Who should pay for extra smart meter infrastructure costs?

After a smart meter was installed on her house ‘Joan’ experienced repeated surges on the house’s wiring whenever she boiled the electric kettle.  This went on for over a year with no attempt by her power distributor to fix the situation.  Then one morning, a power distributor representative arrived at her door and said that they were doing a street check.  Shortly after, they told Joan they need to turn off her house’s electricity for 15 minutes to conduct further tests.  5 minutes later, they told Joan that she has to pay for an electrician to repair her mains and they will not restore the power until she does so.

Amidst howls of protest that she was not forewarned that she would have her electricity disconnected and that there had been no problems with her household wiring until the smart meter was installed, the power distributor workers expected Joan to be grateful that they had just prevented her house from burning down.  Never mind that it could have burned down any time in the past year or so.

Joan was left without any electricity at all for more than 24 hours.  Plus she was left with a hefty electrician’s bill for work apparently made necessary by the installation of a smart meter.  And meanwhile, the power distributor had held its hand out for a $362 after hours call out fee, which Joan refused to pay.

Who should pay for these extra smart meter infrastructure costs?  Everyone of us is already paying for the smart meter that the power distributors get to claim that they own.  Why should some people be required to pay thousands of dollars in order to enable their house’s wiring and mains to cope with a meter that places significantly more stress upon the wiring than an analogue meter does?

The National Smart Meter Infrastructure Report (4 Feb, 2013) reported on the rollout of smart meters across Australia.  While comparing the Victorian mandated rollout with the more voluntary rollout of other states, the report says on page 9-114:

9.3.2 Existing Infrastructure
One of the issues that smart meter deployments face is that they can highlight problems with wiring/ switchboards etc on the customer side of the connection. This is normally the  responsibility for the customer to maintain. However, where the only reason that this cost has emerged is the rollout of smart meters it is difficult to impose the cost on customers. This is more of an issue for a mandatory programme as voluntary programmes can skip some customers with wiring problems and meters required for Solar may be able to require customers to fix the infrastructure.


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40 Responses to Who should pay for extra smart meter infrastructure costs?

  1. The Red Baron says:

    The leeches of the incumbent Liberal State so called “Government” must be absolutely punished for having forced this great grief upon the people of Victoria in such a totally relentless manner having ignored the cries and the tears and the pain of the Victorian people begging for the cessation of this great crime. They cannot be allowed to get away with any last minute attempt to buy back votes just like Jeff Kennett did in the 1999 state election in which he was still turfed out of power by the Victorian electorate and where he wrote a letter to constituents in the Niddrie electorate which they received the night before the election and in which Kennett said he would not go ahead with the toxic waste dump in Niddrie Lake. Up until that point Jeff Kennett was absolutely all for it as far as having the toxic dump was concerned. This is a clearly a party of maggots and leeches. There is vile substance that is endemic in their very fabric. It manifests itself over and over again and the message must be sent out clearly and loudly that these corrupt men cannot get away with the criminality they have committed simply by changing the tune of their song at the last minute. They had so much opportunity to put this matter right with the Victorian people and they only responded in such an incompassionate and callous manner. It is now too late. Nothing they can say will redeem them. And also I say to Ms Lily D’Ambrosio who thinks that all she needs to do is just sit there, and do nothing, and everything will come to her, that it wouldn’t surprise me if events unfold in such a way that come November Ms. Lily D’Ambrosio will find herself well and truly out of a job also.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      In that Ms Lily D’Ambrosio is still sitting on the Fence and not doing any independent research into just how dangerous these idiotic and far from Smart Meters really are and how I Richard Leschen have and others have also supplied her with strong and Irrefutable Scientific Evidence to show how these stupid and Incendiary and far from Smart Microwave Meters have already burnt down a Northcote home and caused other fires in other suburbs of Melbourne, such as six (6) of these far from Smart Meter Fires in Glenroy and another five (5) other Smart Meter fires in the Geelong and Ararat regions. She Ms Lily D’Ambrosio doesn’t seem to give a’ Brass Razoo’ about the safety of her Victorian Citizens or their homes or their health or electrical devices such as fridges and T.V’s and printers and Computers etc.

