Lights finally back on for Cheltenham woman who removed her smart meter – Moorabbin Kingston Leader

AFTER 155 days in the dark and battling United Energy over their smart meters, Sofia Telemzouguer’s power is finally back on — albeit temporarily.

Her Cheltenham home was reconnected after VCAT ordered her power provider United Energy to switch her electricity back on.

She and her daughter Larissa, 16, were disconnected in March when the company found out Ms Telemzouguer had taken out her home’s smart meter, claiming it was making her ill, and replaced it with an analog meter.

Since the disconnection they had been living by candlelight and without the ability to refrigerate food, which led Ms Telemzouguer to approach the VCAT’s Human Rights Division.

The respite is temporary, however, with the interim order lasting only until March next year, when she is set to have her hearing.

Ms Telemzouguer removed the initial smart meter after she claimed the electromagnetic waves were affecting her health.

People Power Victoria — No Smart Meters spokesman Marc Florio said it was a “correct and welcome decision”.

He said it was “outrageous” that Ms Telemzouguer had needed to go to court to get a manually read meter.

“The deplorable situation Ms Telemzouguer found herself in is the direct result of the State Government policy, both Labor and Liberal, to force smart meters onto peoples homes,” Mr Florio said.

“We support the actions Ms Telemzouguer has taken to regain her electricity supply in a form that is not detrimental to her health.”

The meter installed temporarily at her house has had its radio frequency chip removed, so it has to be read manually rather than continually sending out updates via radio signals.

Ms Telemzouguer did not want to comment as she was worried it might affect her case.

Troels Sommerville, Moorabbin Kingston Leader

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16 Responses to Lights finally back on for Cheltenham woman who removed her smart meter – Moorabbin Kingston Leader

  1. Paul says:

    Sofia’s dilemma brings home the fact that we need to know how to vote PPV in the forthcoming elections. We all know that we are going to vote this way but I personally don’t think that there will be a PPV representative at each and every polling booth to hand out a ‘how to vote’ pamphlet and, in view of the preferences, it may not be enough to put the PPV candidate as number 1. Can someone please post something to this effect when the time comes?

    • Gwen says:

      We also need to make Victorians aware of our party well before election day. Can we have a page with an eye catching caption, ( so it doesn’t go straight into the bin), and details of what we stand for.
      We need to do letter box drops NOW. Time is running out. Thanks SSMA for all you do.

  2. mohsen says:

    Put a pad lock on your meter box NOW Sofia

  3. Damaged says:

    Smart meters have made so many people sick, caused house fires, damaged appliances and caused people to move away from family and friends. They have been removed and even banned in some places. When the class actions begin, as surely they must, no amount of money could compensate those who have suffered many losses and have permanent health damage.

  4. Amanda Price says:

    I admire this woman and her daughter. I also feel so sorry for what she has been through. Makes Australia seem like a country where civil liberties do not exist and whereby the government enforces it’s will without democracy. Shame on the government. At least VCAT has acted morally.

    • Minnie says:

      Vcat has not acted morally, they had no choice in the matter. There is no law requiring a customer to accept a smart meter. In fact ,this matter should of been finalized this year, not next year. Imagine having to wait till next year to find out if you will have no power again or be poisoned by radiation. It does not take that long to get a hearing and especially an urgent one. Considering Sofia had no electricity and a child, Vcat certainly took their time. Vcat only has so much authority, then it has to go to a higher court.
      There was no reason why Sofia’s power was not reconnected after the electrical installation was deemed safe. Vcat had to rule in her favour, for at least now, this is only temporary as well.

      • Gwen says:

        Very good and important points Minnie, especially for Sofia’s case next year. If it goes higher, then the question of delay must be addressed.

    • Eric says:

      Amanda, we have yet to see how VCAT will act.

  5. Hammer Mann says:

    Dear Readers,
    Every one of these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies has been and is still breaking the LAW in that they refuse to supply a proper Victorian Electrical Certificate of Safety after the dopy and deadly Type 2B Electric and now proving to be far from safe and also proving to be in a number of cases INCENDIARY electric so-called Microwave broadcasting and receiving and actually far from Smart Meters have been installed. This I checked out with Mr Dean MIghell who was at that time the head of the Victorian Electrical Union. Therefore E.S.V is also protecting these same five foreign owned Electric Power Companies of Powercor and Citypower and United Energy and SP AusNet and Jemena. This I allege is both UNLAWFUL and despicable of Energy Safe Victoria, who I rang up and had a good go at them over the telephone telling them, “That they were breaking the law.” ” Wow!” that got them rather upset for sure.
    You can’t Legally or Lawfully have two sets of Electricity Safety Laws here in Victoria or anywhere where Electrical Safety of Humans and Property are concerned. I’d bet that the Insurance Companies would love to know these facts. In fact if one lives in Hawaii in America and one has a dopy Electric Smart Arsed Meter installed on one’s home property of small business ones Home and Fire Insurance is then NULL and VOID.

