Public submissions from Tasmania’s draft energy strategy are now available online

Submissions from the public on Tasmania’s draft energy strategy paper titled ‘Restoring Tasmania’s Energy Advantage’ are available for viewing online and can be found at: Tasmania’s Energy Strategy Submissions

The majority of respondents raised concern regarding Tasmania’s vision, which includes ‘accommodating new technologies (such as smart meters), to ensure that the interests of Tasmanian customers are advanced.’

Stop Smart Meters Australia’s submission is listed as ‘SSMA’.

SSMA’s submission can also be found on our Submissions page, along with our other submissions.

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8 Responses to Public submissions from Tasmania’s draft energy strategy are now available online

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  2. russell says:

    I hope our Tassy bretheren wake up to this fraud asap and alert their political masters and the power companies that they will not allow so called smart meters in Tassy at any time in the future.

  3. Rob G says:

    A case well argued, but perhaps weakened by extending the argument to incude support for the conversion of the grid from alternating current to direct current with only one source offering evidence for a consequent reduction in cost or health risks.

  4. gary oraniuk says:

    I believe that the clue in the attachment, that “informed consent’ has been given via the lack of objections to Public Notices involving intended programs may be what we are looking for.The chap who wrote it suggests an organised withdrawal of consent, as this consent is assumed via the no objections to…” whatever. I have emailed the author, but not as yet received a reply about methods of withdrawal of consent. When I do, I will be certain to forward that information. Best regards Gary Oraniuk

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually this is correct, every-time a notice is given you have to object.

      • sdjm says:

        Object on the grounds that smart meter deployment in Victoria has been an expensive, unqualified disaster!!

        • Eve says:

          In commercial law a court doesn’t look so much at legalities but more at which party stands in honor and which party stands in dishonor. By responding to a notice, you honor that notice. By not responding you dishonor that notice and supposedly by silence you are in acquiescence of that which is contained within that notice being essentially a contract with the contents forming the terms and conditions. Thus if you have accepted their presentation by opening the envelope, you must respond (ie. object) or you will supposedly have agreed to what’s been presented to you. That’s their game. Thus when you respond and object then you present them with your own terms and conditions in this commercial negotiation and that’s where you must put them on the spot by making them address “flaws” which they certainly cannot. That’s where they will attempt to answer you with “rubbish” which is not acceptable.

          The other way to handle a notice is to not open the envelope and return it to sender within 3 days. As you have not accepted their presentation to begin with, returning to sender will be “without dishonor” which you may write on the front of the envelope prior to sending it back.

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