Sofia Telemzouguer‘s power is reconnected!

Sofia Telemzouguer, a Melbourne woman whose details have been widely reported in mainstream media and on this site, has had her power reconnected after living 155 days without electricity.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) ordered Ms Telemzouguer’s power distributor, United Energy, to reconnect her power as an Interim Order prior to proceeding to a full hearing in March 2015.  Ms Telemzouguer filed her application through VCAT’s Human Rights Division.

Because of Ms Telemzouguer’s sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, VCAT also ordered United Energy to remove the radio frequency chip from the ‘smart’ meter so it operates like a normal digital meter, that is, a manually read meter that does not emit continuous bursts of radiation.

Stop Smart Meters Australia commends VCAT for directing United Energy to reconnect Ms Telemzouguer’s power via a non-wireless digital meter.


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40 Responses to Sofia Telemzouguer‘s power is reconnected!

  1. Every parent, teacher and doctor should watch the enclosed video. It is one of the most important presentations of all time and should be shared with everyone!
    Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe – Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014

    Eileen O’Connor
    EM Radiation Research Trust
    Sent from a hardwired computer

    The EM Radiation Research Trust is an educational organisation funded by donations. An independent Charity Registered No. 1106304 © The EM Radiation Research Trust 2003-2004

  2. Hammer Mann says:

    Poor long suffering Ms Sofia Telemzouguer,
    Seems to me that the so-called powers that be, and here I simply mean this now proving to be Uncaring Victorian Liberal Government who after the past John Brumby Labor Government continued with the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies contracted to force these so-called, but actually far from Smart Meters onto the Victorian Public. Yes this cruel and uncaring Victorian Liberal Party, seemed to be enjoying torturing Ms Sofia Telemzouguer until V.C.A.T came to the party and gave Sofia back her Electric Power.

  3. Christina says:

    Congratulations Sophie keep up the good fight

  4. Happy Dissenter says:

    Congratulations Sofia and daughter. All speed ahead for important preparation for the next court battle. Reading this story has just made my day!!! Well done to the Stop Smart Meter members and organizers of this site.

  5. Paul says:

    When March comes and Sofia reappears at the VCAT hearing with United Bullies, isn’t it up to them to prove that smart meters are safe in all health and safety respects and, if they can’t, then that should be ‘end of story.’

    Sofia should then also use that opportunity to demand that United Bullies prove and commit to their claims that smart meters will never be used as spying devices, cannot be hacked into by criminals and that her electronic equipment will not be damaged in any way due to United Bullies’ ability to turn off any device at their whim.

    It would be a great victory, not only for Sofia but for the each and every SSMA member, but of course United Bullies won’t be party to such an agreement because they are fully aware of the dangers and other issues associated with smart meters and, if another James Hardy did arise, they would be better off.

    • Minnie says:

      They will get one of their experts in, to try and discredit Sofia. Someone from Arpansa will also turn up with some fancy title and use words like designed to protect and the likelihood of health effects is not supported by current scientific evidence. The WHO would be of know help either as they are the one’s that put smart meters on the possible 2b carcinogen list then downplayed the findings.
      Of course what will not be said is that they only read what they want to. They will not say that smart meters have the potential to wipe out quite a lot of us. Don’t forget they are experts, we are only peasants. We probably can’t read and sit on our porch and smoke and drink alcohol. Actually i have sat on my porch and smoked and drunk alcohol, but at least i can read.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Paul,
      Excellent points you make there, but I think that the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies are really feeling the heat of public anger now, but they won’t admit it.

  6. Smart meter sufferer says:

    Congratulations to Sofia for standing up for your rights. I hope your example will inspire others to speak out and do the same. If VCAT get inundated with genuine sufferers, maybe someone will start to listen.
    Last Monday UE had a planned outage in my street. I stayed home all day just to be sure it wasn’t a trick to get a smart meter put on at my house. They came & did some work up a pole down the road and also in the next street. At about 4.30 pm I started to feel most unwell. My son, who also suffers from EHS became quite dizzy & nauseous. Since then we have both been feeling ill and he has been unable to stay at home for any time. He has had to sleep at a friend’s place for the past three nights.
    Not sure what they did, but something has definitely changed.

