Baby monitor health warning

Australian author, Donna Fisher, has publicly stated that baby monitors emit dangerous radiation.  She adds that they could be doing more harm than good.

Apart from the health risks for people sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, Donna fears that wireless baby monitors increase the risk of SIDS.  Having a baby monitor in a child’s bedroom is like having a phone antenna station in the bedroom as it is the same radiation.

See: 7News 

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3 Responses to Baby monitor health warning

  1. Hammer Mann says:

    To Paul R.
    Remember Paul what Jesus Christ said………” There are none so blind as those who will not see.” A number of these wilfully and I allege myopic and I allege inhuman creatures work at ARPANSA and at ACMA and in the Microwave Manufacturing industries here in Australia and world-wide. They are not at all interested in your or my physical health or anyone’s health or welfare.

    The Victorian Government’s of the recently past Liberal Party of Ted Baillieu and of Denis Napthine and before that of John Brumby’s Labor Party are I allege just as guilty. Now we have Labours’ new Premier Mr Daniel Andrews presently in power and his minister for energy and resources ‘a woman mind you,’ who should care about Electric Microwave Poisoning to humans, who seems to be WILFULLY IGNORANT of the facts now supported World-Wide that Microwave A.M.I and these so-called but far from SMART broadcasting and receiving machines are being proven to be type 2 B Carcinogen causing machines.

    The World Health Authority well over a year ago, stated that they were then very likely to soon raise these Type 2B possible Cancer Causing Machines to that of Type 2A which is a probable cause of Cancer, but have not done this yet. Why not?. Is the Microwave Industry controlling the World Health Authority or W.H.O just like they seem to be controlling ARPANSA and ACMA here in Australia ? If this is the case then the Microwave Industry needs to be dragged into the highest Court/s in the Land and sued for causing these now seeming to be world-wide Microwave Cancers where mounting evidence is showing that it is the Microwave A.M.I Radiation from these FAR FROM SMART METERS and mobile phones and Microwave Radios atop of high towers and tall buildings and dopy microwave Baby Monitors which are responsible for more and more carcinomas in humans.
    It is an absolute disgrace the way these poisonous machine so mentioned above have been let loose on the public in Victoria and other States of Australia and world-wide as well. None of these machines has ever been tested to see if they are safe for humans or animals or even safe for the willing slaves to humans called Honey Bees or Lady Birds which kill dangerous Aphids the enemy of all plants and vegetation..

  2. cynthiia says:

    I have a home EMF protection system for entire home , will this protect family from radiation from baby monitor?

  3. Paul R says:

    Quote from the article:
    “but a large number of scientific studies have not found a health risk.”

    What large number of scientific studies?????
    I don’t know where they are getting this information from… (perhaps from their asses?)

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