Bill shock: Smart meter charges set to cost most Victorians more in 2015 – Herald Sun

VICTORIANS will be slugged smart meter fees of up to $226 on their electricity bills next year.

The Australian Energy Regulator has approved charges for 2015 of $109.40 to $226.30, plus GST, for the most common type of smart meter, depending on where consumers live.

Hundreds of thousands of households will be hit with fees up to 28 per cent higher than this year’s, after some companies blew their budgets.

Other households will get slight discounts on the fees.

The annual fee ruling comes as the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office investigates whether consumers are getting a fair deal under the system.

Homes in Melbourne’s northwest and eastern suburbs, and Victoria’s northeast and east, face the biggest sting next year.

“It’s another blow to the hip pocket,” said Gavin Dufty, an energy expert from the St Vincent de Paul Society. “We have paid a huge amount for these meters and it’s time we saw some benefits.”

The latest financial fallout from the controversial digital device rollout could add up to $50 million more to the total cost of the project, the Herald Sun understands.

The full smart meter bill for homes and small businesses could exceed $2.4 billion, once inflation and the GST is factored in.

Power company Jemena’s charge for next year is $226.30, up 17 per cent on last year. AusNet Service’s charge is $205.50, up 28 per cent, and United Energy’s charge is $154.50, or 9 per cent more.

CitiPower’s $115.90 fee is down 60c on last year, and Powercor’s $109.40 charge is 5 per cent lower.

The regulator gave the green light to a combined $111.4 million in excess expenditure claims for distribution companies AusNet Services, United Energy and Jemena after they blew last year’s budgets.

However, the regulator rejected a further $38.1 million cash grab as “inefficient”.

Smart meters are read remotely rather than manually, and allow consumers to opt to be charged different rates for use at different times of day.

Retailers have said they could allow some customers to slash annual power bills by hundreds of dollars.

The Auditor-General’s Office plans to table an updated report on the smart meter project next June.

“As the … rollout is effectively complete, it is timely to undertake the audit to assess the extent to which deficiencies in the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) program have been addressed, and whether benefits for consumers are being realised,” it said.

The overspending companies blamed stalled installations caused by the former Liberal government’s project review, public resistance to the meters’ introduction, shortages of installers forcing up wages, and the delayed introduction of time-of-use electricity tariffs.

While Jemena and United overspent last year, their expenditure in earlier years was lower than expected.

The rollout, ordered by Labor and continued by the Coalition, has been plagued by cost overruns and safety and privacy concerns. Victorians have been paying annual smart meter fees since 2010.

Karen Collier, Herald Sun


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59 Responses to Bill shock: Smart meter charges set to cost most Victorians more in 2015 – Herald Sun

  1. Peter says:

    Stan, can you tell us whether the threat made by your distributor was made over the telephone or by mail? What was actually said? Undoubtedly, other customers are going to get the same threats, we need to be able to answer these threats.
    I believe that the initial response should be to require the distributor to state clearly, the legislation under which these threats are made, IN WRITING! The written threats should then be forwarded to, the press, Fair Trading Commission Incorporated, Essential Services Commission Incorporated and the Australian Energy Regulator Incorporated.
    If the threat was made by mail, as this is obviously a threat, it must be sent to ALL the distributors customers and therefore no reason why it should not be posted here on this site for all to see.
    We need to make these bullies accountable for their actions!!!!!!

  2. ddigman says:

    One thing I really, really want to know: if I refuse to pay for it, do they repossess the smart meter?

    • Peter says:

      As far as I am aware, you can only be DISSCONNECTED from your electricity supply for:

      interfering/misuse of/with the distributors equipment
      preventing the reading of your meter on more than three occasions and
      NONE PAYMENT of your electricity bill.

      Jason, Sofia and others have been disconnected for the first reason, despite advising their distributors and various government departments that they were suffering health problems since the installation of these devises.

