Networked devices are energy hungry – G20 Summit

One of the recommendations of the recent G20 summit is that:

“Participating countries will work together to accelerate the development of new ways to improve the energy efficiency of networked devices.  In 2015, this work will include consideration of options for goals for reducing the global standby mode energy consumption of networked devices”

So these “networked devices”, such as smart meters, are consuming too much electricity?  Even when they’re in stand-by mode, which according to the power companies, is something like 23 hours and 56 minutes a day.  And meanwhile we’re being told to switch off our appliances at the wall in order to stop wasting precious electricity on stand-by mode.

And apparently these smart meters are enabling us, the consumers, “to reduce our electricity consumption”, while at the same time, enabling the power companies to increase people’s electricity consumption to run this networked device in stand-by mode most of the day.  And who is paying to run the smart meter in stand-by mode?

Obviously I’m not as smart as a smart meter because this isn’t making sense to me…..


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8 Responses to Networked devices are energy hungry – G20 Summit

  1. James says:

    “Smart Meters”……………..yeah, MY ARSE !

  2. Rob Guy says:

    A good question. A.F.A.K, the old rotating disc meters were calibrated to compensate for the power used to rotate the disc drive to the meter. I await a response from the manufacturers of smart meters on the question of who pays.
    Rob G

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Don’t forget folks,
      None on these Microwave so-called Smart Meters has been properly tested by the Victorian or any of the Australian States Weights and Measures Board as far as I can Ascertain. This makes these so-called Smart Meters “Unlawful” to be put onto any Victorian Private Home property, and or small business properties as far as I am concerned.

      I contacted the Weights and Measures board in Sydney only five weeks ago and tried to do the same here in Victoria and all I got was …..” The Run-Around,” Typical when no-one wants to admit Liability for testing of these now proving to be in mounting numbers of cases INCENDIARY Microwave and far from Smart Electric Broadcasting and Receiving A.M.I and far from proper Meters which are making an increasing number of both humans and domestic pets and other animals very sick indeed.

      The way things are going we have a large jump in the sickness statistics from some 3 % to 6% of people here in Victoria Australia and overseas from these EVIL Microwave and not so Smart Meters constant radiation. These figures have now jumped from the above not only here in Victoria but world-wide to some 5% to now a new high of 10% of people getting sick from this 24 hours per day 365 days a year background Microwave Radiation bombardment from these so-called Smart Meters and Microwave Radio broadcasting and receiving machines atop high towers and buildings including sickness making Wi-Fi.. This is a very frightening revelation to me and behoves the Powers that be to get rid of all dopy Microwave so-called Smart Meters and replace them all with the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters STOLEN by these overseas Electric Power Companies who I allege are in COLLUSION with the Victorian Government of Past Labour and the now Disgraced and Ousted Victorian Liberal Party.

  3. Paul says:

    I’d like to know how ‘they’ intend to power up gas and water smart meters if they ever come in. I can’t imagine batteries being constantly fitted every few weeks or so and, if that were the case, ‘they’ would only be replacing a meter reader with a battery replacer – obviously no benefit. I certainly would not allow ‘them’ to use my electricity to power up these devices. Then again I wouldn’t have a smart meter.

    Maybe ‘they’ could install miniature solar systems, steam engines or gas generators to provide the means of powering these devices; that shouldn’t cost them anything, as the customer always pays!

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Paul,
      Good questions of yours above. This mad rush to make everything Smart Meter powered is total madness and just goes to show its a desperate Cash Grab by both the Victorian Government and these as I allege crooked money-grubbing foreign owned Electric Power Companies.

  4. angelis80 says:

    Reblogged this on Awakening of Humanity and commented:
    Makes perfect sense to me too…smart meters are like Homer Simpson says… “SMRT”

  5. malcolm says:

    Am I glad I haven’t got one of these energy hungry devices. No wonder power bills are going UP.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I haven’t got one of these power gobbling and actually far from Smart Meter devices either, so I can’t be billed any “Time of Use for the electricity I use, as I still have my own Electric Analog Safe and Passive Electric Meter which is padlocked against THEFT, as is my Democratic and Lawful right. I bought the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter and have the sales receipt to prove it when I built my own home some 30 years ago. Therefore you overseas owned Electric Power Companies and AusNet Services formerly named S.P AusNet stop telling lies that all Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters are owned by you, who I allege to be CORRUPT and Rapinely greedy LIARS of foreign owned Electric Power Companies.

      Complicit in this ongoing as I allege to be crime of stealing the perfectly safe older Electric Analog Meters as I also allege to be gross wickedness, are both the past John Brumby Labor Government and the past and now ousted Ted Baillieu and lastly Denis Napthine Victorian Liberal Party Governments.

      Now that Mr Daniel Andrews the new Premier of the new Victorian Labour Party is now in power, will he do the moral and decent thing and get rid of all these Incendiary and sickness making dopy so-called Smart Meters which are not smart in any way at all ? This is the burning question he still has to answer dear readers !

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