Have your say about smart meters – Standards Australia Sydney Forum

Standards Australia will be facilitating a Roadmap for Advanced Metering throughout
2016. The work is designed to support the safe and efficient roll out of smart meters
in Australian cities and communities as the country progressively transitions to a
smarter economy.

The Roadmap will consider a number of important metering issues including safety,
tariffs and load control, testing, Australian community expectations, temperature ranges and other relevant issues.

All relevant stakeholder groups are welcome to participate in the Roadmap. Participants
will have the opportunity to join the discussion after the presentations.

Views expressed during the discussion will assist in the shaping of future standards
development work in this important technology area.

The forum will be held on Thursday 3 March, 2016 at Level 10, 20 Bridge St, Sydney, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Light lunch will be provided.

This is a complimentary forum and places are limited. To confirm your attendance, please
RSVP by Friday 19 February to nsm@standards.org.au.

For further information and a copy of the forum invitation click E-1095 Advanced Metering invite  or visit Roadmap for Smart Meters.

If you live in Sydney or NSW, please attend this forum and have your say about smart meters and the need to retain analogue and non-smart meter digital meters as part of Australian Standards for metering. 

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19 Responses to Have your say about smart meters – Standards Australia Sydney Forum

  1. Allan says:

    Here in Melbourne people are choking after we stopped sleeping, our ears started ringing, lost our memories and now live with head aches and depression everyday I also almost had 4 heart attacks, these bloody things are shooting through peoples houses even if you dont have one and causing cancers and neural deceases which I developed ( Parkingsons ) and I cured all myself as my local doctor said I was crazy! What a disgrace of a country this has become when normal people cant even go out cause they feel like they are cooking and it has been done to make us all sick and depopulate!

  2. We don’t accept smart meters, they are many times more expensive than conventional electricity meters. They cause serious health problems, such as loss of sleep and chronic headaches plus more. Some countries have banned smart meters.

  3. dana says:

    If we want to make a written submission, do we send it to nsm@standards.org.au ? Thanks for your help.

  4. just saying says:

    Lucky country is to be replaced with dumb, sick country.

  5. Anon says:

    The question should be – Why is Australia transitioning to a highly Corporate smart grid without first asking the people? Other Countries are waking up to the deception…..is Australia just too preoccupied with consumerism – Fitbits, Apps and the latest gadgets, to realise where all this ‘smart’ technology is leading to? Where are the honest pollies who will tell us the truth? Instead we are bombarded with spin and propaganda, and a Forum that states ” Standards Australia will be facilitating a Roadmap for Advanced Metering throughout
    2016. The work is designed to support the safe and efficient roll out of smart meters
    in Australian cities and communities as the country progressively transitions to a
    smarter economy” is no more than that!

  6. Rob Guy says:

    Yes, all radiation is a health risk but that should not prevent people who had no choice reducing the level by any means practicable. At first glance, most radiation should be contained within the metal walls of the domestic metal meter box, but since they have no rear wall, radiation (and fire) can readily progress through to the building interior, which in a brick veneer home is the wood framing and dry plaster lining.
    Although our meter boxes meet both Standards Australia and Electricity SAfe Victoria requirements, they do not meet current International Electrical Commission standards which are mandatory in Europe.
    Because of government ineptitude, I am now faced with the prospect of fitting a new box costing many hundreds of dollars. For now, I have fitted a battery-operated fire alarm in my existing meter box.
    Additional radiation comes from the radio antenna on the street side of the box. I understand that one manufacturer is now offering to replace the meter radio transmitter with a wired connection to my phone line and thence trough the Internet to my billing authority. But not anytime soon.

  7. Hi there I am in Avondale Heights Melbourne. I am still upset re this smart meter business. I had a small lock on my meter box for general security as I have no front fence. One day I came home and found the lock had been RIPPED OFF – outrageous. I DO NOT want their stinking smart meter.  Can I get it removed??? I would love that. Who do I contact from your organisation to discuss this disturbing issue? Also, the F…..G meter box is just on the other side of my F….G bedroom.   


