Electricity company plunges Cheltenham pair into darkness after smart meter removed due to health fears

A WOMAN who illegally removed her smart meter because she believed it was making her sick has been living in the dark for the past six weeks after her power was cut off.

United Energy cut off Sofia Telemzouguer’s power for “health and safety” reasons after learning she had replaced the meter with an analog version.

But in what United Energy is calling a “unique and sensitive case”, it says it continues to work with her to resolve the situation.

She said she has been in a year-long battle with the energy provider after they installed the unit at her Cheltenham home without her consent in March last year.

But in October, Ms Telemzouguer, who says she has been diagnosed with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, removed the smart meter after she claimed it gave her headaches and caused severe skin irritation.

She started to feel better but contacted United Energy in February with an inquiry.

She said soon after, her power was cut off without any correspondence and she and her 14-year-old daughter Larissa were now living in darkness.

“I have to throw out any perishable food if we don’t eat it immediately and my daughter has to study by candlelight,” Ms Telemzouguer said.

“It’s very stressful (and) I don’t know what to do ‒ wherever I go it’s a stone wall.”

But United Energy spokesman Stuart Allott said, with the Energy and Water Ombudsman, they had been working with Ms Telemzouguer for months after she told them of her health concerns.

He said they tested the radiofrequency exposure limit, which was “well below” safe levels and offered to lower it further but that had been so far been rejected.

He said in February, they requested a meter inspection due to the inability to read it remotely and after finding out the meter was illegally removed, a defect notice was issued and an inquiry launched by Energy Safe Victoria.

“Due to health and safety concerns, supply was disconnected,” Mr Allott said.

He said the company had tried to reconnect the supply since March, but Ms Telemzouguer refused the installation of “our now standard digital meter”.

He said it was State Government policy that smart meters were the standard meters and they continued to work with the Ombudsman to resolve the issue.

EMR Australia director Lyn McLean, whose company produces shielding for electromagnetic radiation, said she received many calls from Melbourne residents wanting to shield themselves from smart meters.

She said her company often installed shielding, including special paint, fabric and window film which could eliminate 99 percent of all the radiation from the meter without impeding its function.

Troels Sommerville, Moorabbin Kingston Leader, April 16


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49 Responses to Electricity company plunges Cheltenham pair into darkness after smart meter removed due to health fears

  1. geoffrey says:

    She made the right move in removing the slow death meter, but the wrong move in contacting the power company. Did she really think that they would just let this go without a fight? A better move is to have them removed by licenced electricans and tell these criminals ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  2. Tanya says:

    These power distributors are a bunch of hypocrites. They disconnected Sofia’s power because of “health and safety concerns”. But they have no concern whatsoever for the health of thousands of Victorians who are physically suffering the debilitating health effects of smart meters.

    And they have zero concern for homeowners who beg, “Don’t install a smart meter on my house because the old wiring won’t cope with it.” And when a house goes up in flames, the power companies’ only concern is to get round there poste haste and swap the smart meter over for a new one in order to get rid of the evidence.

    And then, on top of all this, the distributors have the nerve to issue ‘defect’ notices on homes that have some unusual set up that prevents the installers swapping the analogue meter over to a smart meter. But the ‘defect’ has been in existence for decades and the distributors never cared about it; that is, until they wanted to install a smart meter.

    • Disgusted says:

      Tanya, you are spot on with your comments. We stand together in unity, not allowing these liars to turn a blind eye to the suffering and pain that they have caused not only Sofia but so many who suffer in silence because if they dare to complain or speak out then they are ridiculed and ignored by both the Victorian government and the corrupt power industry. We, the people of Victoria are so very unlucky to have had this truly awful curse thrust upon us by these sick-minded individuals and they will soon come to realise just who they are really trying to fool. Judgement Day cannot come soon enough!

      • 1vimana1 says:

        To Disgusted,
        Spot on there. The truth is that not only are the five foreign owned Electric power companies Chief Executive Officers = C.E.O’s undemocratically putting their will before that of their Electricity Customers, as did the past John Brumby Victorian Labor Government and their ilk, who also sided with these five Electric power companies who are still Unlawfully forcing these accursed and dopy so-called and proving to be far from Smart Microwave Electric Meters’ on the Victorian Public.

