Over 100,000 smart meters to be removed!

Last week in Ontario Hydro One admitted that rural smart meters do not work, and decided to pull the plug on 36,000 of them to start with.

In addition, another Canadian company, BC Hydro, announced plans to remove 88,000 smart meters suspected of failure.

This is great news for our movement…

Read the full story by Josh de Sol at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/01/20/ontario-pulls-plug-on-36000-rural-smart-meters-is-big-energy-imploding

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15 Responses to Over 100,000 smart meters to be removed!

  1. Hammer Mann says:

    To Ms Lily D’Ambrosio,
    Know this Madam that quite soon you and your ilk will far sooner than you think, be facing the High Court in Australia, for allowing the people of Victoria to be continually Poisoned by these Filthy Microwave poisoning of humans here in Victoria and all States of Australia.

    No Insurance Company or Companies will now protect you or your I allege to be Criminal Cohorts and your ILK from the damage I allege you have done and are still doing by having allowed these Idiotic and Poisonous Electric Microwave A.M.I and far from Smart Metering broadcasting and receiving machines on the privately owned and small business properties of Victorian Citizens. You Madam I allege and the past Victorian Ministers for Energy and resources are responsible for all of the now growing Microwave Sicknesses from these now proving to be Poisonous and far from Smart Meter machines here in Victoria Australia. Please make sure you read all of this Link Madam, as it’s most important that you do !

    Please write me, a personal and polite letter if you dare Madam denying these facts and I will with my Lawyers that is my High Court barristers Sue You Personally for many Millions of Dollars.
    I allege that you know that you are guilty of these past and present and ongoing crimes Madam, and you need to know that you are I allege a wicked tool of the Microwave Industry and are complicit I also allege of being a Party to this Corruption as complicit in the Victorian Labor Government. I further allege that you had earlier been complicit in working with the five Electric Power Companies here in Victoria and that you are I allege still in Collusion with the five Electric Power Companies here in Victoria, out to steal ever more money from the people of Victoria with these five Electric Power Companies now charging people for Electricity at the PEAK RATE now twenty four (24) Hours a Day. This is CRIMINAL Madam

    This is Wicked Theft I allege on both your part Ms Lily D’Ambrosio and the five I allege to be Criminal and I also allege to be Thieving C.E.O’s of Powercor and Citypower and United Energy Distribution and Jemena and AusNet Services.

    Every one of you needs to be dragged Kicking and Screaming into the High Court of Australia and tried for Grand Theft and Corruption. Then when you as individuals are found Guilty, which a Court of twelve Jurors Tried and True I allege will find, every one of you should be Gaoled for the term of your natural lives for bringing about the continual suffering of the people of Victoria, many of whom are now dying through these Cancer Causing and far from Smart Meters Microwave Poisonous Rays continual radiation you and your previous Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources have I allege wickedly caused on ever more of the People of Victoria.


    Richard Leschen.

  2. Grace Martin says:

    The act of bullying, the non supply of essential services as an extortion demand and the forceful installation of a device onto private property that unknowingly exposes the occupant’s body to radiation pulses up to 190,000 times per day against their wishes is such an act of criminality that it demands the re-instigation of the death penalty in Australia.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      HI Grace Martin,
      I agree with you 100%, and I’d happily be the hangman and or the man that brings down the guillotine on the necks of these people spreading their Microwave Filthy Smog all over Planet Earth to bring about the more and more cancer deaths now seemingly from this filthy poisonous Microwave Smogs.

  3. shaggy says:

    I drove down a dirt road the other day and noticed that the transformer on the pole had 2 big phone transmitters on the side. I think our communication industry knows how to get them working in rural areas, and put them on a back road so no one will ever notice.

    • dana says:

      Were these phone transmitters registered on the Radio Frequency National Site Archive? http://www.rfnsa.com.au Are you saying there are illegal/unregistered transmitters about?

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Yes Dana,
        They are not it seems registered as Microwave Radio Transmitters. All Radio’s whether long wave or short wave transmitters must be REGISTERED. The Telco’s and the NBN Companies and all people in the Government and in Private Industry such as the five Electric Power Companies Victoria and in all of Australia’s States and world-wide are breaking the law. This is another reason why all dopy and filthy poisonous Electric Microwave and far from SMART Metering broadcasting and receiving machines on most people’s homes need to be ripped out and the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters returned to these Electricity Customers Free of Charge.

        Of course the cruel and stupid Idiots of C.E.O’s of these Electric Power Companies who have knowingly committed these CRIMES need to be in Gaol for the rest of their Lives the Thieving and health wrecking C.E.O’s and also the criminals in the governments of the whole world need to be imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives with no remission for good behaviour.

