Telstra warning customers to avoid electromagnetic energy

Hot on the heels of the recent series of news reports about WiFi health and safety concerns shown by Channel 7,  Telstra has been warning customers on the potential dangers of Electro Magnetic Energy from mobile phones.  A text message was delivered to Telstra customers’ mobile phones, which directs them to Telstra’s website for more information.

Full details of this warning from Telstra has been described in a recent news article which can be found here – Report in the Toowoomba Chronicle

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17 Responses to Telstra warning customers to avoid electromagnetic energy

  1. Charlie says:

    Strange that. We received their NBN package which included an evil DECT phone (Technicolor TG797n v3). By the way, i would like to make you aware that we already had DECT 6.0 phones and base sation (advertised on the box as being WIFI friendly) and it does not have the same radiation as this new DECT phone. Our corded phone can hear the transmissions of the wireless devices – I hold the corded phone up to the Dect 6.0 receivers that are sitting on the charger (i cant hear anything of note) and then I hold it to the evil Dect phone on its charger (VLOUD NOISE! – noiser than anything else in the office including wifi.).

    After i plugged it in (before the expiriment), i walked around the house for a bit and noticed something (felt it i guess) and i thought, it cant be that… its not off the hook! Well it was it (no placebo effect here).

    I have done some indepth research on why we are sensitive to this too. I am not sensitive to wifi. Only GPRS signals (2G and 2.5G data, not 3G) I suspect the power meters are using GPRS. GPRS is a turn-based transmission protocol. So your meter or your 2G mobile phone would only be transmitting during its allocated time segment, so in other words a square wave. The evil DECT sounds like a square wave on my corded phone.

    My research began ages back before i had even heard of it, I suggest you look into Hulda Clark, she found you can kill organisms with a certain frequency suited to them, and the larger the organism the higher and broader their frequency. For us it is 1.5 to 9.5Mhz. The reason why we and our parasites are sensitive stems from the fact that square wave is full of harmonics (it is an “infinate” number of harmonics added together). The reason why the hulda clark device cures and does not harm us (only the parasites) is because the chip used cannot transition at that higher frequency so the harmoncs do not exist and cannot touch us (bob beck’s device could be better by the way). However, the phones, they are broadcasting a square wave using a Gigahertz carrier, and the harmonics reach from up that high down to lower frequencies. The fact it is on a carrier increases the wave’s penetration than a wave without a carrier.

    • Eric says:

      A question I would like to ask……….

      If I change over my land line phone service from the copper network to the NBN, will I still be able to use a corded phone plugged into the wall ?

      I am trying to ascertain if there is there some sort of wireless connectivity that is forced on me anywhere in the route between the box on the outside wall of the house where the optical fibre runs into and my telephone handset.

  2. Altered Meek says:

    I did a reading with my electrosmog meter on my mobile phone and was horrified with the dangerous radiation levels of 4G that were spewing out of it !
    I have now permanently switched the phone back to 3G as the readings are much, much less. I also use a wired earphone and never hold it up to my head. Don’t use a bluetooth earphone either as that also emits radiation and it is against your head.
    All this propaganda about 4G and no mention of how dangerous the radiation is.
    NEVER hold a 4G mobile phone against your head !

  3. Amanda Price says:

    I received a letter from Citywest Water yesterday that they will be installing a wi-go meter for water readings! Now another reason to keep front gate locked!! Amanda

    Jane Symons Numeracy and Science Copperfield College 93654111


    • Paul says:

      Hi Amanda, I have a friend who works at Citywest Water. I emailed him regarding the WiGo and he says that neither he nor his superiors have heard of it. Could you please attach a copy of the letter (minus any names and references) for everyone’s info?

    • Eric says:

      Amanda, please post the details of the letter if you can because I spoke to Citywest Water also a few months ago and didn’t think I’d be facing a problem from them this imminently.

  4. Paul R says:

    What would be even better is if Telstra and other telecom companies didn’t keep planting more and more of those damn wifi antennas. Both the big ones AND small ones, I mean.