      As I have said before on this site, under the Electricity Customer Metering Code 6.1, a customer can request the distributor to 6.1(b) ‘install a type of metering equipment which is different from the type the distributor otherwise would install in accordance with the NER or the Metrological Procedure, (smart meter) the customer must bear any costs incurred by the distributor’ etc and (d) ‘the distributor must use its reasonable endeavours to install that type of metering equipment within 20 working days’, The legislation is there, but it appears no one has tried to use it. I see no valid reason for the distributor to refuse this request, as the AER has now allowed the distributors to charge extra for anyone not having a surveillance and control device. They call them ‘smart meters’.
      I hope this is helpful.

  3. Stan says:

    I have just bean threatened with disconnecting my power I still have an analog meter and refuse to have a dumb meter. I have locked my meter box and put a clear window in the front, has any one got any ideas on what I should do?

    • Andre says:

      Firstly, which electricity company are you with? You must keep in mind that it is against the law for any electricity company to disconnect your power if you have been paying your bills on time (preferably through Internet banking or Post Office where you will have a receipt – cheques can always go ‘missing’). Electricity is an essential service. Just keep your meter locked and respond to any letters from the electricity company by registered mail, as ignoring these letters can be legally construed as ‘implied consent.’ In any case you do not have a contract with the electricity company, just your supplier.

      • Andre says:

        Also, if you have been threatened then you may have a case against the company, particularly if that threat were in writing. If so, it may be advisable to see a solicitor (they’re usually free for the first half hour). I think it falls under Brodie’s Law. Can anyone help?

    • Peter says:

      Ask your distributor which law they will use to disconnect you. (there is no law forcing you to accept their CHOICE of meter) If they say they own the meter and have the right to change it, ask for proof of ownership, ie a receipt for the purchase of your meter. If they say you are denying access, tell them that they can have access on the understanding that they do not replace your analogue meter with a surveillance device. (they call them smart meters) If they insist on a surveillance devise, they must provide you with a written guarantee that it will not affect your health.
      The distributors CANNOT force you to have one of their devises, this is confirmed by the fact that they have now been given permission by the AER to charge an extra fee to cover ‘refusers’! I put these questions to my distributor long ago, in the end they stopped arguing and I haven’t heard from them for a couple of years and I still have my analogue meter in my locked meter box.

    • Bill says:

      Stan, please elaborate. How exactly have you been threatened and by whom ? I’m sure there are many people on this forum that would be interested to hear some details about this. Bill.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lock your meter box securely.

    • Judith Payne says:

      Yes, relax and just pay your bill.

    • Minnie says:

      I was threatened by a Government Department and in writing, that if i did not allow installation i could be disconnected. Let me tell you that my blood boiled after reading this threat, they would not give me the name of the person that made the threat. Instead i received an apology over the phone.
      I have this letter and plan to keep it as evidence.

    • Minnie says:

      Only filthy cowards threaten people. These people are insignificant little people, that naively believe they are above the law. They believe that they can’t be held accountable. They are responsible and accountable for any threats or implied threats.
      It is against the law to threaten anyone.
      Stan, who actually threatened you? Was it in writing or a verbal threat? Was it the distributor or someone else? You need to supply more details if you want to know what to do.

      • Peter says:

        One thing I have noticed, these days, email replies are no longer ‘signed’ by anyone, they simply come from the department. Obviously, this means that any unsigned reply is not worth the energy taken to write it, and is probably illegal anyway! Personally, I write letters, they are then obliged to be acknowledge by an individual, it may take a little longer, but gives you a trail to follow. If they reply at all, that is.

  4. Andre says:

    I’m new to this site. But why should we pay for not having a smart meter and also for a meter reading fee when our daily charge covers this?

  5. Eric says:

    I’ve been seeing that they now make solar energy inverters with integrated wi-fi. Kind of beats the purpose. I won’t be buying that type of inverter, that’s for sure.