  4. Josh del Sol says:

    Thanks for the re-post. I updated the CE article after receiving clarification shortly after it was published:

    “For the purpose of clarification: at this time Hydro One is not planning to uninstall smart meters and replace with analogs — but rather to manually read rural customers’ meters quarterly, and estimate the months in between, because the wireless reporting is simply not working.”

    So 88,000 faulty smart meters ARE being removed in BC (either now or in the next few years), and those 36,000 in Ontario are not planned to be removed (yet?), but rather to be added to the tens of thousands that are already read manually — because the data transmissions simply do not work.

    Let’s keep on spreading the truth…

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha !
      That’s really good news from you Mr Josh Del Sol, or man of the Sun’s shining TRUTH, that the wireless reporting from the dopy and idiotic and actually far from smart electric microwave A.M.I meters is not working 100%, wow folks that’s really made me happy.

      It’s got to be proper readings taken every month by humans to do the job properly and fairly and not any more stupid estimates. Shows just how corrupt the Electric Power Companies have become now doesn’t it folks. The last laugh is on these I allege to be Thieving SCUM ! Ha ha ha ha ! a million times over folks.

  5. Lyle Burgess says:

    These machines have been forcefully installed on private residencies and they transmit a powerful microwave pulses several times a minute and in some cases every several seconds. Each pulse is radiation that goes through the house and through the bodies of the occupants, be they man woman or child. These machines are utter FILTH.

  6. andrew says:

    Good Riddance ! ! ! I am sending a copy of this to relevant State and Fed MP’s here in Victoria Australia and tell them to do the same thing here ! ! !

  7. Paul says:

    For crying out loud, when will a decent electrical storage battery be developed so that we can finally rid ourselves of this smart meter pestilence?

    • Jackson says:

      ‘Average’ deep-cycle batteries are available all over the place (Australia) for about $2 per AH. A warranty for these is usually 2 or 3 years, but properly (efficiently) used can be relied upon for five – eight years. (I have a 600ah x 24-volt bank of Vision AGM batteries ~ NOT recommended for solar by the manufacturer) which I bought 2nd-hand (half-price) 6 years ago. Two of them are just now dying, the others still seem to work as well as ever.
      Point is that buying at that $2 benchmark, a decent battery-bank will cost you about the same price as 4.2 years of ‘Service to Property’ charges alone (at the CURRENT rate, which continually rises).
      The key is to rejig your power-usage to permit the smallest battery-bank that will do the job for you. That’s not rocket-science: I produce a year-round average of 8 kwh per day and use a consistent 2.5 kwh per day.
      Currently I’m still connected to the grid (for the lucrative FiT!), but will disconnect as soon as they even think about sending me an account. If you (or anyone) want to discuss the issue feel free to contact me at dabbbles@gmail.com (that’s THREE b’s)

      It CAN be done…though I have no kids to consider. However, 35 years of experience with this stuff convinces me that kids are easily taught (and love learning!) about energy-efficiency. They make a game of finding new savings!…there should be more of them –> savings AND little kids!

  8. Martin Harrington says:

    sorry guys BC Hydro will replace the meters with new smart meters, they are still going to be there in the system

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Martin Harrington says:

      January 22, 2016 at 12:33 pm

      sorry guys BC Hydro will replace the meters with new smart meters, they are still going to be there in the system


      Not if people find their intestinal fortitude Martin Harrington,
      There’s well over 20,000 people in Victoria Australia that refused to have this poisonous FILTH on their home and or small business properties. Simply padlock up your Private Electric Meter Box and remember you have No Contract With these B.D.A’s make of those three letters as you want. I sent these I allege to be FILTHY CRIMINALS of Powercor in Victoria a ten Million Dollar Notice of Fine from the A.C.C.C in Canberra. It sure knocked the C.E.O of Powercor and his I allege to be Criminal acting lawyer/s and the I also allege to be Criminal Sales team and minions into a cocked hat.

      Had these I allege to be SCUM persisted in bullying me I’d have with the help of the A.C.C.C in Canberra and my barrister, we’d have run these I allege to be Powercor SCUM through the High Court of Australia in Canberra and Sued them also under Bodies Law ( look up Broadie Panlock’s law on Google ) which would have gotten every one of these Powercor miscreants Gaoled for up to ten years each, with NO Remission for any good behaviour.

      Think on that folks. Don’t be bullied. I lived through the bombing of London in the Second World War and I know what terror is folks ! These electric power companies here in Victoria or any State of Australia are no better than those who bombed me in England and all of us Londoners. The past Victorian Governments from Mr John Brumby of Labor and the Liberal past Victorian Governments and the present Daniel Andrews Government have been and still are all guilty of RIPPING OFF ALL Victorian Citizens by colluding with these corrupt C.E.O’s of the five Electric Power Companies as well. All of these I allege to be SCUM need to be imprisoned for the term/s of their Natural LIVES.

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