Smart meter problems force Balwyn North family out of home – Herald Sun/Leader

A SMART meter has caused untold grief for a Balwyn­ North family of four, eventually forcing them out of their home.

John Aparo and Virginia Lo Giudice and their two sons, Alexander and Lucas, said they were left with no choice but to move after their smart meter was installed near her bedroom.

“I started having heart palpitations and not being able to sleep,” Mrs Lo Giudice said. “It would take me an hour to get to sleep and then I was constantly waking up every couple of hours.

“I also had nausea during the morning and headaches, was always fatigued and had no energy, and just had a general feeling of being unwell.”

Mrs Lo Giudice said she hadn’t experienced those symptoms before the smart meter was fitted.

She said she saw her doctor, who carried out a number of tests, but couldn’t find any underlying issues.

“I couldn’t bring it down to anything else because we had been living in that house for years and never had any problems.”

The 49-year-old said she called CitiPower — who had connected the electronic device outside her bedroom window — to see if she could have it removed or relocated, but was unsuccessful.

CitiPower spokesman Drew Douglas said it, along with Powercor Australia, had put in all but 4000 smart meters out of 1.1 million in its service area.

“Throughout the entire process we’ve tried to work with customers for anyone that has concerns about smart meters for any reason, keeping in mind it was a government-mandated program,” Mr Douglas said.

In reference to Mrs Lo Giudice’s specific case, he said “once the meters had been installed, we didn’t have old meters to put back in”.

Mrs Lo Giudice said she redesigned the layout of her home, including moving her bedroom downstairs.

“In the end, it was too hard to reconfigure the house, so I thought if we can’t move the smart meter, we’ll just move ourselves.

“I was sick and tired of feeling that way and I know that when we went away or when I wasn’t near the smart meter, my symptoms went away and I felt good, so I didn’t want to risk any further complications.”

Mrs Lo Giudice said she didn’t want to leave the area, so they bought another house on the same street when it became available.

Energy and Resources Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said the smart meter rollout was almost complete.

“Independent testing has shown that electromagnetic signals are lower than many other common household devices, such as cordless phones and baby monitors,” Ms D’Ambrosio said.

Mr Douglas said the smart meter’s internal radio transmitter worked at about half the signal strength of a mobile phone. “It makes the equivalent of a mobile phone call of a few seconds length, several times a day,” he said.

But Lou Coppola, a candidate for the People Power Victoria — No Smart Meters party at November’s state election, said the Government hadn’t conducted any long-term research into the meters’ health effects.

“If Virginia was the only case, you could say it’s one of those freaky sort of things and there’s probably not enough data to make a considered or informed decision,” Mr Coppola said.

“But when you consider there are thousands of people that are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, which is emitted by the smart meters, you have to say there is a problem.”

Via: Herald Sun/Leader


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49 Responses to Smart meter problems force Balwyn North family out of home – Herald Sun/Leader

  1. Terrence says:

    The Concise Oxford Dictionary
    Definition of “meter”
    “Person, thing that measures”

    NOT “transmits”

    For the purpose of Billing, the only thing that needs to be measured is consumption.
    ……..NOT personal habits

  2. Audrey Aspeling says:

    I became electrically sensitive in 2008 after putting the compact fluorescent light globes near to my head without realizing that was already not advised by a government website and after that I found that my street power lines outside my bedroom window for the past 30 years were the start of all this and then we had to move the clock radio and rewire our internet to get rid of all radio waves in the home plus build a new shielded bedroom at the back of the house for safer sleeping. Meanwhile I was fortunate to be warned early not to have a smart meter installed but did actually become sicker when the next door ones went in so cannot spend too much time in the front of my house any more. I now have a doctor’s certificate saying that a smart meter will make me sicker so have not had one put in and SP Ausnet say I won’t have to as long as I pay more for electricity in the future. I am also fortunate in having treatment for the EHS which is via a German therapy using a machine called the Cyber Trone and Australia has ? 3 therapists for this treatment you can find on the internet but I still cannot spend a large amount of time in the presence of radio waves but can at least go out a bit for shorter periods and live a fairly normal life. Unfortunately writing to politicians and many other prominent people has been to no avail so sadly many more people and especially our children will be getting sick before the authorities wake up to the inevitable realization that all this is harmful to everyone’s health.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why should you pay more for your electricity? You did not ask to be sick. I would never agree to those terms and conditions. You don’t have to have a smart meter, so why would you have to pay more?