        It is not the LAW that one has to accept a dopy Smart Meter, it is only a Mandate and a Mandate is an instruction or a command as any good English Dictionary makes clear.
        A Law can only be a Law if it has been passed in the Victorian Parliament and passed by both houses of Parliament and most importantly of all, has been examined by the Governor General to see fit that it is Fair and Just on those to be affected by such a LAW. In respect to the issue of the Electric Microwave but far from Smart Meters, this has never happened under either the Labor or the Liberal Party Governments of Victoria. This lying to the Victorian citizens by both the past Labor Government and this incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government is an EVIL Confidence Trick of the most Heinous kind.

        • Gwen says:

          You are right ivimanai,but it is not only our government pushing this rollout but also the Chinese government who have shares in the suppliers of Victoria’s power. See Peter’s comment with link on SSMA Forum.

          • 1vimana1 says:

            This I realise thanks. It is also the Singaporean Government who are using the Victorian Incumbent Liberal Party Government to wickedly treat the Victorian People as Cash-Cows extorting ever more money from them. China and Singapore are truly Leeches as had been the Victorian Labour Party and now the Victorian Liberal Party are the Leeches as well.

            Happily for me and growing numbers of us who refuse to be pushed around by these Corporate Criminals, many of us have securely padlocked our Electric Meter boxes so that’s stuffed up the corrupt and Rapinely greedy powers of this Victorian Government firstly under Labour and now under an equally corrupt Victorian Liberal Party as well as both Rapinely greedy China and Singapore.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Talk about the jackboot of the totalitarian state! Well done you pollies for showing your true colours (as if we didn’t already know what you’re FOR; and it’s not your voters).

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Due to health and safety concerns the supply was disconnected” Bull$hit! Mr Allott thinks we are mushrooms to be kept in the dark and fed the aforementioned. Do they really think we are that gullible or is it sheer contempt for us that they say these stupid things?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Mr Allott,
      You need to be sacked immediately. Mr Allot you are seemingly nothing but a Sycophant to this corrupt Victorian Liberal Party and to United Energy Distribution and to your office.
      Mr Allott you don’t seem to care about poor Sofia and her fourteen year old daughter’s ongoing plight, cruelly forced to go without electric power. Mr Allott you know full well that it was a sensible, brave and fully qualified Victorian ‘A’ Grade’ Electrician’ who changed the dopy and health wrecking Microwave Smart Meter over for the sake of Sofia and her daughter’s sake. This Electrician did a sensible and LAWFUL thing as he is properly qualified to do so, in giving Sofia a proper Legal Victorian Certificate of Electrical Safety after he had firstly installed the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter and done all the legal and necessary electrical safety checks before filling out this Electrical Certificate of Safety for the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter.

      This brave and sympathetic ‘A Grade Electrician’ which Sofia engaged to rid her of the dopy Smart Meter in also giving Sofia the proper A 4 sized Lawful Victorian Electrical Certificate of Safety and not the usual BODGIE Red coloured dopey A5 or half page Certificate issued by United Energy Distribution’s Smart Meter Installer Man which is not even Lawful and would act as a cop-out if Sofia’s house had burnt down after the installation of the still proving to be in mounting numbers of cases, Microwave Smart Meter had been left installed. See the Northcote fire that burnt down a two story home with an estimated repair bill of around $350,000 Dollars after a Microwave Smart Meter had been installed. See also the fires which broke out in the Geelong area after these dopy so-called Smart Meters had been installed as well damaging Electrical Meters Boxes and furniture walls and ceilings in the Geelong papers. See also the Haddon Dentist fires after these not so Smart Meters had been installed in Glenroy.