    • Anonymous says:

      Insurance issues and …
      ‘You can’t Legally or Lawfully have two sets of Electricity Safety Laws here in Victoria or anywhere where Electrical Safety of Humans and Property are concerned…’

  6. Cedar says:

    The totalitarian state that we (quite rightly) criticised in the USSR is alive and well (until the radiation gets it!) in Australia.

    • Ainsleigh Needham says:

      We are worse than Russia.
      At least Russia is aware of the dangers of microwave frequency transmitted electromagnetic radiation with microwave ovens actually being banned in Russia for safety reasons.
      And yes, they are aware of the dangers because if you do your research you will find that there was an actual microwave attack upon the U.S. Embassy in Moscow sometime in the 70’s.

  7. Frances Makarova says:

    How on earth did these electricity companies get so much power over us? I refused to allow origin to remove my electricity meter and replace it with a so called Smart Meter. Origin have been harrassing me ever since. The latest was a letter from them regarding my gas meter, with complaints that the meter reader had no access to my gas meter. When it is very easily accessed. I phoned Origin and explained exactly how the meter reader can access my gas meter with no trouble at all. It is so easy that even I, a 73 year old can access it from the same access that the meter reader has from the cement path which runs across the front of my house.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sounds like harassment to me, Frances.
      Try to beat them by being very bureaucratic. It’s annoying and time consuming but by keeping a running record of all correspondence as it occurs you’ll actually make your job easier in the future. Even a quick messy note can be written up nicely later if you ever need to.
      Coincidence or not, I got hassled about access to my gas meter too but kept writing to them, followed by a threat to go to the ombudsman, consumer affairs and my local MP.
      I also kept referring to previous correspondence, dates, names, times of phone calls with names of the operator, etc.
      I also took photos with my phone and printed them at Office Works very cheaply.
      Can you take photos and file them on your computer?
      This was so they could see how well armed I was for a well informed complaint to any authority I needed to go to.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Looks as if Origin Energy are a bunch of DUNCES. The fact is they want their own way every time, just like Powercor and City Power and United Energy and SPAusNet and Jemena, They all act like thugs and jack booted Storm Troopers. We the people are their customers to whom they owe respect. But no !, they think we are punching-bags to be bullied and harassed just because these so named C.E.O’s now shamed took on the past Victorian Labour Government and the now incumbent Victorian Liberal Party’s Government Contracts of trying to bully every Victorian private home owner and small business owner into accepting these Evil Electric Microwave Carcinogen Causing dopy and far from Smart Meters. ‘Dumb meters’ is what they are with literally the Sword of Damocles hanging over every one their customers’ heads, ready to burn down ones’ home and or small business at any time and continue to radiate all sorts of Microwave Sicknesses upon their customers as has been mentioned numerous times by other angry readers to S.S.M.A.

      When one carefully examines the FACTS both these Victorian Governments and the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies are COMPLICIT in what has been and still is an ongoing CRIME against its Victorian Citizens.

      As bullying and intimidation is the Victorian Government’s and the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s favourite method of intimidation they all need to be tried under Brodie’s Law which carries with it a prison sentence of up to ten (10) years to be served in full with no remission for good behaviour for these Slimy and Evil foreign owned Electric Power Companies’ C.E.O’s and the past Victorian Labor and the incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Ministers for Energy and Resources and their Slimy Premiers of Victoria who in like kind have shown no Lawful Respect for the people of Victoria’s Health of Welfare at any time.

    • Minnie says:

      They don’t have that much power Frances, that is why they use threats and intimidation. It is a bluff and if you call them on it, they will run and hide like the cowards they are.
      Start empowering yourself Frances, look up the laws and codes and policies and beat them at their own game. Next time you get a smart alec harassing you ,read them the riot act. All you have to do is let them know that you are offended and will hold them liable and responsible. Ask for their name and details.
      Quote Brodie’s Law. Psychological bullying comes under Brodie’s Law. You have to make it crystal clear that you find their behaviour offensive and it stops immediately.

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