    • Anonymous says:

      You have a Doctor’s certificate and SP Ausnet has said they will not install a smart meter on your property. Why haven’t you taken this to the Human Rights Commission? If SP Ausnet have stated that they wont install a smart meter because of your Doctor’s certificate, this tells me that they are aware of the dangers of smart meter radiation.
      Why would you have to pay more for your electricity? Is this not Discrimination?

    • Samuel says:

      Audrey did you agree to pay more for your electricity? If you have, this is a private contract between you and SP Ausnet it does not apply to anyone else.What i don’t understand is that you claim you have a Doctor’s certificate and you are hypersensitive, why then are you not going to the Human Rights Commission?
      You would have a disability, if you are hypersensitive, why should you be penalized for being sick? Did SP Ausnet put anything in writing or was it a verbal contract?

  3. Malouf says:

    How dare you Lily D’Ambrosio cause people to suffer as prisoners in their own homes ?

    Many people know that the pulsed radiation from constant smart meter transmissions is causing harmful health effects to people right now and are fully aware long term health risks to the population as a whole for which you as the responsible person in Government do not seem to want to provide any guarantee for. I ask you, how do you look into your own children’s eyes without your own heart burning with guilt.

    Your comments referencing what we all now know to be the grossly inadequate study conducted by EMC Technologies are just BS and believe me Lily D’Ambrosio, it has gotten to the stage where people can now see very clearly through your BS references.

    The fact of the matter is that you as the “Energy Minister” have absolutely no knowledge of the harmful effects of exposure to electromagnetic radio frequency transmissions from smart meters, you have absolutely no understanding of the harmful effects of smart meter radiation in duality with exposures to all the other sources of radiation now permeating our environment and the complexities of simultaneous multiple exposures. Neither have you a grasp of the extent of the harmfulness (equipment damage, incendiary and health) that is being caused by all the dirty power which these so called meters are putting onto house wiring.

    I can assure you that your continuing to feed people with these BS references is not going to persuade anybody of anything other than to make them see right through you and your BS references even more. Feeding people BS in this way is only going to turn them against you in a bigger way and one day this has to surely come back and bite you on the backside in a big way.

    • Anonymous says:

      They all are aware of the harmful effects of radiation, they just don’t care. But they might if we have an inquiry. They might care if they go to prison. Ask Lily to put everything she says in an affidavit.
      Lily can make all the claims she wants, but she still needs to back the claims up with factual evidence and firsthand knowledge. I am not interested in her opinions. If she cant back up her claims with factual evidence, then she needs to resign.
      People work hard to pay her wages. She needs to take responsibility for what she says.

    • Shannan says:

      Why on earth would you be referring to any sort of tests or research (relevant or otherwise) when people are coming forward and reporting that they are having major health issues right here and now in Victoria and which the reporting of these matters clearly coincides with the installation of smart meters on or near their premises ? The only answer I can come up with is that willful negligence is at work.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Rosemary Lester, will retire from her position on 27 February 2015.

    • Paul says:

      Seems like Rosie couldn’t handle her EMR!

    • Sharron says:

      Yes, how convenient. This woman has done nothing to investigate the widespread health complaints in Victoria due to smart meter emissions. As for Drew Douglas, I say do some more research and you will find the signals are nothing like a mobile phone… they are most likely 1000 times the strength you speak of.

  5. Smart Denier says:

    Notice the article says…
    “HAVE YOUR SAY: Do you have issues with smart meters? Tell us below”
    Yet, there’s no way to “Tell us below”.

    The same ploy is used on all Smart Meter stories reported in the “news”.
    We know the media is owned by very BIG corporations that are very scared of awake people posting educated and thoughtful comments that might be read by the public at large. They’ll only allow comments about political hand puppets, footy/sport or any subject that keeps the people occupied and looking the other way.