    WANTED : Rental accommodation for EHS sufferer.
    No smart meter / Low EMR
    South eastern suburbs preferably
    Please contact through the SSMA contact email

    • Gwen says:

      Hi SMS. They put a box on a power pole not far from my bedroom . Straight away that night, I started trembling as I tried to sleep and awoke with a severe headache. On the third night, my daughter said she couldn’t sleep because her body wouldn’t stop shaking.
      I rang Powercor to ask what they had installed and was told that there was no record of anything. That guy listened and was very nice and said he would look into it. He then put me onto their smart meter spoke person who, after hearing my concerns, told me that because ARPANSA had approved their safety, and it wasn’t his job to look at any other research,then all of this was just in my head.
      During the next few weeks, a work vehicle with PROGRAMMED on it, kept turning up around 8 am. They just stayed in their ute truck and I wondered if they were monitoring
      the radio frequency coming from the pole.
      After all this, the trembling stopped. I still feel as if a current is running through me when I’m going to sleep but it doesn’t feel as bad.
      So ring up the power company and tell them how you feel. I hope it changes for you.
      It is a living nightmare what these people are putting us through.

      • smart meter sufferer says:

        Thanks Gwen. I did ring UE and I was told that I had to submit my query by email to ” customer resolution”. I have done that but as yet no reply. I have looked at the pole & cannot see anything that looks out of place. Who knows where it is coming from.
        I have spent the weekend covering all my son’s windows in aluminium fly screen & this has reduced the EMR that is coming into his room quite a bit.
        You are right about the living nightmare. When a 24 year old can’t sleep in his own bed because he feels too dizzy & nauseous & says he feels like passing out , but is fine else where, then something is seriously wrong!
        If this does not get resolved then I will be getting legal advice, as I have had enough.

        • Gwen says:

          I’m so sorry SMS to hear how this is affecting your son. I sincerely hope a solution occurs quickly for you both.

        • Hammer Mann says:

          Dear Smart meter sufferer,
          Please get a friend who has one of those Microwave Radiation measuring meters to come to your home and switch on this Microwave measuring device to monitor the exact levels of radiation coming from this Smart Meter which has been forced on you. This is the first step I’d take to try to get rid of this actually Unlawfully forced Smart meter on your home property. Please record the exact readings as well for COURT evidence in the future.

          The forcing of these Microwave so-called Smart meters by the past Victorian Labour and then the Victorian Liberal Party Government and these now proving to be also Rapinely Greedy overseas owned Electric Power Companies including the Victorian now renamed AusNet Services previously called S.P AusNet is actually CRIMINAL, as not only the Victorian Governments of past Labor or the present incumbent Victorian Liberal Party or these overseas Electric power companies or the now named AusNet Services has ever considered the Health or Welfare of its Victorian Citizens at any time. This is a shocking example of both the Victorian Governments and these now also proving to be CORRUPT overseas electric power companies and the Victorian Australian owned AusNet Services whose only combined GOAL in life, is to EXTORT as much money as possible from their Electricity customers. These corrupt people all need to be gaoled for the term on their natural lives with no remission for good behaviour.

  7. Cameron Taylor says:

    This is nothing more than a psychological win.
    In reality Sofia does NOT have her power back.
    This power is just being supplied for the purpose of enabling due process
    for Sofia to prepare her case. Nothing else.
    It’s not in any way a gesture of kindness towards Sofia and the extreme suffering she
    has been put through and is still being put through.
    The nightmare for her goes on.
    The last thing United Energy want is unfavorable publicity.
    I hope Sofia’s plight and her case will be publicized far and wide.
    As far as I am concerned United Energy must be made to pay for what they have done to this woman and to many other poor individuals
    such as Geri Johnson and her daughter Nicola, that innocent man in Highton
    who was threatened by an installer (seen on television) to have his lights punched out and people such as myself that have been made very violently ill, and so many many others that have been harassed and bullied in a way that has been unprecedented in this Nation.

