Children more likely to develop cancer from mobile phones

Finally researchers are coming out with studies confirming that using mobile phones poses a higher risk of developing brain cancer. In the video below, Harvard-trained public health physician Dr. David Carpenter discusses research that studied hundreds of people of all ages and shows that chances of malignant tumours forming are doubled in heavy mobile phone users when compared to non users, while in children the rates are almost 5 times as high as non users.

Though telecommunication companies prefer to keep people in the dark, saying that there is no evidence to prove mobile phones cause cancer, it is clear that heavy mobile phone usage can increase chances of developing brain cancer.

Mobile manufacturers and service providers can no longer hide behind the false claim there is no conclusive evidence linking mobile phones to cancer.

Using the speaker feature, not carrying mobile phones on your body, and keeping them in airplane mode when you can ‘disconnect’ are some ways to limit your direct exposure to mobile phone radiation.


Video Link Here

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6 Responses to Children more likely to develop cancer from mobile phones

  1. Maxwell Tyson says:

    When the National Measurement Institute issued its Certificate of Approval for Jemena and United Energy’s smart meter, it’s interesting to note that at the very start of the certificate, they make the following comment
    “This Certificate relates to the suitability of the pattern of the instrument for
    use for trade only in respect of its metrological characteristics. This Certificate does not constitute or imply any guarantee of compliance by the manufacturer or any other person with any requirements regarding safety.”

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  3. Gwen says:

    This is a letter I received from the host of the EMF summits.

    It is with deepest sorrow that I relay the loss of my beloved life partner.
    He had become highly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation while working in
    various locations across the country and felt he was being zapped whenever he
    was exposed to WiFi. Together these past few months we worked diligently on
    shielding our living space and had just ordered a BEMER.
    He was regaining his strength by grounding barefoot on the beach, eating
    superfoods drinking green juices and organic smoothies, rebounding, etc.
    A complete examination of this heart several months ago including a 72 hour heart
    monitoring indicated his heart was fine. However he suffered a cardiac arrest in the
    presence of two paramedic teams and was without a pulse for nearly 30 minutes
    before they were able to resuscitate him.
    Within 24 hours it became apparent he had suffered a massive brain infarct and he
    was declared brain dead.
    A form of consciousness remained as his heart did beat stronger when he was
    surrounded with loved ones in the hospital. I was able to sleep in his arms in the
    intensive care unit on the last day of his life.
    In death as in life, he was able to be of service to others donating his liver,
    kidneys and pancreas to give the gift of life.
    I will be taking some time off to recover from this shock.
    The grand finale for the complete season of the Best of the Best of Your Vibrant
    Health Secrets will air at a later date.
    Those of you subscribed to the EMF summit can expect more to come. My
    dedication to get this information on protecting ourselves has been renewed by this
    tragic loss.
    I will also keep the special price of $77 for the complete bundle of these
    18 life-saving interviews available for a while longer. Please get informed and
    share the information with others.
    As always, sending you loads of love and great energy.
    This time I request some of your love and healing energy back.

    Alison Heath
    host of the EMF summit and Your Vibrant Health Secrets

  4. Anonymous says:

    And all other wireless items we have eg, pc in schools from kinder or pre school, ebooks etc, we are going to fry the brains of of young ones before they have time to even start to develop properly

  5. Anonymous says:

    There is a new movie called Mobilize I recently purchased watch the trailer on YouTube.

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