    “They” are well aware the masses are beginning to put 2 and 2 together and no-one can tell us the result is 5.

    “They” are gambling on achieving world government before the tipping point of mass awakening. Seeing as there’s only a few of “they” and gazillions of us, “they” must be getting a little nervous sitting behind their castle walls.

  6. Merrilyn says:

    I got Jack of Kew Organics to bring his 3 meters and test my home – so I found out what had to go/be avoided (microwave, wi-fi, cordless phones, clock radio, bedlamp, new type light globes, mobile phone, some power points, reading lamps), where I needed filters on appliances, where my dirty electricity was, how to paint the bedhead walls with the special paint to keep the EMR from my not-so-smart meter (and that of my neighbours’ dumb smart meter) out of my bedroom etc. He was well worth the $150 charge – so much cheaper than relocating.
    As ALL smart meters are installed on the highest frequency, you (and all your neighbourhood, if you want to be really safe), can insist that your supplier come and turn down all the smart meters to minimum – as on low they work perfectly well, but it affects humans less.

  7. Hammer Mann says:

    Very important points of Clarity made here.

    Ms Lily D’Ambrosio the now incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources did nothing to help the people of Victoria when she was the Opposition Minister for Energy and Resources when Mr Ted Baillieu and Mr Denis Napthine were the Victorian Liberal Premiers in power. I allege that she simply helped the Victorian Liberal Party to further wickedly subjugate the Democratic Will of the Victorian people by going along with the continuing roll-out of these accursed and dopy so-called and far from Smart Electric Microwave machines, which I allege was a gross act of both Wickedness and Cowardice on her part.

    I also allege she further tortured more of the people of Victoria by effectively forcing more of these Poisonous, and Satanic and all-Life Health-Wrecking and now proving to be INCENDIARY and stupidly named Electric Microwave A.M.I machines on the public. I allege that she like every other Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources has been and still is a WRECKING BALL to the Victorian peoples health and welfare, and I believe she should be SACKED immediately as she like those before her has shown no Lawful Duty of Care towards the people of Victoria’s Health or Welfare. The roll-out of these so-called Smart Meters was supposed to be finished last year back in 2014. How dare she allow these Health Wrecking and Incendiary machines to continue to be rolled-out ? She should be SUED by those people whose lives are now in Jeopardy and Medical turmoil from these accursed and DANGEROUS and Inhumane Health-Wrecking machines.

    Now we come to the I allege to be truly seemingly ‘DOPY’ and Unscientifically minded Mr Drew Douglas of Citypower. Obviously he doesn’t seem to care a ‘’Brass Razoo” about Mrs Virginia Lo Giudice and her husband and two children and their health in any way at all. His stupid statements which I now take verbatim from the Herald Sun Newspaper of the 16th February 2015 state:

    “Mr Douglas said the smart meter’s internal radio transmitter worked at about half the signal strength of a mobile phone.” “It makes the equivalent of a mobile phone call of a few seconds length, several times a day,” he said.
    This statement of Mr Drew Douglas’s is more ‘Scientific Clap-trap.’ He gives no true or scientific figures here whatsoever in Microwatts of radiation, or at what specific distance from this poor woman’s head this sickness making and dopy A.M.I machine is positioned on Mrs Virginia Lo outside bedroom wall, which is giving her such disturbed sleep and other problems.
    Mr Drew Douglas is, I allege simply propping up a Human health-wrecking technology and acting as if he were Dracula in charge of the Blood Bank. I allege that Mr Drew Douglas also does not care a “ Brass Razoo” about Mrs Virginia Lo Giudice’s health or welfare in any way at all. He too should be sacked, as he comes out with the same sort of Unscientific and unhelpful rhetoric when he keeps on sticking his Unscientific Beak in. If Mr Drew Douglas really cared about Human Health he could and would get his Smart Meter installer technician, or a properly qualified Victorian “A Grade Electrician” to remove this Health Wrecking machine and reinstall the Safe and passive Analog Electric Meter the so-called Smart Meter installer man took or stole in the first place.

    This man Mr Drew Douglas is not a Scientist, he is in TRUTH acting like a first class Ghoul and or Torturer and is making things worse for this long suffering woman and other unfortunate people in the same boat.