      For this reason alone she deserves to be SACKED along with that incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Russell Northe who just like his predecessor Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and his immediate predecessor Mr Michael O’Brien, all three were too GUTLESS to meet the many concerned Victorian Citizens who demanded to see all three of these GUTLESS Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources when these three same Ministers had expressly invited the concerned Victorian citizens by letter to meet them. This makes Mr Michael O’Brien and Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and the incumbent Mr Russell Northe a bunch of Cowards.

      Opposition Minister for Energy and Resources Ms Lily D’Ambrosio, is a deadly danger to all Victorian Citizens health as she is not prepared to Get Rid Of These Dangerous Incendiary Meters even now, as she threw her hat into the ring of complicit people wanting to keep the roll-out of these Dangerous Microwave but far from Smart Meters rolling out, which are dangerous to not only every Victorian home and small business which has one or more of these dopy and far from Smart Electric Microwave broadcasting and receiving devices, but now proving to be Deadly to Human Health after these dopy meters are forced on people, many of whom are then assailed with such health hazards as Tinnitus or ringing in the ears to splitting headaches, to muscles spasms, to burning pains behind the eyes such as poor Mrs Sofia Telemzouguer and her sixteen (16) year old daughter suffered when the dopy and far from Smart Microwave Meter was forced upon them and many others here in Victoria.

  2. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Quite surprised to see an ad on TV yesterday saying “Disconnect from the electricity grid!”. It was from Standard Solar ( http://www.standardsolar.com.au ). Is this a sign of things to come? It would be nice to find a way to shield the RF emitted by inverters, so then we can all free ourselves from the power companies who treat us worse than slaves and make us pay for it!

  3. Gwen says:

    I have just read an article in The New Daily, an online news service, asking if our privacy is at risk from house hold gadgets.

    “Essentially, the devices around the house have got an IP address and that IP address gives a unique identifier in the internet and once that IP address is known it can be written or read or accessed by other devices.”
    Mr Livingstone says having more devices connected to the internet means having more potential entry points for intruders.
    Smart fridges could threaten home security.
    Are we at risk?
    Mr Livingstone suggests the thirst for technology and convenience is not being matched by security concerns. He believes the potential for intrusion into the privacy of users is a real threat.
    A smart meter was not mentioned.

    • Paul says:

      I’m a hacker driving down Gwen’s street with my little hacking laptop and I notice that the only electrical device in operation at Gwen’s house is a refrigerator. Conclusion – no one is home. On the other hand, a TV in operation would usually mean there is someone at home.

      All this is possible thanks to ‘smart’ meters and other ‘smart’ technology. Be careful when you buy ‘smart’ goods in future.

      Maybe this presents a great business opportunity for an electronics engineer/computer engineer, in that he/she may be able to start a fully legal business in removing chips from home electrical devices that are intended to communicate with ‘smart’ meters.

      Probably not such a good idea, as it may upset the power companies and governments, and we wouldn’t want to do that would we?

    • Altered Meek says:

      If there is no alternative to purchasing a non-smart enabled appliance, do not fear as the circuits in these devices that are used specifically for the network can be disconnected, bypassed or disabled.
      There are many electronics whizzes out there that will no doubt provide information on how to do this (either step by step instructions or videos).
      Or there will be willing friends that will assist to ensure our freedom.
      The only downside I can see is that you would only be able to do the modification once the appliance is out of warranty and not before.
      There is always a way around it.

      • Eric says:

        No, just forgo the warranty if you have to. We must not even for one moment be prepared to be held ransom to any of this $H1+.

      • Citizen for Democracy says:

        Another option is to buy second hand goods (produced in the ‘no-microchip’ era).

