In March 2014, Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe of the British Society of Ecological Medicine gave the following talk on EHS, targeted mainly at doctors and health care providers.

This is one of the most comprehensive lectures on EHS to date and a must watch for anyone working in health care or wanting to understand the nature of EHS and its management.

Dr Mallery-Blythe states quite clearly that ‘EHS is a physiological, not a psychological disorder’ and that it ‘is dangerous to advise affected individuals NOT to decrease their exposure to electromagnetic radiation, particularly as we don’t even know whether this radiation is safe for the general population, let alone for EHS sufferers.’

For more information this website contains a wealth of information http://www.emfanalysis.com/ehs-symptoms.html

Take this link to your doctor or other health care provider!

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  1. Minnie says:

    There was an article in the local paper today titled “Experts to help save power bills” The article goes on to say that It is a Government Plan-Home Efficiency Audit. An energy expert can visit your home to show you how you can save money.
    I THOUGHT THE WHOLE POINT OF SMART METERS WAS TO SAVE US MONEY. Mr Northe said the Government would consult with peak bodies.The article also mentions that a cost might or not be involved. Another audit and how kind of the Government to want us to save money on our power bills.
    This article contradicts the whole smart meter myth, why would you need an energy guru to come and tell you where you are using energy? Again, was this not the whole selling point of smart meters. That smart meters will tell you where your energy is being used. Now apparently you need an Energy Guru to tell you how you can save on power.
    In other news a fire broke out on August the 3rd at a Bell street home Investigators believe the cause of the fire was an overloaded powercord and double adapter.

    • Eric says:

      “……….to tell you how you can save on power”

      The meaning that comes across to me is
      “…….to attempt to push even more toxicity upon you”

      Just like the little Pakistani that comes around to your house trying to impose toxic compact fluorescent light globes upon you which …….
      1. Contain mercury (beware should one of these things ever break)
      2. Emit electromagnetic radiation (try sticking an AM radio next to one of these)
      3. Create massive amounts of dirty power on your house wiring

      This is FACT, FACT and FACT.

      So perhaps the Government Plan-Home Efficiency Audit will be one way to try and flog the agenda of smart appliances having wireless communications with the smart meter hence introducing more radio frequency toxicity and microwave filth inside your house.

      One thing is for sure. Anything from these people is all about ulterior motives and certainly not about saving anything.

      • Minnie says:

        Eric the article stated that they will check if you have solar panels and seals on your doors. That you should cook your food in a microwave because it is cheaper and that you should not open the oven door all the time.
        I guess they think the peasants need more advice.They probably will bring up smart appliances although the article did not state this.
        What happened to the 55 smart meter audit? The health audit also disappeared. This will be the third audit and this one sounds like the dumbest.

  2. Cedar says:

    It’s obviously a very big subject and Dr Erica raced through it pretty fast but very cogently in my opinion. It’s amazing to see how many symptoms can be connected to EMR. Now I’m beginning to wonder if my husband’s vertigo is connected to the smart meters which have been installed in my neighbour’s properties in recent months. I’d love to get a print-out of this lecture. Does anyone know if it’s available anywhere?

    • Mally says:

      Since I got a new wireless computer I’ve been having dizzy bouts with nausea, two days pretty severe then it gradually gets better. I’ve moved my wireless router as far away from where I sit as I possibly can and it seems to have helped a bit. Wouldn’t be surprised if its the EMRs at all.

      • Eric says:

        Mally, you will eliminate the nausea and dizziness related to exposure to radiation from the wireless connectivity if you used wired connectivity to the internet instead. I think for you that would be a move well worth it. Make sure you then also disable the wireless card on your computer. This will be either via a switch on your computer (laptop) or via your system configuration software options.

      • Smart meter sufferer says:

        I had to return a computer because I found that it was creating huge amounts of dirty electricity on my wiring and whenever it was turned on I became extremely ill.
        I cannot tolerate any wi-fi devices . This computer, which we had specially built without wi-fi still caused me to feel sick.