    Please don’t say Mr Douglas that it’s the fault of the Victorian Government. It’s your fault and your Chief Executive Officer’s fault C.E.O Mr Tim O’Rourke’s fault as well, and before that it was Mr Shane Breheny’s fault when he was the C.E.O before his retirement to his now private Vineyard. You see Mr Drew Douglas I know the history of your Citypower and your allied Powercor Company and of Mrs Janet Hogarty extremely well, so WAKE UP MAN and do the right thing and replace that Inhumane sickness causing and far from Smart Meter Machine on Mrs Virginia Lo Giudice’s home and put back and properly reinstall the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter that had been there in the first place ! This was done for a Glenroy Dentist by Jemena, so if they could do it so can you and your now Mr Tim O’Rourke your present C.E.O of Citypower.

    The cure for these man-made sicknesses from the five Electric Power Companies so-called and truly far from Smart Electric Microwave A.M.I machines is simply this. “Every one of the five Electric Power Companies must uninstall every Accursed and far from Smart Electric Microwave Machines and reinstall the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Machines which they have WICKEDLY STOLEN and the behest of these two I allege to be CRIMINAL Victorian Governments of both the Liberal parties of the long ago Victorian Labour Party and then the disastrous Victorian Liberal Party and now the also seeming to be “Couldn’t Care Less incumbent Dan Andrews Labor Party who seemingly has not learnt anything from the former Liberal Party’s gross stupidity of forcing these Accursed Health Wrecking and Incendiary Machines on the Victorian privately owned home and small business owners.
    When will this BLOODY NIGHTMARE END, That is what the people of Victoria need to know !

  8. Eve says:

    This is an outrageous imposition on peoples’ democratic rght to choose ther lifestyle, and a dictatorial way of enforcing a health-damaging piece of equipment which is NOT COMPULSORY, but ‘mandatory’ – which is a word game in semantics, purely for financial gain. There needs to be pressure put on the government of the day to put a stop to this blatant autocratic behaviour, ignoring of Australian citizens’ freedom of choice, and if that’s not possible, the government needs to lift its game.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Readers,
      I say that all of these I now allege to be Criminals, such as Ms Lily D’Ambrosio the incumbent Victorian Labor Party Energy and Resources Minister needs to be brought before a Public Tribunal and every one of these Heartless and TRULY GUTLESS CRUEL and I also allege to be CRIMINAL people going back to and starting with that I allege to be narrow minded and Money Grubbing Mr John Brumby of the long past Victorian Labor Party who was only interested in stealing ever more money out of already Cash Strapped Pockets of the Victorian Public. Yes, from John Brumby and every Victorian Premier right up to that I allege to be just as cruel and I allege to be dopy last Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Russell Northe needs to be dealt with by a People’s Court something like Robespierre’s during the French Revolution of 1789 and onwards.

      Our so-called Courts seem to be a bunch of NAMBE-PAMBIE’S Stuffing around with what seem to be in the main, Lawyers who are only interested in the Money they can make, how DISGUSTING ! We need a decent lawyer or a group of lawyers with Morals, who are prepared to Fight for our Cause on a Pro-Bono Basis, as one can find in England or America, failing that, we need something like “The Nuremberg War Crimes Court,” to sort out these I allege to be Heartless Evil and Money Grubbing SCUM who have shown No Lawful Duty of Care for the Citizens of Victoria’s Health or Welfare at any time.

      I see and allege that every one of these people who are Hell-Bent of forcing these Accursed and far from Smart Electric Microwave A.M.I machines on the Victorian public as and I allege to be, Servants of Satan that need to be dealt with right now.
      “ Bring on the REVOLUTION,” SAY I. “ Get hold of the new Premier Mr Daniel Andrews and PIN HIM DOWN ! “

      If he won’t get rid of these Devilish Electric Microwave and far from Smart Machines then it’s time to SACK him too. I have written polite and strong letters to him demanding he get rid of all of these now Type 2A Carcinogen Causing machines which are also causing multiple sickness to humans, from these far from Smart Microwave broadcasting and receiving machines, and he just hands these my letters over to Ms Lily D’Ambrosio, as Pilate handed Jesus Christ over to the people to be Crucified.
      Sadly it’s the People of Victoria who are being Crucified, by I allege to be, a now seemingly to be CORRUPT Victorian LABOR Party which needs to be EXPUNGED.