    What Sofia has connected to her home at the moment is still an accursed smart meter.
    Incendiary risk remains having been introduced to her home in the same way as all other transmitting devices are potential incendiary catalysts.
    And Snowy is right, very very right.
    The dirty electricity issue has not been addressed. It has rather been swept under the carpet.
    SMPS in the smart meters produce dirty electricity.
    Some people are getting violently ill not necessarily because of sensitivity to the RF radiation from the wireless transmissions but to the lower radio frequencies being transmitted from their house wiring, being the dirty electricity that is getting out onto the grid which these accursed i-CREDIT 500 devices are now putting out.
    The sickness issue is not a simple one to define and that’s why the utilities have gotten away with so much thus far.
    People can be sensitive to different frequencies.
    So you may get those persons becoming sick from exposures to RF.
    The you get those people who don’t become apparently sick from the RF but are made
    ill with symptoms such as clamping headaches from the dirty electricity on their house wiring and most probably from the wiring behind their bedhead…..will newly introduced smart meters still being the root cause.
    And even for those persons exposed to RF that are not feeling any symptoms, there must still be untold biological damage being done. We know that. The research shows it.
    And some people become ill from all frequencies and have become what is known as sensitized.
    Another problem I am finding out is that being exposed to a combination of frequencies is a prerequisite for severe biological impact and sicknesses.
    It explains why smart meters seem to be the catalyst that is tipping many seemingly healthy people over the precipice. When you think about the other sources (frequencies and transmission modes) that persons are already being exposed to, (think towers, wi-fi, mobiles) and then smart meters come along and transmit over the top of all that… can then see how you could have a deadly concoction of frequencies that persons are exposed to and could potentially react to severely.
    Smart meters without communications card are not the answer. They are not what you would call safe and passive meters.
    As far as I am concerned United Energy must lose their license to distribute electricity. They do not even deserve to have existence. And the same thing applies to Singaporean sisters Jemena and SP Ausnet who for some reason now only wants to be known as Ausnet Services and seems to want to hide the fact that it really is Singapore Power.

  8. Minnie says:

    Sofia, has her power only temporarily reconnected. March is when the new fees are set to be enforced, right after the election. The politicians don’t need anymore bad publicity before an election. They haven’t agreed to not make the smart meter wireless again. They haven’t agreed that they will not disconnect the power next year.
    They have not agreed that Sofia has EHS and that the smart meter made her sick, they haven’t acknowledged any of this. They can switch the power off just as fast as they turned it on.
    I thought this drama would of been finished this year before the election and before they try to charge people for the meter reads they already pay for.
    The only positive in this is that Sofia can gather as much evidence as possible. She has power until next year at least. We will see if VCAT should be commended next year, when we will have the final decision.

  9. Paul R says:

    Good for her! Now they need to just do this a few thousand times more for everyone else…
    Plus, for good measure, they can take down a majority of those wifi antennas and phone masts, too.

    I wish….

    • Hammer Mann says:

      HI Paul R,
      I agree with you 110 per-cent Pal.

      • sdjm says:

        Me too – all the EMR is not healthy for anyone. We simply can not afford to go down the same path as the U.S. with these phone towers everywhere. Brain cancer is more widespread than ever, especially in children (and we ask why?). AMCA are much to blame for the illnesses we continue to see in the population. It is time to act!

        • David says:

          Read and weep….. 😦

          – country wide RF locator – from phone towers, to ham radio operators and almost everything in-between.