        • Hammer Mann says:

          Yes to Citizens for democracy,
          Yes a very good Idea buy second hand electrical goods to stop the rotten Electric Power Companies from sticking their noses in where they are not wanted.

  4. Nifty Neville says:

    “Smart meters” ??? Yeah, smart meters MY ARSE

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Readers,
      Very Important News in fact, Ground breaking news here now going world-wide. In fact regarding these now Deadly and far from Electric Microwave broadcasting and receiving and far from Smart Meters, which are actually INCENDIARY METERS.

      Looks as if the people in power, that is the Electric Power Companies in America buying these Idiot Microwave Wave Electric and far from Smart INCENDIARY Meters are going to have to replace every one of these IDIOTIC Machines with the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters as is starting to be done in England and the rest of the United Kingdom.

      American Electric Power Companies are now wanting to charge the Manufacturers of these INCENDIARY proving to be dopy machine and not the already out of pocket Electricity Customers’ of theirs for a change over to the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters. The very same needs to be done here In Victoria Australia as well, not next month or tomorrow but “RIGHT NOW !”


      Richard Leschen.

  5. Linda Nemeth says:

    You are all correct we need to continue this fight all the way through to the ballot box and send a very strong message to the Liberal/nationals and the Labor party that they report to us not the other way around.

  6. Hammer Mann says:

    I must reveal a Filthy Victorian Government SECRET,
    But this time even more strongly, that a S.M Meter referred to commonly as an Electric Smart Meter, is actually a Sadomasochism Meter because the name “Smart Meter’’ is not smart, but is sadly made up to wickedly trick mainly gullible people into thinking that this actually INHUMANE Electric broadcasting and receiving meter is SMART, it is actually a Satanic Invention.

    This so-called Smart Meter is also an INCENDIARY METER and should have never been manufactured and forced on the people of Victoria in the first place by both the past Corrupt Victorian Labour Government or this now also proving to be Corrupt Victorian Liberal Party Government. This dopy and far from Smart Electric Meter has been, and still is not only poisoning more and more people here in Victoria Australia, but also in other countries of the world and is still causing fires in many privately owned homes and small businesses and killing some people from smoke inhalation as happened to Larry Nikkel. http://stopsmartmeters.org/2013/06/21/when-smart-meters-kill-the-story-of-larry-nikkel-details-emerge-of-vacaville-ca-smart-meter-fire-death/ We have had six of these far from Smart Meter fires in the Glenroy area of Melbourne, plus the two-storey fire to a Greek home in Northcote, after a dopy so-called Smart Meter was fitted to this Greek property, which caused over three hundred ($300,000) dollars of damage. As well as this we have had five similar Smart Meter fires in the Geelong area and four similar Smart Meter or Sadomachistic Fires here in Ararat, after these dopy so-called Smart Meters were put onto four farmers’ properties. Other so-called Smart Meter fires have also happened in other areas of Victoria.

    Both of these Victorian Governments need to be SUED in the High Court and the five avaricious foreign owned Electric Power Companies who greedily sought and still seek ever more money from their already Cash Strapped Electricity Customers. Yes these five foreign owned Electricity Companies walked carelessly into the Victorian Labour Party Electric Smart Meter Contracts brought about to Extort ever more money from the people of Victoria.

    Both the past corrupt Victorian Labour Party and this also proving to be corrupt Victorian Liberal Party need to be dragged into The High Court Kicking and Screaming for forcing these Abominations of Poisonous Human Health Wrecking and All Life wrecking Machines onto the mainly unsuspecting Victorian population.
    In every case both Victorian Governments and these same five foreign owned Electric Power Companies have been ceaselessly bullying the people of Victoria and openly breaking Brodie’s Law. This openly breaking of Brodie’s Law is an Imprisonable offence carrying up to ten years in prison for which firstly Mr John Brumby and his Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Peter Bachelor of the Past Victorian Labor Government and everybody tied to this still ongoing wickedness within the Victorian Liberal Party Government is I alleged guilty of these same crimes.