      We don’t even know if this first United Energy Installer Man was a properly qualified ‘A Grade Electrician’ either. If the United Energy Smart Meter Installer man was not a fully qualified Victorian A Grade Electrician then this United Energy Installer man was breaking the LAW installing a Microwave and far from Smart Meter on Sofia’s home owned property and clearly against Sofia’s Will and Better Judgement. Sofia had a proper Lawful Commonwealth of Australia $167,000 Dollar Anti Trespass sign already securely affixed to her Electric Meter box Lid which the Smart Meter Installer man clearly disobeyed.
      For disobeying this Lawful Commonwealth Anti-Trespass Sign the Smart Meter Installer Mans should be sued $167,000 Dollars.

      My Allot thinks he is so clever, but he is not that clever, as he should know that any electrical work performed by anybody either inside or outside the home or small business here in Victoria must be a properly qualified Victorian ‘A Grade Electrician.’ Most of these people removing the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters and replacing them with these BODGIE Microwave or so-called Electric Smart Meters, are people who have only two to four weeks of electrical training and are actually far from competent to do the job safely. I have asked some of these Smart Meter Installer people the following question…..”.If one multiplies Amps times Volts, give me the answer? ” not one of them could so I would not let them install any electrical device on my property, especially a dopy Microwave Smart Meter. Nor would I let even a fully qualified A Grade Electrician install a dopy Smart A***D Meter, for if he were really a qualified A Grade Electrician he would know just how deadly these dopy so-called Smart Meters really are !

      Mr Allot you are a cruel and very uncaring man, and Sofia’s Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter must be reinstalled immediately at United Energy Distribution’s expense and with a properly qualified Victorian ‘A Grade’ Electrician. As well as this every day that United Energy Distribution and you have denied Sofia and her daughter her electric power must be paid for by United Energy Distribution who owe Sofia the Sum of $500 Dollars per day as Mr Nicholas Kotsiras Ruled. If Sofia has been without electric power from United Energy Distribution for say six (6) weeks that is 6 times 7 or 42 days and comes to $21,000 Dollars. If Sofia has been without electric power now for say ten weeks, that is 10 times 7 or 70 days at $500 Dollars per day or $35,000 dollars that United Energy Distribution owes her.

      It is a pity that not only United Energy would have to pay this sum of money to Sofia. I reckon you Mr Allot should pay her the exact same sum of money for your cruelty in also making Sofia’s life a Living Hell.

      Would to GOD both you and the C.E.O of United Energy were dragged kicking and screaming into Court to face a fair trial. I’ll bet if we had a decent and moral Judge on the bench with GUTS, and a Jury of twelve (12) straight men and true they would fine United Energy the sums of money I have here-stated and impose the same sum/s of money as a FINE on you too for being part and parcel to this shocking carriage of gross injustice on Sofia and here daughter.

  5. rik says:

    How stupid of the power companies. She has a working meter so why cut it off? There are thousands of people still with old meters so its not like shes the only one with one.
    I bet she will let them come around and test it to prove there is nothing wrong with it so why does she still have no power?

    The ranga (gillard ) said that they wont be compulsory so why is she still without power?
    She should take it to federal court and she will win. The PM said they arent compulsory amd we have a choice so make it real and take them to the high court or whatever as the government is lying to us.

    • Minnie says:

      They want to make an example of her. Hopefully this will backfire in their face. ESV could of checked the meter to see if it was safe and complied. These people have no shame. It is Good Friday tomorrow. While they will probably be enjoying Easter, Sofia and her child will not have power.

    • Anonymous says:

      The reason United Energy cut off Sofia’s Electric Power has nothing to do with safety, as a properly qualified electrician removed the dopey and sickness causing so-called smart meter from Sofia’s Electricity Meter Box and put back a brand new and safe Analog Electric Meter as Sofia wanted. Therefore no regulations were actually broken, as Sofia had a proper Legal Victorian Electrical Certificate of Safety to prove this fact after the fully qualified electrician had thoroughly tested the work he had done for Sofia.

