Where’s Your Mobile Phone? – Monash University Survey

Opportunity for young women to participate in a short survey.

Would you like to take part in a Monash University survey on how young women store, carry and use their mobile phones and their perception of risk? Monash is going to use the data for a publication and will also provide necessary information to design a future women’s health study. You’ll also find out a bit about minimum recommended carrying distance and phone radiation emissions.

The survey:

  • Is for young women aged 12 to 40.
  • It takes 10 to 15 minutes on Survey Monkey.
  • It is completely anonymous.
  • It has received ethics approval from Monash University

The Chief Investigator is: Dr Mary Redmayne, Dept. of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University.

To take part in this survey, go to this web address:

An explanatory statement with more information and contact details is available at Where’s your mobile phone

There is no current information on this topic available in Australia, so your participation will be a great help and contribute to letting researchers design a women’s health study.

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11 Responses to Where’s Your Mobile Phone? – Monash University Survey

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who cares where your mobile phone is, what a waste of time. What about, where is your possible cancer causing smart transmitter? How far is this transmitter from your body? What sort of cancer will this transmitter cause?
    Another waste of money and time and still no research into the effects of smart transmitters.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why do you think they have not tested anyone? If this is all a psychological problem, why not test every single person that claims they have EHS? Maybe because they can’t afford to have even one confirmed case. This would open the flood gates.They would also be held liable and responsible for any injuries inflicted by testing. If testing caused injury or death and they knew this could happen or even if a small risk existed, they would be responsible.
    The testing required would take years and lots of money. It would probably also cause harm. You would have to be locked up like a poor lab animal to be tested thoroughly. Imagine how many blood tests they would have to perform? The tests would be never ending.
    Anything could alter the results, you could be under stress, you could be tired, you could be thirsty, you might be hungry, you might of eaten something that doesn’t agree with you.
    If anyone wants to claim that EHS is a physcological problem, they need to prove it, and they can’t do this, even if they tested everyone.They don’t actually tell people they have a psychological problem, they tell you to see your Doctor, they are probably hoping they will tell you.You could sue if they insinuated you had a mental problem as they would have to prove this. They would also have to prove that this caused the problem in the first place.
    If you think about what has happened in Victoria you start to see a picture emerging.
    Placing men and women under huge amounts of stress, with threats, harassment and intimidation.
    This would in turn cause mental stress. Mental stress then becomes the culprit, masking the real culprit which is radiation.
    Psychologists are employed to help people cope with problems. They can’t do much more than this.They can’t read your mind.

  3. Hammer Mann says:

    Seems to me that Rodney Croft is living in La-La land, and only believes what he wants to believe in spite of the damning evidence here in Victoria Australia and all other States in Australia and World-wide that these dopy Electric A.M.I and so-called Smart Meters are very dangerous to peoples’ health and to all of life. Stop LYING TO US Mr Rodney Croft. Wake up you sleepy head.

    • Ms T says:

      Poor Rodney is probably torn between believing his own self-image (psychologists are emotionally well-balanced, otherwise how can they help others?) and remaining employable. Rodney probably likes to think that anyone who feels the effects of EMR must be crazy because he doesn’t feel them. And since he’s emotionally well-balanced, that means that anyone who feels the effects of EMR must be psychotic. Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe in her presentation at the British Society of Ecological Medicine (https://vimeo.com/100623585), poses the question at the 4 minute mark, “Is EHS a sickness or super-sense?” While it is true that you can argue for either case, I think it is a pretty impressive skill to be able to detect something that others are ignorant of. What psychologist welcomes patients who insist on sticking their heads in the sand, saying, “I can’t see that I have a problem; therefore, I don’t have a problem; therefore you are the one with the problem.”?

      Psychologists are adept at saying what their hearer wants to hear. If it feels good, do it. Never mind that your behaviour is upsetting and alienating others. Rodney knows how to say what the important people want to hear. The government is paying his salary. What does the government want to hear? That their government-sanctioned/mandated wireless devices are making people sick? That the GST the government reaps from all these health-destroying wireless devices could be reduced if the ‘sheeple’ become aware of the dangers of these killing machines?