      Do we need the equivalent of a ‘French Revolution’ to clear up this Stinking Evil still running Rampant throughout the whole of Victoria ? Even when the roll-out of these filthy and all Life wrecking machines was supposed to end back in 2013. Why was it was continued into 2014 and still being forced on the Victorian people ? This is an utter disgrace.
      Perhaps it’s time to bring back Madame La Guillotine dear readers ?

      I demand that Ms Lily D’Ambrosio be SACKED IMMEDIATELY for she is I further allege as useless as TITS ON A BULL !

  9. YES, heart palpitations, dizzy, nausea, lethargic, my rf meter clearly shows in our front bedroom the readings spike right up about every minute, its not every 4 hours like United Energy tried to convince me, I went to the lengths of putting blue/silver insulation over the bedroom wall on inside where smart meter is outside, that lowered the readings only slightly, then i used 2mm gal sheeting over the wall, and grounded it to earth,that lowered it a bit more, then i bought lead sheet and wrapped the smart meter in that, and put a patch of lead on inside of wall right over where the smart meter is, no matter what i have done, i cant block it out completely. Our house is wifi free, no cordless phone, no smart phones in our house, my meter reads average 6 to 8 on my kitchen table, when i walk up the passage towards the bedroom, it starts to go up, then when i get to the bed in that room and the wall it goes right up. This is not right that we have no rights to refuse. Why do we pay our taxes? If we pay taxes to employ politicians to act in our best interest, what is going on, its time we force things to change, that councils and policiticians actually do us a service instead of contributing to making our lives more difficult and even killing us.

    • Brett says:

      Ms D’Ambrosia, are you listening ???

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Readers,
      It’s time to not just Sack the new and still seemingly USELESS Mr Daniel Andrews the now incumbent and I allege also seeming to be Useless Victorian Labor Party Premier, who has learnt nothing at all from the past Victorian and just Sacked self-serving Victorian Liberal Party. The people of Victorian don’t want these Stinking sickness causing and Life Destroying and far from Smart Microwave A.M.I and INCENDIARY Machines, on their privately owned home and or small business properties.
      “The JIG is up Mr Daniel Andrews.”

      It’s time to bring in a Peoples ” Type of Benevolent Martial Law” to get rid of all these Accursed and Poisonous Electric Microwave and Sickness making and INCENDIARY machines.

      What the Hell ! do you think you’re doing Mr Daniel Andrews still allowing these poisonous heaps of filth to continually be forced on the Victorian peoples private home and small business properties? Didn’t we Dismiss and or Sack the last Useless Victorian Liberal Party for his very reason?
      You’ve learnt nothing Mr Daniel Andrews !

      “Wake up Mr Daniel Andrews to what we the People Want and demand. We are your EMPLOYERS and not these Greedy and Wicked Money Grubbing foreign owned four Electric Power Companies, as well as that also Money Grubbing and Unprincipled Australian owned United Energy Distribution Company.

      We the people demand of YOU Mr Daniel Andrews that every one of these Poisonous and Human Health wrecking and now proving to be in growing numbers INCENDIARY and Spying Machine be removed immediately and replaced free of charge to the Victorian Customers with the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters which you are still allowing these, I allege to be Unprincipled and Evil five Electric Power Companies to keep on Stealing, so that they and you can increase the costs of Electricity to their hapless Victorian Customers.
      I say, “What in God’s name is WRONG with you Mr Daniel Andrews? !” “Show some back-bone if you have any at all, which I seriously doubt, or RESIGN, you’ve had plenty of time to Sack that I allege to be Useless Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources Ms Lily D’Ambrosio as well, that I allege keeps on SINNING against the People of Victoria and their Democratic and Lawful right to KEEP the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters.
      ” Wake Up Mr Daniel Andrews and do as We you Employers Demand, or Resign ! ”


      Richard Leschen.

