new rules that will specifically deny coverage for fires and damage caused by ‘smart’ meters.

    Interesting??? Why would they want to do that?
    I thought “Smart” meters were safe?

    Why would you ever consent to have one of these “Stupid” meters on your home?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please tell me if there are any reputable doctors in the US that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of EMF?

    • james says:

      Just go to a Kinesiologist and get muscle tested to see if you are EMF sensitive. The Smart Meters drove my life up-side down for nearly 12 months before i was tested by a Naturopath or Kinesiologist and was shown to be EMF Sensitive. She gave me some drops which helped my sensitivity. i have bought a thing called a Geo-Cleanser which has been great also.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        The only way James,
        Is not to have gotten one of these SATANIC machines in the first place. Pity you did not have your Electric Meters Box padlocked before the Smart Meter or correction…..Not so Smart Meter Installer Men raided your street and home..

  15. Daz Loeman says:

    Even though I am in Victoria, if AGL want to get involved in pushing this sickness causing technology in other states then maybe it’s now time I moved all of my half dozen retail energy accounts currently with AGL to another retail company. Anybody who wants to push stinking smart/digital meters needs to pay a price. Just filth.

  16. andrew whitney says:

    Yeah … would have ben nice to have had the opt out option here in Victoria …. but no, we had to fight and resist and dig in and overcome all manner of lies, manipulation and intimidation. Well done I say to all my comrades who have fought the good fight and overcome!

    • Pro Choice says:

      Still fighting every day, most people are way too complacent – so sad! As a society, we are nowhere.

    • abcd thats me says:

      I am still being bullied ferociously. When the time is right I will go public with my story and release a bombshell of evidence against distributors and retailers alike.

      • Anonymous says:

        Abed, I am sorry you are being bullied ferociously. I also have documentation which will hopefully be released one day. It’s not just the retailers, its others involved as well. These others are supposed to work for us, or be neutral. This is not the case.

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