          Have a play around with the site, zoom in to your local suburb, click on the towers, etc.
          Gives you a sense of how polluted with electrosmog we are.

  10. Hammer Mann says:

    Hi Sofia,
    Congratulation on getting your Electric Power back and that you now have a Safe and Passive Digital Electric Meter to feed you the electricity you and all of us need in today’s modern world.

    In England the home of my birth a huge Electric Power Company named EDF is now removing the dopy Electric and all-life poisoning and far from Smart of AMI Electric Meters from their customers’ properties and replacing these poisonous Microwave and Cancer causing meters with the Safe and Passive Analog Meters their clients used to have, as they at E.D.F now realise the harmful Microwave effects on Humans and Animals and all life, including arboreal life such as delicate creepers around these idiotic A.M.I and now finding to be Plant Cancer Causing and far from Smart Microwave Radiating Meters.

    Of course E.D.F in Britain is worried about the huge Class Action building against their Electricity Company if they keep acting as they’d done in the past in forcing these dopy and far from Smart Microwave A.M.I meters on the British public.

    It’s such a pity that this past Victorian Labour Party of Premier John Brumby and his Minister for Energy and Resources were so cruel and stupid as to force these poisonous Microwave and far from Smart Meters on the Victorian Public. Worse still, is the fact that these careless heads of the now incumbent Victorian Liberal Party such as the past Premier Mr Ted Baillieu and his Ministers for Energy and Resources learnt nothing from the earlier Victorian Labor Party and that Premier John Brumby’s past mistakes. The Liberal Party’s past Premier Mr Ted Baillieu’s Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources and the incumbent Premier Mr Dennis Napthine and his Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources have also learnt noting from the past Labor Party’s debacle.

    Of course it is the MAD Lust for ever more cash by both of these Victorian Governments from our already cash strapped pockets that is behind this actual PLANNED THEFT.
    Worst of all is the fact that no “Lawful Duty of Care for our Health or Welfare” has ever been shown towards us the Victorian Citizens at any time since 2009 and up to now, by either the Rapinely Greedy past Victorian Labour Party Government or this also proving to be Rapinely Greedy and Cruel incumbent Victorian Liberal Party, which needs to be SACKED !

    • Rik says:

      I couldn’t have said it any better myself! Awesome!

      We ALL need to vote AGAINST the current governments and vote in the SSMA Party (People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters). We NEED a healthier place to live and at the moment Victoria is NOT a safe healthy place to live anymore.
      Too many Smart meters, too many drugs, too many corrupt cops, not enough against all them.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        From: Mr Richard Leschen.
        42 Hucker Street
        Ararat, Victoria

        Home Phone 5352 3639

        For: The Attention of
        Doctor Rosemary Lester
        Chief Medical Health Officer for Victoria
        Care of the Victorian Parliament
        Melbourne Vic.

        15th August 2014.

        Dear Dr Rosemary Lester,
        I was shocked, yes very shocked indeed to find that all responsibility for the care of these mounting numbers of Victorian medical patients who are now suffering from the Microwave poisonous radiation brought on by the broadcasting from the Electric Microwave A.M.I so-called, but far from Smart Meter is seemingly not being properly looked after by you madam. As you are the Victorian incumbent Doctor of Medicine for the Victorian Health Department it is incumbent upon you whether you like it or not, and under your charge of the Hippocratic Oath you swore upon becoming a Doctor of Medicine, “ To knowingly do no harm to your patients of medicine.” Part of that oath is for you to be proactive madam and not do as I allege you are doing right now madam, which is to “Look the other way,” for your as I allege “ looking the other way is wilfully breaking your Hippocratic Oath and taking the COWARD’S way out.” It is not for you to shirk your responsibilities and show as I allege you are doing right now, showing a Gross Dereliction of Duty on your part madam, and of palming off much needed help to your patients now suffering from this Microwave Type 2B poisoning as found to be by the World Health Organisation as you well know.