    • Andre says:

      And solar won’t be any good, as you need a smart meter to feed back into the grid. What’s needed is a decent battery storage system.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        To Andre,
        Andre if you want solar panels and still have your Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter and if you have a sufficient number of large Solar Panels and an older bridging electronic device you will find that your Analog Electric Meter will run backwards and pump any excess electricity into the GRID, thus saving you money. The excuse from these Rapinely greedy five foreign owned Electric Power Companies is, “That you have to have a Smart Meter,” which is a lie.. If you want a cheque from them at the end of the day. The cheque would come from your retailer and not from the Electric Power company as they still LIE..

        Don’t get conned to take a dopy Sickness Making and as is so often proving to now be Incendiary and far from Smart Meter. For many years and even now you can get a bridging device that allows you to pump excess Electric Power back to the Energy Company of Powercor or Citypower or any of the other three foreign owned Electric power companies.

  6. Rob Guy says:

    Like the big 4 banks, the big 4 electricity distributers are now too big to fail! The prospect of chaos ensuing from just one of these 4 going bankrupt and closing down their power supply business is a nightmare for the government, which from now on is forced to lavishly subsidise each business on request. Kennet should have foreseen this outcome.

  7. BB says:

    Can big business get even more greedier! The Government doesn’t care because they are in cahoots and probably get cream off the top anyway. The CEO’s of these big corporations earn mega dollars and can pay the high fees they charge. And they more than likely get discounts on their energy supplies. The Government wants to ground us little people into the dirt, by making us poorer and sicker and I really do wonder what their motivations are in the long run for the general public!

  8. Minnie says:

    Write letters to the Australian Energy Regulator, informing them that they are going to be held responsible if people have their power disconnected or they can’t afford food or medicine, because of these extra charges. How many families will be put under financial hardship? Will we see an increase in domestic violence? The AER should be made aware that they will be responsible for any harm arising from this decision.
    People will not only have these charges to pay, the electricity retailers are also going to charge more next year. Gas is going to be alot more expensive and water is already expensive. People will be working like slaves to pay for electricity, gas and water. These are all essential services. We can’t light huge fires in the middle of our living room to keep warm.
    I was told by a representative of the AER that the manual meter reading fees were made by recent orders of the State Government, not the AER. But they are equally responsible for carrying out the orders as those that gave the orders. They made the decision, which can’t even be legal as we do not have to have a smart meter. How can you charge someone for goods that they don’t have to have? They seem to think, that, as they are only carrying out the orders they will be not be held responsible for putting financial stress on people. These charges can have catastrophic consequences and they should be made aware of this.
    The letter I received from the AER only had a first name not a surname. Don’t they have surnames or are they too cowardly to give out last names?

    • Hammer Mann says:

      To Minnie,
      If a letter to anyone from any of these Rapinely greedy foreign owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s or their minions only has a first name and no Sir name or family name signed at the bottom to it, then it has no lawful or legal power of authority at all and is only good for toilet paper.

      The person or persons, signing with only their Christian or given name and no Sir name are dolt, or fools, and are being conned by even bigger idiots up the truly shaky chain of command. Please keep all such letters you receive from these ignorant dolt as well as the envelope/s these letters came in, as evidence when you get to take these Dolts of C.E.O’s or their also corrupt minions to Court in the massive Common Class Action which must soon come about.

  9. Shane Ellis says:

    Lily D’Ambrosio, the people of Victoria demand that each and every one of these dirty devices be removed from our homes NOW. You and your government better get your act together very fast or the people of Victoria will get rid of you faster than we did those criminals that constituted the former government.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Well said Shane Ellis,
      My sentiments entirely. So far I have seemingly scared this C.E.O’s of the foreign owned Electric Power Company for my area, with two (2) very strong and polite Legal letters.

      The cruel and very stupid C.E.O of the earlier named Department of Primary Industry, I firstly sounded out over the telephone got him really worried as I used the Burning Heat of the A.C.C.C’s Warning Notice of some Millions of Dollars of fine upon him personally by registered Post, which the D.P.I had to sign for. I still have the signature from the Department of Primary Industry I am keeping for any necessary Court appearance my Canberra Lawyer/s and I will drag him kicking and screaming to.