      The so-called Safety Certificate that Powercor or Citypower or SP AusNet or Jemena or United Energy furnish one with, is not a proper or Legal Certificate but a BODGIE of Bogus Certificate. The only ones I have seen from these five overseas owned Electric Power Companies are a half page red piece of paper of around A5 size which is half the size of a proper Legal Victorian Electrical Certificate which is of an ‘A4’ sheet of paper. The reason for this is for these Smart Meter Installers to cover their arses in the case of a fire breaking out after the so-called Smart Meter has been fitted by the Smart Meter Installer if he or she is not a properly qualified ‘A’ grade Electrician.

      Any Victorian ‘A’ Grade electrician who is in the employ of installing these so-called but far from Smart Meters should be using the proper A4 sized Legal Victorian Certificate of Electrical Safety which I have had issued to me by my properly qualified A Grade after he has done electrical work for me inside my house and or outside as in my car port.
      All Microwave Smart Meter work needs to be Legal which entails the proper testing of the circuits, and that the electrical lines leading to the meter are correctly connected and the Earth wire or as it is often called the Neutral wire is also properly connected.

      I have spoken to the Victorian Electrical Union about this as I feel that E.S.V and these foreign Electric Power Companies are actually acting outside the LAW and thus acting ILLEGALLY when they engage people with only two weeks of very basic electrical training to remove the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters and get people who are not properly qualified ‘A’ Grade Electricians to then install the Microwave Smart Meters.

      Many of these so-called Smart Meters are now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen meters here in Victoria and as has been already established by the World Health Organisation world-wide.

      Here in Victoria many of these dopy so-called Smart Meters are proving to be Incendiary devices in mounting numbers of cases which have already burnt down a two-story home in Northcote and had severely damaged two dental operating theatres in Glenroy as well as having started eight fires in the Geelong area, and a further four fires in the homes of farmers in the Ararat region I personally know of.

      The only remedy to this TOTAL MADNESS of this criminal forced installation of these dopey and deadly meters is to get the five foreign owned electrical power companies and their agents to remove these dangerous to human health and all life and replace them with the safe and passive Analog Meters which have been stolen from the Victorian private home and small businesses on the pretext of saving these Victorian electricity customers money. There is no money saved by these now proving to be deadly and Incendiary dopey so-called Smart Meters. The cost of doing this work must be born by these Rapinely greedy foreign owned electrical power companies responsible for this past and still ongoing CRIME against their customers, the people of Victoria.

      The only reason for the Microwave Smart Meter installation, is to milk ever more cash from their already overtaxed electricity customers cash strapped pockets by this greedy and corrupt Victorian Liberal Party Government as did the past Victorian Money Hungry Labour Government before them.

      Come November this year of 2014 its time to sack this corrupt Victorian Liberal Party just as the last Victorian Labor Party was sacked, for both are nothing more than ravening wolves bereft of any sense of human decency, who have shown no Duty Of Care for us the Victorian Public’s Health or Welfare.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      These five foreign owned Electric Power Companies have truly stooped Lower Than a Snake’s Belly and the Victorian Liberal Party Government are in CAHOOTS with them as well. It’s time to kick out this now proving to be CORRUPT Victorian Liberal Party Government and all of you to give yourself a chance to get rid of these deadly dangerous and Incendiary and far from smart meters.

      We of Stop Smart Meters are forming a new Electoral Party named the P.P.V ……or in full it is “Peoples Power Victoria – No Smart Meters. ”
      We only need 500 people to join to give us a new and Lawful political party who cares passionately about the Health and Welfare of Victorians. The more that join us, the better for all of us, in fighting this Criminal Smart Meter Fiasco, which is making ever more Victorian sicker every day and causing fires in Electrical Meter Boxes and has also burnt down a number of homes here in Victoria and will continue to do so until these accursed machine are all removed and replaced by the Safe and Passive Electrical Analog Meters Stolen by these five Criminal Overseas Electric Power Companies aided and abetted by this Selfish and couldn’t care less Victorian Liberal Party Government.

  6. MovingEntity says:

    Her mistake was to deny meter readers and inspectors. Other than that if the analogue meter was a calibrated meter with Victoria’s specifications, then the Power Distributor couldn’t turn off her power without exposing themselves to compensation per day the power was off.

