People Power Victoria’s Radio Advertisement

Listen to People Power Victoria’s radio advertisement by clicking here: People Power Victoria’s Radio Advertisement 

Please forward the ad to your contacts and spread the word…..

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19 Responses to People Power Victoria’s Radio Advertisement

  1. Eric says:

    What I would like to see is a show of hands…..a show of hands of every person who has been bullied, harassed, coerced or intimidated by an Electricity Distributor into allowing the installation of a smart meter or in an attempt (failed or otherwise) to forcefully install a smart meter on their private premises.

    Who out there has been bullied, harassed and intimidated by the thuggish behavior of power utilities at the behest of the Victorian State Government ? What are the numbers ? Put up your hand.

    I’m willing to say the this number would be so large that it would be considered inconceivable at first mention.

    This ARMY of people must bring the Victorian State Government to account for the criminality that THEY have instigated………regardless of which political party is in power. The so called Victorian State Government must be made answerable for the treacherous acts of intimidation that IT instigated against Victorians.

    These BAST@RDS ie. these numerous power utility representatives (of which I can individually name many of them) have left Victorians TRAUMATIZED by their bastard acts of bullying. This includes those Victorians who do not have a stinking smart meter and it also includes those Victorians who do have a stinking smart meter and are suffering because of it because they just do not want it but are suffering the ignominy of having it forcefully imposed upon them or who are suffering severe or non severe health consequences for which no party is willing to investigate, acknowledge or willing to be made accountable for.

    I say Victorians have been left TRAUMATIZED……..and these BAST@RDS must ultimately be brought to account for having done this and the Victorian State Government as the silent instigator of these BASTARD acts of violation of Victorian persons must be made to answer for this reprehensible behavior.

    Labor Part or Liberal Party, it doesn’t matter. It’s persons representing the Victorian State Government that have instigated and caused this act of thuggery on a mass scale against so many good hearted people here in Victoria, people who never could have imagined that their own government could betray them and violate them in such a manner as they have and as I said, having left them traumatized.

  2. Paul says:

    Unfortunately PPV didn’t perform as well as it could have at last Saturday’s election, possibly because there was not enough awareness made through the media or the media did not want to give us due consideration. Most probable is that Victorians (SSMA members excepted) simply do not care enough.
    Well folks, don’t be disillusioned, the fight will go on and this time Daniel Andrews and his soon-to-be-named Energy Minister will be inundated with requests to stop the smart meter madness.

    At the very least we want the communication chip removed from existing smart meters. At best we would like to have the old analogue meters returned.

    Why should we:

    1. Have to pay for a meter reader when our daily charge covers this and has done so for many years? If the state government allows for charges to apply for this, then it is double-dipping and the government is making laws on behalf of a private company (would the government be so kind as to enforce a charge on people to support my small business? I think not! Yet they are doing it for the likes of the foreign-owned power companies.

    2. Be forced to pay for a smart meter every 4-5 years, whether we have one or not? If somehow they get the abovementioned reading charge through, then would it negate the charge for a smart meter?

    3. Be forced to accept a smart meter when the government, power companies and all others involved know about the health issues relating to these devices and microwaves in general? They blindly ‘accept’ ARPANSA’s only study, which simply put states that there are no adverse HEATING EFFECTS on living tissue. So true but what about all the other effects, which have been blatantly ignored (tinnitus, cancers, blood-brain barrier, skin lesions, irritation, mood swings, the correlation (since the early 1990s) of increasing microwave radiation and autism, etc, etc, etc).

    Keep fighting, we will be a major force in the near future.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      To be honest, I think it was a great result. The Sex Party have had heaps of people on booths doing HTV cards, glitzy t-shirts, lots of bunting and whacky publicity for years and they have only just scored an upper house seat. Each year our profile will be raised. We just have to stick together and spread the word about the dangers of these horrible meters. Our message is being discovered overseas too when you do a simple google search on the internet. Don’t give up. 🙂

    • Hummerspent says:

      Remember, PPV ran a campaign on virtually a zero budget.

      If you were out and about on election day and in the time leading up to it, you would have seen and realised that the major parties had a significant budget to put into their campaigns with all the many large advertising banners of individual candidates visible all over the place and even the established political parties need to know how to go about and market their campaigns.

      In giving out the HTV Cards in (green) Brunswick on Saturday, I gauged that people were sympathetic to our message ie. they didn’t want smart meters but….because they already had one imposed on them, a common reaction that I heard was “YES….but too late, I’ve already got one”.

      As I said, PPV got the result that it did on a zero budget. Look at it in that light and then judge the achievement. There is a need to know how to market the message. Proper marketing can better happen when one has a campaign budget. Even Jeff Kennett acknowledged that the Labor Part ran a brilliant campaign. Many of the people who voted Labor, Liberal and Greens do not want smart meters. I think that is a fact.