  10. After all the action Victorian people have taken, ‘Smart Meters” are still being installed. What does it take to make the greedy foreign corporation, controlling our electricity to take NO for an answer. Why Are Australians allowing this to happen?

    • Hammer Mann says:

      To Sophie Meguzzi,
      Many Australians are effectively but often unknowingly allowing these Satanic and Poisonous A.M.I dopy and far from Smart Meters to both command and ruin their lives, simply because they did not sensibly padlock their private electricity Meter boxes, thereby allowing as I allege to be the Thieves of the five foreign owned electricity companies to simply steal the Victorian peoples’ Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters.The Safe and Passive Analog Meters never belonged to these as I allege five (5) thieves of the foreign owned Electric Power Companies because the owners of the private Victorian homes and small businesses had to each buy these Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters themselves and their own privately contracted ‘A’ Grade Electricians’ installed these Analog Electric Meters and gave the home owners’ a proper Victorian Lawful Certificate of Safety as well. Therefore don’t believe these LIARS of the five Foreign Electric Power Companies who constantly spread the LIE that they of Powercor and Citypower and Jemena and United Energy and SP AusNet, now cunningly renamed AusNet Services, and United Energy own the Safe and Passive Analog Meters because they DON’T !

      I own mine because I built my own home and bought my own Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter and the metal Electric Meter Box which houses it and I have the Sales Receipts to Prove it. I built my own home some thirty seven (37) years ago and long before these Sneaky Liars of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies ever existed which is what I told the dopy Powercor representative over the phone some three (3) years ago. That stopped her lies Pronto !

      Yes you are correct Sophie, These dopy and CRIMINAL ‘Smart Meters’ read here……..actually (Not So Smart Meters) are still being installed even now by a number of these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies although the Official ‘Cut off date’ was in June 2014. It is as I allege because of still unmitigated greed and ongoing corruption by these foreign owned Electric Power Companies aided and abetted by the past Ted Baillieu and Denis Napthine Liberals Victorian Government. refusing to stick to the details of the last cut-off date.

      Now that Mr Daniel Andrews Is the new Labor Premier of Victoria I have written him a polite but strong letter telling him that if he is to govern for ”Us” ‘The People of Victoria’ which he promised to do prior to the November 29th 2014 Election then he must get rid of every one of these accursed and poisonous and far from Smart Microwave Meters immediately.

    • ddigman says:

      I rent, so cannot legally lock up my meter.

      As for ‘allowing it to happen’, I went out early in the morning, and returned before 8 am to find my power was off and the electrician was installing the meter.

      After he left, I found my ‘advance notice’ that a meter was being installed — it was a piece of paper he left behind on the ground in front of my doorstep.

      I am so relieved I had no one on life support inside my house!

      I think we need to consider funding neutral scientific research into the safety of these meters, as it does appear the research conducted so far has been biased and tampered with.

      Then, when (and I am sure it will happen) when we have the scientific evidence on our side, we can commence a class action lawsuit against Governments, regulators and the industry.

      We need to stop this before they start fitting meters to our water, gas and bowels!

      Yes, I do believe Big Brother will insist on monitoring our bowel motions.

      It’s not as if we are living in a free country, is it?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am speechless. Just with one million households the energy companies would, at a stroke of a pen profit by 226 million dollars. I do not think people really know that they are living in fairy land, where the Australian Energy Regulator is the magic fairy.

  12. Minnie says:

    Wouldn’t these new charges just apply to people that have smart meters? We don’t have to have a smart meter, so why would we have to pay these new charges? This is a question I would like answered. Are these new charges directed at people that already have smart meter? Are they hoping we don’t say anything and just pay these charges?

