ARPANSA seeks your feedback

The Australian Radiation Protection And Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) sets the standards of safe levels of radiation emissions from devices such as smart meters, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, mobile phone towers, cordless phones and baby monitors.  They have developed a survey to gauge the communities perception of ARPANSA performance and the services they provide. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete, unless you’re keen to give them detailed responses.

Responses will allow ARPANSA to assess your view of:
* ARPANSA in general
* their leadership in radiation protection and nuclear safety
* how they communicate
* their integrity and leadership on radiation protection issues.

ARPANSA states, “By completing this survey, you will help ARPANSA identify your needs and deliver better services”.

ARPANSA survey

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25 Responses to ARPANSA seeks your feedback

  1. Minnie says:

    Why does ARPANSA care what we think? Do they actually want feedback? Or don’t they have anything to do? Will they actually implement any ideas suggested? Do they really want to know what i think of them? Sometimes it is better not to ask questions, as you might not like the answers ARPANSA.

    • Peter says:

      Minnie, ARPANSA has shown that it has no interest in our views, they simply want to hear what customers have to say, so they can work on uncompromising answers without actually doing anything! They have a health complaints register which has been growing since 2002, but make clear, they will NOT be investigating any health problems.

  2. Ro says:

    ARPANSA are limited to radiation effects which can be measured, psychological effects achieved by synchronising those groups in the radiated pulse train with alpha and beta brain waves. Synchronisation can produce mental responses – see my posts in other threads.
    Of particular concern is current research into the use of subliminal messages flashing in conjunction with low level radiated pulse groups. The ARPANSA charter does not extend to this category of risks to safety.
    Rob G

  3. C A says:

    Hi Australia! Thought you would be interested to know that there was a special hearing held in the state of Michigan in the US over smart meters. Dozens of people from around the state testified about the health impacts of the meters. This is progress. Huge step forward. We have the lens focused on the regulatory commission now, for its failure to consider health impacts of the meters! C A www magneigh blogspot com

    • Peter says:

      Hi CA, its good to hear your voice is being heard over there in the USA, unfortunately, here in Aus, our ‘transparent government’ refuse to even consider any form of meaningful investigation into possible harmful effects of these surveillance and control devises, I believe because they were sold under some sort of Trade Pact Agreement, which forbids government interference in the investors ability to profit from their investment

  4. We were fortunate that our meter box was inside the Garage. We had a sign up saying no smart meters. Originally in our area there were about 80 odd Homes that refused smart meters. After intimidating letters and threatening phone calls, the number dropped to the mid 20’s when the Liberal Energy Minister said we will just charge the people who don’t have them, more, and see if they like that.
    Well Minister I had my say last Saturday. I don’t know if you lost your seat, I hope so. I also voted for the Smart Meter Party for the Senate.
    To be honest there is not much different between the 2 Parties. To be told do as I say, I was told that as a child, at 75 I have just said get stuffed.

    • Boopsy says:

      HUGE thumbs up to you Rick!!!!

    • Hammer Mann says:

      HI Rick,
      Yes I’m now 75 years old as well, and I was bullied by dopy Power Core five times some times over the telephone and some by letter. I told these bullies over the phone the truth, which was ‘that I had lived through the bombing of London during the Second World War and that I won’t put up with bullying of any kind.’ On the second occasion of my being bullied over the ‘ phone I told the stupid woman at Powercor that I sue her in Court and take her house off her and all her money and her car and leave her standing in a pair of thongs and a pair of knickers with no brassier to hold her tits up ! Wow did I get a response from that salvo I shot her down the phone. She cried here eyes out and sobbed great heaving sobs until Janet Hogarty her boss who’d been listening into the phone conversation came to the rescue on the telephone, and said that I had reacted too strongly. “Well ‘BOLLOCKS to that,” I thought and gave Mrs Janet Hogarty a good tongue lashing as well. That got these two women off my back at last.

