‘People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters’ is now a registered political party!

The Victorian Electoral Commission has announced the registration of’ People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters (PPV).  PPV is now able to contest the forthcoming Victorian November 2014 election.

Thank you to all Stop Smart Meters Australia (SSMA) members and supporters for your encouragement and assistance.

The fight against the forced installation of smart meters in Victoria has now moved to another level and has entered the political arena.

A copy of the VEC’s media release can be found at: https://www.vec.vic.gov.au/Media/20140723-PPVRegistration.html

PPV is currently calling for candidates and volunteers to support their campaign.

PPV’s website is www.peoplepowervictoria.org.au

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20 Responses to ‘People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters’ is now a registered political party!

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  2. Happy Dissenter says:

    Well done to the clever hard working people who have achieved this good work.
    Can someone tell me where the Stop Smart Meter Facebook account has gone to please? Ta. 🙂

  3. Jason says:

    Nothing will shut the as*holes down more quickly and effectively that simply refusing to pay your bills ~ and force them to take every individual case to court.
    Though you have my best wishes, I doubt you can do it through the ballot box.
    That’s rigged to produce one of only a few predetermined outcomes.

    • Paul says:

      Jason, you are right but they will cut your power before they take you to court. Also PPV need only get a seat or two to be able to force a probable minority government to act on smart meters – that’s a part of what we are aiming for although complete removal of all smart meters is what we would hope to achieve. The battle is really just beginning.

  4. leenah quan yin says:

    Wonderfull news indeed!!…with the state election Only months away…we must not sit back on our laurels at All!!…..we need to gather As Much Support, Volunteers, Campaigners, Voters As Possible,….and not miss this Great Opportunity to have a Great Impact on Stopping and Removing dumb meters thru this Election in the Parliament…..where we can Truly Represent the wishes of the People,…..and stop the Forced Radiation of the People and all Life forms…..

  5. Freedom fighter says:

    Awesome news! Well done. Together we the people must take a stand and take our power back. This is a huge step in defeating the oppressors. The very public servants responsible for protecting the people they serve. Go PPV all the way to the polls in November. Let’s be counted!

  6. Hammer Mann says:

    To: Mr Russell Northe
    The Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources
    Care of The Victorian Parliament
    Melbourne Victoria
    25th July 2014.

    From: Mr Richard Leschen
    Care of 42 Hucker Street
    Ararat Victoria 3377

    Phone 03 5352 3639
    25th July 2014

    Dear Mr Russell Northe,
    Right now in England the home of my birth EDF is PULLING OUT these poisonous and dopey and far from smart Type 2B Seeming to be Carcinogen Causing Microwave sending and receiving meters. There are a number of links therein which you need to please read and study very carefully below this line please.


    I know exactly why EDF is offering its customers the option to have Smart Meters (read here not so smart meters) replaced by a standard meter = (Electric Analog Meter) and you should have worked this out for yourself by now, but as you probably haven’t, I’ll tell you anyway. It’s because this E.D.F Electric Power Company in Britain is very scared of being sued not just for millions of British New Pounds but for Billions of British New Pounds with England’s far greater population than here in Australia if they of E.D.F refuse to return the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters they took and or STOLE from their Electricity Customers.

    Here is some astoundingly good news for me and of course for the now over three hundred thousand of us and still increasing numbers of us sensible Victorians who refuse to be bullied and bludgeoned into being forced against our Unalienable and God-given right to be conned into having these so-called and actually far from Smart Microwave Electrical meters which are proving to be here in Victoria and overseas, to be very dangerous to human and animal and insect and yes, dangerous to arboreal life from trees to delicate creepers with the resulting Microwave damage now being found to attack all of these above-named living organisms.

    Therefore, unless you are totally without any heart or feeling or mercy for those citizens of Victoria who are already suffering from this Microwave Scourge from these far from Smart Meters you should see the error of your ways. Should you have any GUTS at all, which I now seriously doubt ) you should reverse this ‘Hair-brained scheme, and immediately stop the Roll-Out of these now proving to be Criminally Dangerous Electric and far from Smart Meters and remove every one of them and reinstall the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters wickedly coerced and or stolen as has often been the case. We the people of Victoria are sick and tired of your as I allege Cowardice and as I also allege your Criminal Complicity in the continuing Roll-Out of these now accursed Type 2B Carcinogen Causing and anything but Smart Meters.