  10. Katy says:

    I want to know how she moved given smart meters are everywhere. I know exactly how she feels as I have had nothing but ongoing health problems with my neighbours smart meters. It’s been an on going nightmare that dosn’t seem to get any better. I too have been thinking of selling up and moving out of our dream home which we have only been living in for 3 years. But where do you move to when smart metres are everywhere in Victoria.

  11. Paul says:

    “Independent testing has shown that electromagnetic signals are lower than many other common household devices, such as cordless phones and baby monitors,” Ms D’Ambrosio said.

    Wonderful Ms D’Ambrosio, you really know your stuff! However, did you know that these things are transmitting up to 100,000 times per day? Did you know that they are NINETY MILLION TIMES more powerful than the 50 Hz for which our homes are designed? Are you aware that
    former California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Peevey and PG&E are now subjects of federal and state investigations, as reported by the LA Times and other media because they knew and subsequently lied about smart meter problems? (Within a release of 65,000 emails is proof that Peevey knew – since 2010 – that “smart” meters can cause physical harm, and said his own bill more than doubled after an install on his vacation home). See:
    Did you know that Canada’s largest utility, Hydro Quebec, has been rocked with the multiple resignations – CEO Thierry Vandal and its two “smart” meter program managers? See:
    I’ll bet you didn’t because like all the state politicians past and present, you believe you are responsible to your bosses (the foreign-owned power companies) and not your true bosses, the people of Victoria.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Amazing admission by Michael Peevey, former California Public Utilities Commission president, via one of his “private” emails:
      “There really are people who feel pain, etc., related to EMF, etc.”

      Read the full story, via link above.

      Excellent post “Paul”.

      • Northern Suburbs Resident says:

        I have an audio recording of one of Jemena’s own personnel clearly making this very same admission as Mr Michael Peevey. I have saved it up my sleeve for a rainy day and for the day when all bets are off.

  12. Rik says:

    There is a huge problem and it starts with the LIARS in government. They dont have a clue about this stuff but force it onto all of us. We would never know we have EMS unless these meters were installed. Now there are thousands of us with it and the government is the one still paying. Why are they still paying? Well we can no longer work so we are all on disability pensions and the government is paying for us now. They want to save some money then remove the smart meters and people will get off the pensions, back into their own homes and back to work.

    Look at all those people forced to move interstate because of these damn meters. Its not just the little people its doctors, scientists, teachers, people that are needed here.

    And what are we going to do about it?

  13. Cedar says:

    How many people are our government prepared to sacrifice to the God of money before they are dragged kicking and screaming to face the facts. They surely know that the “scientists” who work for the electricity providers are not to be trusted to give us the truth. I am sick of governments and businesses claiming that certain effects of products (cigarettes, asbestos etc.) are not caused by their products but are merely coincidental. The future will label them the same as war criminals; a civil war in our own country.

  14. Chris says:

    I am impressed that the Herald-Sun wrote such an article.

    Even if it did wrap up the article at the end suggesting in a back-handed way that John Aparo is just another hypercondriac that is making things up in his mind.

    what does this mean “the smart meter rollout was almost complete.”? does this mean they are STILL attempting to install smart meters? I thought the official rollout period had finally been completed?

    • Anonymous says:

      Chris, read the following quote regarding the “Manual meter fee” from the govt’s own “End-of-rollout” web page.
      “This fee will continue to be in place until the electricity distributor is able to gain access and install the smart meter at the premises.”

      We are living in a totalitarian situation. This statement is saying that a smart meter is still going to be installed at your place whether you like it or not and that not being able to install it thus far has got absolutely nothing to do with whether you want it or not but all to do with whether an installer is able to get access to install one. The intent is very much still there to install this radiation transmitting device in your home and you will just be pushed aside if needs be. What this is saying is that you count for nothing.

      This is on the website. Read between the lines. In fact it is very blatant in what it is saying. End of rollout means nothing. This situation that looms above us continuously day by day is utterly totalitarian and draconian.

  15. erl says:

    They installed smart meters without our CONSENT by the politicians and power companies. This is not right. These meters are part of the MIND CONTROL program including mobile phone towers and digital TVs as well as chemtrails.