    Note the Smart Meter removed most likely is the property of the Power Distributor so you need to protect it from damage and hand it back when they request it.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      To Moving Entity,
      The last thing one should do is to hand back the Microwave Smart Meter to the Power Distributor. In this case it was United Energy Distribution that has made Sofia and her daughter’s life a Living Hell. As United Energy Distribution stole the Safe and Passive and brand new Analog Electric Meter Sofia had bought out of her own money making United Energy Distribution a pack of THIEVES.

      I say that Sofia should keep the Electrical Microwave Smart Meter as a bargaining chip until United Energy reinstall her Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter at United Energy’s expense. As United Energy Distribution are still denying Sofia her electricity they should be fined $500 Dollars a day as Mr Nicholas Kotsiras said when he was the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources.

  7. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    If you’re outraged by this article (which you should be), please join the fight against the criminal rollout of “smart” meters that is currently taking place across Victoria, Australia and the World, by our totally uncaring Essential Services distributors, and equally uncaring Gov’t departments that are also deeply involved, by supporting the “People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters” party, soon to be registered, leading up to the Victorian State Election in November.
    If you haven’t already, please fill out the relevant paperwork, or apply online now, to send a real message to all those involved in this retched, barbaric crime against humanity.
    Party membership is FREE, and a membership form can be completed online or downloaded at: http://www.peoplepowervictoria.org.au/

    Thankyou all.

  8. Chris says:

    A warning to all…do not think for one second that United Energy is suddenly somehow “understanding” because they sent out some letters to objectors. This company is as aggressive as ever and this is proof. And the letters are a very carefully-worded attempt to impose “implied consent” upon all, disguised as a good-news letter, so that you do not respond, written by a room full of solicitors.

    Do not trust this company! Even if you have received a letter, keep your signs up and the meter box LOCKED!

    • Anonymous says:

      Chris, did you end up replying to UE’s registered letter ?
      If so, any outcome ?

      • Chris says:

        hi Anon yes i sent it in. check out our discussion. i sent it registered with return signature, which i received back with a signature. no response.

        thank you for your help. 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          I heard that the CEO of Jemena Paul Adams was sent an item by registered post and sent with a Person to Person option so that only he could sign for it and I believe that he refused to sign for it and that the item had to be returned to the sender unopened.

          • Hammer Mann says:

            I allege that this proves Mr Paul Adams to be lower than a Snakes belly, I sent him a polite phone message but in spite of my leaving my home number for him to reply to me for a rental property in his area that’s had it’s Electrical Power Box Padlocked, he Mr Paul Adams did not return my call, why was that? Possibly because he knows in his heart of hearts, (if he has one), that we the Victorian public who have padlocked our Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters in our private Electrical boxes, that this so-called Microwave Electric and actually far from Smart Metre roll-out is a filthy evil confidence trick upon the Victorian Public.

    • Eric says:


    • 1vimana1 says:

      I say a POX on United Energy Distribution’s C.E.O and his team of Lawyers it would seem who are trying to be ‘Too Cleaver By Half’ ,in trying to further trick many of the Victorian People into accepting these now proving to be deadly Type 2B Carcinogen so-called Smart Meters which are not smart in any way but often proving to be Incendiary Meters.

      These deadly machines have already started a number fires in a number of homes and burnt down a two-storey home in Northcote and caused two fires in Glenroy and other fires in the Geelong and four house fires in the Ararat area of Victoria. I have records going back to nigh on three consecutive years proving these claims.

  9. Bianca says:

    This being on the front of the Leader should cause a bit of a stir with the sheeple 😉
    Sofia shouldn’t really have anything to worry about though, the African-American family in America who had their power cut got it back on after they went to court and the judge was outraged.
    Now this story has been published for the mainstream to see, it hopefully wakes a few more up!

    • Eric says:

      I hope a precedent can be set to make these power companies and all their criminality start to tumble like a house of cards in case after case after case after case.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Let’s see a decent Judge with real back-bone put these criminals in the SLAMMER or Jail for fifty years 50 to be served in full with no remission for any behaviour, for that is the minimum sentence these SCUM deserve.

