Australian study puts Victoria at centre stage of the smart meter controversy

JournalA 92 case series report by Melbourne medical practitioner Dr Federica Lamech titled “Self-Reporting of Symptom Development From Exposure to Radiofrequency Fields of Wireless Smart Meters in Victoria, Australia: A Case Series.” has been published in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of the US clinical journal ‘Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine’. The journal is a PubMed listed, peer-reviewed publication.

Alternative Therapies

The case series was compiled using de-identified data collected by Steve Weller B.Sc.

It reveals that the most commonly reported symptoms from exposure to wireless smart meters were (1) insomnia, (2) headaches, (3) tinnitus, (4) fatigue, (5) cognitive disturbances, (6) dysesthesias (abnormal sensation) and (7) dizziness; and that the effects of these symptoms on people’s lives were significant.

Table 2. Effect on People’s Lives

  1. Having to go on a disability pension
  2. Not being able to use part of one’s house
  3. Restricting freedom of movement
  4. Spending a lot of money on shielding products
  5. Causing financial problems
  6. Causing relationship problems
  7. Having to undergo otherwise unnecessary medical investigations
  8. Needing to see a psychologist and doctors
  9. Producing general deterioration in quality of life
  10. Needing to restrict time spent using a computer
  11. Needing to avoid all EMR emitting devices
  12. Being unable to drive
  13. Causing secondary stress
  14. Having to temporarily move out of one’s home while it was being shielded
  15. Developing concerns about long-term effects of exposure
  16. Relocating bedroom
  17. Decreased performance at work
  18. Being unable to work
  19. Being able to feel normal only when away from home
  20. Causing several issues, such as lethargy or cognitive impairment, secondary to sleep disturbances
  21. Needing to move into a caravan 25 km out of town
  22. Sleeping in a van for 6 months
  23. Relocating to another state

Abbreviation: EMR = electromagnetic radiation.

A draft of the report had already gained support from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) last year with a public statement by them that “It is a well documented 92 case series that is scientifically valid. It clearly demonstrates adverse health effects in the human population from smart meter emissions.”

Stop Smart Meters Australia is of the opinion that this report will help the global, international effort to better understand the effects of nonionizing radiation and of wireless smart meters in particular, on human health.

Dr Lamech ‘offers the hypothesis that some people can develop symptoms from exposure to radiofrequency fields of wireless smart meters.’ She concludes that ‘This hypothesis cannot be disproven without further assessment of the affected individuals and the electromagnetic fields in which they live.’ Dr Lamech calls for ‘the establishment of a postrollout surveillance study and funding for further research into the particular effects of wireless smart meters, in conjunction with research into the short-term and long-term consequences of EMR exposure.’

The PubMed listed abstract can be found here:

A comprehensive commentary on the report by SkyVision Solutions can be found here:

The full article (which is copyrighted) can be obtained by purchasing an individual copy for $15 US from:

Alternatively, individual hard copies of the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine can be purchased by e-mailing the circulation director at

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15 Responses to Australian study puts Victoria at centre stage of the smart meter controversy

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the person who came to my house and called me a “peanut”

  2. Ainsleigh says:

    All those people who have been involved in pushing this smart meter agenda that has caused a number of Victorians to suffer any amount of sickness and ill health deserve to go to jail for a very long time. All those people who have been involved in pushing this smart meter agenda that has inflicted any amount of mental trauma on what I believe to be countless Victorians deserve to go to jail for a very long time. May we see that day soon and as far as I am concerned you can also throw away the key.