        This wicked coercing and bullying and telling of downright LIES by the Victorian Government and the C.E.O’s of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their Spin Doctors and minions, such as the C.E.O of the Department of Primary Industry, was to force the people of Victoria to take these now proving to be hated and now seemingly proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Causing and far from Smart A.M.I Microwave broadcasting and receiving Meters again, according to the World Health Organisation. The continued rolling-out of these Microwave broadcasting and receiving meters began in Victoria from 2009 and continued up to the 30th of June 2014.
        This forcing of these Microwave machines is not only against the Constitution of Australia, but is also a very wicked thing to do, as it goes totally against our Democratic Right of Freedom of Speech and Thought, as well as Common Law, which is the Highest and Supreme Law used in the High Court in every State of Australia and of course in England and the rest of the United Kingdom as well as New Zealand.

        The very fact that I have learnt from a Scientist and a seemingly erudite and decent man that you Dr Rosemary Lester have denied any responsibility to help these Victorian victims now badly medically affected by these poisonous and far from smart meters, came not only as a great shock to me, but seems to be a Gross Dereliction of Duty on you part that you are seemingly not obeying your primary duty of Care in Medicine, which is first and foremost to show a Lawful Duty of Care for these Victorians’ Health and Welfare who have been and still are so badly afflicted with this Microwave poisoning, which is your responsibility to at least try to alleviate in the first place whether you like it or not.
        I now allege that you Dr Rosemary Lester have seemingly shown extreme callousness towards these Microwave patients of the forced uptake of these far from Smart Meters here in Victoria, as you have by seemingly abrogating your duty of care for these Microwave sick patients, thus abandoning the Hippocratic Oath which you swore to uphold when you first became a doctor of medicine.
        This Hippocratic Oath basically is to do the following. “ To swear to knowingly do no harm to any medical patients.” Sadly I feel that you have already broken that oath, as you have seemingly chosen to abandon these Victorian victims of these mounting numbers of Microwave Sicknesses and you seem to not want to deal with the problem. Do you seriously expect that the Federal Government to be the only ones to sort out this mess in Victoria, by passing this duty of care onto the shoulders of the Federal Minister for Health who is at present Mr Peter Dutton. This is to my mind would be a very cowardly act on your part.

        I am now forced to see you Doctor Rosemary Lester as acting akin to Pontius Pilate who after Jesus Christ had been flogged mercilessly and spat upon then brought before the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate. Pontius Pilate upon questioning Jesus Christ could find no fault in him, but Pontius Pilate was quick to wash his hand of his responsibility towards Jesus Christ. After Pilate had publicly washed his hand of any responsibility towards Jesus Christ and handed him over to the crowd to do as they pleased with him. The rest you know.
        Sadly, this act of Pontius Pilate was exactly what you Dr Rosemary Lester are now seemingly doing of abandoning your Victorian medical patients who you know full-well are suffering from these Microwave Sicknesses because they have already written many letters to you madam, but you seem too disinterested and frightened to obey the Hippocratic Oath to help the sick and injured you once swore to uphold.

        Doctor Rosemary Lester, I feel that it would be best if you were to resign as a Medical Doctor, if you are not interested in helping these Microwave poisoned patients of yours, for I allege that you have not just once, but numerous times abandoned your Hippocratic Oath by failing to help those Victorian patients of yours who put their faith in you when they first wrote to you pleading for your help to at least try to alleviate their ongoing pain and suffering from this accursed Microwave Poisoning caused by these Microwave and far from Smart A.M.I Microwave broadcasting and receiving meters. You have these letters about the genuine and serious Microwave sicknesses these Victorian medical patients have explained to you with supporting letters from these patients doctors supporting their claims of Microwave Sickness as attested to by their Medical Practitioners.
        Madam, I ask you in all seriousness, what are you going to do for these medical patients who have pleaded with you to help them ? Are you simply going to sit on your hands and do nothing at all, as did WICKED Pontius Pilate and follow his callous example of sheer cowardice, or are you going to obey the Hippocratic Oath you swore to uphold when you first became a doctor of Medicine ?
        My Grandfather was a fine doctor of medicine and greatly loved by all his patients, but you will not go down in history as my Grandfather did, as a loved and respected doctor of medicine, no madam, you will go down as one who failed to help those in their great hour of need and you will be looked upon as a COWARD and certainly not worthy of the the name as a HEALER in any way at all.