    • Anonymous says:

      Get the name of the installer if you can for starters. They will probably only give you first name. Ask for a copy of the paperwork? My neighbour got paperwork but then she agreed to the possible cancer causing device.
      If you can prove you had a sign on that forbade them installing this device it would help and also any trespassing signs. Did you send a legal notice into the Distributor?
      Do you have photos of the sign or signs. You need evidence that you objected. Do you have any of this evidence for starters. If you do you could write up an affidavit and send it in to your distributor. You should also make a report to the police abut the broken lock so they have a record. You can also if you do not have this proof still write an affidavit stating that you had a lock on and it was broken id this is the truth.
      You need to find the installer, my friend found the name of the installer he did not install a smart meter but tried to coerce my friends father into accepting one. My friend found out the installer had quit his job soon after so left it at that..
      The installer could be charged with trespassing and damage to your property if he or she broke the lock and disregarded your notice or notices.
      I am not sure what signs you had.You have left your number. It would be good for someone with legal knowledge to help you.

  8. Hammer Mann says:

    Spot on there Anonymous,
    What you say above, I have been saying for years and this today to Ms Lily D’ Ambrosia the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources below…..

    To: The Minister for Energy and Resources.
    Ms’ Lily D’ Ambrosio.
    Care of The Parliament of Victoria
    Melbourne, Victoria
    3000, Australia.

    From Mr Richard Leschen
    Post Box 311 Ararat
    3377 Victoria

    Phone : 03 5352 3639.

    To Ms Lily D’Ambrosio,
    Know this Madam that quite soon you and your ilk will far sooner than you think, be facing the High Court in Australia, for allowing the people of Victoria to be continually Poisoned by these Filthy Electric A.M.I Poisonous broadcasting and receiving Machines continually poisoning humans here in Victoria and all States of Australia and world-wide.

    No Insurance Company or Companies here in Australia or from Overseas will now protect you or your I allege to be Criminal Cohorts and your ILK from the damage I allege you have done and are still doing by having allowed these Idiotic and Poisonous Electric Microwave A.M.I and far from Smart Electric Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machines on the privately owned and small business properties of the Victorian Public. You Madam I allege and the past Victorian Ministers for Energy and resources are responsible for all of the now growing Microwave Sicknesses from these now proving to be Poisonous and far from Smart Meter machines here in Victoria Australia. Please make sure you read all of this Link below Madam, as it’s most important that you do and all of the comments therein !

    Please write me a personal and polite letter if you dare Madam denying these facts and I will with my Lawyers that is my barristers and the A.C.C.C’s top Barristers who have sworn to help and protect me in the High Court, to Sue You Personally Madam for many Millions of Dollars.
    I allege that you know that you are guilty of these past and present and ongoing crimes Madam, and you need to know that you are I allege a wicked tool of the Microwave Industry and are complicit I also allege of being a Party to this Corruption as complicit in the Victorian Labor Government. I further allege that you had earlier been complicit in working with the five Electric Power Companies here in Victoria and that you are I allege still in Collusion with the five Electric Power Companies here in Victoria, along with the present Labor Party Daniel Andrews Government of Victoria, out to steal ever more money from the people of Victoria with these five Electric Power Companies now charging people for Electricity at the PEAK RATE now twenty four (24) Hours a Day. This is grand theft and or Grand Larceny and well you know it too Madam !

    This is Wicked Theft I allege on both your part Ms Lily D’Ambrosio and the five I allege to be Criminal and I also allege to be Thieving C.E.O’s of Powercor and Citypower and United Energy Distribution and Jemena and AusNet Services.

    Every one of you needs to be dragged Kicking and Screaming into the High Court of Australia and tried for Grand Theft and Larceny and Corruption. Then when you as individuals are found Guilty, which a Court of twelve Jurors Tried and True I allege will find, every one of you should be Gaoled for the term of your natural lives for bringing about the continual suffering of the people of Victoria, many of whom are now dying through these Cancer Causing and far from Smart Meters Microwave Poisonous Rays continual radiation you and your previous Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources have I allege wickedly caused on ever more of the People of Victoria.


    Richard Leschen.

  9. Alain Trossant says:

    Have your say about smart meters

    My say is that we don’t want smart meters no matter what. Is this contribution welcomed ?