  10. Paul says:

    “Well below ‘safe levels’ means that ARPANSA has tested the radiation to see if it will ‘cook’ your brain, which it won’t. There is no test that UE will quote to the contrary, such as the other effects that EMR has on living tissue. Sorry but UE is either unaware of the latest scientific research or they choose to ignore it (I wonder which!!!).

    Also, where is Sofie’s Compliance Certificate for the smart meter installation? It’s a crime in this state to have any electrical work done without issuing one. See the following:

    Certificates of Electrical Safety (COES)
    The Electricity Safety Act 1998 and Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009 require a certificate of electrical safety to be issued for all electrical installation work. Failure to comply with these requirements is a criminal offence and licensed workers who do so may be subject to disciplinary action, which could result in the suspension or cancellation of their licence.
    The link for the information above is:

    Note – this is a state government requirement.

    And smart meters might be the new standard meters but they are policy and still not law! So why doesn’t the government make them law? Because they will end up with a ‘James Hardy’ situation on their hands!

    • Power to the people says:

      Agreed, the new standard meter is a trojan horse – let it in at your own peril dear ‘consumers’ ( I hate that word!). We are CUSTOMERS and we PAY for a provided service, please treat us such, or we will TURN OFF!!

    • frontad84 says:

      Paul, so much for regulations, as a Victorian Registered Electrical Contractor I asked the question some time ago re Certificates of Electrical Safety and received the answer as follows :

      The following is the relevant portion of the response Email I received from ESV in which they are admitting that not all of the Installers are A grade Licence holders but that those other Installers have the minimum qualification requirements, whatever that maybe? Therefore I must assume that this statement is in answer to my query as to why the Installer that came to my house would not or could not produce the necessary I.D. when requested to do so.
      In addition they have omitted to answer the question of WHY Certificates of Electrical Safety are not being issued to the householder at the Meter Installation, except to virtually state that their usual hard and fast Regulations have been adjusted to make this unnecessary.
      Maybe someone else would like to follow this up too by using the Contact numbers etc in this letter.

      Dear Mr Fitzpatrick.
      17 July 2013
      Thank you for taking the time to contact Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and raise your concerns.
      BLAH, blah, blah!
      A review of the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) rollout, more commonly known as the installation of Smart Meters, was completed by ESV in April 2011. A copy of this report is available on our website along with additional information via the following link : http://www.esv.vic.gov.au/About-ESVs-reviews-into-smart-meters .
      In brief, due to an August 2009 Order-In-Council published in the Victorian Government Gazette, Certificates of Electrical Safety (CES) are not required for meter installations carried out under the AMI scheme. Additionally, while most installers are A-grade licence holders, that exceeds the minimum qualification requirements. Should you have further queries regarding the AMI rollout, the government department responsible for overseeing the roll out, The Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDB), has an information line that can be called during business hours, 136 186.
      Should you have any queries regarding this response, please call me on (03 9203 97**).
      Yours sincerely
      ***** ********

      • Gwen says:

        Hi frontad84, I rang the power company early on to ask about the certificates and was told the same thing. This being that the certificates were not necessary for this type of work. If it’s so simple, WHY are they kicking up such a stink about the work done on Sofia’s meter that was carried out by a qualified electrician?

    • Minnie says:

      To Paul, They won’t make them law because no one will guarantee the safety of them. So they are trying through any means possible, threats, intimidation and harassment to get consent. Unfortunately they got a lot of their commutation devices in when people were not aware of what was going on. They should of pulled the plug, when smart meter radiation became a possible carcinogen.