        I look forward to a reply from you within fourteen (14) days. Should this not be forthcoming I will have to take this most serious matter up with your SUPERIORS !


        Richard Leschen.

        • Happy Dissenter says:

          Well done Richard!!!! Boy, am I hoping PPV is going to tip the balance of power this coming election. Both major parties are severely on the nose with the public.

  11. manalan77 says:

    Sofia’s ‘win’ in VCAT this week is a temporary measure only.
    The VCAT decision has been provided to enable her to have access to computing and internet facilities while preparing the extensive amount of documents needed for the VCAT Hearing scheduled for next March, and expected to last up to 10 days.
    If Sofia loses her case, VCAT could hand down a decision requiring her to have a ‘standard’ smart meter reinstalled (which radiates EMR) if she wants grid-based electricity. If she rejects such a decision, she could potentially be put back into the situation she was in last week – no electricity supply.
    For her to ‘win’ long term will require not only a lot of work on her part and of those supporting her efforts, but will need the support of others in the community similarly affected by smart meter issues with written evidence of their ‘bad’ smart meter experience. Her team requires affidavits and other witness statements to be made available as legal documents for VCAT. Certain people will need to appear as witnesses. Can you help?
    If you believe you have information that could contribute towards the success of her case, then email Alex at who will be pleased to receive your email.
    Alan Manson

  12. AK47 says:

    Congratulations, Sofia!
    Next step – get it to be a permanent connection.

  13. Alexander Campbell says:

    Fantastic! I’m one of those in New Zealand now fighting a similar battle. Like you we need to force a review of the standards and bring in a Biological standard that protects the health of the people over the power of Corpocracy.

  14. Frank Carleton says:

    Bravo Sofia! But will she be financially compensated for the gross and wholly unnecessary inconvenience and hardship wantonly inflicted upon her by United Energy?
    All smart resisters should register online with ‘Compass’ of the ABC’s 7.30 Victoria which seeks issues of public importance for the forthcoming state election and specify how both sides of the party playground have consistently ignored the huge health and safety problems caused by smart meters.

  15. Truthseekers says:

    Yay!!!!….Congratulations Sofia!!!!!! Hope this result is highlighted in every state and country dealing with this issue. This state of affairs should NEVER have come about, but at last we have a positive outcome. All the best Sofia, hope you and your daughter can now live comfortably without any further harassment.

  16. Paul says:

    One small step for man. One huge step for mankind…

  17. Chris says:

    Sofia is setting the precedent that one day we may all be able to follow. Congratulations Sofia on your fight! running a “Smart Meter” without the radiation chip may be a compromise for thousands of ppl in the future if our old analog meters refuse to be returned. she needs to be supported as much as possible by us all

  18. Snowy says:

    This is a non solution for anyone who has been sickened by these devices since it does absolutely nothing to address the continuous pulses from the SMPS. Radio Off meters are still extremely harmful non solutions and it is a con job on the public.

    New Critical Problem with ‘Smart’ Meters: The Switching-Mode Power Supply wireless-or-not-smart-meters-harm-your-health/
    The SMPS on the OWS 514 NIC model, for instance, which is the smart meter

    Smart Meters’ Switching Mode Power Supply = Dirty Electricity public-health-alert/ smart-meters-switching-mode-power-supply-dirty-electricity/

    smart meters use a switching mode power supply that causes sharp spikes of high voltage on the wiring of the homes they are on and those located nearby. The power-born spikes Mr. States measured in a home with a smart meter are up to 70,000 volts a second and create “dirty electricity”, which can be associated with health effects. States says that if environmental testing had been done on smart meters before they were placed on virtually every home in California, the problem could have been discovered and prevented. Now, there is no easy solution, except to remove all the smart meters.