  16. Ainsleigh Needham says:

    I can’t believe MP Lily D’Ambrosio would be still be making reference to that piece of utter bogus tripe conducted by EMC Technologies that was totally inadequate to say the least. It seems that Ms. D’Ambrosio has no understanding whatsoever of any of the issues we are dealing with. This woman is grossly inadequate to be a Minister in any Government Portfolio having no expertise in any field. She is just a person towing a party line but who knows nothing and is possessed of a heart filled with cruelty because she has been confronted many times already by individuals and families who have suffered terribly and whose lives have been devastated by these diabolical devices and yet this woman remains totally incapable of feeling any genuine empathy for these people. She just continues to tow the party line in matters that she just does not have a clue about when it comes to the real issues and the will of the constituency.

  17. Robert Scott says:

    There is a sure way out of this, generate your own power via solar panels and battery over night backup feeding a 48V to 230V inverter. . Go off grid and tell your supplier to disconnect your feed in and remove the meter
    There is another advantage to this, your power supply voltage will stay at 230 V not go over voltage to 250-255V caused by other solar equipped houses feeding into the power grid by step down local transformers in step up mode they were not ever designed for.

    • Henry says:

      Hi Robert

      are you contactable at all ? Or, perhaps you could contact me….

      I’ve seen your comments on some forums and feel you would be a good person to talk to as part of my research to go off grid.

      Your comment about not exceeding 230V has particularly interested me as I have been investigating the viability of running evaporative air conditioner on solar panels and on battery bank. I contacted the manufacturer Brivis technical people and I was told that in the installation (?) manual it was recommended to not run the evaporative A/C from a generator. I asked what the reason was and I was told that if there was excess voltage ie over 260V then it could blow the unit’s motherboard and a new motherboard might cost some $600 fitted. From my end I need to know if the evaporative A/C can be run off grid in terms of getting enough power (day and evening) without sucking too much from the batteries AND without killing the unit for reasons described.

      I may get in touch at some stage.
      So w

  18. Alison says:

    I too have experienced heart palpitations. It only seems to happen when I am on one side of the house and exactly the same times each day ( to the minute). I also have insomnia. The scary thing is, we don’t have a smart meter, we locked our meter box, so I am picking up the signals from our neighbour’s smart meter!

    • Eric says:

      Hi Alison, your theory can easily be tested with an RF meter which will clearly show any smart meter radiation pulses present on your premises including coming into the inside of your house

  19. Anyone who has measured the actual emissions for a smart meter will know that the claims by Ms D’Ambrosio and Mr Douglas are totally wrong. The official methodology chosen to measure the electromagnetic radiation does not take into account the extreme intensity of the pulses emitted by the meters. Instead it averages it over a period of time. If you averaged over a minute the surface pressure from a sudden hit on the head with a hammer, it would appear to be quite a gentle touch! Cordless phones and baby monitors are not harmless either. They can emit radiation in excess of the amount shown to cause biological harm.

  20. Smart meter sufferer says:

    Yesterday I met a lady who has 4 smart meters on the outside wall directly behind her bedhead. She had no knowledge of these meters as she has only recently moved to Australia,
    Since January she has been experiencing severe headaches, and is unable to think clearly or remember what her work colleagues have just said to her. She says it feels like her eyes are full of sand when she wakes up.

    How many more people have to suffer before this Government acts?

    It’s time that Mr Daniel Andrews showed some leadership and strength of character , admit that there is an ” unintended consequence ” that has arisen since the rollout and do something about it.
    He can even get some political mileage out of it by hanging it on the Libs, saying they did nothing to help sufferers for the past three years, but now Labor is listening!!!

  21. Damaged says:

    We, too, had to leave our home of 22 years because a smart meter made us really sick. My heart goes out to this family. Looking forward to the inevitable class actions. I don’t know how the employees of the power companies, ombudsman, etc, live with themselves. This is evil and people will eventually be held accountable for financial and physical damages.

    • Katy says:


      where did you move too. I too may have to consider selling up but moving into another house in Melbourne would be moving out of one problem straight into another . I don’t know if moving is the answer.

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