      An election cannot be won without some serious electioneering and politicking. That requires resources ie. money and people. Labor and Liberal had the budget and the greens had the volunteers on the ground.

      Think what PPV could have achieved if it had the budget and the resources to properly market a campaign, then think of it’s achievement at this election in terms of a campaign that was run on a near zero budget.

      • Anonymous says:

        100% correct Hummerspent. Didn’t the Labour Party employ a previously successful campaign group to work the media and social media for them. We didn’t have much time as well as no money either. People need a clear hit in the eye impact message that is concise and grabs their attention like CHILDREN ARE IN DANGER from smartmeter radiation! Well done for the big start to an enormous battle by everyone who participated.

  3. Happy Dissenter says:

    I was on a booth with a guy whose company makes these devil meters. Here I was happily chatting away about life and the universe, when he suddenly got an attack of the guilts and said “You wont like who I work for.” After that I gave him a polite explanation that he was on the wrong side of humanity as he was trying to understand why I was so anti the meters. I told him there were many many angry home-owners out in anti-smart-meter-land. The only saving grace of the day was meeting our local candidate who is an absolute gem. 🙂 Wally, what did the health minister say in her phone call?

  4. Brian Turner says:

    Good luck and thank you for posting this ad. We in British Columbia, Canada are having the fight of our lives to have our so-called democratic government stop wasting our money, time and bullying of our citizens. Every little bit of information helps. To know that you are speaking out in this manner is heartening.

    Cheers, Brian Turner,
    Mission, BC

  5. Sharron says:

    Good Luck to all candidates for People Power Victoria. I have finished my letterbox drop here in the neighbourhood and voted early also. Hope this is the start of something truly great and the message reaches far and wide across Victoria that there is an alternative to the disgraceful, corrupt two party preferred ‘system’. Go PPV 🙂

  6. Nenad Stanojevic says:


    Do you have a script version of that please, this is so that we can cut and paste them on our FaceBook. Some people may not want to listen to a MP3 as they may think it is long and political and biased etc.

    Kindest Regards *Nenad Stanojevic* (Neno) Mobile – 0409 351 210

  7. Waldo McCluskey says:

    Dennis NAPTHINE admits that people don’t have to have smart meters. Go to Youtube: The today show in Frankston politicians bullshit and Santa.

    • Sam says:

      Good work Wally. Very well done.
      Daniel Andrews made me puke.
      I think he is a very evil man.

      “Smart meters are here to stay”

      Well, if Daniel Andrews becomes premier, he will be given hell on earth.
      I say “Smart meters must go”

      What did Lily D’Ambrosio (who sat on her fat backside for so long) have to say ?

      And who was Napthine’s thug ?

    • Paul says:

      Good one Waldo, are these politicians for real? Napthine says we don’t have to have one ( a smart meter) but we’ll pay to have our meters read – double dipping in my opinion, as we are already paying for this in our daily standing charges.
      Andrews is probably the worst of the two with his comment that smart meters are here to stay.
      These politicians are either totally ignorant or just plain stupid.
      Mark my words, we are facing a threat bigger than the black death in the Middle Ages, if each and every house has a gas, electricity and water smart meter, as the amount of radiation will slowly wipe out a huge portion of the population. Better roads, more police, more schools and the East-West link are really insignificant in comparison.
      We must all do our best to fight this insidious program, which is strongly linked to the UN’s Agenda 21. Place a 1 in the PPV box for the upper house and CAREFULLY SELECT each candidate for the lower house, with Liberal, Labor and the Greens last. That will send a strong message to all of them.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      Excellent Wally, you are much better than any reporter I’ve seen holding the politicians to account. You have it on record from Denis “You don’t have to have a smart meter.” Dan CFMEU man doesn’t surprise me at all. What a disgrace.

    • Minnie says:

      I watched the clip. This would be good to use as evidence. Did Daniel Andrews say smart meters are here to stay and that three reviews had been conducted? Where are these three reviews?

      • Minnie says:

        Napthine and Andrews stopped talking as soon as they realized they were being filmed. They were quite happy to voice their opinion until they realized they were being filmed. Andrews needs to produce these three reviews. Just like Lily still needs to send me those health tests. I also asked Andrews for these health tests.

      • Paul says:

        Totally biased reviews. Andrews is just ignoring the real facts from all over the world. He’s just another politician who thinks he’s the boss (or wants to be) when in fact it is the people of Victoria who are his bosses.

      • Dale says:

        Little Daniel now wants to be seen as Big Dan

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      I was on a booth with a guy whose company makes these devil meters. Here I was happily chatting away about life and the universe, when he suddenly got an attack of the guilts and said “You wont like who I work for.” After that I gave him a polite explanation that he was on the wrong side of humanity as he was trying to understand why I was so anti the meters. I told him there were many many angry home-owners out in anti-smart-meter-land. The only saving grace of the day was meeting our local candidate who is an absolute gem. 🙂 Wally, what did the health minister say in her phone call?

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