    Following with the recently past Premier Mr Ted Baillieu and his Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources here so named and shamed came, Mr Michael O’Brien, secondly came Mr Nicholas Kotsiras also under the new Victorian replacement Premier Mr Dennis Napthine, and lastly Mr Russell Northe. Everyone of these people here so named and shamed have openly broken Brodie’s Law as well as Mr Mark Feather of the earlier named Victorian Department of Primary Industry, as well as the C.E.O’s of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies of Powercor and City Power and Jemena and United Energy and SP AusNet, as well as their staff manning the Customer Relations departments of these same five Electric Power Companies. All are I allege guilty of constant bullying their Electricity Customers to accept these Filthy Microwave Poisonous and far from Smart Meters against the Will and Better Judgement of their Victorian customers.
    All of these people so named and shamed above need to be dragged into the High Court to face a Jury of twelve men tried and true for these ongoing CRIMES starting back in 2009 with the Roll-out of these damned Electric so-called Smart Meters.
    The Corrupt Victorian Labour Party began these CRIMES and later the Victorian Liberal Party taking over the same Cruel and Wicked actions upon the people of Victoria. To borrow a line from G. and S, I say, “Let the Punishment Fit the Crime ! ”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Capital Punishment has to be reintroduced in Australia. Those primarily responsible for what I allege to be crimes against humanity here in Victoria deserve nothing short of a mandatory death penalty.

  8. Paul says:

    Another thing, I’ll bet Joan didn’t have these problems with her old analogue meter. Therefore the smart meter is the issue, therefore the distributor is wholly responsible for any and all costs that Joan has had to pay.

    • Gwen says:

      Totally agree Paul

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Readers,
      Please see the article from
      “Microwaves, Science and Lies” Documentary Reveals a Product Defense Strategy
      by SkyVision Solutions http://smartgridawareness.org/2014/08/30/microwaves-science-and-lies-documentary-reveals-a-product-defense-strategy/

      As you will see here the W.H.O is being far from entirely honest and are actually playing down the dangers of Microwave Radiation. It seems to me that their constantly saying that the Microwave Smart Meters, meaning actually far from Smart broadcasting and receiving Electric meters on most Victorian private home properties and small businesses here in Victoria and overseas are actually more than just a possible Type 2B Carcinogen causing Electric Meters.

      The World Health organisation or the W.H.O is actually Sitting on the fence. The fact that they may soon call it a Type 2A Carcinogen meter simply moves it from a possible Carcinogen causing machine to a Probable causing Carcinogen machine. Here again the W.H.O is still playing into the Microwave Manufacturing Industries goal of constantly wanting to sell more and more of these as I see them to be very dangerous machines along with the dopy and dangerous to human health and all of life’s health, from the Microwave and now proving to be in more and more cases Incendiary so-called Microwave Smart meters which are actually Microwave broadcasting and receiving meters and far from Smart when they burn down homes as is happening here in Victoria Australia and overseas as well.

      I feel that the roll-out of these dopy Incendiary and far from Smart Microwave Electric Meters has been and still is MADNESS, as at no time have they been tested by any Metrology Department here in Victoria Australia. This is the height of irresponsibility by firstly the Victorian Labor Party, followed by the also careless and now proving to be Corrupt Victorian Liberal Party Government who have like Labor never shown any Duty of Care for the Health or Welfare of their Victorian Citizens when it comes to this truly Money Grubbing and Irresponsible Quasi Technology of the Microwave Industry here in Victoria Australia.