  13. Hammer Mann says:

    Dear Readers,
    Please pay particular attention at airports if you ware an Electronic Heart Pace-Maker. A Russian woman died when she went through the Scanner and collapsed and died then in her husband’s arms. What are these security Scanners in Russian and all over the world ? A type of Microwave Radiation Device it seems. The Link is below this line. Note that if you wear a heart pacemaker you must never go through a Security Scanner at any time.

    • Minnie says:

      My father’s friend collapsed inside one of the big banks building. This man had a pacemaker, it stopped inside the bank.
      My father told this man that it was all the electronic gadgets that were on, that stopped the pacemaker.

  14. peterrocker says:

    Thank you Jeff Kennett. And thank you to the “Energy Regulator” who is obviously a stooge and in love with these idiots who keep telling him how much us mugs have to pay.

  15. Minnie says:

    I think a lot of people will be disconnected next year as the price rises are huge. Maybe that is what needs to happen.
    Perhaps then they will wake up. Most people are ignoring all the negative smart meter news as they have not really been affected yet. Even the ignorant lazy people will tire of paying such huge amounts of money. People will only learn when they start to suffer. It won’t be a very nice New Year for the people of Victoria.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      To Minnie,
      Legally any one of these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and their minions cannot cut off your Electric Power as it is and essential service. They cannot cut off your power for refusing to take or accept a dopy and now proving to be Inhumane and all life sickness making dopy and far from Smart Microwave and now proving to also be in some cases an Incendiary Meter, so long as you have padlocked your private electric meter box to safe-guard your Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter for personal Health reasons and you regularly pay your electric bills.

      The only time they can cut off your electric power LEGALLY is if you refuse to pay for your electric power and even then they still cannot Lawfully cut you off until they have taken you through a process of Arbitration and trying to find out why you refused to pay them for the electricity they claim you used and you are not able to pay for owing to genuine financial hardship or for any other VALID REASON !

      • Minnie says:

        To Hammer Mann, it is not just electricity that is going to be expensive. Water is expensive and gas. Some of my neighbors pay off their bills slowly, only to receive another bill before the first one is paid off. People will get further and further into debt. They will have less money for food and medicine and other necessities. They will probably go cold in winter. We are well on our way to becoming slaves.

        • Gwen says:

          You are 100% correct Minnie. This is part of ‘Agenda 21’.To impoverish the people is the way to having ultimate control over them. Let’s see what Scotty boy has in store for all those that fall under his new portfolio.

  16. Ted says:

    I Dont Have A So Called Smart Meter So THEY CAN STICK THE CHARGE WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE I will not be paying for something i dont have !

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Ted,
      I agree with you they can shove it right up their Jacksies. If these tyrants send you a letter demanding the Unlawful so-called Opt out Fee, send them a Registered letter as I did promising to use your Lawyer to drag these SCUM into Court for bullying you. Tell them you will drag them into Court as I have already promised to drag them into Court with My Top Lawyer/s from the A.C.C.C in Canberra who have promised to help me by using ‘Brodie’s Anti Bullying Law’ enacted since June of 2012 a very powerful New Law which will bang these CRIMINAL in PRISON for up to ten (10) years in Gaol with no remission for good behaviour when they are proven guilty before a Jury of twelve (12) men tried and true, and before a Judge, when the Jury finds any one of these C.E.O’s and or their minions Guilty of Bullying your for an Opt Out Fee, which is actually EXTORTION and Unlawful when you rightfully refuse to allow your Safe and Passive Analog Meter to be taken or wickedly coerced from you.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I reckon that these five foreign owned Electric Power companies are even wickeder robbers than the Sherriff of Nottingham and his cruel and scaly Tax Gatherers under bad King John of England back in the early thirteenth ( 13th ) Century of Truly Not So Merry England.