  3. Nestor says:

    This talk is really excellent. Better and clearer than a lot of other stuff I’ve read or heard. Concise, intelligent, succinct and constructive. Hope doctors here get a hold of it.

  4. Hammer Mann says:

    “Smart Meters, ‘smart my foot’, That’ll be the day,”
    These Microwave Type 2B Carcinogen Broadcasting and Receiving idiotic meters now over 300,000 of them are not working as intended according to AusNet Services which is just a new name for the old S.P AusNet. Please see Victoria’s Thursday, August 7th 2014 Herald Sun page 2 “ Meters will not transmit,” by Karen Collier. Yes, AusNet Services showed, that out of the 700,000 Smart Meters or A.M.I broadcasting and receiving meters they’d put into their Victorian privately owned home and small business properties, they of AusNet Services have to convert 300,000 of them from having to be manually read, because they cannot at present communicate properly with the Microwave Systems in them, so that they can remotely transmit data instead of having to be read manually as is the case right now. This is being blamed on poor system performance “instability.” AusNet Services, formerly SP AusNet, risks being forced to pay customers tens of millions of dollars in compensation if the meters are not properly operating by the Government’s deadline of March 31 next year.

    This shows what a ‘Dog’s Breakfast’ this whole and now proving to be ‘Hair-Brained Scheme’ this Smart Meter business has been and still is, since John Brumby of Labor and his then Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources, Peter Bachelor let themselves and their now unfortunate Victorian public into. To make matters worse just before Labor got kicked out of office for mainly this reason of forcing these far from Smart Meters on the Victorian public, back in 2009 and in 2010 as reported in Hansard Mr Michael O’Brien and a little later Mr Russell Northe were shrieking at the top of their collective voices as to, “How Smart Meters would rob the Victorian Electricity customers of their hard earnt cash as there were no competitors in the Electricity Industry and prices could be rigged to benefit the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies.” Sadly this has now happened with this Time-Of-Use-Pricing for a huge number of Victorians.
    Some time later Labor got kicked out of office and the Victorian Liberal Party got into power under the new Premier of Victoria the then Mr Ted Baillieu. It was then that Mr Michael O’Brien the new Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources did a 180 ‘U’ Turn, when he became the new minister and experienced an epiphany I allege, not from Jesus Christ, but the direct opposite power to support the past Labor roll-out of these actually now proving to be Far From Smart Microwave broadcasting and receiving A.M.I Meters.

    This shows as I allege, GUTLESSNESS on firstly Mr Michael O’Brien’s careless watch, and now the latest I also allege to be disaster of a man the incumbent Victorian Minister For Energy and Resources Mr Russell Northe who has I also allege shown himself to be just as GUTLESS as was Mr Michael O’Brien. Mr Nicholas Kotsiras the Victorian Minister before Mr Russell Northe, also proved to be totally uncaring of the Victorian Public’s Health and Welfare, so these three Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources have proven themselves to be totally unfit for office, as none of them or their Premiers of Victoria have shown any Lawful Duty of Care or Consideration for their primary responsibility, which is to show A Duty of Care for the Victorian Public’s Health and Welfare in the first place. This was also the dismal failing of Labour under its Premier Mr John Brumby and his Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Peter Bachelor. Mr Peter Batchelor did at least have the common decency to admit he was wrong and “ Fell Upon his SWORD.”

    Sadly these same Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources as well as the past Victorian Premier Mr Ted Baillieu and the incumbent Victorian Premier Mr Denis Napthine keep thumbing their noses at the real danger we the public are being exposed to from the ongoing Microwave Radiation from these now proving to be far-from Smart A.M.I broadcasting and receiving meters. Such an attitude of total disdain towards us, Their EMPLOYERS who pay these politicians their salaries is lower than a snake’s belly. I further allege it to be an act of Criminality and proves their motives to be as I see them to be, simply to rip off or steal as much cash from us, for their seemingly Over-Seas Masters in China and Singapore.