  11. Citizen for Democracy says:

    So, apparently Sofia is being punished for refusing United Energy’s ‘new standard digital meter’! A digital meter is NOT the same as a smart meter. A smart meter is a digital meter with a wireless antenna added to it. Playing with words is the same as lying, so United Energy are lying.
    It is immaterial whether smart meters’ electromagnetic emissions fall well below ‘safe’ levels. Sofia is obviously HYPERsensitive to it. It’s like saying to a person with a peanut allergy that they can’t possibly be reacting to the peanuts, because the peanuts comply with national food standards. It simply makes no sense. Moreover, it is truly inhumane and should not be tolerated. That’s why the People Power Victoria party had to be formed – to give people a glimmer of hope that decency would be restored in our state.
    By the way, who says the standards are safe, when they are hundreds of thousands of times more lenient than European standards for electromagnetic emissions?

    • Eric says:

      Do you know what a headache is Stuart Allott?
      Why don’t you state what definition of safe you are talking about Stuart Allott?
      How dare you attempt to treat people as stupid fools Stuart Allott.
      What is your rationale Stuart Allott?
      Is it that if a smart meter causes headaches but doesn’t cause burns in accordance with the so called “safe” standards that you refer to, it is deemed as “safe” in your eyes? Is that correct Stuart Allot?

      I am willing to personally show you what a headache is Stuart Allot.
      Then I will ask you, do you think about whether your device which is causing exactly what you are feeling now is still “safe” Stuart Allott?

      And woe be to you if you respond with the incorrect answer Stuart Allott.

  12. Steve says:

    Ask the neighbors to run some power to her home , an extension lead, to run the fridge and light .This has to stop !! The sooner we can get , PPV stop smart meters , on the way the better for all of us . We all need to stand together and help each other to win this battle against this incompetent government and the power corporations .TAKE BACK OUR STATE , THEN TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY !!Enough Is Enough !!

    • ingrid says:

      Good idea. I hope she can get an electricity loan .

    • smart denier says:

      Steve, I believe Sophia’s good hearted neighbours did in fact help her out via an extension lead for a short time. That was until they were threatened with disconnection from the grid if they continued to do so.
      The days are ticking by, surely it’s now time (on the back of this media report) for us to organize a formal protest. We must unite. Divided we will fall.

      • Eric says:

        This sounds like another serious breach smart denier. The neighbors electricity is being paid for so who the hell do they think they are and what right do they have to threaten the neighbor with disconnection. This should be seriously followed up I believe. What regulations are there saying where I can run a lead to ?
        I haven’t seen anything in the electricity codes that says you can have your power disconnected for running a lead somewhere.
        Can anyone help elaborate ??
        I think this matter should be pushed right back upon them.

        • Gwen says:

          This is typically the Chinese government in action. They own a stake in Victoria’s power supply. See Peter’s comment on the Forum for SSMA.

        • 1vimana1 says:

          Hey Eric,
          I think that this Mr Stuart Allott needs Taring and Feathering,
          Please someone go and hand-cuff him and bring him to me plus a a twelve gallon barrel of really Warm Sticky Tar and six pounds weight in White Feathers. I will then gladly rip off all Mr Stuart Allott’s clothes and Tar and Feather this DUNCE of a weak excuse for a MAN.

        • Jason says:

          Not sure where and don’t have the time to search for it at present, but I have read somewhere that you can’t ‘power-share’ like that. (May have been in one of the power-company contracts I researched a long time ago.)

          The official reason would probably be that the possibility of overloading, improper installation (earthing, etc) would constitute a risk. The odds against those things happening are minimal ~ and anyone can set up a safe system ~ but it’s a hard argument to dispute.

          My question is:- How did anyone come to know about the extension-lead to Sofia’s house? Some things are better left unsaid.

          All this is a symptom of a much larger invasion of privacy in place AND underway.
          There’s a thing called NECS in the process of being instituted (already law in NSW) which will pinpoint where every person in the country is living. Add that to phot-ID licences, car rego., plastic cards and credit-reporting agencies, bank-records etc. etc. etc. (and not even mentioning medicare, the ATO, centrelink, etc. etc etc.) and this country starts looking more like a fascist dictatorship than the nazis would’ve dared to even fantasise about! You can’t even LEAVE the joint without government approval (passport) and paying for the privilege!