    “Safety Issues” ? Simple, no smart meter = no radiation = safe. Can they follow this logic ? It’s simple and it makes sense. But then who are “they” anyway ?

    Landis & Gyr ?
    EDMI ?

    These are the manufacturers of these damned devices with a monopoly over the world metering market and who with their cash lined pockets have a vested interest in continuing to push these toxic devices onto the world market place. If Landis & Gyr and EDMI don’t sell their so called smart metering devices they go bust. On the other hand if they can flood the whole world with their stinking machines they will be rolling in dough (Billions).

    “Roadmap for Advanced Metering” ?????
    Sounds like a plan and an intent to try and install these grubby sickness causing machines throughout Australia and to try and work out how to best carry this out so as not to encounter the resistance that was shown in Victoria to this toxicity.

    “Safe and Efficient Rollout” ? Yeah, safe and efficient my @$$$$. There is no such thing. These falsely named devices are just pure evil.

    Have a look at last night’s episode of Catalyst on ABC.
    Entitled Batteries 24 Hour Renewable Power.

    The time is coming when anyone can readily tell the Distribution Companies that they can go to hell and so can their stinking grid and it’s toxic infrastructure, especially their stinking toxic poisonous murderous sickness causing radiation spewing falsely named smart meters.

    • Gerard says:

      Yes the sickness causing machine that Citipower and Powercor have forced upon us is indeed a Landis & Gyr manufactured E350 model. This is all about furthering the agenda of those with clear vested interests with the only agenda being to continue to push these devious devices out onto the unsuspecting.

  10. Miro says:

    Hmmm, just from that title I’m guessing that removal is not going to be entertained….however I do hope I am wrong on that.

  11. arthur says:

    I have fought them for years. Soon solar power will take over with the massive advances of battery design we will not need any of their meters at all. They know that already. Never the less,keep up the fight. We are winning.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Arthur,
      The big fly in the ointment is that now these I allege to be wicked five Electric Power Companies C.E.O’ are now charging people with these Electric Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machines the very top rate for twenty four hours or all over electricity consumption now. They these electric power companies used to have a cheaper rate from 11.00 P.M and to 7.00 A.M, then from 7.00 A.M to around 2.00 P.M a dearer or shoulder rate. Then the highest rate from 2.00 P.M to 11.00 P.M. But now they are it seems doing DAYLIGHT ROBBERY of their Electricity Customers 24 hours a day as so many people are complaining to me and rightly so, of these terribly expensive Peak Rate Electricity Charges throughout 24 hours a day. This is I allege Day-Light Robbery.

      To those fortunate people who still have the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters, I say….” Good Luck to you people as you have a set rate and no time of use can be shown on your older fashioned and far better built Analog Electric Meters.”
      These so-called Smart Meters are not SMART in any way at all and are ROBBER Meters and also INCENDIARY Meters in more and more cases, burning out fridges and or computers and or computer screens etc., and also making more and more people sick from these Stinking Poisonous Microwave Rays boring into peoples and animals bodies and all living things. A POX on all of these so-called Smart Meters that are not SMART in any way at all, and are the Inventions of SATAN !

  12. Hammer Mann says:

    I say,
    That the roll-out of these so-called Electric Microwave A.M.I and actually Far From Smart Meters was the stupidest and cruellest thing that every happened. This is because right now and a bit earlier as well,. all customers or that is actually victims of this stupid and cruel and poisonous roll-out of these Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machines here in Victoria Australia have been and still are getting poisoned from this Microwave radiation.

    At the Nuremberg Meeting just after the Second World War all countries of the world banned any experiments with Microwave radiation on humans and animals and or on insects and on plants and on bees and on lady birds that usefully kill aphids and on any forms of life, vegetable, animal etc.