    Tied to these as I also allege cruel and careless Victorian politicians is the past and still possibly the same C.E.O of the then named Victorian Department of Primary Industry, who was stupid enough to attack me over the telephone much to his chagrin, as I bounced him so hard he sounded like a gibbering idiot when I told him I had the money to Personally drag him into Court under Brodie’s Law and sue him for his home and all of his money and his car and anything else he possessed.

    This bullying C.E.O of the Victorian Department of Primary Industry then changed his tune, and buckled like a cowed dog. Yes folks these politicians and C.E.O’s I have exposed seem to be nothing but a pack of Toadies to the five Overseas owned Electric Power Companies and at the same time to be the cruel and overbearing Tax Agents of what seem to be a corrupt past Victorian Labor Party and a now an also seemingly corrupt Victorian Liberal Party which must never be allowed to come to power again. We have a new political party the “Peoples Power Victoria, (stop smart meters)” They are the ones I will be voting for this November 2014.


    Richard Leschen.

  5. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Dr Mallery-Blythe talks COMMON SENSE.
    If only more doctors, including Dr Rosemary Lester (Chief Health Officer of Victoria) and ministers used rational thought and common sense, this state would not find itself in the current shambolic situation and so much human suffering would have been avoided.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I’ve written very politely to Doctor Rosemary Lester now twice, and she has not answered my polite ten-lines of succinct and probing questions in both letters to her, why not ?

      Seems to me she does not properly understand the Hippocratic Oath of basically ” Do no harm unto ones Medical Patients,” or is she also like these five C.E.O’s of these foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their ilk even possibly “In bed with the Microwave Industry,” as the past Labor Victorian Government seemed to be and this clearly seemingly to be non-caring about human health and tardy Victorian Liberal Government also seems to be.

      Is Doctor Rosemary Lester possibly ” Sucking Up” to the Truly as I allege to be Corrupt Mammon Crazed Microwave Industry whose nit sized collective and warped intelligence does not even consider the terrible curse their now proving to be poisonous and accursed Microwave Industry has now wrought upon increasing numbers of Victorians’ Health and Welfare from this now proving to be Criminal Microwave Industry whose only goal is Monetary Profit or Filthy Lucre ?

      • Paul says:

        Hi Richard, Rosie is simply very much afraid of losing her job and government car. She does not care about any one of us. As you have accurately stated (and I will restate), she does not care about her Hippocratic Oath, particularly the part that says ‘Do No Harm.’ Hence her ‘just desserts’ should really be a write off from the medical register. But, of course, she does not think that her job is in jeopardy. But just wait until November when PPV gets in. I hope that one of their objectives is to remove her from office because of her stupidity, insensitivity, bloody-mindedness, ignorance and ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude.

  6. Paul says:

    Maybe Sofia should take a copy of this video into the VCAT hearing in March

  7. Paul says:

    Dr Mallery-Blythe – Qualified? Check. Recognised? Check. Smart? Check. An authority on EMR? Check.
    Well there’s four good reasons why power companies and governments should ignore her findings.

    • Cedar says:

      My mother used to say “There’s none so blind as those who don’t want to see”. This EMR debacle is a great example of that. We had it with tobacco and asbestos and it’s always the one’s who stand to make money out of it who claim their product does no harm.

  8. Paul R says:

    I wish it was that easy. My doctor is so backwards that she doesn’t use a computer at home, only when she has to at work. If I gave her this link A) she wouldn’t care B) wouldn’t bother looking up the link if she could.
    The only way a doctor would check out this link is if they actually had any genuine sympathy for you as a patient. These days that is very rare.

    • GodAlone says:

      Change your doctor!

      • Ashley says:

        To who? Of course, some GP’s will have more interest than others in hollistic health but GP’s are basically trained to push pharmaceuticals, for the profit of corporations. Holistic health is not what they are trained to provide, they study drugs. Naturopaths are trained in holistic health. I take charge of my own health and haven’t set foot in a doctor’s rooms for twenty years, let alone take debilitating vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

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