Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity real? | The Feed, SBS

A growing number of people are suffering from health problems, and they lay the blame at mobile phones, smart meters and wifi; an allergy to electromagnetic fields.


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15 Responses to Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity real? | The Feed, SBS

  1. Guess who says:

    Regardless of the argument of whether or not exposure to non ionizing electromagnetic radiation causes biological effects and regardless of what science can or cannot replicate in it’s various biased and unbiased, perfect and flawed studies, on the basis of all those individuals of corrupt conscience who have violated the human rights of Victorian people and forced Victorian people against their will to be exposed to electromagnetic radiation from these accursed smart meter devices that they know and believe has harmed and will harm them, I call for the death penalty to be reinstated in Australia and vigorously implemented without mercy to any individual that has actively participated in this wicked agenda.

    • Anonymous says:

      We also need penalties for the ignorant public servants that have sent information that they are not qualified to give out..These people should be dealt with quite harshly. Firing them is not enough. They should be held responsible.
      Anyone that has given out misleading or false information should be held accountable.

    • Anonymous says:

      Today I was driving through Beach Road. I’m not sure if it was Beaumaris, Black Rock, Sandringham or wherever but I thought I saw a person that looked just like “Frank Sinatra”, that B@$T@rD smart meter installer for United Energy, who was the person shown on A Current affair and on Neil Mitchell radio program who had threatened physical violence against Darren. He was in a Multinet Gas truck driving along Beach Road. We know Multinet Gas are a part of United Energy. He certainly had that same pathetic little moustache inscribed on his face. Does this B@$T@rD still work ??? Well whether it was him or not, my blood certainly began to boil within me just seeing him. I would have certainly liked to have had a word to him.
      Tough little smart@r$e$ like this who think they can violate our freedoms and our democracy with violence and intimidation and get away with it because they supposedly are employees “just doing their job” had better think again. They are individually answerable just like their criminal bosses. No mercy for you “Franky Boy”.

  2. Happy Dissenter says:

    “Is Wi-Fi making your child ill? ” As France bans Wi-Fi in nursery and primary schools, a British expert who has given up using wireless gadgets says we should do the same.

  3. Nige says:

    Miliband quits after Labour drubbing
    Published: 10:48 pm, Friday, 8 May 2015

    British opposition leader Ed Miliband has announced his resignation as head of the Labour Party after a crushing defeat in the general election.

    – See more at:

    Click to access SmartMetering-Feb82012.pdf

    Ed Miliband, the John Brumby or Peter Batchelor of Great Britain. The one responsible for the installation of carcinogenic smart meters throughout the UK………can GO TO BLAZES. He should not just resign but should be jailed for the rest of his days.

  4. Phillip Kahle says:

    I’ve got minor EMH. It was real bad when I had an older cordless phone and when older computer monitors were is use. Main issues are concentration and sleeping, apart from the other sickness syndromes that abound. Obviously the other is head heating up whilst on those cordless phones and older mobiles, etc. I think the Smart Meters are a new concern though as I did notice a chance in the environment/sensory-perception when they were introduced into the neighbourhood. Noting I don’t have an AMI.

  5. Paul R says:

    This is a soft ‘poor me’ video that doesn’t set out in doing anything other than show people about a ‘rare’ condition. The video sets out to make it seem like EHS is so rare that only one or two ‘weirdos’ have the condition. They never set out to show that quite a larger percentage have EHS nor do they explain the serious issue of the cause of the problem. Sure the guy affected mentions some of the causes of EHS but they never go beyond that. They never explain that wifi is affecting EVERYONE even though many people do not feel it. They never mention the different groups that could be affected the most and would likely get EHS.
    I also hate the title of the piece. Every time they ask a question as an article title, you just know the some idiot is gonna reply in the comments section of the website with some physics theory that says that EMFs are completely safe base on nothing except ignorance of reality, in complete ignorance of the thousands of people that are suffering from EHS. They should have definitely had some Barrie Trower clips in there to slap some reality into the piece. Ollie is OK but Barrie slaps a more harsher truth at what’s going on.
    As an EHS sufferer, I’m appalled by this pale attempt at journalism.

    • Anonymous says:

      They should organize a debate with a so called expert from the Australian Centre for RF Bio effects Research and an expert from our side. I have a feeling that one side would not turn up. Talking to the media can backfire and usually does. You can’t control what they ask and what they actually show. I got the email asking for people to talk to SBS about EHS, but I decided that I did not want to be a circus freak.

  6. Ken says:

    Well explained by the interviewee. My symptoms almost identical but find it impossible in this wi-fi obsessed culture to be taken seriously.
    We suffer alone.
    Mirror for above clip:

  7. Paul R says:

    Here’s a Youtube link if any of you have trouble with the original site link

  8. Peter says:

    What a shame that the ONLY organisation in Australia that SBS could find is the Australian Centre for RF Bioeffects Research – a govt. funded denial agency for EMF sensitivity. Their message hasn’t changed in all the years they’ve been in operation. They claim to be organising research into the condition, but they never have. Their “research” has been based on either thermal change (i.e. heating) or small-group case studies (with uselessly small numbers of cases). Any useful research that could be performed (i.e. biological non-heating effects) are ignored.
    I guess there’s no profit to be made in controlling/stopping the rollout of mobile/wifi infrastructure, is there? Once again, it all comes back to what’s more important – people or money.

  9. Enrico Grani says:

    Mate, this was very good. Thanks for sharing.

    On 27 April 2015 at 08:14, Stop Smart Meters Australia wrote:

    > Stop Smart Meters Australia posted: “A growing number of people are > suffering from health problems, and they lay the blame at mobile phones, > smart meters and wifi; an allergy to electromagnetic fields. See: >” >

  10. John A. LERoy says:

    If you want to know the why and how of what is happening go to my comments at smart-meter-health-surveys-show-striking- symptom-similarities and read them thoroughly as after all the causes only took millions on millions of years to develop. (Its all part of evolution and the life process)

  11. Andrew Samman says:

    I believe I have found a safe haven in Victoria.
    Its called French Island in Western Port.
    Mobile phone coverage is very poor, because there are no mobile phone towers on the island.
    There is no electricity grid, so therefore, no smart meters.
    One problem is that if you have a disability which makes camping out of the question, accommodation isn’t that cheap for a lengthy stay.

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