      Anyone who has a dopy Electric Microwave so-called and far from Smart Meter is actually saying the following, “I’ve been too lazy to see the real dangers not only to my health of the Microwave Electric and far from Smart Meters, but I have not even considered the real Incendiary possibilities as well of having my house or small business burnt down.” How STUPID is that folks? when we all know of the Northcote fire in a suburb of Melbourne burnt down a two storey Greek home and only after a dopy Microwave Electric and far from Smart Meter had been fitted. Other Incendiary fires have happened in Glenroy, six to be exact and five in the Geelong Region and four more in the Ararat Region and only after these dangerous and idiotic and far from Smart Meters had been fitted.”
      “For God’s sake, you people of Victoria, WAKE UP.” these stupid Incendiary so-called and far from Smart Meters have already killed Larry Nikkel in California and others in America and Canada and Texas. How come so many Victorians here in Australia want to keep on playing Russian Roulette with their lives and their health ?

      Also of great danger to human health from the 24 hour-per-day radiation to humans and all of life are the very dangerous Microwave extra powerful broadcasting and receiving machines atop of high towers and building and also dangerous Microwave baby monitors, as well as the dopy 4G and ever more powerful mobile radios, now equipped with G.P.S navigation tools and cameras to boot, as well as dopy electronic games to further dull the brains, or what is left of these gamers paltry intelligence. Don’t they these same people in love with this now proving to be ‘Dangerous Quasi Technology’ realise that they have become addicts and weak-minded tools to the rapacious Money Grubbing Mammon Worshiping Microwave Technology of the Microwave mobile phone and dopy and far from Smart Meter industry and are being used as willing pawns in what is now clearly Agenda 21 world-wide ?

  9. Paul says:

    The problem with Joan’s mains is that created by the installation of a smart meter (SM). The SM pulses at 90,000,000 Hz which is obviously far greater than the 50Hz, with which the wiring in our houses is meant to handle.

    Did Joan’s electricity distributor advise her in writing of this prior to installing the SM? No! but they should have because of the potential problems with house fires. As such, (and I’m no solicitor) but I am convinced that they are legally responsible for all of her costs. Accordingly, she should seek legal advice from companies such as Slater & Gordon.

    On a side note, we should all be grateful for the extra employment that SMs are creating – more fire fighters needed, more distributors’ representatives needed to create these problems, more health workers to treat the burgeoning medical problems that are arising, more legal people to fight the impending lawsuits that will appear in due time, the list goes on…

    So a big thankyou to our caring state government and power distributors – they really are looking after the economy in true adherence to the UN’s Agenda 21.

    • Boopsy says:

      I had no idea the difference was so large. 50-90,000,000 Hz?
      I hope PPV gains seats in this years elections and then finally people will have a voice.
      I wish all the best for Joan. Why is the company who ‘owns’ the meters not paying for all households to be rewired in order to avoid fires?
      So the meters are more of a fire hazard than anyone was led to believe?
      All I can do is shake my head.
      Thanks for bringing this to my and other peoples attention.
      Thanks for the article SSMA.

      NB: I contacted the electricity supplier the other day to let them know I was unhappy a smart meter had been installed and wanted my old analogue meter back. The woman became angry and surly with me, then put me through to the ‘install team’, who after 10 minutes had still not answered my call. Am guessing the only way to be heard is send a letter to the CEO via registered mail.
      Am incredibly grateful for this website. Thank-you to all involved. It helps one feel like they have a voice, even if they are unable to physically stop forced change.

      • Eric says:

        “The woman became angry and surly with me……”

        Who the hell does this woman think she is to get angry with Boopsy ?
        Boopsy had every right in the world to express what she felt.
        This woman on the phone is a nobody. She is evil and ready to show her true colors without even the slightest provocation.

        In having acted this way, she also is now complicit in the criminality of her stinking CEO and the stinking politicians that have forced their filth upon people.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        You really had needed to padlock your Electric Meter Box dear Lady. What your Electric Power Supplier has done is a Criminal Act, that’s for sure. It is not the LAW that all Victorian privately owned homes and small businesses have to have an Electric and actually far from Smart Meter. A Smart Meter is not SMART in any way at all.
        All of these Satanic Meters are actually not only Potential Incendiary Meters but many have already burnt down homes not only overseas but here in Victoria a Northcote two-storey home has already been burnt down after a dopy Electric and far from Smart Meter had been fitted, see Hammer Man’s article of 24th August 2014.

