How to Vote for People Power Victoria Candidates in the Victorian election

People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters (PPV) is a grassroots political party concerned about the state of Victoria and its future direction. Our candidates are passionate people who care about human rights ahead of corporations; they care about their community and are determined to be the people’s’ voice in Parliament.

PPV is a political party that grew from the Victorian wide campaign opposing the State Government’s forced installation of smart meters.

PPV is running candidates in every Legislative Council Region (Upper House) in Victoria and 4 Legislative Assembly (Lower House) Districts.  We have more candidates than Palmer United!

Information on how to vote for PPV candidates can be found at:

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31 Responses to How to Vote for People Power Victoria Candidates in the Victorian election

  1. kenny says:

    My election Wrap Up

    Thanks to everyone for all your support and encouragement in our quest to enlighten the people. Had I attempted to “get the word out” as an individual random guy on the street with no backing, no one would’ve listened.

    The votes we received do not reflect the amount of awareness we have achieved.
    The amount of people enlightened via word of mouth, over 100,000 leaflet drops, radio ads, PPV signs and social media are unknown. I witnessed many people carefully reading our brochure while waiting to vote. Therefore, we can’t gauge the scope of our achievements by actual vote numbers.

    All round fantastic experience, once again, thanks to all concerned.

    Vote 1 People Power Australia

    Cheers, Kenny.

    • sdjm says:

      Hi Kenny,
      Well done in getting the message out there. Although it wasn’t the result we had hoped, there was change, with Labor returned – again…. predictable. I think this shows that the electorate are an overall frustrated bunch and will no longer tolerate fools who break their promises.
      Enlightenment takes time…. and people are set in their ways!

  2. Chris says:

    anyone know the result of last Sat in regards to PPV? did we get any result at all?

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      According to the PPV Facebook, Dan wants to chat with the group due to an excellent result in the upper house. As far as I know, no seat has been taken by PPV. In another comment section below, you mentioned that you spoke to your Liberal candidate after you voted. Who was he? Wonder if it was the same one as mine?

      • sdjm says:

        Good to see PPV is making some kind of impact already on the new Premier. He would be wise to listen up and put an end to the idea of “compulsory smart metering”. Drop it, Dan…be the man!

  3. Paul says:

    Here’s a nice scenario: Either the Liberals are returned or Labor gets in by the skin of their teeth and PPV holds the balance of power.

  4. Happy Dissenter says:

    Whilst I was sitting in the car today listening to the radio, I heard an interesting energy company ad spruiking their terms and conditions and she said something along the lines of “Prices will be determined by what type of meter you have.” I’m guessing non-smart meter families will now be slugged a higher penalty. Anyone else think the same?

  5. Paul says:

    I live in the Ivanhoe area. Why is there no PPV candidate listed for the lower house? At least I will be putting Greens last then Labor and Liberal. I am left with no choice but to put Family First and Australians for Christians as my first selections.

  6. Chris says:

    cast my vote today at a pre-polling booth. yay!

    as i approached the queue to vote I was rushed by Liberal, Labour and Greens members who were all clutching flyers and shoving them in front of me….I turned to them all and said “ok who here is against smart meters”…and they all put their hands up and laughed and spun around on their heel and walked the other way giggling and carrying on. They kind of treated me like some kind of crazy unreasonable voter.

    later in the queue (there was a 10 min wait) I was approached by the actual candidate for the Greens with a flyer. I said to her “im kinda disappointed that of all people, The Greens are supporting something as dangerous a smart meters” and she replied “oh..SMART METERS…well I don’t know much about those…sorry”. and then promptly gave up trying to give me a flyer and moved on.

    After voting I walked into the actual candidate for Liberal out the front on the footpath…easy to spot from all the billboards, standing in his suit. I asked him if he was “for or against smart meters…because I have been voting Liberal for 15 years but now I just cant vote Liberal if you support them”…and his response was “why don’t you come down to my office tomorrow, we have some material that we hand out every time there is questions about smart meters that explains they are safe”. I said “so why are so many people getting sick from them?” he replied “I have this report….they are as safe as a microwave oven or toaster…it was instigated by Labour not us….”. I said “well when Liberals came in you had your chance to make them voluntary, not compulsory. I mean this is a democracy, what are you doing supporting something being forced on people. ” he responded “I have this literature…and a study…” I continued “yes I have something that says the opposite, will you admit that putting aside the fact that they may or may not be dangerous, that such a thing should not have been forced on the people? I mean, NSW will be voluntary, SA will be voluntary, but we here in Victoria have it FORCED? whats up with that? this is a free country yeah?”…no response…I then said “do you acknowledge that it should have at least been optional to have one?” …he paused and then said “I do acknowledge it”.

    I thanked him for his time.