  17. Peter says:

    It is quite clear that the CEO of Australian Energy Regulator Inc neither knows nor cares about the financial burden he is inflicting on the people of Victoria. In my opinion, he is discriminating against those who were mislead into accepting this blatant rip off by foreign investors.
    The 2009 Auditor Generals report stated quite clearly that ‘there was little or no benefit for the Victorian consumer’ and that ‘the major benefactor was the industry’.
    The initial estimation for the cost of this roll out was $800. 000.0000. to date, that cost has risen to $2.8 BILLION!!!!!! Perhaps the CEO of AER should be asking who made the initial estimation, who in the Government of Victoria Inc, accepted this flawed estimation and who in the Victorian Government Inc supported the acceptance of this blatant underestimation without question and make them accountable by law, instead of covering up the facts and expecting the people of Victoria to continue suffering the financial pain created by the Government of Victoria Inc.
    The CEO of AER should also take into consideration the fact that the distributors were not forced to comply with the ‘mandate’, they were simply required to ‘use their best endeavours’. (Act in good faith and do what is reasonably necessary) They must have been well aware of their underestimations (if they weren’t, they have no business holding the positions they do) so had good reason not to try and force their customers into the ever growing situation where customers are alienated and in growing numbers, disconnected because they can no longer pay for their electricity.
    In my opinion, it is high time the various government departments Inc took a long hard look at themselves and start becoming the ‘transparent’ government they claim to be!

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Sad to say,
      But if this so-called Smart Metre scheme is not stopped very soon and all the dopy and far from Smart Arsed Microwave A.M.I so-called Smart Meters ‘ which are not proper Electrical Meters, but simply Electronic Spying devices linger for much longer, torturing the people of Victoria, then over-rout Victorian Smart-Meter Electricity customers might just take the law into their own hands, and I fear, possibly march upon the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and drag out the C.E.O’s and give them a damn good thrashing.

      Failing that, if these customers get even angrier, blood and the C.E.O heads of these five foreign owned Electric Companies could even roll in the streets as they did back in 1789 and onwards during the French Revolution, when Citizen Robespierre had Madam La Guillotine built and then lopped off the heads of the cruel and wasteful Tyrant French King Louis and his Queen Mary Antoinette and other people of the French Court, as well as others attached to King Louie’s Court.

      Yes, they were dangerous times indeed for those who falsely believed that they were above the common people of France and did nothing to assuage these peasant’s starvation and desperate poverty . The fact was, that they the very rich and nobles of the court weren’t above the common people of France and Madame La Guillotine proved that,

      Chop, then a sudden rush of blood from the body of the newly departed and “thunk” !!. as another victim’s head hit the wooden gantry slope and rolled into the special wooden gutter and into the bloody wicker basket below the gantry, already filling up with chopped off heads !
      Could such a terrible thing happen here ? Yes it could indeed if people are driven too far !

  18. Anonymous says:

    How can a fee be justified for an item that most people didn’t want, and is this a once off fee or continuing into oblivion?
    If the major players can’t estimate their budgets for a year in front (regardless of any occurrences in the interim) maybe they should sack their financial broadcasters and hire someone who can. I didn’t see a payback for all the years that they came in under budget. Think I’ll remove myself from the grid and buy a generator – it’s got to be cheaper. John L

    • Hammer Mann says:

      To Anonymous,
      Such an Opt Out Fee cannot be justified at any time. Please note that we never OPTED IN to any Contracts with these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies in the first place, therefore you Victorian Electricity Customers must not fall into the TRAP of paying an OPT OUT FEE when you have sensibly kept your Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter/s or you would become the victim/s of Extortion. The only Contract that any Victorian Electricity Customer has ever made is with the Electricity Retailer/s and not the Electric Power Company which is NOT the Retailer from whom you receive your Electricity Bill/s. This is something most Victorians don’t seem to understand and proves what a bunch of LIARS I allege these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their minions to be.

