Special Q & A Screening of Take Back Your Power, Belgrave, VIctoria


TakeBackPowerCameoDec2014TAKE BACK YOUR POWER, Click Here to book this special Cameo Belgrave screening. Thank you for supporting your community concerning rights, safety, privacy, & health.

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4 Responses to Special Q & A Screening of Take Back Your Power, Belgrave, VIctoria

  1. Anonymous says:

    How long was this screening advertised for ? I only knew about it through SMA and that was with only two days before screening.

    Monday, December 01 7:00PM – 8:58PM
    at Cameo Cinemas
    1628 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave VIC, Australia, 3160 (map)
    $15.00 General
    Called off This event needed 51 more people to reserve a ticket to be confirmed.
    Going 7
    Needed 51
    This Event was Called off
    Box Office Closed

    Can this screening please be re-scheduled and advertised for a longer time so that we get the numbers needed and it won’t get called off due to lack of people ? I am still keen to see it.

  2. Elfie Crystal Schmidt says:

    I live in Essendon so when one comes up around here I will consider going.  Belgrave is too far. Thanks for email, Elfie

  3. Jonathan says:

    Is it on or not? I received email regarding showing of this film only 3 hours ago, and have now seen that it is not on…
    If it isn’t on at Cameo Belgrave, please let me know when it is on next on that region.

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