  10. Steve says:

    The installer obviously left a terminal screw lose. Go see a laywer and sue the bastards. or go see work safe VIC and dob the bastard in.

  11. Hammer Mann says:

    Poor Joan has been tricked by scoundrels that’s for sure. The imposing of an Electric so-called Smart Meter on Joan’s property was actually Unlawful in the first place. All this talk about the wiring being unsafe on many homes is not actually true in most cases. It’s simply that the stupid and now proving to be in now mounting numbers of cases Incendiary meters which is what a growing number of these now proving to be Electric Smart Meters are, YES definitely Incendiary meters here in Victoria Australia and also in England and the rest of the United Kingdom and also in America and Canada and in other overseas countries.

    All of these Electric so-called Smart Meters which are actually Microwave broadcasting and receiving electric meters need to be removed from every home property world-wide and the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters must be returned at the Electric Power Companies entire expense, simple as that.

  12. Robert Scott says:

    This is all very interesting, House wiring is perhaps the simplest form of electrical wiring there is. Home owners in New Zealand are allowed to work on their own house wiring suitably instructed. The cost of such repairs in Australia is astronomical even though the work done is very simple and straight forward. Mains repairs can be carried out by a suitably instructed home handy man. If simple instructions are followed exactly then there is no danger. IT TRULY IS ALL ABOUT MONEY and obtaining as much of it as possible from the house owner. I am an electrician & electronics tech and have been since the end of 1969, I started my apprenticeship in 1965.

  13. Frank Carleton says:

    Of course what has been done to ‘Joan’ is an outrage.
    It’s insufficient to blame the power distributor.
    This and every other outrage must be sheeted home to the Coalition and ALP parasites in the Victorian sound chamber publicly.
    If we all continue to be only be outraged the election will come and go and nothing will have changed beyond an ever growing list of outrages.

    • Boopsy says:

      Every person who installs and forces a meter on someone is responsible. “I was just doing my job’ is not reason enough to justify what has been done, and is being done to people all over this State.
      The power companies are the major players, with the Government greedy cruds, and anyone who works for them and installs – directly or indirectly.
      If those people said no, if everyone said no, then there would be no meters here.

      • Ashley says:

        Yes, that’s an important point not to lose sight of, as much as at present too many are prepared to just fall into line. It’s just why the term ‘people power’ needs to penetrate the mind-set of the public, so that we wake up to the fact that reliance on corporations, including corporate controlled government, is not out of our control. The corporations need public permission to get away with what they do. They know and fear this. Now for the public to wake up to it!

      • Cedar says:

        Yeah, “I was just doing my job” is what Hitler’s henchmen said and see where that got the Germans; shamed throughout the world. Do we want to suffer the same fate?

        • Hammer Mann says:

          Dear Mr Russell Northe,
          Please read all of this below. You should by now know about the two-storey Northcote Fire after a dopy and far from Smart meter fire had broken out at this Greek Home and done some $300,000 Dollars of fire damage when the dopy smart meter exploded and then caught fire and burnt the lower story and then spread to the upper storey of this Greek home. I sent you full details regarding this only a few weeks ago. I also sent you the details of the six Smart Meter fires in the Glenroy Area and the four also not so smart meter fires I gave you on as well, at four farm properties here in Ararat and the five Smart Meter Fires in the Geelong Area.

          What you need to do right now as is being done in England by a huge Electrical Power Company E.D.F and a number of other Electrical Power Companies, is to get every smart meter installer man or contractor to remove every dopy Microwave and far from Smart Meter and replace it with the Safe and Passive Analog Meters as is now being done in England and the rest of the United Kingdom. What you need to do is to get the Smart Meter Contractor bosses of the five foreign owned Electrical Power Companies of “Citypower and Powercor and United Energy and SP AusNet and Jemena,” to get their contracted Smart Meter installer men to go around and remove every one of these damned deadly and health wrecking idiotic and far from Smart Meters, which are all actually Microwave Incendiary Meters from every Victorian privately owned home and small business property and reinstall the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters that have been taken from these clients and many of these Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters have been stolen when the clients were out shopping for thirty (30) of more minutes away from home.