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  4. Smart meter sufferer says:

    I would recommend that all readers and contributors of this site buy a copy of this Journal and take it to their local State Member of Parliament and demand that there be a full Parliamentary Inquiry into smart meters and health effects. This peer reviewed evidence presented by Dr Lamech is ground breaking . The importance of this study should be impressed upon our MP’s who seem totally ignorant of this whole smart meter fiasco!
    Thankyou Dr Lamech
    The full article (which is copyrighted) can be obtained by purchasing an individual copy for $15 US
    ( see above link for details)
    Alternatively, individual hard copies of the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine can be purchased by e-mailing the circulation director at

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  6. Ryan says:

    Congratulations to Doctor Lamech for her tireless efforts in producing this work that exposes this scandal that the Victorian State Government has exposed the Victorian people to. May there be more efforts like that of Doctor Lamech to prove the true harmfulness of these terrible devices that have been placed on our homes.

    When I recently attended the Japan v Jordan Asian Cup soccer match in Melbourne, I noticed that walking right beside me when going to the stadium was ex premier Ted Baillieu and his wife. My blood just started boiling inside me. I couldn’t help but think of Doctor Lamech’s desperate appeal to the then premier after having been made so sick by smart meters that it cost her her home and her whole livelihood and I thought of the pathetic, sick and totally uncaring response that he gave her extolling the virtues of smart meters. I must say that I walked into that stadium that evening with a very sour taste in my mouth.

  7. Rob G says:

    I would like to hear an authoritative legal opinion on whether the Order-in-Council indemnifies electricity distributors against any future class action taken by the many Victorians apparently harmed by the “mandated” AMI roll-out.
    An un-related, but a parallel risk to public health seems to have arisen in Darwin where an Order-in-Council issued under the Governor-General’s signature has mandated the poisoning of backyard banana plants to prevent the spread of a fungus. No reasonable person could object to effective bio-security measures, but residents who are unaware that contractors had entered their property and poisoned their bananas might find they have no recourse through litigation.
    More at;

  8. Frank Carleton says:

    Like all the other technical information distributed in recent months, even though new, it is merely more preaching to the converted.
    Distribution of such information seems to have become a supine substitute for confronting the self serving political class which has imposed the iniquity of smart meters..
    An incompetent Coalition government in Victoria , which replaced an incompetent ALP one has just been replaced by another incompetent ALP government
    Just how crassly passive is the Victorian electorate?.

  9. Lisa says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment for a while now. I have a device which helps me enormously with these issues. I couldn’t live here without it. It’s called a ‘Medisend’ and it was developed by a German physicist. It generates an electromagnetic pulse; it has nine settings and you dial up or dial down, depending on your needs for that time. It runs on AA batteries.
    It comes with comprehensive instructions. Instead of ‘Medisend’ I call it ‘Godsend.’ It cost $400, but it’s worth every cent, trust me. I bought it from the naturopath.
    Do yourself a favour and get online to find out where you can buy one.
    Best regards, and keep up the fight.

  10. admin says:

    Thanks – just facebooked this.


    Josh del Sol Director & Producer, *Take Back Your Power* e v 800-396-9012

    Winner: Leo Award for Best Feature Documentary (BC) Winner: Indie Fest Annual Humanitarian Award Winner: AwareCinema Transformational Film of the Year

    Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

  11. Rik says:

    This is great. Hope it goes world wide and the Victorian government is shamed for forcing smart meters onto us.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with me but I have been using wireless internet and things computer related since they were available to the public, some things I got a little bit before the public as I was in the wholesale side of things and I never had any problems until the smart meters were installed in my area. Now I can’t work, can’t sleep, have constant tinnitus and really want it to stop. The only way for me to get better is to move interstate which I can’t or wait for the stupid government to remove all these smart meters.
    As I’ve said previously my area has multiple meters on every block. This area has mostly 3 units per block so there are 3x the smart meters around here so it’s 3x stronger than any test will show giving me a lot more effects than normal.

    Thought pattern just changed, I guess the smart meters are sending their pulses right now. I can feel them pulsing.

    • Tony Shepherd BSc says:

      Rik, it seems that smart meters have acted as the catalyst that has pushed many people over the edge so that they have now become sensitized to many forms of RF exposure including those which didn’t seem to effect them prior to smart meters coming along. This is the absolute insidious nature of smart meters.

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