    The facts are now that all countries of the world have broken that Lawful Agreement of the Nuremberg Treaty and have been for many years poisoning all of life with the filthy Microwave Rays. The Microwave so-called and actually far from Smart Meters are simply an excuse for stealing more and more money from people, by charging people on the peak time of use of Electricity. There had been a cheaper rate running some years ago, from eleven (11) P.M to Seven (7) A.M and then a shoulder price a bit higher from seven (7) A.M to around two (2) P.M and then the two (2) P.M to Ten Fifty nine P.M price came in as the dearest of all and a thieving and or Rip-Off rate for sure. Sadly there is no end to this wicked and Corporate Greed making all of the five Electric Power Companies here in Victoria Australia and both the Labor and the Liberal Party Governments and once again the Daniel Andrew Victorian Labor Government the incumbent and learn nothing stupidest Victorian Government and I allege to be the biggest Thieves along with the five Electric Power Companies here in Victoria. Shame on the past John Brumby I allege to have been Lying and Thieving Government and next I also allege to have been the Ted Baillieu and then the Denis the I allege to have also been the Menace Lying Liberal Party Victorian Government a PACK OF THIEVES like those before him.

    Right now the Peak time covers twenty four hours a day which I allege is THEFT plain and simple, and a Criminal Act on the part of the five Electric Power Companies of Powercor and Citypower and Jemena and United Energy Victoria and AusNet Services and the Victorian Government, I also allege in collusion with these five Electric Power Companies with one another.

    This is an utter disgrace. Fortunately for some people some 20,000 plus, I am told have kept their Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters safely padlocked so that the Smart Meter Installer Pirates of the suburbs cannot Steal these Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters.

    They these sensible and fortunate keepers of the Analog Electric Meters are price-wise better off and pay less for their electricity than those unfortunate ones who had their Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters stolen when they were out shopping or away from home for up to an hour or more and had not unfortunately for them padlocked their own private Electric Meter Boxes although many of them did have the Anti Trespass Signs clearly erected and the $167,000 Dollar fine clearly posted on their Signs. This stealing of the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters was a CRIME of the Greatest Magnitude effected by the I allege to have been Cruel and Corrupt C.E.O’s of the five Electric Power Companies aforementioned. These C.E.O’s and their complicity Smart Meter Installer men deserve to be locked up in Gaol for the Term of Their Natural Lives for now initiating what will be for many Electricity Customers a slow Death from Microwave Cancers now forming in many of their Electricity Customers Bodies from the ongoing Microwave Bombardment 24 hours a day and for 365 days a year.

  13. Rob Guy says:

    For those people who experienced either fire or overheating following smart meter installation, the UK now requires that all consumer units including meter boxes and wall outlets be capable of containing a fire by fully enclosing them in a metallic container. (Amendment 3 of the UK Electrical Wiring Regulations 17th Edition 16/1/2016). I would think that replacing PVC with metal might also reduce the conducted noise from a smart meter,

  14. Kate says:

    Once again the people are being betrayed and insulted. When have they been given the REAL choice to have smartmeters inflicted on them? Have they ever been asked their permission? Instead, the government provides a Forum with predetermined choices all leading to the same outcome….THEIR outcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSB8pBIh7Tc.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is really good this Dialetics.

      It’s like these Public Notices that appear in the local paper and seeking written submissions such as this one that appeared today


      Vodafone plan to modify an existing telecommunications facilities at Milleara Shopping Centre, cnr Milleara Rd and Buckley St, Keilor East, VIC 3033
      1. *******
      2. ********
      3. *********
      4. Written Submissions should be sent to:
      Service Stream,
      Level 4, 357 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 by COB Tuesday 16th February 2016

      Written submissions for what ???????
      For what purpose ??????
      Can the girls who work in the CBA bank directly in front of the masts and who are being constantly exposed all day long to 10 mW/m2 of constant radiation write in to Servicestream and say that they can’t tolerate the fact that their unborn child’s exposure to radiation will now be upgraded to a constant 20 mW/m2 ????

      There is no real option here for anybody “making a submission”. What does “making a submission” even mean ?

      Servicestream is the organisation that did the dirty work for Jemena and United Energy in sending out many intimidating and harassing installers during the smart meter rollout and Servicestream is the organisation that hired all the cold hearted little bitches that bullied and harassed customers over the phone, who told customers that they had no choice but to accept a smart meter, who left even the strongest of persons absolutely traumatised by their cold and wicked demeanor.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Simple. ” Smart Meters ” cause house & apartment fires. We the people do not want or except them. They are installed by poorly trained ‘ Techs ‘. These smart meters were rejected by the US market & so ended up in here – & forced down our throats by Government regulations.

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