      Not to be outdone though some months later a male dope from the A.M.I Department of Powercor sent me a letter telling me a whole pack of lies, stating “That it was the law, I had to take an Electric Microwave Smart Meter.” Luckily Henry my twin brother opened this letter before me and phoned the writer of this letter. I got home from shopping just in time to hear Henry’s very angry voice ticking this stupid man off in very strong tones. Henry said that both he and I would be coming around to this man’s home and worrying him to buy Henry’s Electrical Goods and that we knew exactly in what street this A.M.I servant of Powercor lived and his house number and that we would not take NO for an answer and we’d pester him morning noon and night. This nasty A.M.I officer sounded very cross over the phone and stated that to pester him to buy Henry’s Electrical Goods would be harassment.”
      “Well,” stated Henry very forcefully,”that’s what your trying to do to me and Richard my brother, you stupid man !”
      I then asked Henry to please give me the ‘phone and I had a forceful go at this dopy man. He then sounded cowed. See folks if these Dick-Heads bully you, give them a dose of their own medicine. My parting salvo to this A.M.I weak excuse for a man was that I’d use my very powerful lawyers to drag him through the Court and Sue him using Brodie’s Law which would get him imprisoned for bullying Henry and me for up to ten years.
      Upon hearing this from me he sounded very shaky indeed and that’s when he hung up his phone.

    • Peter says:

      I’m 74, Yeah! Old guys rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have attempted to fill out the survey but it doesn’t work. When you go to done at the end, after completing all questions, it says I need to complete a question which has already been completed, and wont let me send..Typical.

  6. John and Al says:

    Thanks for the link! cheers John

  7. Concerned says:

    By not acting on peoples health complaints since the forced invasion of smart metering here in Victoria, then ARPANSA is knowingly negligent – and couldn’t care less! Disgusting. On the subject of wireless technology, there is still more research needed in regards to human (particularly children), animal and plant life. Protective measures do not exist, therefore ARPANSA must take immediate action if it is in any way serious about minimising harmful radiation emissions. The horse has long bolted, so I am sorely disappointed in this scam of an organisation, as it is of NO VALUE to any of us.

    • Jackie says:

      Totally agree with this post, well said.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I allege that ARPANSA is totally negligent when it comes to Human and animal and all of Life’s HEALTH. Yes even the dear little honey bees are now being murdered by this INSANE and far from Smart Microwave and falsely named Smart Meters which are really spying meters and are, when one looks into it properly actually Illegally being used for one reason alone, perhaps two. Firstly they do away with manual meter reader men thus putting them out of a job and these dopy machines use extra electricity to send Electricity usage from each customers’ homes’ and or small businesses’, which is something the older Safe and Passive Analog Meters could not do as they had to be manually read.

      I also allege that ARPANSA is a wicked servant to the Microwave Industry as well which does not care a jot about human or animal or even benign insect health like honey bee’s or even the lady-bird’s health. Without the honey bee for the necessary pollination of fruit trees and wheat and barley and rye and other essential crops. The lady-bird is also essential to eat aphids which would otherwise decimate much of the food and flower industry as well.

  8. Brenn says:

    Just completed this—hope others do too—-cant find any information re the results of PPV in the polling—how did we do? cheers

  9. Happy Dissenter says:

    Done. I wonder if this group is tough enough to handle a few home truths?

  10. Paul says:

    I’ll give them feedback now!
    Unprofessional, pig-headed and bloody-minded. The only ‘testing’ they have carried out has to do with the heating effects on living organisms by the radiation emitted by smart meters, which as most people would be intuitively aware, is negligible. Never has ARPANSA considered the other biological effects (cancers, tinnitus, skin rashes, blood-brain barrier, pineal gland, etc), nor will they, even in light of the evidence worldwide, which is largely being ignored. Consequently their scientific approach belongs back in the Middle Ages. Don’t waste your time people!

    • Hammer Mann says:

      What would you expect ! I allege that ARPANSA is tied monetarily to the Microwave Industry, so I see them as USELESS and would not be able to tell you or me the TRUTH even if they wanted too. You see the Microwave Industry is seemingly ARPANSA’s Masters

  11. Rik says:

    Done. Now hope they do something about these damn smart meters. They are as bad as a nuclear plant, actually worse as we live with these next to us where a nuke plant wouldn’t be on our doorsteps.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Readers,
      Here is startling news indeed and shows the level of great anger amongst the citizens in Michigan the way this Microwave Smart Meter issue has been like here in Victoria thrust down peoples throats by the D.T E Electric Power Company and others in other States of America.