    • Chris says:

      Snowy, you are right that removing the chip that does the transmitting is not the complete fix. the second is to put a SwitchMode filter into the powerbox after the meter. This is something that can be added by an electrician, independently of United Energy.

      So to get back to something like an old analog meter you really need a two-fold “fix”…the removal of the chip causing the radiation, and the addition of a filter.

      I put to you that the addition of the filter is the easy part. The stopping /removal of the radiation emitted by the meter is the far harder issue.

      • Snowy says:

        Some eye opener excerpt from links below:

        The smart meter does not suppress line noise the way the analog meter did. Rather, it augments & even causes line noise.

        Transients occur when current is repeatedly interrupted. This utility manipulation of current creates a wildly fluctuating and potentially dangerous electromagnetic field which not only radiates into the immediate environment but also can back up along home or office wiring.
        The magnetic field generated is a huge part of the problem. The current running through your house is an electromagnetic current. When the electric current runs through the wiring, it generates a magnetic field at right angles to the electric current. This means that you are surrounded in every dimension by an electromagnetic current—it’s like being at the center of a hurricane, with the wiring on all the walls, the ceiling lights, and the wires running through the basement completely encapsulating you.
        Radio off meters: The radio-off opt-out meter still collects the same fine-grained usage data as a smart meter. The only thing that has been turned off is the radio-transmitter (there is often more than one transmitter) . None of the data-collection software has been turned off.
        There are many sources of sick making voltage transients
        – switching power on/off continuously
        – static power converters with gr-diodes
        – faulty electrical installations
        – lose connections
        – overloaded phases
        – dimmers
        – energy saving fluorescent and other lightbulbs and light fixtures
        The same causes which harm Sofia’s biological wiring also harm home wiring and create fire hazards.
        While a single purpose SMPS filter may help with one problem, I would wonder if most filters are correctly built for these brand new hazard conditions in order to withstand the heat generated by suppressed microwaves. I would be concerned about whether any non industrial grade filter is designed to address the multiple problems now being discovered to do with many aspects of smart meter construction and fire related incidents.
        As far as I can make out, what we are witnessing here is that a known by product of the smart grid in effect creates the arson conditions conducive to fire, in exchange for the transfer of private customer owned meta data able to generate wealth for the utility and government. Conditions provably akin to delayed arson are viewed by the industry as an affordable risk, one they themselves are imposing on customers but are not taking themselves. Potential collateral damage in exchange for profit, paying out families who lose homes & loved ones – in exchange for gag orders which buy silence – the very affordable price of doing business, regardless of who lives, who dies, & who is rendered chronically injured & disabled.
        In my opinion. Sofia is permanently injured. NO differently than if she had been handicapped in a car accident, her whole life is now forever altered. She is effectively banned from all public life. This is in violation of any meaningful constitutional right to move freely about the public space. The fact that she has been deceived & given a radio off smart meter is worse than a meaningless gesture, biologically deceptive in the extreme. Such injury requires the likes of Erin Brockovich. IMO Sofia needs a reliable pro bono injury lawyer familiar with the fact that a utility has used microwave harmonics to create a chronic disability which has forever altered one of countless lives. To be grateful when the corporation marginally reduces the degree of torture is akin to Stockholm Syndrome, which is when a hostage feels grateful to not be outright killed. “Radio” is still provably harmful. Such meters measure almost the same degree of harm as those that are “radio on”.
        There is a remote shut off inside the meter,. How can a plastic meter correctly contain a master shut off switch sturdy enough to remotely shut down the electricity for an entire house, when the built in master switch built for an entire house often takes considerably strength to throw all on its own?
        Smart fires are linked to smart grid induced increases in over voltages, total harmonic distortions originating from transmission lines as well as being generated by smart meters themselves.
        How is it that people are told that safety approved conventional meter bases or “sockets” which worked perfectly well with the original safety approved conventional mechanical meter and were never the cause of any fires are suddenly linked as the cause of fires by utilities which point to pre-existing hot socket bases and say these were flawed prior to the swap out. Really? Why no fires for decades? The incidents of fire occur only when a smart meter is put on the theoretically pre-existing hot socket. So what in the hands of who made your very own meter socket end up hot?