    I allege that even now you continue your corrupt ideal of still trying to get ever more of these God-Forsaken Filthy Meters onto the Victorian Peoples properties. We the people of Victoria keep on telling you that, “ We don’t want these STINKING DOPY and far from Smart Microwave Electric Broadcasting and Receiving meters,” but you in your recalcitrant way don’t listen to us who are your bosses. If you keep up this as I allege Rank Stupidity of yours and refuse to listen to us your bosses you will soon be SACKED, do you understand ? When we the Victorian People state that we don’t want these dopy meters, we say NO we don’t want these dopy sickness making meters. What part of the word NO don’t you understand Mr Russell Northe, are you really that DENSE and STUPID ?

    Just like Mr Michael O’Brien when we of S.S.M.A turned up at his invitation back in March 2012 he was not there to meet us at his offices, although he had expressly invited us to meet him, he had flown the coop and run away according to his staff, which I allege was an act of Gross Cowardice on his part.

    Sadly when a number of us turned up to meet you Mr Russell Northe at your Morwell Offices not that long ago and at your invitation, you like Mr Michael O’Brien had also flown the coop which I also allege makes you to be a COWARD !

  7. zee says:

    Great news! Well done! Roll on November…

  8. This is excellent news; I will be voting for People Power Victoria in November. I urge everyone interested or concerned about the smart meter issue to vote for PPV also. Best of luck; there is the potential there for the Party to obtain many thousands of votes, and have real influence in the outcome of the election.

  9. Congratulations and WELL DONE From Mervyn K. Vogt


    This is AWESOME !!!

  11. smart meter sufferer says:

    This is fantastic news. A historical event for all Victorians ! I can’t wait to give my vote to People Power Victoria !!!
    Count me in to help with the campaign and I am sure some extra $$$ will help too.
    Let’s all get behind PPV, get involved and make this happen!!!!!

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi There,
      Let’s just wait and see what happens to this Victorian Liberal Party if and when it gets thrown out this year let’s hope, after the November 20I4 elections.

      I’ll bet that Mr Michael O’Brien will run to his toy cupboard to get his beloved Teddy Bear and take it to bed with him if he gets sacked. But what will Mr Russell Northe do if he gets sacked ? I think he will go to his sporting cupboard and get his beloved football and take that to bed with him and possibly cry as well.

      And what will Denis Napthine do if he gets sacked ? I’d bet he’d cry over his lost chance to put through the much loved dopy tunnel he still has lovely dreams about at night.
      ” Oh Denis ! ” I hope your much loved tunnel all comes to naught as it won’t unclog the roads but put decent people out of their homes at far less than market price.

      “Oh dear !”, that will be even more theft by this nasty Victorian Liberal Party who are still gloating over the constant stealing of perfectly good Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters which the Dopy Victorian Labor Party started back in 2009. You nasty Victorian now sacked Labor Party. Forty years in the wilderness is what you deserve and that goes for you Smug Victorian Liberal Party as well, mind you !

      • Trude says:

        These NASTIES must go, they will only further destroy Victoria. We need People Power! Go Hammer Mann …quite correct in your comments above I’d say.

  12. sdjm says:

    AWESOME, well done everyone!

  13. John Tebay says:


    I have been looking for products to help reduce the effects of EMFs on the body and have come across Grounding or Earthing products which seem to help people who are affected my EMFs as well as reduce inflammation and pain.

    Information from sites such as: http://www.barefoothealing.com.au/

    Have you heard of these items helping those whose are especially affected by EMFs from Smart Meters?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Best Wishes John Tebay  

  14. Citizen for Democracy says:

    This is the best news I’ve had since the current Victorian government decided to continue with the ‘mandated’ smart meter rollout in Dec. 2011!! The government made that decision against the will of the people of Victoria and against all common sense.
    The time has come for the people to take back THEIR power, to bring back justice, to redress the awful wrongs that have been committed, to reclaim our state.
    In November, REMEMBER: VOTE 1 – People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters!

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Citizens for Democracy,
      I agree with you. I allege that both of these Political Parties so named and now shamed are the Lap-Dogs of China and Singapore who I also allege use the Victorian C.E.O’s of Citypower and Powercor and Jemena and United Energy and S.P AusNet to do their dirty work for them by constantly jacking up the prices of electricity, because there is no competition in this as I also allege RIGGED System of long skinny Rapinely greedy fingers digging ever deeper into our already Cash-Strapped Pockets.

      We the Citizens of Victorian certainly can’t trust the Microwave Industry in any way at all, or the past Victorian Labor or the incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government, as I allege they have proven themselves to be like Dracula in Charge of the Blood Bank;

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