Amelia Hill – EHS and MCS

Amelia Hill, former feature writer for national magazines such as House & Garden and Real Living Magazine, is allergic to the 21st century and is virtually living inside a bubble in her parents’ home.  Amelia not only suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), but also multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).  These two sensitivities often go hand in hand, giving the sufferer a double whammy.  The sufferer is left unable to cope with not only electromagnetic radiation, but also various chemicals which may be present in items such as a toothpaste, clothing and vehicle exhaust fumes.  Symptoms of EHS often appear at a different time to MCS.

Amelia’s story:

Despite people like Amelia suffering from EHS, power distributors and the Victorian Government continue to claim that people do not suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity – it is merely a figment of the imagination!



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8 Responses to Amelia Hill – EHS and MCS

  1. Hammer Mann says:

    Dear Readers,
    The Citizens of Victoria are the Canaries in the Coal Mine, that’s a fact. Its time every stinking filthy and Evil All-Life-Threatening dopy and now proving in ever more mounting numbers of cases to be, far from Smart Microwave A.M.I devices which in Truth are Unlawful Spying Devices and all life threatening and poisonous devices was removed from every privately owned home and small business in Victoria Australia and any other Australian States.

    It’s TIME FOLKS that every one of the truly SATANIC Machines was thrown into the Fiery Furnace and the STOLEN and Safe and Passive Electromechanical Devices was reinstalled at the entire expense of these foreign owned Electricity Companies. I allege that from the beginning of the Roll-Out circa 2009 of these Filthy Dangerous and now seemingly to be Type 1A Carcinogen Machines, was simply used to steal ever more money from the citizens of Victoria’s already Cash-Strapped-Pockets was gotten rid of.

    Both the past Victorian Labor and the successive Liberal Governments and the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and their minions I allege have proven themselves to be AGENTS of Filthy Monetary Greed and Downright Corruption and proved themselves to be ENEMIES of US THE PEOPLE OF VICTORIA. For these great and then and still ongoing WICKEDNESSES they all deserve to be thrown into Gaol for a minimum of Twenty Five Years with no remission for good behaviour.

    I allege that both the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and the John Brumby Labor Government and its Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources and all of the Victorian Liberal Premiers and their Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources are painted with the same Brush of Wicked Complicity and Downright Sin, in forcing so-many Victorian citizens, and against their Will and Better Judgement, to take these accursed and now proving to be in mounting numbers of cases INCENDIARY and far from Smart Meter A.M.I broadcasting and receiving machines, thus daily increasing this DEADLY Microwave pollution to now all of LIFE ! Shame on every one of thee, Shame I say Shame !

  2. Maryann Stephens says:

    We have not got a smart Meter as yet as we are fighting our electricity distributor. There’s no way we want a smart Meter. They’re not reading our meter but they’re basing our use on older bills. We have our account direct deb out every fortnight and we get a letter every now and again, but we’re not having a smart Meter.
    We will fight it. We’re in the Frankston Area

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t have a death and destruction surveillance device installed also as I have protected my analogue meter from being stolen by these b@stards.
      However, unlike your distributor, it appears that my meter is being read by someone as my latest bill shows the correct readings.
      My distributor is AusNet (they dropped the SP part of their name when Singapore Power sold their stake to the Chinese government, now the Chinese own it all)

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Good on you Maryann Stephens,
      We have the Right of Common Law on our side, so stick to your guns Maryann Stephens.
      Lets face it we now have the same problem as when John Brumby the long past Labor Premier had been in power and also the recently Sacked Do-Nothing useless Ted Baillieu and then the Daniel Andrews Victorian Liberal Party recently dismissed, THANK GOD the useless Victorian Liberal Party’s been booted out of office.

      Both proved useless at looking after the Victorian Citizens interest of wanting to live a clean and Microwave Smog Free Life. All these two I allege to have been Useless Victorian Governments, was to put their Lawful Duty of firstly looking after the Victorian citizens health, last of all, as they toadied to these still Rapinely Greedy mainly foreign owned Electric Power Company C.E.O’s and helped their I also allege to be CRIMINAL and Extortionate Chinese and Singaporean Bosses to openly Rape and Pillage and Plunder the decent and hard working Victorian public’s already Cash Strapped pockets. Both of these Labor and Liberal Party Governments past Premiers need to be given at least twenty five years in prison behind bars and fed on bread and water.

      Is Mr Daniel Andrews really taking any notice of you dear readers, and your heart felt letters Screaming out for Justice to get rid of these Filthy and Poisonous and all life sickness-making and far from Smart Electric Microwave broadcasting and receiving A.M.I machines ? not as far as I can see, in spite of the many letters he gets pleading with him to rip out these Bloody Dangerous and Unlawful and also Spying machines? He’s had plenty of time since he got into power just after the 29th of November 2014 to give us, the people of Victoria his answer as to whether he’s Fair Dinkum about getting rid of these filthy and poisonous machines.

      Now come on Mr Daniel Andrews, don’t be shy, we are all waiting to see in you should stay in Power one minute longer. If you won’t be honest with US YOUR EMPLOYERS who pay your Parliamentary salary, then I suggest you resign right now.
      Are you a Man of Honour or Dishonour Mr Neil Andrews?

      Our patience is wearing very thin right now !

  3. Rik says:

    I’ve got lots of all different symptoms all started the day after the neighbours got their smart meters installed. Some EHS and some MCS, all caused by the smart meter installed next door.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Rik,
      Some people have said unto me. ” Richie Rich, Methinks ’tis time Madame La Guillotine was brought back to rid us of these ‘Scurvy Knaves’ that so bedevil those unhappy Victorians’ Souls that have been bullied and coerced and tricked into losing their Safe and Passive Analog Electro-Mechanical Meters.”

      Kind and gentle Human-Canaries in the Coal Mine, I say unto every one of thee.
      ” ‘Tis more than time to bring back’ Madam La Guillotine’ to lop of the heads of thy truly Haughty and Wicked Oppressors who care not a Jot or a Tittle for thy Health and Welfare for they are truly Servants of The Dark One LUCIFER ! May they all be DAMNED IN HELL ! Oft times thou cried out MERCY ! but they refused to hear your Agonizing cries !
      “The Mills of GOD grind slow but they grind exceeding sure !”

  4. andrea wallace says:

    As is me. Is this the end.

  5. eremophila says:

    Reblogged this on Eremophila's Musings and commented:
    An inspiring story. It’s way past time for the medical profession to stop denying EHS and MCS and to respond appropriately to people in this situation. We’re the Canaries who try to warn the rest of the population of the dangers of the chemicals in the environment and the effects of the massive amounts of electromagnetic smog out there.

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