Wi-Fi in Schools – Health Risk Concerns

Is WiFi Safe? This is the question on the minds of many parents in Australia whose children attend schools that have rolled out WiFi in their classrooms.

Building biologist Nicole Bijlsma warns about the health impacts of radio frequencies from wireless devices upon children.  Meanwhile, one primary school in South Australia has installed wired internet in reaction to reports of health problems from WiFi.

Pippa Gardner from Channel 7 reports:

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7 Responses to Wi-Fi in Schools – Health Risk Concerns

  1. It probably depends on how “strong” the Wifi Radiation is.

  2. Mums Instinct says:

    People are fooling themselves if they do not think their childrens long term health is going to be affected. With only four responses to this post, I guess education of the masses will take a very long time….. really sad and disappointing to say the least! You all need to listen to those who already know the truth, such as Snowy (below) and of course, Nicole. Stand Up, don’t be stupid. Stop exposing children to wireless devices of ALL kinds until such a time as they are deemed safe.

  3. Ashley says:

    Innovative breakthrough: Russian LiFi system uses light to transmitt wireless data faster than Wifi in Office, School, or Home, yet poses no radiation dangers and no eavesdropping vulnerability.

  4. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Great to see mainstream media starting to report on this serious issue.
    Well done Channel 7.

  5. Jozsef says:

    They probably cut very short Nicole Bijlsma’s interview, health impacts of microwave radiation for children is not only headaches, fatigue, dizziness and sleeping problems, but DNA damage, leukemia, cancer, neurological and thyroid damage, also impacts bone development, etc.

  6. Snowy says:

    Is Wifi Safe? Is radar safe? Same thing.
    Back when the Nobel Prize was not handed out on the basis of celebrity,… back when it meant something, … the study of bioelectromagnetism in the human body had not yet become systematically ignored by industry lobbyists and the world..
    THE BODY ELECTRIC: ELECTROMAGNETISM AND THE FOUNDATION OF LIFE was written by a dedicated surgeon in pursuit of limb regeneration, healing insight and all manner of positive pursuits in aid of mankind. Written by Robert O Becker, it is a layman’s guide, a classic exploration of our bioelectric selves, and how to use knowledge for healing, and regeneration. Of course Becker was heavily persecuted by scientists who continue to believe that the body, the brain and the entire universe are merely mechanical, not electrical. Which is bizarre, since the Nobel Prize was awarded to so many for discovering just that, that the entire universe is indeed exquisitely subtle and entirely guided by its electrical properties, as are we.
    Artificial wireless networks of every sort have been superimposed by corporations to blanket and suffocate all sustainability of all bioelectrical biology.
    The wireless industry has seduced the gullible who now spew radiation over one another and children with no rights in schools overseen by those with no brains, by those who leave all around them awash in cell tower freqencies everywhere in public spaces with every “convenient” cell/mobile call they make and take.
    Wireless is now in the process of dominating and slowly destroying the very essence of life, as bees are making clear, not to mention its use is able to void ERRORS AND OMISSIONS INSURANCE, home insurance, and more, which will no longer cover boards of education, electrical engineers, inspectors, staff working for entire cities, all of whom are violating electrical and building codes while inducing arcing and accelerated corrosion and ageing of humans and infrastructure alike.
    Just as with Einstein’s horror to see his work become put to use as the Atom bomb, such is just as true with bioelectrical discoveries which if applied with respect will enhance life, but we witness wondrous discoveries instead harnessed by industry to aid and abet destruction, degeneration, damage and death for profit.

    Book dedicated to
    Ragnar Granit



    The discipline of bioelectromagnetism is strongly reflected in the work of many Nobel laureates. It should be noted that 16 Nobel prizes have been given for contributions to the discipline of bioelectromagnetism and closely related subjects. Of these prizes, 12 were in physiology or medicine; four were in chemistry. Although some perhaps do not directly concern bioelectromagnetism, they are very closely related. Since several individuals may have shared an award, the actual number of Nobel laureates is 28. The large number of these Nobel laureates shows that bioelectromagnetism is recognized as a very important discipline. Nobel laureates associated with bioelectromagnetism are listed in Table 1.6. (below)
    One should probably add to this list the names of Gabriel Jonas Lippman and Dennis Gabor, although they did not receive their Nobel Prize for their work in bioelectromagnetism.
    Gabriel Lippman received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1908 for his photographic reproduction of colors. But he was also the inventor of the capillary electrometer (Lippman, 1873). The capillary electrometer was a more sensitive measuring instrument than the astatic galvanometer and was an important contribution to the technology by which bioelectric events were recorded.
    Dennis Gabor received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1971 from the invention of holography. He was also the senior author of the Gabor-Nelson theorem, which is used to ascertain the equivalent dipole of a volume source by measurements of the electric potential on the surface of the volume conductor (Gabor and Nelson, 1954).
    One should also note that Georg von Békésy received the Nobel Prize for his discoveries of the physical mechanism of stimulation within the cochlea. His discoveries have, however, contributed most significantly to the analysis of the relation between the mechanical and the electric phenomena in the receptors involved in the transformation of sound into nerve impulses. Therefore, von Békésy’s name is included in this list..


    Year: 1901; Name of recipient: Jacobus van’t Hoff *); Nationality: The Netherlands; Subject of research: laws of chemical dynamics and osmotic pressure
    1903; Svante Arrhenius *); Sweden; theory of electrolytic
    1906; Camillo Golgi; Santiago, Ramón y Cajal; Italy, Spain; work on the structure of nervous system
    1920; Walther Nernst *); Germany; work in thermochemistry
    1924; Willem Einthoven; The Netherlands; discovery of electro-
    cardiogram mechanism
    1932; Edgar Douglas Adrian, Sir Charles Sherrington; Britain, Britain discoveries regarding function of neurons
    1936; Sir Henry Hallet Dale, Otto Loewi; Britain, Germany; work on chemical transmission of nerve impulses
    1944; Joseph Erlanger, Herbert Spencer Gasser; U.S, U.S.; researches on differentiated functions of nerve fibers
    1949; Walter Rudolf Hess; Switzerland; discovery of function of
    middle brain
    1961; Georg von Békésy; U.S.; discoveries of the physical mechanism of the inner ear
    1963; Sir John Eccles, Alan Lloyd Hodgkin, Andrew Fielding Huxley; Australia, Britain,Britai; study of the transmission of nerve impulses along a
    nerve fibre
    1967; Ragnar Arthur Granit, Haldan Keffer Hartline, George Wald; Finland, U.S., U.S.; discoveries about chemical and physiological visual
    processes in the eye
    1968; Lars Onsager *) ; U.S.; work on theory of thermo-dynamics of irreversible processes
    1970; Julius Axelrod, Sir Bernard Katz, Ulf von Euler; U.S., Britain, Sweden; discoveries concerning the chemistry of nerve transmission
    1981; David Hunter Hubel, Torsten Nils Wiesel; U.S., Sweden; discoveries concerning information processing in the visual system
    1991; Erwin Neher, Bert Sakmann; Germany, Germany; discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in cells
    1997; Paul D. Boyer, John E. Walker, Jens C. Skou *) ; U.S., U.K., Denmark; the enzymatic mechanism underlying the synthesis of ATP; discovery of an ion-transporting enzyme, Na+, K+ -ATPase
    2003; Peter Agre, Roderick MacKinnon *) ; U.S., U.S. ; discoveries concerning channels in cell membranes
    *)Nobel Prize in chemistry. All other prizes were received in physiology or medicine.

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