      These Microwave broadcasting and receiving and so-called Smart Meters are anathema to anybody with any sense of RIGHT from WRONG or does not want to be continually poisoned by Microwave Radiation, which the C.E.O’s of these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies don’t care about and nor did the past contemptible and I allege morally bankrupt John Brumby Labor Victorian Government, or as I further allege, EVIL MINDED AND CORRUPT Victorian Ted Baillieu and Denis Napthine Liberal Party Government, both of which the past John Brumby Labour and the recently ousted Victorian Liberal Party, for they are I allege the Corrupt Ones who have created Carte-Blanche Robbing of extra Taxes from the people of Victoria by as I also allege Openly Colluding with the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies to so blatantly and openly rob us of our hard earned cash and poison us with these Microwave broadcasting and receiving and far from Smart A.M.I Poisonous but far from Smart Meters and their Inhumane and deadly to all LIFE Microwave Radiation.

    • Peter says:

      Ask Australian Electricity Regulator Incorporated, they authorised it!

  19. Rob Reiken says:

    So sick of this hypocritical BS Propaganda. Instead of voting for brain-dead puppet leaders why is it we don’t instead get to vote whether we want SmartMeters, North SouthPipeline & Desalination Plants etc etc. Yet they our tyrant masters decide what is to be rammed down our throats ie Death Meters. There’s a saying, if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. Well, our old Analogue Electrical meters work/worked just fine & now they are to cost us a raging fortune for us to pay for them. Well if Abbot & his cronnies are so adamant that we’re to have them, then how about they pay for them out of their own pockets, because we didn’t ask for them.
    If a criminal holds you up at gunpoint & robs you, then is it any different if they slap these costs onto our bills & demanding it has to be paid.

    We’re lead to believe they are to save money from putting people out of jobs for minus the meter readers no longer needed. And just think in another 5,6, or 7 or so years these Meters will need replacing again as they have a short life expectancy to burn out. There is no positive benefit for us people to have them, for they will increase cancer to go through the roof along with souring costs to pay for them at our expense as they only benefit our dictating masters that will allow them to spy on us in every way that allows them to know everything we are doing in our own homes to strip our privacy away. Isn’t it time that this whole Scam is abolished, along with WiFi that is also damaging our kids brains & DNA, etc. For sure we have allowed the government to treat us like parasitic vermin long enough for if these Death Meters are not good enough to be put in Canberra homes, then it should be likewise everywhere else. That is right, there is a plan not to put them in The Fed Territories because politicians live and work there. Just thing of all the homes that have caught fire & burned down because of these life damaging devices & the lives thrown instantly into Chaos due to EMF sensitivity. Our government have sold of most of the power grid to overseas foreign interests just as they’re selling off everything else. This is a Human Rights violation that must not be tolerated, for now time has come, enough is enough. It’s time that these Traitors are stopped working towards their UN Agenda 21 Depopulation Plan. Don’t believe it? Then go look it up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said Rob. Totally agree. People are taking back their power but the media aren’t there to help with informing the general public as to what is really going on . The federal government has allowed a company that is connected to our defense force, John Holland, I think, to be sold off to a Chinese company for $1.5 billion or so. This company has been investigated for many illegal activities, I will find the link and post it here. Absolute blatant treason against the people of Australia.

    • Gwen says:

      This is the info regarding the sale of The John Holland Group. This would just be the start of the Trans Pacific Partnership with China.
      If they start building roads etc. the charges they will impose will make us servants to these corrupt corporations. Part of the agreement stipulates no interference from government, authorities, or the people.

  20. ddigman says:

    So without my consent I have been forced by the Victorian State Government and its corporate cronies to accept a loss of human dignity through the governmental and corporate theft of my privacy. I have been forced by the Victorian State Government and its corporate cronies to accept a hike in the amount of radiation I have to accept in what is laughingly called ‘my home’ and the only people profiting from it, refuse to pass on any of the savings to me from not having to send out anyone to read the meter anymore, are now going to pick me up and shake out another couple of hundred dollars, and I can, at least in theory, do nothing about it?