      Even better than the No. 2 Video is the No. 1 Video here where the two DTE representatives are brought in to explain to the State of Michigan ‘In House Committee’ their views on the Microwave Smart Meters. It is very clear how unsympathetic these two men, nay more like GOONS turn out to be with their hard-hearted attitude towards their customer-genuine suffering of varying sicknesses seemingly caused from the constant exposure to the Microwave Smart Meter Radiation 24 hours per day 365 and a quarter days of the year. These two men, nay, goons I should say, take the same cruel and heavy hearted and uneven-handed approach towards their electricity customers who want to get rid of these, like here in many cases, proving to be human and all-life sickness and Incendiary Meters and demand that their customers use the Opt-Out System where customers refuse to accept a Smart Meter and have to pay to keep the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters or be forced to take the Digital Meters from which the microwave chip has supposedly been removed. I stress here supposedly been removed, as in some cases earlier in Canada the Microwave Chip was left in and continued to irradiated many customers as I saw and heard on a Video some 12 months ago. This was proven to be FACT by one woman’s husband who had a Microwave Measuring Meter which caught out the evil Smart Meter man when the supposed new Analog Meter was installed in a Canadian home, but this replacement electric meter actually had a small microwave chip embedded in its base. Here is a case similar to the Wicked and Stand-Over Attitude displayed towards citizens here in Victoria Australia. These two very high paid representatives from the DTE Electric Company are aware of the great unrest of many thousands of their Electricity Customers, but chose to quote studies that corruptly state that these so-called Microwave Sicknesses are extremely rare. In this way these two D.T.E representatives LIED to themselves and the Commission they were testifying to in this Video Tape No. 1.

      What really surprised these two goons was when the In House Committee man a Mr Mc Millin put it to these two D.T.E men, would D.T.E in the future use police tactics as had been used in one Electric Power Companies’ tactics of forcing people to take a Smart Meter against their will and better judgement where he meant the Naperville residents who refused to comply with these unlawful strong-arm tactics had been used to forcefully cut padlocks and chains and force the Smart Meters onto people’s properties in Naperville had been effected. He did not mention the name of Naperville but that is where these deeds of wickedness had been perpetrated. At this questioning of the main man who looked like a side of beef looked most uncomfortable and said a stupid thing which was……. “ I hope that things would not get that bad.” At which a huge cry of anger and concern arose from the hundreds of public in the Michigan huge town hall. At the end of Mr Mc Millan’s questioning these two goons from D.T.E got out of their chairs in haste and scurried off like frightened rats deserting a sinking ship.

      This shows me that these two D.T.E men are seemingly CORRUPT and refuse to recognise their badly health affected customers genuine Microwave Sicknesses, As Jesus Christ said “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” These two D.T.E men do not want to see the frightening evidence which is clear to even Blind Freddie as it will get in the way of their company’s monetary profits and their own pay and or salary and bonus packages.

      Later in the tape another two men are brought in to testify who it is clear work with these Electric Power Companies but are supposed to represent the common people and the customers of the Electricity Customers. They seem to me and the audience at this hearing to be just as corrupt and are really Put On The SPOT by Mr Mc Millin the Representative of the Michigan In House Committee, a very clear-thinking and decent man and the the same level headed and compassionate man who does a fine job of asking very challenging questions to firstly the earlier highly paid D.T.E two representatives and later to the two another two representatives of another different Energy Company and to yet another two people who are supposed to represent the interests of the public but are seemingly solely in cahoots with these now also seemingly corrupt D.T.E and other Electric Power Companies in Michigan, also SCREWING their Electricity customers and showing no sympathy for these their customers microwave seemingly caused sicknesses of headaches and or insomnia and or nausea and or muscle cramps etc caused only after the forced imposition of the Microwave so-called Smart Meters.

      I was literally shocked at the level of cruelty shown by these people working for the Electric Power Companies and those who are supposed to support the public as far as Health and Safety are concerned, who were the last two representatives to supposedly oversee that public safety is not ridded rough-shod over !

      About 200 people showed up for the December 2nd, 2014 smart meter hearing before the Michigan House Oversight Committee chaired by Tom McMillin. 72 of these filled out cards to speak. Everyone who spoke, except for the corporate people and MPSC people, was against the new meters. At least 45 submitted written evidence for the record that may be viewed by the public (see below).

      Rep McMillin asked very astute and probing questions when the representatives of DTE, Consumers and MPSC were making their statements. The hearing did not get under way until 5:30 but continued to nearly 10 pm.

      Earlier in the day there had been large demonstrations on the Capitol steps and many had participated in having the Sergeant-At-Arms call out their elected representative from the Senate and House sessions to discuss with them the smart meter issues. Many who participated earlier were not able to attend the hearing due to the late starting time.


      Richard Leschen.

  12. David says:

    Done…… 🙂
    I wonder if they are actually wanting to improve ARPANSA, or if the govco is looking to fold ARPANSA into another area of government to save costs?

  13. Boopsy says:

    Thank-you. Provided my 2cents worth. Probably won’t mean anything, but it’s worth a shot.

    Hey how did the PPV go in the election? I voted for them. Any information about it yet?

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