Cyprus Government Campaigns to Protect Children from Wireless Technology

The Cyprus Government’s National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health launches a public campaign to protect children from the harmful effects of wireless technology.

When will the Australian Government wake up and follow suit?  Or isn’t the health of our children a priority?



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17 Responses to Cyprus Government Campaigns to Protect Children from Wireless Technology

  1. Rob Reiken says:

    Hey I was just listening to this vid I submitted & thinking about what she said…. If Cell Phones radiation takes us roughly 40 years to die from it’s cancer, then Smart Meters at roughly at 8 to 9 times more radiation than cell phones would have to mean I would guess 10 to 20 years for cancer & death, maybe even sooner for many victims, Anyhow do realize this is part of the Governments plan under > Agenda 21 < for democide depopulation so wake everyone up that you can cause this is a crime against humanity.

  2. Kate says:

    This video should be sent to all schools in Victoria. (and Australia)

    • sdjm says:

      Yes and wireless should never have been given such broad coverage in schools without any proof that it causes no harm:- to date no such research has been undertaken, so exactly how do these so-called authorities sleep at night? The health crisis is looming large for the children of this modern age.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Department of Health should be thoroughly investigated.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Department of Health is responsible and ARPANSA and ACMA. Hold individuals responsible and make them liable for any harm.

  5. Hammer Mann says:

    Wake up ARPANSA’s Pseudo Scientists,
    That is you who I allege are only four half men. I say half men because I allege that you who call yourselves scientists continually lie to us the general populace and worse than this to yourselves which is a great SIN. “This is The SIN of PRIDE” that they continue LYING to the public here in Victoria and every other State in Australia in effect stating that the Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machines called Smart Meters are safe for all humans and all of LIFE.
    Anything to do with irradiating humans and or animals or any Life at all is strictly banned by the Geneva Convention many years ago by All Countries on Earth to which they are all signators.

    Please see the link just below and the important words from a Microwave expert, one of the highest experts in the world, a Mr Barrie Trower and ex British Frog man in the British Navy.
    Dr Barrie Trower States very clearly in this video, that under the “ The Nuremberg Treaty,” = that this “Nuremberg Treaty” was signed by all Nations of the World, and it States…… “ That no human being will be experimented upon without his or her consent, and before they give consent, they have the Legal Right to understand all of the implications the health problems, the future health problems, and they have the legal capacity to say NO ! ” This tape which I have highlighted in purple goes on with even more FACTS. “ There is only one exception and that is a doctor may experiment on his or herself only, that is the only exception and is section five (5) so No Human Being is allowed to be experimented upon etc……This you will find verified in the Dr Barrie Trower Video Tape I have sent you above, and to many people today. From this one link in purple you can both see and hear this true Doctor and Scientist and Underwater Frogman, Physicist and Mathematician and a very kind, and compassionate humanitarian’s other tapes.

  6. Cyril Porter says:

    I see in this video a culture of caring, caring for one’s family and caring for one another. Why don’t we see a video like this being made in Australia ? It’s because Australia does not have such a culture as this. Australia’s culture is one of being uncaring. The culture here is of making money and is to the detriment and without care to anyone else not even family. This prosperous nation is a disgrace.

    • dana says:

      I think the Australian government may get royalty money from Wi-Fi because the CSIRO invented the system Wi-Fi uses. Can someone confirm this for me? It’s sad because, even if money were the issue, it is going to cost Australia a lot more in the long run. This may be why nothing is being done in Australia. Don’t expect Australian politicians to do anything before this problem reaches mass awareness. Some of the politicians don’t even know that there is an issue here. Please write to the politicians in your electorate at the Federal level as well as the state, When I wrote to my local MP (Labor) she forwarded my letter to the government and I got 3 letters in reply – one from Malcom Tunbull ( then Communications Minister), one from the Health Minister and one from the CEO of ARPANSA. I think the government may be duty bound to reply when concerns are forwarded to them in such a manner from another member of parliament.. My letter covered many issues to do with health the health effects of wireless exposure eg. blood brain barrier damage, DNA damage etc., so Malcom does know, he just doesn’t care. Also, they don’t want people to realise that the wireless part of the NBN network is dangerous so there won’t be any awareness campaign on this issue coming from the Lliberals.

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem is that they don’t answer questions and they don’t have to either. They give misleading and sometimes false information and unless you are prepared to send a legal notice in then they win.
        They can’t ignore legal notices, just like we can’t. They do have to respond if you send a letter, but proving they got the email is different. Emails are useless legally, you need signed letters and preferably sent through regular mail.

      • Klaus Friedrich says:

        A group of five CSIRO scientists invented wireless LAN technology, otherwise known as Wi-Fi, which is used in more than five billion devices globally and has earned more than $430 million in royalties alone.
        From May 2014

        Had NBN very recently installed after being threatenened that my copper wire service would be switched off.

        Wireless aside, I have no problem with optical fibre NBN…….. other than that it cannot run without an electrical supply. It means that the power companies who would like to switch off my power now for not allowing them to install their toxic technology on my premises also now have at those very same grubby fingertips the ability to disable my telephone communications essential services as well. It means that sensible Victorians who maintain their integrity are now going to be held over a double barrel. It’s an extortion double barrel of both electricity and phone essential services.

        So they had now better think twice before they disconnect anybody’s power. A power disconnection now equates to a telephone disconnection as well. This is not an acceptable NBN strategy in Victoria unless the power companies are prepared to maintain our existing equipment and be prepared to install non transmitting metrology devices where needed and where wanted.

        • Anonymous says:

          They can only disconnect your power if you have breached your contract or breached the Electricity code. Even then they have to go through certain procedures to disconnect.
          They can’t turn off your power for not allowing a cancer causing device to be forcibly installed. They can only turn off your power for certain reasons, emergencies, tampering with equipment, not paying your bills etc.
          Legal advice quite clearly states that the electricity code does not state specifically that you have to allow anyone on your property for the purpose of installing a smart device.
          This advice is on the Stop Smart Meter website, you can print it out.

  7. Cedar says:

    Our government doesn’t care, all they want is to emulate the USA government which only cares for money. (As we can see from the Ag-gag law just passed by the NSW government, copying the US, they don’t want us to know about the cruel treatment of animals or contamination of crops in that state; will Victoria go the same way? I hope not) Thank goodness there are a few people in the US and Oz who care about their health and that of the planet. How do we get the information out to the general populace? Cheers to Cyprus for standing up for children.

  8. Lorden says:

    Best video. A must watch. Australia needs to wake up and protect children and pregnant woman from the constant wifi and radiation we are subjected to because of the convenience of these gadgets.

    Lets play it safe, be aware of electromagnetic radiation, and limit exposure.

  9. Graham and Janice Winzar says:

    We Have family in Cyprus.
    This is good news

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