        Reports detail that the meters themselves can smoke, smolder and catch fire, they can explode, or they can simply create overcurrent conditions on the electrical circuits – damage along a neutral, melted aluminum conductor or other evidence that would imply an an over-current condition on the wiring which produces heat where the neutral cannot properly handle it. The location of the fire does NOT have to be in close proximity to the main electrical panel where the smart meter is installed.
        Typical gauge electrical wiring that provides electricity to buildings (60 Hz power) is not constructed or intended to carry high frequency harmonics that are increasingly present on normal electrical wiring….
        The use of smart meters will place an entirely new and significantly increased burden on existing electrical wiring because of the very short, very high intensity wireless emissions (radio frequency bursts) that the meters produce to signal the utility about energy usage.

        It may be months before the right conditions prevail and a neutral circuit overloads and causes a fire.

        Click to access cindy-sage-fire-potential-july-2010.pdf

        So my concern would be about any potential false sense of security with any possible underpowered filter, which would still not protect the meter base itself even at industrial strength.
        The addition of an RF choke to the electrical mast where transmission lines enter the house might go some ways toward amelioration of this over voltage hazard,.
        Then again, will home insurance cover any smart grid component or frequencies, with or without filters, chokes and course in how to practice self defence to be safe FROM your utility?

        I am suspecting that as soon as the insurance industry fully realizes that the utility industry is creating smart grid specific claims from then on anything smart meter related might become exempt under, for instance “excluded perils” (the homeowner is not insured for specific defects or shoddy workmanship – beyond the control of the homeowner or otherwise).
        Why not?
        How many people hire an electrician twice a year to check the condition of the meter base?
        How many know that the smart meter may be why they must do so? How many times can a meter socket withstand removal and re-install of a meter?
        How many customers realize that due to the smart meter itself they must now hire a professional to perform routine checks for potential compromised socket/wiring integrity, or for corrosion which may have been cause by the ongoing hidden arcing from a smart meter?
        Has anyone figured out how to counter bill a utility for this additional expense?
        How many want to personally fund an independent forensic analysis after a smart meter installation, & to pay for ongoing bi-annual assessment of all home wiring due to the presence & function of that same smart meter and that which runs it, wireless harmonic related over voltages from the power lines deemed necessary to run the smart grid, – as distinct from the electrical transients which were already a part of any electricity distribution system?
        Many surge triggered smart meter related fires begin when power is restored, after a power outage.
        Are hot sockets caused by the corrosion and arcing hidden behind the smart meters themselves, as well as by unqualified installers, bending the stabs or the jaws while rushing to do hot swap installation under full load?
        Try to prove it.
        Serious links here between the new level of over voltages and both over billing and delayed fires.

        Opt Out Meters Harm Health

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry to put you on the spot Chris. Just wondering how familiar you may be with what’s out there and readily available in terms of “Switch Mode filter”.

        I know there are big boxes you can install in parallel to your meter box that do
        “power factor correction” although I don’t have the finer details. Again sorry if
        putting you on the spot.

  19. Congratulation to Sofia!!!
    I hope she is celebrating this big achivment after so much suffering!
    I hope that the new digital none transmitting meter will be OK for here and that it will serve here for years to come.
    I hope that such a relief will come to other EHS all across the world.

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