      Is Rodney fearful of losing his job when the government asks why they are paying the salaries of a bunch of people at the Australian Centre for RadioFrequency Bioeffects Research organisation (ACRBR) who consistently find that there is no link between radio frequencies and biology? In these financially tough times, why fund them to study something that supposedly doesn’t exist? Rodney is stuck between a rock and a hard place, because neither can he tell his employer what they don’t want to hear. Nor risk losing the ongoing extra funding on the side from Telstra. Who knows, any day now he might lose his job at ACRBR and be glad he kept his mouth shut about the biological effects of EMR as Telstra throws their doors wide open to a recently unemployed toe-liner.

      • Daniel says:

        I can vouch first hand that Telstra are the type of organisation who literally spit people out of Exhibition St when they are no longer required but will happily welcome back those same people with open arms at some future time for their own selfish reasons when specific “talents” are needed for new undertakings.

      • Anonymous says:

        The tests that have been conducted are not relevant as we have not been tested. Psychologists only teach coping mechanisms. That is all they do. They can’t read your mind. Professor Croft is entitled to his opinion, but it is the individual’s opinion that counts, not his. If it is your opinion that smart transmitters are making you sick then they are.
        This problem has nothing to do with crazy people, it is about greed. It was always about greed. People that try to blame everything on mental illness, might have a mental illness themselves. We have greed, selfishness, narcissism, bullying, dreams of grandeur, arrogance, stupidity and ignorance. I am sure I could think of many more. The question now is, who really does have the mental illness? Is it the EHS sufferer, or the the person denying it exists, even though EHS is well documented.
        Standing by and watching people suffer is not normal. It is immoral, cruel, base and evil.

    • Bill says:

      Hammer Mann, even if he were to see people actually die right in front of him, Rodney Croft is the sort of person that would still be spitting out the same clap trap that there are no studies that show electromagnetic radiation to be harmful. Just another pompous masquerading example of persons who strutt around with nothing more than fictitious authority just like our Chinese based Distribution Company personnel.

      • Allison says:

        When the bank implements new account processing software and customers accounts are having their interest incorrectly calculated and some account balance figures are becoming corrupted, the bank goes into damage control, halts the processing and investigates what is going wrong with the software that has corrupted live accounts. If the banks were to use Rodney Croft logic, they would ignore the faulty accounts and allow processing to continue. Their rationale would be that no software faults were picked up in the testing phase. The fact of the matter is that the testing was inadequate and not able to pick up the problems that will appear in a real production data environment. It’s the same with smart meters. Inadequate testing was done prior to roll out and people are reporting becoming ill in what is the same as a real life production environment ie. Victoria

        • Martin says:

          Allison, you’re right about damage control. The first step an organisation would take when it’s IT systems go haywire is to protect it’s live production data from further corruption and then investigate the causes. A number of Victorians have reported becoming seriously ill after smart meters have been installed and nobody is taking measures to protect the rest of the population. When I look at Rodney Croft and hear what is coming out of his mouth I cannot help but think that he is just a bogus figure and nothing else.

      • Allison says:

        Rodney Croft seems to think that he needs to be able to replicate what is happening in front of his eyes in order to accept what is happening in front of his eyes. I believe that if it were proven 110% without the shadow of any doubt that emf caused all sorts of harm to human biology, that even then Rodney Croft is the sort of person who might still attempt to undermine the plight of those that suffer and those looking to be rid of these accursed devices.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s called denial. If they don’t see or hear anything, then it does not exist. If it does not exist then they are not responsible. I am sure many of us have received letters stating that they are not aware of any confirmed cases. This is just to protect themselves from future lawsuits and prison time. They can then front up to a Royal Commission and claim they were not aware. When you do make them aware they ignore you. The only way to get around this problem is to gather factual evidence. If they can’t rebut this, then what you have written is the truth.
      I received a letter from a radiation expert, this man made a claim. I then asked him to verify this claim. He never did. He can’t verify the claim because he has no factual evidence and he would be libel. He just ignored me. He looks stupid, not I. I never made the claim. He is an expert but could not verify the claim.
      Making a claim and not being able to back it up with factual evidence does not look good and does not say much about the so called experts. They are only offering an opinion, they are only guessing. They just hope you believe what they say. If you question what they say, they ignore you, which is a form of psychological bullying and childish.
      Our opinion stands as the truth, it does not matter what they say. It is what we say.

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