          I sometimes wonder how the North Koreans would feel about freedom-seeking refugee boat-people arriving FROM Australia. 🙂

      • Jay says:

        Whaaaaat? They threatened the neighbours with disconnection for using their electricity in a harmless manner of their own choosing?? That is bullying of the highest order. That is intimidation, pure and simple.

    • Jason says:

      Well said.
      I have some pages from Hansard that contain speeches by O’Brien et al. roundly condemning the smart meters the then ALP was determined to install. The Libs’ complaints echoed those I see on this site, which might have some bearing on any impending court-case.
      You’re welcome to them if you want them; nothing like being hanged on your own petard!

      Though I’d dearly like to believe otherwise ~ having grown up in an ‘Ozzie-Mate’ world ~ I wouldn’t be counting on the neighbours these days.

      Meanwhile, back at the SPAusnet:- having received yet another nuisance-call from the ‘meter-maids’, I warned them I’d file a criminal complaint (Trespass on the person) if I got another such call. I could see her pouting over the phone (!) and she then said: “Shall I put you down as a definite refusal then?” I said ‘ Put me down as the man in the moon for all I care, but the bullshit stops here.’

      She said ‘Very well. But now you’ll be able to leave your gate unlocked so the meter -reader can get in.’

      Yeah, right. Told her he’d have to make an appointment like he’d made for each of the last four reads. He actually had to come back three times because he didn’t turn up as arranged, and I thought it was hilarious, because every time they read the meter they have to send ME money!

      nil bastardo carborundum!

      ps. if anyone knows Sofia Telemzouguer’s contact details, put me in touch please.

      • Eric says:

        See how there is a conspiracy amongst all the bastards to pin “refusal” on us. It insinuates guilt.
        This comment is still part of their legal BS and reeks of entrapment.
        “Shall I put you down as a definite refusal then?”
        Bitch !!!!!

        • 1vimana1 says:

          Hi Eric and other readers,,
          The only guilty ones are these Broken Down A**E H***S of C.E.O’s of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their little suck holes of Customer Relations cringing servants, from their Spin and Lies Departments as well as this corrupt Victorian Liberal Party trying to trap us all into taking the now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Causing and Incendiary Electric Microwave Smart A***D Meters which are now proving to be deadly POISONOUS Type 2B Carcinogen Meters according to the World Health Organisation.

          These silly Customer Relations People should know this but are possibly too B****Y Stupid and Lame-Brained to have worked it out yet, or more likely, so dumb and stupid as to believe all the lies their teachers spin them which they pass on to their Victorian Electricity Customers some of whom seem to be Sheeple who are so trusting that they fall for all of those lies spun to them, but I don’t. I have knocked these lying sods right off their perches with polite but harshly worded registered letters to them followed up by the Canberra Anti-Harassment Notice OF PROHIBITION OF UNDUE HARASSMENT OR COERCION FOR SMART METER INSTALLATION of $1.1 Million Dollars some nearly two years ago.

          So far I haven’t heard or read a dicky-bird from them.

        • Jason says:

          Not convinced, Eric.
          Throughout human history the ‘Refuseniks’ ~ those who refuse to blindly obey, co-operate with ‘The Establishment’ or accept the status-quo as ‘gospel’ ~ have been our greatest heroes.
          It’s a badge that sometimes requires a lot of risk/hardship, etc. in the getting.

          For myself: I don’t care what they call me…..as long as it isn’t ‘late for breakfast’!

  13. Merrilyn Whitecross says:

    There are thousands of us suffering because of these damn not-so-smart meters.
    With the help of Kew Organics, I made my house as safe as possible, but once the smart meters started communicating to each other in my area, with the EMR bombarding my home constantly from every angle, my chronic fatigue returned with a vengeance and I lost my quality of life.
    It won’t be long before smart meters are listed on the deadly list, along with cigarettes and asbestos and a long, long list of sufferers.
    They are installed with the dial set at maximum – if turned to minimum they would still work, but perhaps not cause as much problem to us sensitives.
    God help us all, for the government and the electricity suppliers don’t give a damn !

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