  5. Frank says:

    They’re starting to panic and fear the lawsuits that will come. Things like this are in the “we have told you before” category to reduce their liability. There’ll be more to come.

    I used to work for a big Telco supplier for 15 years until 2009. Back then they asked us not to discuss mobile phone radiation at BBQ parties or with our families and not at all mention the company in relation to it…
    The tide is finally turning, yay!!

    • Eric says:

      I believe each and every one of us as individuals, as we are now becoming more educated and enlightened should start asking the very hard questions of these……………….call them “regulatory” bodies and SHOW THEM very clearly that we are no longer in the dark and push them as hard as we can.

      And let the lawsuits come thick and fast I say.

  6. Chris says:

    has anyone read the results of this complete façade, where the government seemingly asked for feedback from the public in regards to electromagnetic radiation acceptable levels:

    (also read the Outcomes link on the page)

    the input from the public (including SSMA) was dismissed away in one paragraph : “The submissions have not provided a case for the ACMA to cease referring to the ARPANSA Standard.” in other words, we don’t accept any of your concerns or your evidence, too bad we are not changing anything.

    further most of the requests from the public submissions (in regards to exposure limits being too high and labelling for wifi and electromagnetic radiation emitting devices being necessary) was simply dismissed as being too much of a burden on industry. After all, it would require Smart Meters to have warning labels and suddenly not fall within acceptable radiation emitting levels which, it has the audacity to say , would “un-necessary concern the public”. Woah…power companies would be angry, we cant change that specification!

    what a complete joke. Another example of a complete disregard for the health and safety of Australians by our government. They should be ashamed of themselves. the submission was a complete waste of time by the SSMA. but I have a feeling that it was expected.

  7. Janie says:

    Video’s alternative title–“how to cover your ass(ets)”.

  8. russell. says:

    So we should wary of mobile phone electro magnetic energy, but not of the same being emitted from these so called smart meters?

    • Eric says:

      Russell, with mobile phones you have a choice and you can do something about it but not with smart meters. I was not a heavy user of my mobile phone but smart meters have totally opened up my eyes to the dangers of emr and I totally avoid using a mobile phone now as much as possible barring emergencies.

      The way that smart meters can cause some people to become sensitive to all forms of emr including from sources that did not cause them noticeable problems prior to smart meters is absolutely insidious. This sensitization that can occur to a person is an absolutely horrific situation. To look at the smart meter radiation issue solely from an exposure level aspect is an incorrect way of getting a grip upon the problem that has been imposed upon the population and actually demonstrates a lack of understanding towards the problem.

      There is something particularly insidious in these particular wireless smart meter transmissions. I am not a physicist but there would be many factors eg. pulsed nature of transmissions, continuous exposure, frequencies, signal modulation and very importantly “who” is being exposed. I’m sure there’s even more factors to consider. The ARPANSA standards are no good whatsoever and offer no protection against anything other than burns and electric shock.

      To try and get a handle on the problem purely by the determination of a suitable standard of exposure level is not just overly simplistic but can be the thinking of those that are only interested in covering up the dangers for sake of vested interests. Why do you think that nobody has initiated an investigation to look into the cases of so many people whose health has been ruined here in Victoria ? Those people have been swept under the rug by the incumbent “government”, the opposition “government”, the various government bodies, the so called “protection” agencies and the Energy Distributors. It’s a world wide cover up.

      • Gwen says:

        Totally agree Eric. It is a cover up because they do know the dangers just like they did in the James Hardie asbestos cover up. Many people, including children have died because of that crime against humanity. And they still hold out on compensating victims families. All associated with smart meters being forced on us are VILE.

      • Chris says:

        in 20 years Eric this issue will be the new Asbestos. its just a shame that we may need to wait that long for the weight of the world to turn things around, and so many sick and dying people to emerge, when all of us here know right now that there is a problem…for all our sake lets hope we don’t have to wait that long to get action

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