          These so-called Microwave Electric Smart Meters are not smart in any way at all, but a wicked invention to screw more and more money out of the Victorian or any other Australian State’s peoples’ already Cash Strapped Pockets. These far from ‘Smart Meters’ are not at all safe as you will also see from this article below. You need to swallow your false pride Mr Russell Northe and get weaving to do as I not only have politely demanded of you immediately or Rue the consequences to yourself in the very near future. You have been warned, so you need to get every one of these accursed and far from Smart Meter machines removed straight away as you are the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources at present. Please don’t expect to keep your job after the November 2014 Elections after your cruel behaviour of acting as a bully-boy like your two predecessors Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and Mr Michael O’Brien and like them, your forcing these accursed and Incendiary Electric Microwave Meters on the Victorian Public.

          I am amazed at the total lack of care you and your two predecessors have shown in not even considering the most important thing of all, in going ahead and keeping this roll out of these accursed and far from Smart Meters continually rolling out, and that is that you Mr Russell Northe have not put the “Important Duty of Care for your fellow Victorians Health and Welfare ahead of your outright greed for the gain of MONEY or FILTHY LUCRE ! ” This careless and wicked lack of firstly considering these Victorian Electricity Clients Health and Physical Welfare is a TERRIBLE INDICTMENT against you personally and your predecessors and of course against your RAPINELY Greedy Premiers of Victoria namely Mr Denis Napthine and before him of Mr Ted Baillieu and before him of Labor’s Mr John Brumby. Every one of you should hang your wicked heads in SHAME !


          • Paul says:

            Hammer Mann, you forgot to mention to Russ that he also needs to have his eyesight and hearing carefully checked because he can neither hear nor see what’s going on and what’s about to happen.

            When he loses his seat at the forthcoming elections, I’ll bet he won’t put it down to the ‘smart’ meter issue, instead it will be something like “The Victorian electorate has simply decided that it was time for a change.”

        • Hammer Mann says:

          Yes Cedar,
          I have lived and worked in Germany and many of the then young people like me at 27 years of age and younger regularly told me over the two years I was in Germany that Hitler had started out by sucking people in with Auto Bahn building and other sensible projects. Sadly Hitler turned Evil in his wickedly punishing the Jews and political prisoners he stuck in his many Gefängnis or German for Prison Camps and then killed these people with poison gas Zyglon and shootings.

    • geoffrey says:

      This is exactly my fear too, but bigger than just state proll-a-bootlicking-ticks, this is too well funded and organised to fail. Years in the making by people much smarter than us, this is a global military deployment and it seems that almost nothing will stop these genocidal criminals, certainly not “we” the people using their corrupted laws and courts and elections. The masses are tuned out and suffering from stockholm syndrome.

      • Gwen says:

        Agree to a point Geoffrey. I and many others will never ever give up the fight. Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Actually Geoffrey,
        E.D.F in England are learning to fear the PEOPLE, as the C.E.O’s at E.D.F a huge Electrical Power Company are now meekly phoning up their electricity customers and asking, “Can we please take away your Electric Smart Meter as we’d like to reinstall the Passive Analog Electric Meter we removed from your property earlier?”
        “Yes please,” say all of their clients, “we never wanted the DOPY THING in the first place.” Then within twenty four hours, ‘PRESTO’ the Idiot and Incendiary Smart Meter is gone and the Safe and Passive Analog Meter is home in the client’s electricity meter box.
        This equals two happy people, the client and the Safe and again Happy Analog Electric Meter and all at E.D.F’s expense too. So you see England has now learnt from their mistakes.

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