WiFi Backlash Trend Accelerating

Cafe owners in Sydney are realizing that “Free WiFi” comes at a cost. As The Syndey Morning Herald reports, cafes are starting to limit or ban WiFi so that people will actually have real interactions. It’s economic too – allowing one customer to purchase a $3 coffee and take up a table for five for hours on end is simply not good business practice.

As the health effects of microwave radiation come into the mainstream, this trend will only accelerate. WiFi will become just like smoking – once a ubiquitous presence in all cafes/restaurants and now something that is socially unacceptable.

You can read the full article here:

“The love affair between coffee shops and laptop-wielding customers may be dying out as coffee shop owners revolt against Sydneysiders’ demand to be wired up.

Wi-Fi backlash is a trend accelerating among coffee shops, bars and restaurants, where a failure to see the benefits of Wi-Fi-induced turnover is encouraging many owners to restrict Wi-Fi or ban it.”

WiFi Backlash Accelerating

The cafe of the future won’t have WiFi. Hemingway’s Manly manager Theo Gibson is a trendsetter. Photo Credit: Janie Barrett


WiFi Backlash Accelerating Less EMF

Just like Faraday Cafe, which opened last summer, Hemingway’s Manly is a pioneer in moving us toward a healthier society.  Photo Credit: Janie Barrett

Via: http://www.emfanalysis.com/wifi-backlash-trend-accelerating/

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8 Responses to WiFi Backlash Trend Accelerating

  1. Susan Das says:

    NBN is about to come to my street….
    I don’t want WIFI. I understand that I can however opt for cable that is not wifi. Please help me understand.

    • Ernie Vickers says:


      Where do you live ? If optical fibre cable is installed/is being installed in your street
      then you can opt for it as the source of your phone and in internet. I have it. It’s no
      problem. (any initial teething problems are no big deal)

      You need to find out what type of NBN services are available/will be available to you.
      Wireless NBN id usually offered in the more remote locations of the state and even the city.
      Either NBN Co or your preferred Telco should be able to tell you what’s available/planned for your area/street.

      The only thing about cable NBN is that you lose connectivity of you lose power. Depending on your circumstances together with your choice of Telco you may
      be entitled to a backup battery that will ensure availability of your services for up to five hours if there is a power outage.

  2. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Re Wi-Fi Backlash, here in Melbourne, I refuse to go to a restaurant that offers Free Wi-Fi.
    I don’t enjoy being bombarded with potentially dangerous microwave radiation (Wi-Fi) when I eat out.
    The local restaurant “chain” where I’ve been going for years introduced Free Wi-Fi some months ago. Since then I haven’t been back.
    They’ve lost me as a customer simply because of the Wi-Fi.

    Same as the local cinema that has stuck Wi-Fi routers in each of their cinemas.
    Simple solution, I don’t go there anymore.
    My health is way more important.

    Gold Stars All Round for Cafe manager Theo Gibson, for starting a trend that hopefully catches on and spreads widely.

  3. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    Can’t think of a better combo – coffee, books and no RF radiation.

    • Paul R says:

      You do know that coffee is not healthy, either, right? A small amount very rarely is OK but repeated daily consumption can actually cause DNA damage. I think the big three on the idiot scale are: coffee, cigarettes and wifi devices. When I see a person using/consuming all three I think of them as a ‘triple idiot’. ‘Double idiots’ are more common, though.

      • Thanks Paul, for your comment.
        I suggest that the jury is out on this issue.
        There is much to favour benefits over problems with moderate coffee intake. Perhaps the person’s metabolism or make-up comes into play. Drinking enough to create an addiction cannot be good. But enough medical support exists for encouraging moderate amounts. Perhaps the quality of the coffee is a factor? The instant type might have all sorts of negative aspects.
        Anyway, here is some expert comment on the healthy side:
        Could you please advise a link to support your DNA comment?
        Cigarettes, a certain NO NO.
        If narrowing the baddies to 3, so-called social drugs including alcohol would be strong competitors. IMHO.

        • Paul R says:

          There seems to be a division because one group says that it is damaging while the other group says that it protects DNA. But caffeine works similarly to a drug where you drink it and feel great but you ‘crash’ afterwards just like most drugs. It’s one of those ‘not so simple’ subjects because everybody has a different lifestyle and a different metabolism but it does chip away at the human body in the same way that small amount of radiation would do (but with different results). Don’t get me wrong. I love the taste of coffee but your life is better off if you drink it rarely. I haven’t had coffee for years. If I have any now, sadly, it would overstimulate my brain and cause a massive pain in my head thanks to the ‘wonderful’ wifi damage that I already have.

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