    I must say, PPV has excellent positioning on the ballot paper…almost square in the middle of it nice! 🙂


  7. Geraldine Hemmings says:

    I live in East Keilor and am part of the NIDDRIE Electorate.

    For those folk who live in Airport West, Niddrie, Essendon, Avondale Heights and Keilor and who are part of the Niddrie Electorate, Appollo Yianni is an independant candidate who is standing in the Lower House of the Niddrie Electorate and whose campaign is also based on a tough anti smart meters stance. You can cast an anti smart meter vote in the lower house of the Niddrie electorate by voting for Appollo Yianni and numbering your lower house ballot paper as follows (click on link) —–>

    Click to access YIANNI,%20Appollo-Niddrie-FRONT.pdf

    I am in the Western Metropolitan Region for the Upper House will be casting my anti smart meter vote by voting for PPV (candidates Jerry Creaney and Chez Caruso) as follows (click on link)

    Click to access Western_Metropolitan_Region_HTVC.pdf

  8. Chris says:

    thank you for this info! glad this arrived…was going to ask for this.

    really looking forward to next weekend, for the first time in years im excited to get out there and vote!

    • Chris says:

      so to be clear…I only have to put a “1” in the upper house box….no other upper house boxes….and for the lower house boxes I live in bayside, there is no lower house preference sheet for PPV in bayside so I just leave the lower house boxes blank?

      • Ada says:

        Yes, Chris, just put 1 in the upper house box above the line that says People Power Victoria/No Smart Meters. There are no lower house candidates for PPV in Bayside (unless you are in the district of Bentleigh or Frankston?), so just pick an independent, or anyone other than Liberal, Labor or Greens (sadly, they all WANT smart meters).

        • sdjm says:

          Wish I could vote in the Frankston district – Am just out, in the staunch (or should that be stench!) Liberal district of Mornington. Please people think about who you are voting into power, they are all a disgrace here on the peninsula!!!

  9. Janina says:

    great work, could I please ask if unsuccessful, where will the preferences go:)

  10. Gwen 's says:

    Our local papers are not printing anything from our candidate that he sends them on the PPV Party.. Has anyone else had that problem??… We have done a letter box drop & signs on trees along the road..Have emailed this SSMA email to a lot of friends & relatives in Victoria..every little bit helps our cause..All the VERY BEST TO ALL Candidates…Let’s hope that they all get in ..or a good many of them…..

    • Paul says:

      Hi Gwen, your local paper won’t print anything to do with the PPV because it is probably owned by News Limited (Leader Newspapers in Melbourne) or the Fairfax press, just as Neil Mitchell (3AW) is owned. It is in the interest of big business to have smart meters, as they are all about control (google United Nations’ Agenda 21, which has been signed by 170 countries).
      The biggest medium is the Internet, which is being used to great effect to get our message out. Forget the newspapers, as they long ago ceased to be the voice of the people.

    • kenny says:

      Hi Gwen,
      Do you have access to a camera or “smart” phone?
      The PPV website wants snap shots of PPV signs from all over Victoria.
      The more the better.
      Email pics to:

  11. Hammer Mann says:

    Just follow the guide here on S.S.M.A’s
    People Power Victoria, Stop Smart Meters where the News Block is below this line.

    Stop Smart Meters Australia is a hub for information, news and. Please visit where you can post comments and join in the discussion.

    Click HERE to offer to hand out PPV’s “How to Vote” cards on Polling Day.


  12. Ada says:

    Good idea to print some how to vote cards and give to our family and friends – according to which area they live in.

  13. Kathleen says:

    Where can I find out who NSM is preferencing?

    • Driesden says:

      To see the Upper House preferences for NSM, click on the following link and then you have the option of clicking on whichever of the eight Upper House Regions you wish. Once you have selected your region, then search for “PEOPLE POWER VICTORIA/NO
      SMART METERS” and you will see the NSM preferences.

      Here is the link

      The easy way to vote for PPV-NSM in the upper house is to write a single figure 1 in the square above the name “PEOPLE POWER VICTORIA/NO SMART METERS” and let the party distribute the preferences. This would be the best way of supporting PPV-NSM but you do also have the option of numbering all the boxes yourself in such a way where you vote first, second, third etc for PPV-NSM candidates but alter the rest of the preferences to suit yourself. If you want your vote to be a complete anti smart meters vote as I do, best way is just place 1 above the line for PPV-NSM.

      For the four lower house seats where PPV is being represented, the preferences can be seen in the link provided at the top which is

  14. kathy says:

    I would like to distribute flyers in my area. Do you supply the flyers as I don’t have a printer?

  15. Mcb says:

    Go guys , fingers crossed. Maybe we will get someone genuine and really looking out for Victorians and their welfare rather than the ones trying to outsmart each other with the promise of more money going down the gurgler. Think smart Victoria…… Vote Smart .

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