    Maybe revolution is something I can do about it.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      To ddigman:
      Dear Sir,
      Regarding revolution, please see my bit on possibly bringing back Madame La Guillotine I added to S.S.M.A yesterday. Methinks that very soon Madame La Guillotine could possibly come back into vogue to punish those miscreants who are doing their best to rob us blind and kill us all here in Victoria with steady Microwave Poisoning from these accursed and deadly and actually far from Clever so-called Smart Meters that certainly aren’t Smart in any way at all.

      Do I hear the frightening sound of that cold hard steel 45 degree angled razor sharp blade of Madame La Guillotine swishing down the four guide rails to start chopping off a few heads of the Foreign owned Electric Power Company C.E.O’s and others complicit with these still ongoing crimes tied to forcing the Victorian People to accept these so-called Smart Meters against their Democratic Rights from the Evil foreign owned Electric Power Companies ?. ”SSSSSWISH Thunk,” yes I was correct. ”Oh No ! that last head in the wicker basket looked surprisingly like that of Mr Michel O’Brien’s the first Victorian Liberal party’s Minister for Energy and Resources and there’s that ”SSSWISH sound once more then ”CHOMP !” ”Oh dear that looked like the head of Mr Russell Northe the last Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources head now in the wicker basket.

  21. Hammer Mann says:

    Dear Readers,
    This extra lot of Electricity Charges on us the Victorian Electricity Customers is EXTORTION Plain and simple. It is a disgrace that Australian Energy Regulator has allowed it at all. I think that the five foreign owned Electricity Power Companies here in Victoria all need their Licences REVOKED and the lot of the C.E.O’s in Charge of these Rapinely greedy Electric Power Companies all need to be Flung into PRISON for a 20 year stretch as a minimum sentence, to be served in full, with no remission for good behaviour.

    I say SEIZE all of the five rotten unprincipled and as I allege CRIMINAL five foreign owned Electrical Power Companies and give them all back to us the People of Victoria from whom I allege Mr Geoffrey Kennett stole them back in 1994 to sell to his rich buddy mates in China and Singapore. What did little Geoffrey get out of it ? That’s the burning question, perhaps a few million Australian Dollars to line his already golden trouser lined pants pockets ?

  22. Jules says:

    Once again double dipping as we already paid for smart meters regardless whether you have one or not.
    With SP Ausnet, they are also trying to recover costs of law suit from Black Saturday Class Action.
    I for one, do not have a smart meter on either of my three properties, as I refused to have them. So will I be exempt for extra charges?………… doubt it they’ll slug me as well?
    The Govt brought in rebates on solar panels and cost efficient homes. Well that will be waste of time as people in the end will not save anything on power costs.
    Most have had rate reduced from when they first got solar panels per Kw.
    Wonder if I get slugged extra charge, I could ask why, as I don’t have any smart meters. Maybe worth a try I reckon.

  23. Chris says:

    I am hanging on to my old meter for dear life.

    Can anyone tell me where I can pick up a second-hand replacement analog meter? There must be millions around. I can’t find a single one on ebay. If mine dies for any reason I want to be able to swap it over, otherwise I fear a smart -meter will be forced on me, “or nothing”. I want an analog backup meter for a rainy day. Can anyone help?

    • Hammer Mann says:

      The sad thing is Chris,
      I’ve heard that the dopey five foreign owned Electric Power Companies have possibly had them burnt as scrap. I find that hard to believe. I think that these as I allege to be corrupt sods have them nicely wrapped up in cotton wool to sell off to a third world country for high prices. This wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t worry about it, the old analogue meters will go on for 100 years and more!

      From what I understand, they have stockpiled and hidden our old analogues in a secret warehouse somewhere.

  24. TheBThing says:

    Those without Smart Meters should then be able to deduct the coming fee to manual read meters out of that fee that’s not being enaged.

  25. Maud Crossing says:

    Greedy foreign owned power companies – killing Victorians, in more ways than one.

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